YUKARI's End(102)

2017-03-29 22:15:51 | 日記

29/03/2017 (Wednesday, afternoon) I ate two roasted ABURA-AGEs and a package of fermented soy beans, and a green tea for supper.

 Quick news. NHK, which is the governmental OMANKO-Journalism, dared to rob our precious money, and Tokyo District Court admitted the wrongdoing as their proper ordinal dull work.

  And OMANKO news writer said, "NHK did wrong, thus, many audience refused to pay the fee, however NHK strongthen to punish the audience because of fainess."?????

  This writer is revealed as Alzheimer patient. They use the connecting word wrongly as a habit. Relationship should not be recognized by her. She is a kind of stripper, who likes to her idiot nakid ugly body. Read the article above!!!

And school accidint case. See:

  OMANKO-Journalist and the school responsibles didn't think of any danger of "Spring Snow" at all. Just "out of mind on the way to escape from snowfall". They wanted to gain from school insurance, probably!!!

  And look the photo! The Bow in a style of IKKYO. Take care! This bow doesn't mean "admission" and just a compliment, for DDMs. Thus, they failed again!

  Contemptious bow, we could call it. Thus, we refuse their bow. Without sincerity type. My mother was trapped, saying, "Oh, they were adimitting all of errors they did!". however, they didn't want to do so.

  Thus, we should establishe the jurisprudence. The bow by DDMs equivalates to "admission" according to our undestanding. Too too normal and natural. Thus, they should pay for all damage including the forgery of the news. Thank you, mother, for assisting our rule creating job!

  And on kinderganden related news:

  In Japan, so few infants exist. however, accessive kindergardens in fact. And DDMs always claim to have their kindrgardens. Why? For them, kindergardens are for another use. A kind of hospital for them. And adults turned to be kids to suck maternal milk. OPPABU is equivalent of kindegarden for them.

  I paid US$600 for day care of my kids in kindergarden per month. And other parents? Paid like as me? They calculated how and why? By way of betrayers' privacy invading dirty work, they lined to gain from me, as much as possible. Paracites, they were. And YUKARI was a member of the team, probably. Dirty job, and only one I should pay for my kids. Others were exempted from the pay, because of their kind supporters called relatives.

  Too expensive, however, I had no alternative at all. Thus, I paid the value for 7 years. How much?

  600 ✖ 12 ✖ 7 = 50400 in total.

  US$50400. Almost US$50 thousand. One year of income should be. Cruel system. Only one secret informant destroyed our financial life at all. YUKARI damaged my sustainable life, and now, continues to do the same job.

  My father is a victim also. Always YUKARI would inform his real estate trading value as she imagined. "If I can sell the lots.." type all founded by her imagination calculation. Thus, spectators came and stole my father's precious old things. Thieves, in the name of public servants. They threatened every year. Always. My father earned a bit, and they required more than earned money. Terrible effort frustrating system.

  Thus, we are poor. And YUKARI should realize that she ruined our richness, in every meaning. Without her, we are rich. Thus, revenge and recovery. She should vanish, and I will write all her shames as much as possible. And her related also. Public agencies, especially. Her friends should be DDMs. Thus, they should vanish at once!!!!

  Her life was messy and miserable and destroyed our peaceful logical life entirely. All, we require. We should hope their relatives vanish of course!!!!

  All kin system, they call it. And the kin should be assisted in case of emergency. Terrible rule, it should be. And YUKARI did her dirty jobs also. And they got to know that YUKARI did her job, instead of Miyuki, according to her explanation.

  Miyuki didn't know the system at all. And all kin system was out of mind on her thinking. "Always kins" are the frase for the system. Miyuki looked at the advertizement on the glass window of IIMURA warming equipment shop, and got shocked. I am not your kin, and don't want to be your kin at all! Why they put the strange slogan on the shop in public???

  Miyuki was confused of the system of relatives only and kins only???? Relatives only is related only equivalent in Tokyo. They have chance to spend their money from the other relatives???? Miyuki didn't know the system. A kind of debt. And Miyuki didn't know how much her grand parent to pay the debt???

  Ny mother said to me that he paid morgage to the 3rd party and ended to pay all. And now, Miyuki should know tha fact. Miyuki was debt on the relatives? In YAMAGUCHI family, as a moral debt, I owe. Financially, not at all. And Sato Family, I am a black sheep as always, thus, I have no moral or financial debt at all!!!!

  Miyuki is too too right to say so. Thus, Miyuki is strong. Miyuki wants to earn money as individual. And family, a kind of group of friends. however, YUKARI? She is not my family. Enemy. A DDM. Out of mind.

  And they did the job again. And the consult on Miyuki. Vanish with the consult!!!!

