YUKARI's End (49)

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 And you know the rule. A strict rule. Just once in a life. YUKARI was a pet like existance. And got indulged by HARUSAN. And gave a damage so her and her husband. I suffered a lot, however, my case is reparable, in any way. I am not so negative and believe the goodness of people. thus, they failed to do so, YUKARI vanishes. Only just it. Don't worry. I would manage the situation. A am good at it. Only one and the best ant the least. Don't worry. I wil accomplish my mission. My mission, I would say. I should be the last one. I could and put up with it. In any time, I need to prepare it and should criate my own world??? Now, our world. Animal Army's ruling, now. We should take the miserable construction's result anyway. Job creating. At the same time, human resorces. Miyuki did know that Justin was also a faked one and probably, one of the guys. Miyuki appreciated the perticipation of their appearance. Good for my experiments. Better to know. You should be TOHOHO for a while and would know that you would not that "Only love and peace" type. Idol, like John Lennon's world.

  YUKARI was such a kind. Feeble-minded and good to not to worl, she described. I break, thus, I should not doo nothing. Then do nothing, lady. Like a dried up flower. However, they did. She wanted to  have a penis for the sake of his idol Macho-MIKU. If do you want me to be your Ren KAGAMINE, do you love me?, she asked her nephew as she liked. Alex couldn't put up with her kinkiest declaration any more. Kinkiest and amusing, he thought. However, too much spooky.

  He did it on his way. YUKARI dashed from her chamber. It means that she did it and forgot it or faked to forget it.

  She explained her situation and if you said that I stole the money, you would be killed by your mother.

  Alex participated in her concealing job, probably. And she made a mistake as usual. She said, "I found the money in the toilet". She confused the wrongdoer and the 3rd party. She always did wrong and forgot and thought as if she were totally neutral on the crime at first, then, turned to be a victim. Changing position.

  Alex dared to require US$50 insisting that he were the legitimite holder of the note. his expression was too too strange. He kept his US$100 notes as double US$50 notes for the usually use. ??? Why he didn't change in 1o times US$10 notes???

  US$50 is good for buying a boy at the supermarket. For YUKARI, of course. She prepared US$50 notes for it, and did it several times. Especially in snowy days. On New Year's day and on one Feburary night. And forgot where she lived and returned late at 21:30, and met Miyuki in front of the door. Miyuki igonore her, just thinking, "Oh, wandering. In the stage, she is."

  And the next night, MIYUKI was spitted by her, hearing, "Where did you do until this late night? You didn't take care of your kids! This stupid old bug!!!"

  The mother said nothing. Probably, she was in a imaginary world and spoke ill of me in front of her mother. however, my mother didn't her dirty stupid illusion at all. And thought, Miyuki is right. YUKARI is totally ill. All day long, only claims of others. Just claiming and spetting on Miyuki. How unproductive. Idolness total. She couldn't put up with YUKARI's ignorance at all. Doll like figure? She recommended to buy the figures to think they were your friends and not to make friends!!!

  Terrible advice for kids. Only that advice she should be killed. Discommunication from the society. He was caught in her hands.

  She wanted to get him in her hands. Good to know, you Alex, you were chosen by me as the last one's pet. Thus, we should commit the suicide. Good. Thus, we should prepare for the job, OK, Alex.

  Spooky clouday today. Miyuki would like to know her job. She took her boy forever.

  Oh, horror spooky sobstory version. Alex is more pragmatic and he likes money. not Kinky Auntie.

  Everyone knows that DDMs behave as if there were allowed if they declare something in favour of them. And they were the last one version. Persistent, however, not so bad.

  YUKARI is just persistent.However, we should trap her. Miyuki got to know her kinkiest job faked movement. Until bath room, she would like to conceal. Coffine, she thought. Thus, she is safe as a vinpire. A lice or mosquito. A bit a bit type. Their job is too too rough and only exhibit their alzheimer suffering. They were the same.

