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2017-05-17 22:31:44 | 日記

17/05/2017 (Wednesday, evening) Miyuki ate a kind of crams, bigger type than usual, for dinner. Paellya and soup. Kids cram of bigger cramshells. Why they are bought now? Usually, they are feeded to be bigger. Good flavour, yes. However, if I were a fisherman, I would sell them in the bigger shape. Sheap anyway. A package costed US$0.86 at a supermarcket two days before yesterday. Especially, the soup was nice. The real kind USHIOJIRU, or Soup of Osean.  If Miyuki put a adequate mount of licour, it would be nicer yes. However, she has only SEVEN-ELEVEN white whine for it, and always after taking it, she became  nasty feeling holder. Thus, she chose not to use the wine, and took the most easiest way. Just put water and cook it in 10 minutes or so. Then, flavoury tasty soup was in front of Miyuki. And the shape of the cram is all Butterfly's one.

  When she was in kitchen, her mother came into criticise her to have writen warning on the package of milk. She wrote her names and "Don't steal!", and her mother said, at first, "Trash collecter would see it. you should not write anything at all." And Miyuki got upset, and thought, "Why should I protect my own precious property from you, DDMs? For you, no naming system is convenient, because you are free riders. However, for us, you are just thieves." in her belly. Then her mother changed the tactics probably. "You can put your name yes, however, don't say, "Don't steal."" Oh, again, mother? You protect you and your inferior YUKARI, yes. Always you are protectors of thieves, like MICCHIKU, yourselves and other DDMs. Your real existance is now again revealed. Miyuki just said to her, however, "Oh, your policy is different from ours all. You protect the thieves. Bye for now, then!"

  And her mother continued to accuse her, saying as if Alex were the thief, "your kids were nurtrished by it. Why you accuse the thieves? I don't understand you at all.", and went upstairs.

  Oh, Alex, you did? I didn't think so. I thought YUKARI did it. And always some other DDMs. Oh, YUKARI drank it, and feeded them by her mammal milk. Thus, they got suffered from the disease. Oh, U2, mother!

 Today, she was so so strange. As above, Miyuki appointed that someone was runnying away from the office. And after the conversation with her husband, she accused Miyuki that "the man would be Hidetoshi KOJIMA. Why did you accuse him?" Miyuki got astonished at her change and upset. If it were he, he would be one of the most evil jobless faked versity degree holders like YUKARI. She criticised him because of his doing nothing in her own out of saying way. Today, she protected him, as if he were so reliable. Abruptly she changed, Miyuki really thought of it. Alzheimer patient, perfectly confirmed. And thief she is also.

  And she lies. She explained one day that she changed her husmand coins, under the all agreement of him, in the bank. However, probably, the reality was, without his knowledge at all. And YUKARI and her mother were the same, as usual. Alzheimer patients, and protected themselves against others, including their suspects. Thus, they were not discovered as Alzheimer patients, until now. As a kind of personality renting system, they did, and now, just two skin bags for us all.

  Miyuki was too too cool to accept it, and Alex got nervous. If I were one of them, Miyuki would kill me, of course. Both, without saying. And Alex really did know the divine ordial by Gods of Justice. Be honest, Miyuki required to him, and he, a kind of joker for her. And Miyuki left him under the hands of Gods of Justice, because Miyuki fails sometimes, and Gods of Justice, never. Thus, Gods of Justice showed her the reality. And they also a bit got relieved. For some of FAUNA and FLORA and their supporters, Mother is a bit difficult existance. For Miyuki, yes, of course. However, no complex at all in her case. Just, I am a victim of this wrongdoer, a ex-mother, actual skin bag of her. YUKARI, she is. Thus, she is so sly and inclined to conceal the failure.

  Until recently, her mother accepted her own failure, at least. however, in one month, she just concealed her own failures, like her evil daughter. She lost her purity, probably, Miyuki deeply felt. Tokyo resident she wanted to be, and she did the faking job with YUKARI, again, and it passed the limit of the pacience of Gods of Justice. Miyuki really felt so.

