YUKARI's End (4)

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YUKARI thought that she were younger than us, my parents and I. Thus, she would be the last one, she calculated. Thus, she got duller and duller and ages more than my old mother. She looks too old than my mother. She was too too old to be a young girl. However, she pretend to be her childish dream. Childrens books are good for her, however, too too dull for Alex. She wants to make a conversation with him in English. Oh, why? Because she wants to speak English. Why, abruptly? OK, she can do as she likes. However, Alex is free from her strange effort. He is now in study, anyway. She want to be a scholar, in effect. Tokyo Univ. would offer a position for her, because she would be a good scholar. OK, she can choose. Her problem. She was so slow to do so. Thus, she wants to her tongue. OK, do it with NISHIZAWA. I didn't know exactly. However, she wants to challenge something important. However, her mother doesn't allow it. Of course, she should do it under her control. She is irresponsible childish thing. She should obey to her. The superior didn't allow her flamboyant desire to the wife of her precious grand son. Now your mother notices what Miyuki meant to say on YUKARI. "Be a wife" means being a legitimate person to hold the family, in her understanding. She was far from it. Alex himself is more good at this point. YUKARI wouldn't know that others think that she was an old kinky girlish boy-like old bug-like something so unusual and trouble making figures. She was so good at math, in really????I didn't know that. She was the last person to understand the basic theory. She conquisted the problem after 20 years of trial. OK, then. That's it. She tried to be good and found that it was nonsense. And she forgot the problem and got back to the flamboyant and tomorrow would blows another wind. How, she is as usual. Non changeable. No effort at all. How she calls it effort? Unundastandable. A good for knowing her tecnics. Yes. A miniture versions of DDMs. Something new to MIYUKI and among DDMic families, they were too strange, also. Mashing potatoes and eating so fast is her tecnics. She did so to show up the process accelated. Even her kind mother was noticing that her humming has some concealing facts. Too obvious. Like Paddingtons ignorant face. Miyuki's CHIGURIN face was so funny to us. Professor Ignorant got IG-NOBEL prize!!! Oh, really! Miyuki is enthusiasmastic to write in English. So YUKARI wants to do. Oh, that! Yes. DDMs transmits some strange conception like part of information fluid fenomenum. They called fluid of information, however, someone operates illegaly. They are so evil to have a switch to do that. A switch to steal the information. Rumour system. They feel and transmit, without ground. Not knowing is the basic power to the learning. In a part so. However, ignorance is not at all. A freshness. Not intentional ignorance. I don't know yet, so I do want to know and I respect your knowledge and I want to learn from you. This is key to the learning. Not only book work, but also some skills. Oh, he did beautifuly is the praise. We would prepare for the job!!! You would be the good family workship. Galley one? Slave job? No! Inhuman! I refuse. Slavery was not at all. Just a joke. Should be. YUKARI didn't and wouldn't understand her error at all and check the panty of Clare to see how old it is. OK, disposable. And put her on it.??? She didn't want her type. A pretty one. She would buy them, as she like. Living cost. Double system. My mother would want to ask my money, OK, however, why she askes? We should make a rule. Easy. Directly to Clare or indirectly. In case of direct way, they themself should controle it. They knew the system. OK, then. Her father disliked it.Why? Just no money.OK, I will provide. The value, I should not decide it, because value is changeable. Just necessity. Not for luxury sytem. for the latter, they would earn legaly and constitutionally, in universal meaning. And they say HI to me! OK. Good. Peoples line all OK. Not DDMs. Just it.Good for everyone, its good. We can change our information. We upload the articles on your site. My site? Kyorin one, no! They are our enemy's. OK. They shouldn't do it. They are just nominal. Just some team worker, like a family. A childish letters. They did for the sake of their lives. They have alternatives? To earn money, for the DDMs? They recgnize the fact? No. They are only one family like existance with a tiny family called MITSUBISHI. Tiny like a pencil. Pencil was good for them. Others, not. Even ball point pens were made badly. one of third principle, MIYUKI found. When she was in junior high, her mother bought lots of 3 in one package MITSUBISHI ball point pens at the cost of US$1. Miyuki prefered 2 in one ZEBRA ball pens because the latter didn't fail. MITSUBISHI fails so fast and she spent a lot of time to break the pens. Her pastime in the pariod in the class. Drowing, she explained. Mr.Hiroshi SETO, a math teacher asked Miyuki, what are you doing?,So miyuki replied, "I am drowing with a ball point pen. Look! This ball paint pen is so bad and the liquid is dropping. MITSUBISHI ball point pen is always like this."

