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17/05/2017 (Wednesday, afternoon) It was an anusually tough day for us all.

 Miyuki could survive from YUKARI's repeated attack, and last night, could make an errand arround the town in Shirakawa in the largest area. However, she had a lot of dangerous scene of possible hit by vehicles. Y shape cross with signals for pedestrians and for vehicles, separatedly. And they turned to be green at the same time. And Miyuki started to cross the road. Suddenly, a smart car came from behind of her, and she almost got hit by the soundless car. White, probably. She took a picture as soon as possble to identify the car.

  If I were a kid, quick one, would had been killed by it, Miyuki really thinks so. She took care of herself, and she was in bed at that afternoon until 15:00, thus, she was slow, thus, she could escape from the disaster. And she really felt that always after her hashed attacking on Todai related, including her ex-mates, they did disturb her act and she got down in the bed, at least, for two or 3 days, without exception.

  IZUMI-san did know well the intendence. Why she felt nasty after her sending Tokyo versity related mails of annauncement of inducing her to the party or academic simposium, IZUMI-san, really got upset. Oh, she did? Thus, she was caught, IZUMI-san realized.

  How many times, IZIMI-san tried to her not to send such a faked laughing joke for herself, Miyuki didn't stop it. And IZMI-san got nervous. Why she continued to do so so many times? Already done things for us all, she really felt so. however, in Shirakawa, in her family, the situation is different. She was concealed by evil wrongdoers, all arround, for directions, without no any alternatives. And the families are faked by the town, public authority. Even today, they pretended that Miyuki is not so good, and Miyuki couldn't get up early in the morning, they continue to say to the police, again and again.

  And today, they realized that YUKARI did so, as her usual habit. Selling Miyuki's date, as usual, as her amusing hobby in Shirakawa town meeting. YUKARI is a kind of servicer at that place, and she sells what she thinks on Miyuki, and the town meeting accpept her own opinion as a respectful opinion. And Miyuki was scolded by them all. Cruel system, they all adopted. They call it TON TON MAQUT, and they praised YUKARI for her contribution. Again, Auntie?

 Miyuki found a thief, running from the office, and tried to took the picture of him. A slender type, 170cm or so, short hair, black one, blue downjacket and black strait slimi type jeans, as Miyuki wore well in winter, and she couldn't chase him,. Because she had a bat with her breakfast on it, and it was 8:25 at just.

  She tried to find him up to walk to the YAOYA-CHOU street block, and found another strenge figure. Parmed hair, with slight black face, with printed blouse, and his or her car was in the mode of starting with engine on and it was located on KOJIMA's entrance. Miyuki took a picture of the car. And suddenly several cars, mainly silver audi, came toward her. Why they want to hit me? In this unpopulous block???

  Miyuki confirmed the office, and her father's desk's some drawers were open. Miyuki went to her father's room, namely, Clare's room, and informed the fact, with a short nortice, while he was watching TV. And put her own gold words to them all, "I am just a stayer, not resident. Thus, you, owner of the office should chose your measure. Not me. I just did my all effort for you all."

  And then, strange kinky behavours conseccively were done by her mother. Miyuki would explaine all from the first.

  yesterday, Miyuki found a towel with a description of "For Kitchen Use" in the only toilet in the family's houses. Namely in the office. Then, she infomed this horrible fact to her mother. Her mother just said to her, "Oh, then, you should take it off and put it into the washing machine. Why you didn't do so?" Thus, she did so, went from the mail house to the office again, and came back to the mail house to lie down in the bed.

  Oh, my mother is not so kind for me, to order me to do her service even when I am in a bad condition, Miyuki thought. And OK, you revealed yourself mother. This is your choice. I could do it, anyway. I am getting better, without saying.

  Today, when Miyuki was in the kitchen, she found a towl with discription of "ex-towl for toilet, now for kitchen" with her mother's letters. Oh, mother, you are also Alzheimer patient, and thus you and YUKARI did the same wrongdoings for us all, Miyuki recognized it. They are indifferent form the different from toilet space and kitchen. Evacuation and eating. Thus they failed.

  And at 13:55 or so, her mother came to the office and said to Miyuki, "Now, a bunch of keys were brought to make master keyes to make double by YUKARI, because now the bunch is only one and another was vanishing. Thus, you should be without any key here until YUKARI came with her doubled keys.

  Miyuki felt so so nasty. At 13:30, a man, public servant faked type, came to the office, and pushed the interphone. Miyuki tried to reply the interphone, however, strangely, the interphone was not put on electricity. Thus, she left it. And soon, some YUKARI like voice came to MIYUKI's ears. The faked police like figure explained something to her. And Miyuki tried who was he.

