Two Triple Interviews: Alex's Case

2017-01-30 20:44:16 | 日記
30/01/2017 (evening) I met Alex and his teacher responsible Mr.OOKOSHI this afternoon.

Alex insisted to go to KOUNAN, with strange reason.
He said, "Some frined said me that it seemed cheerful."

Oh, Alex, you are so dull! You decide the school due to such flamboyant groundless reason! How stupid you are!

We said to Alex that his choice was logically possible, wowever pratically impossible. It's a good example of difference between logical thinking and rational one. Logically possible, however, irrational, it is.

I affirmed that if he do fail to enter into any high school, he should start working immediately.
He tried to avoid to the consequence and said, "If I can't find a job, I would be allowed to be jobless in the house, wouldn't I?"
I denied his spoiled proposal. He aimed to be jobless and pass time in the house as YUKARI II.
I declared to him, "Unless you find a job, you should pay your living money. In this case, you should be in debt. OK? I wouldn't pay any money for jobless junior high graduate at all."

Now, he stopped to go the way to the youngest NEIT in Japan.

Mr.OOKOSHI asked him which he prefered, the courses related mechanics, electrics, or agriculture.
Alex replied, "Agriculture". Yes, we know that Alex isn't good at mathematics or physics. Agriculture course is his fate.

He didn't want to say to go to the course of Business School. However, we think that he himself thinks that it's the best way for him. He just doesn't say the word. The reason, unknown.

Maybe, my mother and her broken robot wisper to him that Business School doesn't fit him, presumably. They think that clerk in white colar shirt would be his suitable job in the future, perhaps. They have an adoration of this kind of jobs. For them, my Alex is a petit prince and doesn't get along with dirt and mud.

After the interview, he came back home directly to talk to my mother and her broken robot. Alex had another triple interview with them. He talked for a long time. I don't know what he said to them.
However, after the interview, he looked so light-hearted, humming in the toilet.

I was also light hearted after the former interview. I did my best to show my severe attitude against his possiblity of being NEIT.
I played the role of the strong enemy Baltan alien in Ultraman series.
I've already my opinion on his exam for high school.
My recommendation is always Business School, in particular, its agricultural course. It's not because of my pride nor of my financial preference, but because of his ability in the future. I really want him to enjoy his life entirely.

As you understand from his reply, he is not good at mechanics. In this case, IT course in nonsense. I believe that his encounter with agriculture would be a good deperture of him from DoDoMerdic YUKARI's value preference. She dislikes nature, earth, dirt, mud, smell of weeds, incects, and so on. She thinks that the mountain is her enemy. Alex in SARUSHI is her ideal, presumably.

Recently, Alex is interested in plants and farms, in the games. Yes, it's a tiny hint. However, at least, he himself doesn't have bad image on them. Who has, is perhaps, his troublesome female supporters.
My mother also has prejudice against nature. She doesn't want to go to the mountain at all. I have visited our mountain repeatedly. Just 20 minutes walk from our house. However, as far as I remember, I always was only with my father. She didn't want to go there.

I think that she always shows her preference of urban life style than country local style one. That's why I can't speak in dialect of Shirakawa, although my long stay in total in this local town. She dislikes me to speak in Fukushima pronunciation. Psychologically, I can't speak SHIRAKAWA language. My kids also don't.

Presumably, agriculture the symbol of country rural life style for my mother and her broken robot. At this point, my mother has influenced lot on Alex.

Probably, my mother imagined that Alex would get up fairly early in the morning to go to KOUNAN, so she thought that I should get up early and warm up a cup of milk to send him to the high school. YUKARI is now too much broken to do so. Oh, my mother! Nightmare for me and for Alex!
I resolved the mistery of 6:00 in the morning. Why I should get up at the unnecessarily early morning? Because, anyone can get up in our house at that time. My mother, not. YUKARI, not. Only one early riser is my father. However, she couldn't ask him to serve breakfast for Alex. My father thinks that KOUNAN is out of mind at all.
Thus, she targeted me as a latent early riser. No, Mother! Not at all!

Naturalists vs Urbanists. On the background, there was a severe revality. I didn't know the circumstances surrouding Alex.
Furthermore, urbanists in our house, are totally free from the legal conceptions of decision and responsibility. They just say "I think that you fits urban city rather than local town." without any logical or rational reason.
They declare and influence. Then poor kids are not allowed to do another choice. In my case, dialect speaker. Alex's case, agricultural course.

Psychological opression is so great. And my mother believes that she were totally right.
I've never talked on Alex's high school choice at all. I think that she isn't responsible on this matter. However, she was highly influencial at this point.
She dislikes nature and country. I have focused on her protectionalism too much. I almost forgotten her distinctive preference. She is the adorer of urban life. That's it. My reccomendation of the course of agriculture was out of mind for her.

KOUNAN choice is rediculous for me, while Agriculture Course is the same for her.
However, who decides is me, legaly, with the accodance with Alex.
My mother doesn't know the legal thinking, however, common people act on the ground of it.
You are a loser, in this battle, Mother. Alex has no other choice. Only you didn't know that.

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