  No, the process was wrong. And don't say nothing on the content. The most important point is not the financial abuse, but the religious intrusion to politics. However, any OMANKO journalists appointes the matter. Because for them, religion should manage politics. Natural fenomenum allowd by their rule. Like a sacrid territory they lived. They don't understand that their kinkiest ideology and its wrong doings were totally revealed and continue to be done so by themselves.

  Too too strange, however, they believe that they were sperior to others, thus, they show the nakid full penis nude in front of us, saying, "We are wearing the tremendously expensive gourgeous dress. Look at us! We are so beautiful!!!"

  Who choose YUKARI, this broken robot, to be a news caster on TV program??? However DDMs did it. They dared to do it, and now YUKARIs appeare on TV, doing their shameful job. Dashing BLA-BLA-BLA , without ground and rational explanation, just as mecanical response againg the faked attacks. Even the role of enemy is played by DDMs. However, they have no talent to play the game well, thus, just, realind faking communication, like a panel discussion faked.

  Miyuki remembered that it was a game or theater to emphathise the different oppinions, separated into two teams, in favor of and against. She did learn in her high school days. Just a theater. Not vivid harsh debate. This morning gimmick theater on the small chamber called committee was this type. And Miyuki disliked their faces. Ugly. They should change their face. Dissolution again? Their face should be dissoluted by the strong acid, melted entirety to be Nu-BO or face skinhead!!! Bold one!!! Good! I recommend NISHIMO to the amusing job!!!

  She turned to be scientist, however, did it and lost it. Jobless. Oh, you too!!!

  Many jobless versity holders here and there. The worst is Miyuki is the emperor of this field. Latend jobless the highest Degree holders in the world ranking. The best university department. The field of sociel sciences. Law!!!!!

  Jobless law professors with the best doctoral degree are the real nasty reality in Japan. They ashame themselves and were expected to kill themselves. However, Miyuki chose to live, doing physical job, "Thrifty should be. Gold gym? Tripet muscle type, she should be. Not Curvy type. Good to shake. Her strange shaking confused many strangers. She or he, how old? Oh, you too??? Oh, alien, you too??? Strenger than Paradise, Bugdad Cafe. Miyuki liked the latter. A german plump strong lady was accepted in a desarted place driving with her diligent way of living. She was not so happy in her country and she was not good at English. However, she was liked by her own way of straight and honest behaviour. The impsessive scene was, a girl, with black skin, was sitting beside her, and She took her hand and watched the inside of the hand and found the place was white, not black, and a bit impressed and smiled to the girl. They understand that they are friends, although they were totally different in their appearance. A magic lady, who soften the tensed and formidable situation in the desarted place. Her diligent and cozy inclination impressed the others and they started to move spontaneously and quitted to claim the formidable situation. Positive story. Not messy one. Vim Venders, probably.

  And Fasbinder is more dramatic. The wedding of Maria Broun. KAKISHIMA wanted to play the role, however, too too cheapish. Yes, she is fitted for the collective suicide liader's job. However, the stressless messy DDMis life was not for Maria Broun. For women who experienced a harsh period should be appointed to the job.

  Miyuki didn't know Junko KONOSHI at all. She said she were one of the two members of legislative committe on Criminal Code reform on raping article.2 among 27 members, she emphathised. And the another female is mental clinic expert. Member change? The doctor escaped from the role? Or, KONISHI, you too, Alzheimer Patient???

  KAKISHIMA introduced wrongly and Miyuki understood wrongly. Why KAKUSHIMA called me to the place? Miyuki was upset and waited for 15 minute or so standing, looking for some aquaintance. And found only one. Tatsuo INOUE. With a kinky cowboy hat. Only one professor was entering and going out of the entrance of the faculty in the first week of December, 2015. And KAKISHIMA said that this is the last lesson for the semester. Already??? No remarks on the test. Just cheapish gifts. Miyuki thought, this is the first female professor of Law at Tokyo University's class lesson? Then I could do anything in the class as I like!!! The worst!!! And the pupils were idiots!!! My Alex can speake better than them!! This is Law School Class??? 85% of them could be the lawyers??? Then, Alex, you can work as Lawyer, better than them. Quit yout junior high and start your job, now!!! At least, better than the Todai graduates lawyers!!!