  The voices came from the entrance of the main entrance. however, there was no one there. And after their leaving, her mother came back from the direction of entrance of the office building, with a bunch of documents, A4 type. And she went to the backyard house.

  Strange. Who the man was? And why she could immediately attend him. And why YUKARI vanished, and her mother appeared instead? Too too strange fenomena for her.

  And the above her mother's declaration on the bunch of the keyes. And Miyuki felt danger of her daughter Clare, rather than herself. I use the office yes, however, they keys includes some other more important keys. And Clare couldn't lock away any of the evil wrongdoers from her sleeping room. Why Miyuki's mother doesn't recognize the danger and asked YUKARI to make a master of all of the keys to make a spare one??? Why she accuses someone who has keep the bunch for itself? What happened in her brain?

  Miyuki got really afraid of Clare's danger, and went to her father, as soon as possible. He was in Clare's room, as usual, with his hands, some envelopes, as if he were handed some documents from his wife. White without envelope type, she had. And in the envelope? Miyuki got to feel strange. Anyway, she informed the fact in her shortest way, and put her gold words again. "I am a precarious user, and you should chose your measure. I would allow you withing the limit. If you don't care, I am OK. I did my best anyway."

  And Miyuki left the room as soon as possible, and started to cook lunch as usual. Probably her father got upset her wife's choice, and said, "You chose money. You can do with the money yes. However, you can't any more do it!"

  And his father got downstairs and went out.

  Then, my mother followed him, and asked Miyuki, "Where he is?"with scolding voice, thus, Miyuki indicated the direction vaguely. Why you asked it to me, mother. You were with him, and I am here. You are so awkward to know where he is, of course, nearest to you." And she went to the office to make a conversation with him, and came back and went to her room.

  Miyuki didn't know how they decided at all. At least, Miyuki wanted to keep herself, thus, she decided to get out the office, in the without any key situation. And soon, YUKARI came back, and Miyuki encountered with them, talking on something. YUKARI said, "I, I didn't know at all!" in the slightest way. And Miyuki really thought that they were the same type. For them, slight money is the most precious, and their family exist just for it.

  And Miyuki left her house, to evacuate from the nasty goddamnit witches' house. And came back to the house at 19:00. Miyuki wanted to give some sweet and some gift, gained by a shop to her kids. Thus, she opened the door of the backhouse, and found no Clare's shoes at all, thus, she put her gifts on the corner of the small unfunctional small kitchen.

  And then, Miyuki thought of put a note to them all. Thus, she wrote a short letter to her dearest daughter and her father. And then, suddenly YUKARI came back from her errand and put some ready made foods in a plate, and brouhgt them to the backyard house. Clare is not there. Why YUKARI did so?

  Miyuki got really upset at their wrongdoings. Why they are so evil, and why they are so liars? They want to kill us all, really?

  Nasty, however, probably, DDMs are so, Miyuki really feels so. Clare would be safe in somewhere, because she is quick type. She would be informed something by his mate, at least. And she decided the way, as soon as possible. And Miyuki is not so bad at this point. Miyuki did all the best, and she should take the best of her. Bravity, they need. Miyuki should be a team leader, anyway. She is a good fellow type, anyway, yes. All of them, agreed. And she is promissive amongh us all, yes. And she is cute, yes. And she likes to apple polish us all, yes. And she provided her things as if nothing. For them, sometimes, they might weigh, probably, is enough for her to do so. And she took them, from the backet, because there were discriptions that "Please take them, they are all free!" And they all failed.

  Miyuki didn't refrain from take them at all. Why not? She is really poor. Oh, yes!!! Give me money, no sympathy at all,DDMs!!!

  同情するなら金をくれ, was the same key frase delivered by a famous kid's face actress 安達祐実. A genous kid actress type. However, Miyuki disliked her because she were not a real kid type. Yes, talented. However, Miyuki dislikes any kid's actress type. Actor also. They were sold by their own families, Miyuki felt. Thus, Clare should do her job, as her own will, and her determined final object. Not for flamboyant terrible objective, precarious efemerous type.

  And they all failed. Miyuki didliked their way of life at all. They sold Miyuki's all of personalities as much as possible, because Miyuki is promissive. Thus they should be punished severely.

  After Miyuki's warning, they continued to do wrong to Miyuki, targetting her whole family. And Miyuki resisted all of their wrongdoings, as much as possible. And she should be saved anyway. Miyuki is a confirmed member of Fauna and Flora. And Miyuki is an idol or pet of them all.

  And after she left the backhouse, she watched a nasty white dirty cat passed a ally between her house and KOJIMA's, with a ring-rang sound. Oh, she is monitored now. And she is a nasty DDMic animal, probably.