  She explained and he agreed and passed through the desk of her. She did it. All the stupid students wanted to do like that. MIYUKI's HANAMICHI or rose road!!! She wanted to do that in the versity. They understood!!! Miyuki, you are right and SETO is also right. OK, he could ask me, it was his right. He is a worker, anyway. He was a good at math, yes. Thus, he asked and Miyuki replied seriously in detail. And he got to know and he changed the mind to scold her. She was drowing with MITSUBISHI ball point pen! Impossible! The pen was always failing. Dropping and bad made one. My mother liked to cheaper one and bought them. OK, her choice. However, if she gives me money, I would buy the better one, ZEBRA's, instead of M's. MIYUKI was right and Clare wants MIYUKI to establish the informing system for her. Use the Internet. E-mail and blog. YUKARI disliked it. She is just a broken robot. Never mind. She says always No! to more liberal ones. no no principle. Ignore it, She has no right.

  Thus, negociation between my mother and I. OK. I'll try. I would search the right value as your living cost, Clare and Alex.

  Thus, YUKARI was out of our league. DDMs private works were so dirty and difficult to read. I had passed a severe time in HACHIOJI. Oh, again. Good for consumption, I didn't know. A refleshment, OK. They should be paid. She was in disorder. Everyone knows that. However, she insisted to be good. Now she is too too danger. Yes, our whole family is in danger. My father said that the invasion was not your mother, but YUKARI's. She was under the control of her mother and now, anyone can stop her. She was mentally ill and everyone worried and she denied and wanted to commit suicide. And didn't 20 years and turned to be a monster. Suicide as an excuse. Japanese theme. Petit Nicola like idiotic performance.

 A good for her and wrong for others all. Miyuki was so confidencial on the matter. She was an example of early Alzheimer patient caused by the concealing long years. Now she can't stop the motion. How she should behave like a normal? Just faking. Yes, and got to be a normal like figure, called gorem. A dispersonalized mechanical one. Forgot always in the place where they were. Changeable easily between victim and wrongdoer. Just like Kyori staff. Believing is their saving, they believe. And hurt us. Thus, Yukari was isolated and Kyorin was also. Little man turned to be big in his own field. YAROU-JIDAI. YASEI-JIDAI like ones. KADOKAWA publishing 4 sites surrounding Tokyo University. Kinky habit. Religious like.

 Kyo knows him personally. Not a bad one, however, male DDMic type. Oh, good for everything, Mr.Flabby. They can't do anything and prepared for one event with so many lessons like ABE. Slow too much like OOKAWA. Good for nothing type.

 Kyo failed. OK, why, you are right. You are slow, however, more perfectly predicted. OK, if I know, it functions. A strange habit. MIYUKI was the latest pattern of the recovering from DDMix epidemy called TRIPONEMA Oh, ME???? Oh, it functioned. The love functioned!!! Oh, the KAKISHIMA version!!! She believed that her daughter had said so. However, just a joke. A good mother type, maybe? Too childish and want to earn much. Good that the mother of the noodle shop drive-in in AYASE. A quick and cheerful, professional but kind. Her face resembles and thought that she were her relative or so.

  She was kind and considerable. Miyuki was diminuished with her kindness and received the US$100. I didn't want to do Muck selling business at all. Just I wanted to be confidenct to her daughter's entrance. She entered into the private girls school and she satisfied, She chose, by some reason, unknown, but she wanted. She tried at least while I was in and I was hired for it, so I did it for it and if failed, she would not have chance. I would feel sorry for it. So I wanted her to get into the high school. She was a normal girl, like a japanese pop music. She asked her, "Do you know, Maddona?" Because she wanted to give a lesson on "Like" as proposition, and wanted to sing the frase, "Like a virgin" at that time. However failed. She was stupid, so much. She failed, because she didn't know MADDONA!!!

 She wispered, this teacher was really cool and damnit type, MIYUKI imagined and failed.

 In 1990s, in Japan, the music was almost all in J-POP era. Japanalization, it would be called. In Kyorin, many people liked J-POP. Hip-hop was rare? No. Dance Club called Slave-To-Rhythm was the biggest time had 50 members. Yeah, I saw the show in the festival. And? Good. Girls know how to be pretending like sexy. A good and amusing. A mustle man remember. With a nakid in the final, only in black brief. MIYUKI liked such kind a joke. Versity festival for what? Show up and meeting and communication chance , in any way. MIYUKI wanted to dance, yes. And I offered to be a responsible the team, because the ex vanished. Something happened. MIYUKI offered because HANDA refused. Then, I was refused. OK, you have already in the responsible of photograph club, they said. OK, then.