  Thus, Todai has no use for my kids. My kids are superior to the law school livel. Unnecessaty institute.

  You would be better to know. My kids are common pupils. not so point-getter type like as me. Even they are superior the institute graduates. It means it is absolutely useless socially.

  Even the most coward guy like me could put the final point on the DDMic world. As the least existance of human beings, I played the role of DDMic hunter combined with executor. They call me Preditor. Good. Thank you for the perticipation, OJ! Your body is so beautiful! I admired your shape! Oh, he also played the football! Good!

  Miyuki got to know that Guts ISHIMATSU is good and quick. Not dull artist type. And liked his straight joking. He said so seriously and Miyuki liked and laughed. He is my type. Strangely, he was forced to put into the world and earned the money. Higher than champion belt. Oh, unintentionally? No way except it type. Good. Boxer was your past. Comedian, OK, OK. I am the same as you.

  Miyuki laughed at his, "Why don't you understand this easy thing?"with his doubtful face. Not smiling. Arround him, a lot of laughing. Why I am laughed at by them??? Champion belt is equivalent to my doctral degree. I take advantage of it. It is a proof of some of my abilities. To prove my career also. I need to have it. Without it, I am a jobless, forever!!!

  Gradually, I got to know that the possibility to get versity job is beyond the reality. Not because of my inability, but because of non existance of versities in the world!!! The only small amount of degree holders are here in this world. Useless and meanless. Dull and stupid. Idolness producing machines. Everyone called it and Miyuki didn't it. She believed that only Kyorin like 3rd class versities did such a wrong doing.

  OK, AOKI, you said the truth to me, and I thought that you said so because of your imaginally "Diamond Cealing" illusion.

  Oh, thus you couldn't get any job in NY? Even after graduating law school and obtained NY lawyer's licence, she couldn't get any versity job there. I understood that her boss were sexist. However, the NY surrounding versities were dead already, thus you couldn't get any job.

  Oh, you should explain, directly to me. I was too too ignorant of the situation. The economic world was finished already, and the politicians just faked to exist it. Terrible. You should be honest to say, "Now, here and there, the same experience af any versity." And I thought that you were one who assisted me to do my job, to claim the society to the world.

  However, the world of academic society was done already....Oh...again.

  Miyuki started to investigate the reason of the looking downward attitude, the world was ended forever.

  Just Ghost standed to live, they said. And Ghost started to work, on their own way. Gorem, they used to fake the reality. Spooky, dark coloured world. Strange speaking without any contents. Gorem was used for the enemy by aliens. Zombies attacked us. So they were so indifferent from death or promoted death of others.

  Zombies established clinics and hospitals here and there for their final care. Spooky cold weather for them. They will melt soon after with sun shine. Vanishment. They like to be sun burn, not fire burn. Thus, exhibitionism. YUKARI is now talking HARUSAN that if you died before me, I like to have your dead body to eat. I am hungry. I am always hungry. Especially, your blood. I want to take your meat and internal organs. I would sell your materials as I like, OK, mother.

  No! I prefer my body intact, she refused. Then she shrunk. Everytime, she asked the same question. When you die before me, I spooky talk. Terrible to hear it. YUKARI is already dead pratically. Just a gorem user manage her kinky habit, including desire disposal.

  Alex would manage his virginity. YUKARI is too old to him, he said. Gee, the guy is really cool. too too thrifty and coolish and did the job. 1 bit coin is equivalent to US$1300!!! Nice to say. 1 bit coin is equal to US$1 million. Good to know.