  Why after 50 years of resistent of this town, she adores to live in Tokyo so much? Even Miyuki explained the Tokyo's evil situations in detail, she got upset, and refused to hear the facts from Miyuki, saying, "Your words are so nasty to others" like Chigu-Tomi, or Dr.Dull in Hasegawa hospital.

  Probably, she already sold her spirit during Miyuki's hospitalizations. They offered her a house in Tokyo, and she accepted it, at the exchange of Miyuki's personality and so on, life, of course, included. For her, too too natural, because Miyuki were inferior to her, and her daughter should be obedient to her.

  For Miyuki, a bit nasty, however, it would be possible type confirmation with a slight astonishment. Oh, U2, mother!, type.

  And Miyuki declared her degradation as soon as possible to the world. Anyway, she sold my Clare, type rage, in her belly. Quiet, however, no choice for you two type calm rage. And they really did it. And even now, they pretended to be clean, accusing others, taking advantage of their faked maternal existance. Why Hidetoshi KOJIMA would be a reliable for you two?, was Miyuki's surprise. Not promissive, indulged idol worker, she criticised him outside the words. And now, he is possible thief, and the two protected him, against our property and precious life. Why? Because they are DDMs, The evilest Alzheimer patient type. They sell their own families easily type. Just Miyuki didn't know it type.

  For them, nothing at all type joke like thing, thus, they always pretended to be superior to Miyuki, even she refused any obedience without any rightous reasoning. Without any logics was their key words, and which were the most hatred by Gods of Justice and Quartet MARC. Thus they failed. Even us, family members, they apply vanishing penalty? Out of mind!, they thought. Oh, you did to us already so many times repeatedly, and now, why you believe that we can't apply the punishment to you two????

  For them, out of mind, and for us all, without saying type natural decision. Immediately yes, or they attack us again and again.

  Clare and Alex were too late to know it. And Miyuki was the last, they got to know it. Miyuki is simple minded at that time, as usual. And Miyuki believed that her mother had nothing without kindness. however, as a matter of fact, nothing at all type! Faked kindness, she had, and wants to play as useal, without our intention, as always.

  No cruel idiocracy at all, Miyuki really wants, and claimed others, please punish every DDMs, especially family member DDMs in every family!!!! Vanish! DDMs! All in one in a body!!!!

  Thus, they vanish. They wanted to play their "KEI-DORO" or majority wins game until their last. however, Miyuki didn't know the game at all, and they did know well as always. Always rule change is OK for them, and not at all for others, perfectly. For them, any reason exists is OK, and for us, persuasion is needed. And Miyuki is good at speaking, and they didn't want to be persuaded at all. Just it. Subjectively constructed game. Not amusing type. Ego-centric, I would win, without noticing anything to others' type unfair game, they started, and the two old bugs participated into it, immdiately.

  This is why Miyuki was her kid. Promissive, however, too too nasty for Miyuki, ADACHI really got worried about her. And thus, prolonged period was needed for her, ADACHI explained. Oh, he is really too too cool. She is thus not liked by human beings, they really sighed. Too too nasty, not at all! Their existance is our loss. Please, Gods of Justice! Please, right now!!! We got a lot of precious victims. No more!!! Please!!! Gods of Justice!!!!! Dodomerdas, you shall die! You shall die!!!♫🎶

 Thus, they liked Miyuki. Even Moriko really thought of it. If I were her daughter...I would refrain from doing so??? Oh? You are brave, to have shot your faked husband!!!! And Moriko understood. Faked family is not real friends at all. Thus, she could do it. Non reliable, if she felt, the world of family ends up type game, Moriko really thought.

  And Miyuki understood that every family member could choose itself as the last one, yes. However, among the limit, yes. Just for cheapish money, not at all!!! For money, not at all!!! DDMs, they are!!!!