  Miyuki is too too right to say so. No time for losers, in the end🎶 Freddy Marcury liked your jobs. And he wanted Miyuki to be his faked one!!!! OKOKOK!!!! I love to do it!!!!! Makiko would adore it!!! We two!!! With beard!!!! With some faked bust, also!!!! And the suit!!! Unit suit, with brilliang fitting type!!!! Oh, I need to shape up my hip more and more to upward!!!!

  Freddy liked to speak ill of others. OKOK!!!! And he died early. Strange. You, 50, MJ, 50. George Michel, 50. 50 is pop artists death age. Why????

  They liked to establish the easy world with only one hero. Mick, should be. He is 78 or so. And he did wrong? I didn't know at all.

  Miyuki was too too genuine to know the fact. Artificial should be??? A kind of natural way, in some meaning. Private thing, up to some limit. And he did again and again??? I don't know, as they like. A couple's secret type.

  And my mother mother said, "kid younger than his grand grand son, unnatural!" and Miyuki thought, "OK, you think so, however, you would be astonished that I would be his predicessor..." in her belly!!!

  And Miyuki was too too right that the legend of "Cute indian boys were here and there in his house" was a kind of my relationship with Alex and Clare. Cute halfblood kids here and there arround Miyuki.Relatives or so. Natural. He is indean descendent. Why not???

  Miyuki was too too nasty to stimulate DDMs strange sexual illusion. And ADACHI liked the way. Oh, if I were her, I would do the same choice!!!! And remote controler ADACHI took legend happened.

  Miyuki was too too similar to ADACHI, so, ADACHI faked to be her remote controler holders. And they thought that he is her lover or so. A young boy controls his own teacher responsible legend. And Miyuki liked the strange kinky story. ADACHI could predict how she chose previously, because he is a kind of her. Thus, he predicted and pointed out the answer previously. And said, thus, I am her protecter and controler holder. Miyuki should be ruled by myself.

  Thus, the competition on her remote controler holders. A lot of DDMs participated in the race. And Miyuki always bahaved against their expectation. ADACHI did the black work, they accused him. MIYUKI should not be so beautiful, she should be ugly! Miyuki should not be young as much as her kids, she should not!!!

  And they talked on the matter. YUKARI should die at once!!! Oh, good. I all agree!!! And she has debt on them. Oh, their problem. Too too good for us all!!!

  Thus, the end. Miyuki didn't know the system at all. And they wanted that YUKARI were their saver??? Muck eating jobs leader, she should be and had a lot of debt on them. Oh, then? And they want...Shut up!!!! Zipper on your mouth, DDMs!!!

  Just vanish!!! And we do our jobs. Muck raking included. And now, we should know the fact. We are all debt on you????

  Miyuki refused to establish fi-wi base at all! And they did it. Thus, failed. Oh, it should be. And your friends should be included. OK, good to the selection.

  And you should know the dirty jobs they did. After vanishing is good!!!

  OKOKOK, And now, interference a bit. Bigger vision, and then smaller vision. Nasty. A tiny description on Adachi's wrongdoing????? No, he is always good. Just naughty fellow. Don't worry, we manage our mischivous inclination.

  and they admire your strange habit anyway. A muck eating not at all! Muck raking jobs.

  In America, in 1920s, Journalism was so degraded and they were called "Muck rakers!" A kind of OMANKO Journalists. It was a liquer prohibittion age. And Al Capone's monopoly on selling the secret made alchool drinks. And only some scandals were spilled here and there. Thus, the writers collected the mischivous trifles, chasing the target. Too too dirty. Thus, they were called like this.

  Now, we are collecting shames that DDMs did. And Miyuki's mother did rather faster. Good to know it. Calculation of YUKARI's wrongdoing. Now the time of harvest. Everyday's effort is qualified as it were. Miyuki got "ZERO" because of her non contribution to her protectionist like jobs. And Miyuki thinks that it is her fair qualification. According to her, Miyuki's liberalism is our of mind.

  And YUKARI is nothing at all for her, and evil wrongdoings were here and there. And no good result at all. And the confession. She should be put into the hospital, if it were a hospital of mental clinic. And the calculation was also "Zero". For her, nothing at all is the same qualification. And Miyuki was categorized the same as YUKARI.

  Her opinion. She has right to say so. And Miyuki failed and gained a precious habit. Affection. Miyuki's way is different. Not so "sticky" type. Independent and always a kind of coolness. And HARUSAN recognized that Miyuki is a kind of boy. Now, mother, you remembered that I was a boy when I was a kid.

  Thus, they forgot how Miyuki was. And remembered that Miyuki was a boy. After graduating course, she turned to be a girl, and now, a boy again. And they gave up to persuade Miyuki to be her kids' mother. A father. And Miyuki said, "They are already almost independent. I am always their parent. And their friends, as much as possible. Father is better than mother. OYAJI is. I was OYAJI, and am OYAJI, however, just a nominal. Now, they are strong enought to be each individual. Not nasty thing. Individual doesn't mean "leaving the house" at all. It can be included. If they want, they can leave, and not, they can remain in the house. however, they should pay in case of being independent. I also should pay the living cost, rationally calculated by you, mother. I have already said, that I would pay the living cost. And said, previously would be better? And you said, "After my calculation is better." Thus, I wait your offer. I would pay, anyway. Don't afraid. It would be costive, because since August 2016. Almost half year's of living cost for my kids, and a bit for me. OK, I would pay for your chamber lot. Anyway for my debt. And for the use of my desk. OK, I will pay, and I should pay so, I thought.