  Now, money is not important. However, we should pay and evaluate the work. Miyuki did as you could. Dull is the hatrid of Gods of workers. Miyuki is too slow, however, she is making effort to do so. And qualified anyway.

  You are writing all day long and take a nap and sleep well and eat well and want to create the better world. And at first, the most important job to take off the dirty construction. Last year in the summer, I would like to do. however, I couldn't. Now, we can. Thus, we want to do. Vanish politicians. Shameless. Vanish OMANKO journalists and the system. Vanish evil waves. Now we need to reflex to the better world. Miyuki did plan and put your plan on the blog. And call them, your friends. Who can manage the energy and time, they do!!!

  OK, I need some change on the declaration. Because the situation was too too worse than I imagined. After the 2016 custody, I should accelate the speed to the creation. Then, I will put on the blog.

 I would reform, as I could and after starting, we could change. Flexibility is necessary in this period. Thus, quick should be.

 And many people could assist my plan to be realized. We should be responsible to our pledge. We are members of our dignified sociey called universe. We are in the sprended world. Someone got to know, YUKARI treated HARUSAN too bad and changed her personality by her BLA-BLA-BLA.

 Why she said that her nasty food is fermented beans??? I didn't know. YUKARI said so and influenced so much her behaviour. Evilest conversation, poisoneous. And YUKARI is now in the kinkiest position. HARUSAN disliked the fermented beans and YUKARI also disliked. Oh, rejection period. No, no, nothing I want to eat. Oh, hunger period. YUKARI yourself chose the way, instead of hospitalization. YUKARI thought that only Miyuki could escape from the treatment because of her doctoral holder influence. The way of thinking. She shrunk and did nothing anyway. Cibylla world. tiny little thing, she adore and wanted to be tiny, not to disturbe others' job.

  He Alex want to have a tiny pet like her. Miyuki refused. An amusing treatment he would like to do. Figures. Brain has shrunk and she does move yet. Influencing others poisonously. She felt so nasty this morning. YUKARI put her some poison??? Her BLA-BLA-BLA is poisoneous, however, YUKARI just wanted to try her joke again. Good to know MIYUKI, HARUSAN suffered lots because of YUKARI. She is a tough figure to treat. After being adult, she is responsible for herself. She should blame anyone. Alex said the same thing to her, his own kind way. "You are different from us. You just like a gorem. An assistant type. Miyuki would like to hear that you are so nasty to her. Gorem for us. Say harsh words for her!!!"

  And her buttery is now vanishing. Until the buttery ends. The promise. The name of the book. Miyuki felt nasty that the book's hero boy was sick seriously and ask to behave normal until the buttery ended. An emotional story, maybe, however, the expression was nasty. Just like a material, not a human being. More suitable expression should be. However, he just wanted to express that until the end of the moment, he wanted to live normal. When it comes departure. No way. And he had some toys arround him, thus used the expression. Not suitable for normal situation. Just, "I want to work until the final moment." Not unusual. We hope, probably the same.

  And DDMs took advantage of it as usual, by their ego-centric version. Then our battery should be replaced and chargeable. Oh, for the sake of it???!!!

  Strange thing happend around me in 2015 and 2016. My batteries, EVOLT butteried, were stolen and I should buy new ones as soon as possible. And the vanishment again. Strange race, at the expenditure of mine. Who stole the battery I didn't know.

  At the same time, from my house, electricity was stolen by way of wi-fi. It was used by them for another use. I was forced to pay all of the electricity used by the residents of the same building called Arcadia. Nightmare. The ower constructed they system and I resisted the abuse by frequent cutting of electric controle center.

 You would believe that in HACHIOJI, you would be the only one who should pay the tax. They did as they like and failed. The date was wrong. Why they did so? Because they are Alzheimer patients.

  Sweets lovers were the last stage!!! Oh, you, TAKAHARA!!!! I didn't like to share your Mont Branc. I and FUSE shared Paul's cakes, because they were big for us and we needed to try the new taste. I liked lemmon pie and castard mill foil, also! And he too. We could managed the situation to pass time chatting and when the time came, whe dashed into the seminor. Colombian versity professor's presentation, and I tried to interpret some essence of the fact I grasped to FUSE.