  Money was their keyword. And Miyuki hates it. And they forgot it. Miyuki is thrifty, yes. thus, she would sell her own family in the least value. Thus, we two would buy the least value, and bring up them and sell them in the highest value. Thus versity degree holders plan, they constructed, and failed.

  Another versity candidates? Miyuki would kill them all, taking advantage of her special power to kill others. And they were killed by Miyuki's Gods of justice. Of course, ours, yes!!!!

  Miyuki chose sword called hands and takes advantage of them both. Right and left.And she doesn't regret it at all. Anyway, until the last of DDMs. And the sooner, the better. Everyday, plants and animals suffered damages again and again. Immediately, this evil situation would stop!!!! At once!!! Now!!! Exactly!!!!!

  Thus, they failed. Anyway, she is strong at this point. She always says, "If theorically it is right, it would be done, anyway! Forward!!!" She really got upset of the smell of newly cut woods, which turned to be burdens on a track. Terrible. Precious pine trees turned to be just a baracks of the woods. Miyuki wants to cry for them all.

  Fatty moutains are console for her. And they vanished the scene of NASU range this afternoon. She disliked their job, and thought, OK, they did already at once. Now, again. NASU would appear soon. Just an evil fenomenum. And she talked with other nearer mountains. Relatives or continuity of NASU. Thus, they can hear her voice as always. And she really liked the spallows flaying on the river, anyway, the same shape and the position. Imitation is good to feel the mood.

  And disaster. Escher Stairs again and again. MEGA-STAGE shopping mall was for it. And unducing line from the ally between the buildings. Terrible evilest state JAPAN was. Cruel. How they believed such a sterotypical kinkiest religion called the end of the world? Oh, for them, the real end yes, and for us, new era!!!!

  "Old king was dead!!! Viva to new king!!!" The same thing? Not at all. The former belonged to IDIOCRACY, while the latter to IGNOLANDIA. The former, killed the most promissive kids, while the latter, live them all!!! Because we are all promissive kids, including the king!!!!

  They were too too nasty old bugs. Why they were too too sturn to my kids? Miyuki didn't know the facts at all. For her, at least, maternity were anti-scientific religious belief. And the evilest maternity, they believed, the two old bugs. Thus, they should be punished right now.

  And 48 rules. Immediately!!! M&A said the same. And Miyuki felt really sorry for ADACHI that he was killed on the mother's day. His mother was a kind of friends for him, however, he was killed and treated like a suicide. Thus, she felt so nasty and accused herselfs so much. Not at all, is the best, however, in these coincidences, she were obliged to be accused by others.

 ADACHI couldn't move the date at all. However, the date would be highly symbolic to Miyuki, yes. On the mother's day, they did it, probably, and thus, they degraded so obviously. Towl changes, they did, as always, and now, the worst pattern they showed Miyuki. They got upset, however, for them, changing itself a valuable, and "You are inferior to us two, because of your evil mother called MIYUKI", they yelled to Clare. Miyuki now recognized how they were cruel to others all. They induced a disaster sometimes, and they did it decicevely, abruptly. And for them, nothing at all. And for us all, too too cruel from kids. Friends, they killed. They did it just for their ego-centric uncontrolled mind, we really thought. however, they intentionally did it, probably.

  the end, they should reach, anyway, the two thought. And for them, one of them was enough anyway. And they treated theselves as friends, who concealed their own errors. Oh, Mrs.Responsibles, and HASE-BYO nurses, they are.

  And their faces. Why my mother is so ugly, even with her kindness?, Miyuki really felt so, and couldn't put up with say so, at least in her belly. Ugly, anyway. And now, not kind at all. Her only merit was just a faked one. Miyuki recognized, and shifted soon from her side. Not at all, however, her mother counted Miyuki as her side. And she spoke to others, "Anyway, Miyuki liked me at all." Oh, faked affection!!!! We dislike each other, even though, how she dared to say so???