 Just refusal. YUKARI like gesture. No No fenomenum like a child. Refusal just for giving a damage agaist the counterpart. Too too childish, however, it was common in Kyorin. MATU-BOKO always did it.

 They like to abuse us. By instinct. Just it. Out of tune and incurable. Thus, abandon or dipose and take indemnization from them. Miyuki is responsible to the indeminization!!! OK, I would do. Justice needed. Judicial case should be fair. Unfair field, indemnization system doesn't work at all. A big mistake, DDMs chose. However, they thought a Big success.

 Just stupid, they say. Why YUKARI made an effort to punish us? By intinct and now just a habit. Ever nothing doing type suffering. Dull type. Princess Story it is called. Oh, Rapunzel. Long long waiting, for a prince's saving. She was too proud to do so. She had chance but she wanted to be stronger than me. And revieled her conception by her own words. My mother was so good to believe her just a ignorant childish weakend girl. So her remarks were too shock to her, I presume. MIYUKI was too slow to know the fact. You are too too slow to know the fact. YUKARI wanted to be killed by you??? Really. Miyuki was so evil to kill her, according to her. OK, she was out of my mind type. I don't want to think of her anymore, so I am writing here. A good residue hunting, tracing her violent remarks and comparing the DDMs conducts. They resembles so much. They are DDMs just it. Urban and rural. Rich and Poor. YUKARI was thought that you were rich and gained well. Maybe. The reality was in front of her, however, she believed the illusion. Strange. She was so. A dreaming whole day. Robertson Eye type. A bit cinical end for her. Nothing. She was old and broken robot anyway. Just avoid to be her. A good lesson for SATO Family.

  Generation to Generation, once in a while. Happen such dull boy type. Yes. However, in Tokyo, mass game. Altogether, gag players. Vacant spaces, faking working activities, no smelling restaurant, spooky surgery operated faces. Good to know the dark side of IDIOCRACY. Good for the other ones? Off course, not! Again and again, repetition. We were protected and believed the Justice. Japanese one, no. Universal one. Or, why universe is so in order? Only flowers, KAKISHIMA? She was a kinky old Sybilla like figure. Strange KAMINARI type. Maybe, some DDMs know the reason.

 They say the special ability for high ranking DDMs. Just a trick. A system. They should be punished at the system. Wispering jobs. They should be good at listening and syphilis is one of the principle factor of the healing loss. Then, they started to listen to the others with "What did you say? Repeat again!" I would know the problem. I can do it intentionally. I sometimes confuse Japanese with Chinese, Portugues, Spanish and played the mistakenly spoken frases.

 Miyuki was good at doing such kind of jobs. Responsible of the compensation. I should do because I promissed with a lot of people. Groups, individuals, animals and so on. So, fact finding and the level. How, how much, influence, suffering, how long, etc, etc. I listen will to the voices. Not only sound. Various signs. Symbols also. I ask a help to many P's supporters and us, common peoples colleagues. MIYUKI is too curious to know the result of the jobs. I need a job and moneys. It would be my energy to work. More job means Yell for me. I need more and more jobs. Need and not monopolize it. I have the limit as a human being. I would do as an individual as much as I can.

 And I will have another personality called Kentaro ADACHI. My colleague and my personality inside, altoghether. We are not able to separate. We are good at manage this a bit rare case. But we like to be in together.Sometimes we change our role. This is more amusing. And sometimes, Miyuki is too mch winpy as ADACHI claims. "You shit bull! Coward! Pee!!!" Miyuki understands the situation and tried to be better performer. She is a chikin type and not good for us. However, she should do her or our job. Thus, ADACHI appears to help her. And ACAHI is Kyorin type, you know, "I want to do muck OK, teacher?" in the middle of the class. Yeah, really 14 years of agony for the pretty baby type figure. Kyorin made Miyuki nervous. They themselves were so crazy and stupid and accused the pupis. OK?????  NONONONONO!!!! Clients!!! We earned with them!!!! Why they abused???!!! Miyuki didn't the system. Customer controling system. Obedient ones are good and claimer are failures. They separated bad ones and good ones. And adopted the pupils. Thus, she really wanted their pupils to be happy at least like her. She was good and nice, however, you should do it, you please, you , me???? Everyone hesitated and only ADACHI remained. Chikin race, it is called. She is good , but, a YARITE-BABAA type, maybe. Good at math, but not for us. She was recommended for ACACHI. He wanted to refuse, however, refusal was chiken, so he couldn't. No way. He gave up and put his fight to her, when she was in coward mode. Yes, MIYUKI was slow and quick after the slowness. Thus, almost done and escape well type, and ADACHI got to know that she could pee at stand, Gee, she is his type. OK, accepted. She has a dark side. Her concealed history on the past days. A good good story that every MAN should know it. ADACHI sometimes noticed that she was brave rather than he. At this point. In mind. In phisically, not at all!!! Miyuki was coward and that ADACHI disliked her and disliked himself. He should know that  only person in Kyorin versity professor who cry for his death. She said that he was too liking me. He looks like me and he thought like me . He would be a good drinking friend if I had gotten to know him. He thought that she would be a good OYAJU BAA if I got to know previously.