  SHIBUKI feeded such a kind of nasty animal as pet. And it was more than 20 years ago. Now? Why? Too too confusing.

  And Miyuki would know their limit as skin bags. Oh, they srank yes. And now, the smallest ones, rats, they are. Oh, well. Thus, I thought of "Midnight cowboy" today. Oh, with my cute face, my today's costume play is Al Pacino rather than John Boit. OK, I can play the rat role today.

  Thus, they started to chase her????

  Miyuki didn't know the system at all. Police and Thief, the game was called. And her teacher responsible scolded them all, because of the name of the play. Miyuki felt so strange. She, Toshi KANEKO was a kind of liberalist, yes, educator type. She yelled well, and not criticesed them at all. As you like, and you are all promissive, she said as always. However, she disliked the game at all.

  And strange to say, anyway induced Miyuki to the game at all. Thus, she never participated it at all! Not because of her adorable teacher's remark, but only by her luck or opportunity. She didn't know the rule at all!!! Oh, she is the admirer of her teacher responsible? Yes and no. I admire her, however, I thought she was narrow-hearted at the name of the game, anyway. However, I don't know at all, and as a result, I had never participated into the game. Thus, no knowledge of the game at all. Not because of my forgetfulness. Probably, I was too too slow to participate in the game. Miyuki was too too lucky to say so.

  ??? 警官と泥棒、it was called. Kei-Doro, in short abbreviation. And they programed it in the human beings???

  Miyuki had no gene to understand the game at all. Oh, we should be relieved for it, they sighed. For Fauna leaders, Miyuki is ideal because of it???? A nasty game for them all. They chaged the position, as soon. Majority is always the police, and minority is thief. Oh, nasty, thus, Ms.KANEKO disliked the game. Why she didn't ezplaine us on the theory? Good constitutional education it would be!!!

  Miyuki didn't know the game at all, until now!!! Oh, they pay a lot of attention for her unknown game????

  For Miyuki, totally kinkiest system, and Miyuki didn't understand at all. Exist such a kind of kids???!!!, they really got astonished, and upset. Oh, too too ignorant!!! Such a game???? You didn't recognize the similarity at all????

  Oh, not at all. I didn' know the game's rule at all. As a word yes. However, for my dictionary, it doesn't exist.

  Oh, laughing story one more. They made a game for her family, and Miyuki didn't know the rule. Alex got relieved at her ignirance. "Why your sister looked so beautiful? Today I passed her, and she wispering amusingly, "You shall die! You shall die!", and Alex replied. Oh, yes, she is my family, yes. However, not my sister. My sister is prettier than she.And who is she?? Your auntie? Not at all! Slender type? Yes. Skinny. How you can recognize her as my family?, Alex asked. And Miyuki got to know. Only one kid for them is enoguth. Oh, 1 school has 1 pupil???

  This is the game, they thought. And his sister would be enter into this room. Who would be killed instead of her? She is too too cute and likes to be cute!!!

  Alex got upset as usuall. Always younger sister, Miyuki is to him. Nasty, anyway. I am only 16. And how old is she? And his reply is 54 yeas old!!!!        Bomba!!!!

  Thus, Alex felt so nasty. Always wispering some fatal words to them. "Vanish! DDms!!! You shall die!!! We pledge our revenge against DDMs!!!" and they laught at his reply. 5 years old and 4 months, probaly. She likes to walk. Yes, she does. And she is good at math. Yes. And slow sometimes. Yes. Too too cautious type. Yes. And she accuses you, all!!!

  Bomba again!!!! Miyuki is a kind of nasty existance for them all of them. Why she likes to wisper so cheerfully? And smiling as always. And Miyuki was always good in some nasty feeling. And she bahaves as an independent provisional stayer in this town. And now Shirakawa is not so kind place at all. And the time of flood is near and near!!!

  Oh, now, mountains appeared again! Today, the west side Nasu mountan rainge was covered with cloud, and they looked so low. Why today so? Like a day of searching the source of YANTA-River at first time. Suddenly, they vanished, and TOUYOKO-in looked higher than it. Strange. And the trick art, they used, Miyuki really thought.

  Today, backyard of Mega-Stage shopping mall, Miyuki found a lots of "Vanishing Stairs on the riverside", and felt so nasty. Why they, public agencies induce Kids death, as their priority? They should not exist at all. Evil existance, in any meanings.

  Thus they failed. Why kids should be killed at first? And why they thought thaty they could kill others??? Just kinkiest wrongdoers they were, indlucing judicial figures, especially Japan as a state in a body. The kinkiest choice they did!!! Why they thought that they were allowed to do so????

