Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (187)

2017-08-05 22:54:28 | 日記
In this blog, always some monitor or rather spying peeping Tom, changes size of the letters, and it mekes Miyuki in trouble. How nasty! However, NTT is the provider of this blog site. Thus, this big company should be punished. Another indemnization, please!!!

For Alzheimer ladies, no choice. Thus, they should vanish immediately. They learned to abuse the power of public organs like the police, under IDIOCRACY. Thus, they want to continue the way, as it were even now.

They should not use it, of course, however, in case of necessity, it would be fine to use it, they thought like that before. And now, for them, casual dairy use. Terrible! Illusion causes their reasoning to do so. Alzheimer patients' informants, they turned to be now.

They like to inform, yes. HARUMI liked to inform her unsatisfaction against Supermarkets. For Miyuki, "Good lesson to learn the social system for domestic wife" thus, as she liked, Miyuki thought in reality.

however, now, just faked information only. Rumour, they felt, and they started to call. And the result? Everyday's changing of their remarks. No brain? Brain filled with muck fenomenum. No time for them both.

For Miyuki, Alzheimer is so costive. And for them, MIYUKI is costive, thus, should be kileld immediately.

She is not costive at all, for free. She stays here, yes. however, you don't pay for her at all! You remember?

for their understanding, she should pay attention to them both. Costive! Nasty! She ignores their appearance at all! Thus, nasty!

Satans say so. Thus, another proof of their satanic existance.

For Miyuki, one more big question. Old guys chasing mode. Miyuki avoids to encounter with them all! Nasty! They can do it with IKKYO kids! They should do it with them, not MIYUKI! Why they can think so? Ugly old male bugs. Shozo OHTA fenomenum, probably. Despite of their total ugliness, in phisical and menal sides, both, they think that the target should be induced by them. Thus, do it with the bitches! Plural, you can do it! Try, anyway! Kids, with infant like skin bags! Try it, anyway!

Miyuki yelled so much. And liked to yell so. The old nasty erotic satan has a jeep today, thus, "Satan, you can bring your boys and girls in your house in the jeep! Try! Go away from me! It's enough!"

The erotic satan, exercising bug, appealed "I want to do it under the belly" pose in gymnastic pose. For him, anyway, doing it with some target is enough. Thus, the ugly anti-attractive appearance of his own is out of mind. no mirror world, thus ego-centric. For Japanese males, doing it is just raping. Thus, only with IKKYO kids, please. IKKYO kids would like doing it with you, satans!!!

Thus, big hips and infant type, both for them! Saturday night fever, please!

Now, Miyuki should take a bath quickly, and sleep well.

Have a good night, and see you tomorrow!

VANISH! DDMs!!! Satans should vanish, immediately!

From Cyborg 009, with Big LOVE!!!
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