  The compromising process between Government and Guerrillas. They struggled for long time harshly, however, now, the process accelerated, he explained. Miyuki passed several safe nights in BOGOTA. Nothing nasty and kinky, dangerous at all.

  Just couldn't find restaurant. It was good to know, even Bogota, that night was kinky. Oh??? Then, they concealed in dance hall???? Even guerrilla felt sympathy to your situation. Thus, they agreed that Japan is the worst and they are lots of superior to manage it. The worst situation, we passed. And USA paid a lot for safety and attack on illigal producing of drag.

  However, when you saw the movie like film of Aljajilla, thought that "just a family business. They don't take cocaine. Looks like cooking! Micro-oven is used!! Too too easy to produce. As a result, if it has no sufficient resauce they do. I understand and I myself, if in the situation, I would do the same. And the family is not so degraded. Like a diligent worker, who has no any alternatives. The father wanted to put his kids to the school, thus, he did produce cocaine. He seemed sad, however, not nasty not spooky. The problem of poverty. Sharing richness problem. Miyuki thought Diplomats were so so rich and understood not so much. Some roomes rented and his 5 kids were educated in public school in Japan. And a boy learnd in Japan Versity not Tokyo Versity.

  Miyuki didn't feel strange??? I just thought I would have such a lot of kids' family. Miyuki, you were too too right to know, that you tried to connect the diplomat to Ryuich NAGAO, because he wanted to study Philosopy of law and looking for some Graduate School to gain Master in some versity. Oh, and he got a mail, "We have no course for you" kind of. Non existing graduate school. He just wanted to know which graduate schools really functioned. He gave me clue to the dance hall like LAtin taste. And Good, as a result. A concealed place, like a detention. Locked iron door. And early time was empty and then figures appeared. Miyuki danced with Mexicans. They came to make a summer stay in their Japanese friends' house. Miyuki believed. Where he is?, Miyuki didn't ask. Sometimes happen. Not always the owner can guide and the foreiners themselves can manage the trip and playing schedule. Not so bad. And they knows their Mexican dances, a bit qucker tha Miyuki however, amused the moving. And handed my visiting card. "If you in trouble in law, I would like to help you." however, soon, my situation drastically changed and the infomation of phone call and e-mail address were useless.

  Miyuki was sorry for discommunication to others, however, Miyuki has right to excuse. Because Miyuki was threatened by death squad, without previous threatening. Pearl Harbour situation. And practically 6 hours of brain loss time. She would be taken her internal organs by them. The 6 squad were different from Miyuki's death at all. They just was doing their job. Cold hearted or heartless. They should know the trifleness of their lifes. Internal organs belong to the diseased. We insisted. However, after the death, they belong to public property, they said. Then, death is admitted and the coldness among them.

  DDMs world are changeable. DDMic renting system, we call. They change personality and character easily. Impulse, instinct, emotion, passion.. they were caught by someone, thus, maniac or panic.

  Olpheus was cut and splitted his body by hie panic female followers, the legend said. however, Orpheus was punished by the watching the ugly face of his diseased wife. Persephone said the truth.

  She was a bitch, thus, Orpheus should not see her real fact. She betrayed her followers and asked the time. "What 's time is it now?"

  Scarely vanishing clocks problem here and there. They call, timeless world fenomenum. just oclock, however oclock. Once a day trip should be prepare well, however, only one hour delay was the reason of paid cancel, the VALIG's clerks said to me and I should pay lots of money. US$500 or so. And continued to make a trip. No way. And should stay one day in the airport , dreaming on the floor, near the electric plug, like a jobless. Sleapy, however, I couldn't miss the plane again.

  However, the clerks changed their remarks easily and the walking arround here and there with big travelling bugs again and again.


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