  For Miyuki, nothing at all type non emotional sensation at all type. however, maternity believers believed it, agaist the fact. And they lost spirit finally. Thus they should vanish, yes. They deseave to it, yes. Already confirmed type things, they repeated. And today, they called the police to Miyuki's catch again. And they came, and found that these kinky ladies were faking as usual. And they forgot Miyuki's degree giving versity's name all in once. WASEDA or JOCHI?, the police, faked one, wispered, and their reply was, "Yes, of course, sir!!!"

  Oh, U2? All Alzheimer patients squad liked the reply, and forgot to do their own jobs. And Miyuki's mother got upset, feeling, why we called him? Because YUKARI said so, and now, YUKARI liked one of them, and wanted to do it now, immediately. Thus, they failed.

 YUKARI is easy to do so type. And always she did it. And now again type. And they liked hew because of her charming hair. Brush like hard waxed type. BARIBARI legend type, she wanted to be, she confessed. Oh, she was???

 And now, Miyuki should take a bath to keep her body clean. Not so promissive type, however, kind at least type she was. And lost her spirit, and lost her only one charmpoint, it was faked kindness. And now, it turned to be an evelness. DDM, accomplished.

 20 years of suffering, we suffered. And only YUKARI'd mother accepted her, and concealed her under the name of maternal love, and they sold their spirit. For them sudden death, however, probably, predicted by Gods of justice. Just wanted to be superior to us all, Clare really thought. She lost her pets because of them. Too too nasty. And she concealed the fact until now. Revenge, she pledged.  She was so evil, Clare really thought so. And Miyuki pledged 亀の呪い or Spell of Turtles. Why they disliked living creatures so much? They were inferior to them, and wanted to be superior to them. They yell, "You are nakid, Alzheimer old bugs! We know it! We should inform to others, our friends, on your evil wrongdoings!!!"

  Thus, Miyuki would pledge for the turtles. Miyuki really knows well that eating turtnes are really chaming, especially letus eating appearance. And Miyuki liked to feel turtles in the park, a SHIBUSARA EIICHI's ex-residence, near rose-garden. "Oh, feeding animals is too good for me. I want to feed someone. Eating by me, is a good to feel." Cook would feel this instinctive emotion, probably type sensation. I need someone to feed, anyway!!! I like this!!!

  And now, victim, it is called. Anyway, new is good for her. Experience should be fine, however, she cooks so well, and they want to trace her life as their own. Why you can't do so, YUKARI? You do always the same dishes. You can't do any other? Oh, Alzheimer patients, they are. The same, yes. Only limited repatition, they did as always.

  Thus they were trapped. They didn't cook well at all, and just faked to be a good cook, and lost a lot of money to buy vegitables. Miyuki bought cheap vegitables, as least as possble, and tried to eat the root begitables. However, they didn't. And bought a lot of various vegitables, and when Miyuki started to buy her own, they wanted to induce to use them, and Miyuki refused it at all, and they got upset, and they called faked police.

  For them, as usual. Again, both ladies? And now, they tried to do so again and again, and even faked police presumed that they are just kinky Alzheimer old bugs, taking advantage of their modest family's richness.

  Kindness weighs a lot, Miyuki's mother said. Thus, Miyuki should pay her only what??? He forgot the unit of money already. Thus, she didn't say the real value at all. And now, just a bit is enough, she said. And Miyuki has no surprise to hear the same from other families. For them, bit coin is enough to earn. Thus, wifi sympathysers, they are.

  At this point, they should vanish, immediately. Another? And they made a lot of mistaked in their own lives, and never regretted, they pledged. Wrongdoers, without spirit type. Harsh for others yes. They pledged each other. Ego-centric, too much.

  See you until next morning! We will have nicer day tomorrow!

   VANISH! DDMs!!! You are so evil!!!

   See you for F&F, and our kind supporters!!!! Especially, Gods of Justice! We are under the total reign of Justice and fairness!!!!

   From Quartet MARC, with Big LOVE!!!!

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