 For us, not understandable. However, for them, "yes, of course!" type fenomenum. For them, too too common, and for Miyuki, not at all. Out of creature type. Muck, thus they are. ADACHI yelled. Miyuki uses MUCK words as usual. And for cute MIYUKI, more, pretty girlish expression. Muck was least used by her. And Miyuki was cautious of her catch. Why me?, Miyuki thought. However, for them, natural. And no excuse at all, they are. Evel families they are, Adachi got to know, and refrained to informe to Miyuki. She is too too genuine as always, at this point. And the situation is worse than Miyuki's thought at that time.

  Miyuki was so good at mamorizing everything, in generally. However, she used MUCK words so oftern, even Pulatinum Tribe got nasty. And they got to undertand the situation yes. And sympathy system was used among DDMs of course. Thus, they degraded so easily. And they strengthen their powers???

  Weakened, yes. However, they thought that they could do it, and did it again and again. And for Miyuki, forgery is out of mind, and for them, as usual type conduct.

  Thus, they passed their beyond as much as possible. Clare disliked the way of their lives, and informed to their own parent, Miyuki as usual. However, they didn't know that Miyuki has no system at all. Which system????

  Oh, Miyuki's system is different. She has no wifi at all. Just LAN system. And they failed again and again. Miyuki doesn't want any smart phone even for herself. Thus, they couldn't claim their wrongdoings, they said???

  We live altogether. Thus, they can say directly to me, personally at the matter. Why they didn't chose the rightous way???

   Because they were too too jealous to them at all. ??? Miyuki was not good at memory was their explanation. Why Miyuki was here, and she doesn't attend us at all???? Who???

  Miyuki didn't know the name, and their conversation was done soon. Just some explanation. And some white A4 papers. And they really thought. Miyuki should be punished for it????

  They did forgery, and bought a house for them all, and they required money for it, and they wanted to kill me if she got to know the result. And they ordered their squad to kille Miyuki before she got to know the result. And they didn't want to pay their own money. You failed, and we had no money. And your house, old bug? And she replied. It was bought by my daughter called YUKARI. And they returned. Oh, he is an Alzheimer, thus, they should vanish!!!

  YUKARI should be praised her nasty role play of the wrongdoer. Yes, junky, however, she bought a house in Tokyo to live with her parents forever. Oh, cemetery???

  Miyuki got to be astonished the end. Not so much. Her father also participated into the wrongdoing. He was forced to play the main wrongdoer. He sighed anyway.

  And Miyuki thinks that Gods of Justice decide by their own judgiment. Thus, Miyuki is free from preocupation. For cemetery? Not for house????

  For Miyuki, out of mind type idea. However, for YUKARI, of couse, I did type declaration. US$30 thousand was used for it? Oh, YUKARI like choice. And now YUKARI is more calm rather than usual. Thus they wanted to live in Tokyo. And they lost chance to do so in the end. And YUKARI would be caught because of her last wrongdoings. YUKARI made a contract to kill her dearest kids again and again. and they escaped from the disaster, again and again. And Clare was quick and chose the second best. Tennis was dangerous for her, Miyuki didn't recognize it at all. Basket ball, Clare said, and Miyuki was not usset at all. Surviving is the most important thing in this case. And they failed. Clare was the most promissive among her own family yes. Anybody recognizes it type fact. And Alex is promissive one. Yes, of course. And they are anyway, friends, yes.

  And the two old kinkiest ladies didn't like their friendship at all. Miyuki recognized it, and respected them, because she presumed the situation. They did on me, thus probably on them both, of course they did type presumption, Miyuki thought.

  And for them, Alex is too too easy to tame, because he is indulged boy, who likes cookies. And Miyuki is "Oh, you should consult directly to Gods of Justice. I would help you, yes, if you ask me a help."

  And they were the real wrongdoers yes. This is the fact yes. Miyuki confirmed all of them. DAME-OYAJI, Miyuki really thought of herself, because of them. Evil domestic wives and assistants. Thus they should vanish immediately.

  And they should change their mind on Miyuki. Too too cool, and too too thrifty. However, not monopolizing type, except her own comical performance. Indulged faked mother like cheerful character. And Miyuki felt again in her left head a slight headache. Oh, really, they did? Oh, thus, Clare, you should stop eating the sweet. Stewed beans. Probably, just a hungry, Miyuki really thinks so.

  Thus, eat it!!!!!

  See you soon!!! Miyuki should be rich in her stomach!!!

  Vanish! DDMs!!! You are so so ugly!!!

  From Quartet MARC, with BIG LOVE!!!!  

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