  Of course, I don't want to pay excessively. And YUKARI's service, I refused. Thus, I would not pay at all at this point. If you require, I refuse the value. Your protectionist's like preference. I denied that YUKARI interefared to my kids' life. If she did so, she damaged my educational plan. Thus, she should pay for me the damage. My own damage. She damaged my plan. Even her nephew and niece accepted, I refused. Thus, I myself requre her to compensate the damage.

  The rest, I believe that you are not so etravagant type. More thrifty like me. Thus, I would pay almost all of you require me, probably. I should observe your calculation. Not so detailed one. Just a confirmation.

  You used YUKARI as your robot at the first stage, and I couldn't refuse her participation at all. Because I was in the hospital and I was so so busy to control myself. However, YUKARI's work should not be calculated at all.

  I declared her, "Not to intervane my family at all." and paid US$30 thousand for her. It was the symbol of my sincerity. My sincere desire is "Get out of my family's life at all". If she did some service to my kids, it was her illegal interference, not her service at all. I had already refused her participation at all. And kids, couldn't refuse her arrogant attitude. I know such a type, too too well at Kyorin University.

  Thus, YUKARI should not be earned by "her faked work" at all. She dameged my life and ours now actually even now. She should be punished and not gained at all.

  You should calculate my contribution as ZERO. I accept it. Because, I am liberalist. I should be ZERO, in this meaning. Liberal means free from protectionalism. Thus, ZERO is ideal for me.

  And this calculation was not related with the other calcuration at all. Thus, I have my own value at all. You are protectionalist and I am liberalist. Different religions, a kind of. however, we could understand each other, that we are human beings anyway. Each one has its own habit. And you, mother, too. And I respect your habit all. Because it is your life, not mine.

  And I want to be kind to others. Not so much kind as you expect as protectionalist. And your economic sense, I appreciate and rely on. Thus, almost all of your request were right I presume.

  US$10 thousand or so, probably. OK, I would manage. Don't worry at all. The accumulated value is big. however, during there periods, at least, I earned also. Thus, I can pay for you the value. Thus, just the paper on the table is enough. Don't worry, I would pay for you. I am not a free rider at all.

  I thought that each month you require. however, you prefer, in total type. OK, I accept it. Don't worry at all.

   And HARUSAN relied on Miyuki's thrifty. She is good at economy anyway. And Miyuki is a good cook, anyway. A period calculation at all. Half a month cost such a mount. 3 big eaters in the house. Don't worry. I took milk a lot. Thus, I pay for it. I couldn't buy my own. Because others would have drunk, probably, unintentionally, if I had it by my own. Thus, milk, cheese, eggs I ate.

  And potatoes and rice, because my father said OK to eat. And some vegitables like oniones, radish, sesame oils and so one. No name and in the public place type foods, I used to cook, because I thought that I were allowed to use. Sugar, also, spices a bit. I bought my own. However, I used small amount. Soy sauce also. The list would be so long, however, these tiny concumption, less than US$100, I calculate.

  I eat rice. However, my use is so little. I cook in my skilet. You know how small amount of rice I consume. A tasty rice, however, only some small cup per day or so. Not so costive, I declare.

  Several fruit, like strawberry, an orange (yesterday), and bananas, when I was sick. I asked you, and you replied, "Not mine, however, not prohibitted probably." And ate.

  Not so costive type. However, my kids are big eaters. Thus, I need to pay lots, according to their necessity. They should eat as they like. Necessity. They should grow up as much as they can. Thus, I will pay the rightous money for them. Don't worry. 

 Don't calcurate accoring to YUKARI's declaration at all. You know the system well. Based on your fact and proof. She is not reliable at all. Just a trash. Ignore any her remark. She is ill. She should pay for you, also. I handed US$30 thousand to her. Thus, you can gain from her also. You should do so. She own her debt on you.

 Vanish! DDMs! All of them should be so.

  Latent jobless for more 6 months. TOHOHO situation. however, I will do my skill up program during this period. Outside the house, more I must sift to. Physical ones. Walking a lot, discovery a lot. And report of course!!!

  I learned lot from my domestic jobs. And would learn more. However, I need to work with other common people more. Too too isolated life we spend. No DDMs world, we should live! A beautiful peaceful world again!!!! DDMs should vanish! MONOLIS! Muck and shit world. No no no more for us!!!

  Miyuki and ADACHI would do better jobs more and more!!! Expect us. And our mission is...sleeping!!!






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