 We had chance to get to know. ADACHI was the pupil in Foreign Language Faculty. I thought two subject at that time for the faculty and one more chance to teach teacher-candidate course. MIYUKI was doing workshop on human being matters until ADACHI took a class. In his year, abruptly the system change. SAITO came from Health Faculty to the foreign language and started Teach Language related in the class. MIYUKI, you shouldn't teach in this class. OK, I will do another.

 Thus, we have various chance to get to know each other. However, ADACHI took IWAKUMA's class, because it was an easy one. However he was one of a diligent worker at this point and got interested in prejudiced people matters until to buy a precious book. In Kyorin versity, the pupils don't buy books. Don't read, is rather exact expression. He was so interested in the book. Her mother came to see me one day after she called the mother.

 She was energetic and assertive type. MIYUKI believed to be a good friend for her and she would be her friend. She liked her because of her frankness.

 She was so frank to say she was single mother. She wanted to avoid the story but tried to ask her that I was desqualified to be the investigater of his death? He asked yes, and they did it, in a part.

 Kyorin was so cold to ADACHI and strange things happened after his death. Many student followed to going abroad.

Someone failed to do it. Someone did. Someone for the safe like Miyuki. Miyuki chose safe for him. Or, why? Useless is too bad. Cruel. They were so cruel. Just a complement.

 The most shoking story was that his responsible, who came from the same prefecture FUKUSHIMA was too too cruel for him. MIYUKI thought that he would be a assistent for her. Not OPPABU like one. He would speak on ADACHI. Miyuki was too too cruel for him. He wanted not to be touched at the topic. And ignored Miyuki's request. "How he was liking?" "He was an avelege normal boy. And when he was in Briten, he was interested in suicide matter." Too too cruel for us. He sold his spirit to the Devil. Miyuki felt.

 Miyuki investigated the site of Foreign Language Faculty's articles and found that only several days after his death, the responsible did a exhibittion class in the seminar for a guest speaker and wrote on it for the site. After his death, only 3 days after, he did a lecture normally and attended the guest and wrote about it???

 MIYUKI was in wonder. He was cruel. too much cruel. However, the system was cruel too much.

 Miyuki investigated the document on the matter. I found that the clerks only were interested in his e-mail address's checking. Done or not, was the most important for them and the checking was double and tripled. They called to her mother to confirm it.

 The spooky thing happened. The number was alive!!! Miyuki called the number and the result was just on the "Now I can't attend mode". On buttery. OK. His father maybe uses as an actual holder.

 However, according to his mother, the phone was out of use and the number was also. She did so on NTT Docomo.

 Why? And how? Miyuki was DIE HARD type. Thus, she tried another number. Repeatedly. The second time, his mother attended and accepted her asking. "May I refer to your son's suicide case?" She asked, and explained the detail, as much as possible, saying "I am the professor of Kyorin University and wanted to know the situation and so on his dear son't death, because I believe that it would good for him and for us. If you can't please say no. I respect your choice." And his mother accepted. And she said, she would come the next day by her car, on the way from her residence.

 Yes, his mother was quick in action and not wimpy type. Pratical and cheerful. Positive type. Good. Maybe, the same generation. We can sympathise each other.

 Then, the next day came, on Friday. Miyuki was late a bit, because she was buying a lot of jeans in KOKUBUNJI because she thought they were cheap and best fitted for her. size valiable and bought 7 for 7 days. One by one, each pants.

 Anyway, she was late and ADACHI's mother was punctual. She was professional at this point. She was late also because she chose DANGO for the guest. It was her strange custom to eat even in the worst condition. And wanted to give an energy to her with DANGO.

 She welcomed the mother in her office and served MATE tea, explaining the origine. She wanted the first met figure to relax. She recommended her to eat DANGO but he refused this time. After 15 minutes of introduction, she showed the documents on his death in the versity, handing one copy to her. They compared the fact, relying on her memory. She got confidance from her. ADACHI's mother was a practical type. Not so sobstory type. So she thanked her information. They talked until 19:00 ocloc or so and Miyuki sent her to the entrance.

 Miyuki was impressed that she was a house wife but she was not a DDM. She is a professional type. Pragmatic. And the mother said that she was in Germany and gave a birth to her first son there.

 ADACHI has two elder brothers. The first was graduater of Kyorin and the second was KOUGAKUIN.

 ADACHI got alog with the second. The KOUGAKUIN is more mechanic not so literally type.

ADACHI entered into the versity because it was near his house and he was accustomed to here the name from his brother.

 Like Miyuki entered into ASAHI, because practically no other choice.

 ADACHI wanted to be a professor of law, really???? ADACHI wanted to be a professor, anyway. MIYUKI just wanted to be professional student. Eternal student in the campus, a field of freedom.

 ADACHI was good at baseball and MIYUKI was not. MIYUKI, you had lucky to be a captain. ADACHI failed. Miyuki was selected to be a captain and the members were 3 or 4?!!!

 Like a comic "MAJOR"! ADACHI cried of this story. How stupid you are!!!! And you didn't know the rule!!! "Cheer up bears!" is the bad team given a lucky chance to gain the game. Miyuki did it. Gain the game! Only 3 or 4, won 9!!! Miracle!!! Everyone knows the tecnics. Should know it.

 They thought that Miyuki is the worst player and she is the captain. And MAKIKO is good at play ballgame. Thus, the team should be in the middle.

 And they did and MIYUKI did her job. She was slow and knew nothing and the captain. Thus, she yelled. Only yelled. Bears pattern, Drunken coarch just shout "You can do it!" and she should do it. No way for her. Running no! Stealing No! Catching, No!!!! Dangerous!!!!

 However, they won. For the first winning of the team. The reason. The rival vanished!!!

 Maybe ASAHI-CHO team or so and that would be good, that ASAHI-Cho is wide and YAOYACHO-is small. SOKUZEN-MACHI is also small. Small blockes won the BIG team. Impossible! She was the worst at every baseball play and the captain. IDIOCRACY pattern!!! All of us cried!!! Miyuki was a kinky old figure at her early age!!!! Power holder, the wimpiest version!!!!

 MIYUKI would be the kinky idiot, yes. In the graduate school days, she did a lot of mistakes. The worst of all was, DDMic ones. Appointment and vanished in the exact time. The worst to others. Reliance breaking matters, yes.

  Once, with Chris, her Brazilian friend and colleagues of Masato NINOMIYA's law farm.

 Once, with Sandra, also her Brazilian friend and now in Mexco.

 Once, with a big boy type old studying person.

 Twice, with Prof.Ferreira. The case was happened in 1989. This one is less important.

 However, Miyuki did the worst omission cases, at least 3 times.

 If she continues to behave like that , she would be DDM, she really thinks so.

 She did so why? Now she thinks that the same reason of YUKARI. Arrogance, lack of self confidence, cowardness, inferiority complex. superiority complex. Altogether. And she could not get out of the room.

 However, she had recovered from the situation. Arrogance was the worst of all. Miyuki got to know that the child stories and old legend punished the same type of wrongdoing. Moriko found earlier and finally Miyuki found that she got arrogant there. And she tried to recover the relationship.

 She was too cold to each case. Chris derecly said to her in her own soft way, however, Miyuki knows that she was to gentle to accept her appologies and show her little head babies. A wide front girl, like Chris's mother, she thought. Tiny, and wise, like her grand mother. Tian was not there. Cris was hugging her baby and felt that she would be the most stupid professor in the world.

 She feels strange feeling when she approaches. Feeling good. Cris is sensitive especially in skin. Her lips are too sensitive. Mariko and Deolinda also admiring her sensitiveness.

 Cris'father is a big boy type. Like a meddow owner type. A good to know that he was lucky to gain US$1000 in Japan in a lottery and the whole family made a trip to Hiroshima, which was his father's hometown. They all 7 or so! Did it and speent for the luxury for the prize. She sensed that Miyuki was yet alive.

 A spooky figures has no smell and no heart. Strange fenomenum. Coldness, physically.

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