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13/08/2017 (Sunday, evening) Miyuki got in fury with Alex's remarks in the line of old fashioned DDMic world. Miyuki warned him to be executed as DDM.

Miyuki, after comming back from her monitoring job, found all of the prizes she gained from birdies were wiped out by someone. Probably, YUKARI stole all of them, and thrawn into ditch. For her, nasty wild animals' residue, probably, they were. And YUKARI, who acts only by impulse, hates Miyuki so much, thus, probably, the prizes would been the seeds of unknown jealousy. She is popular even among birdies, is her primitive feeling, probably.

Miyuki asked Alex, "Do you know where my feathers went? " And Alex responded, "I don't know. You are crazy to collect such dirty things. It's natural for the guy to have thrwon away such strange things. I understand the guy so much."

Oh, Alex, you are in favor of YUKARI, and denies the value of property right?! They, without any my accordance, took my objects. They robbed my precious things. And you are in favour of the robbers' side.

Alex said, "Miyuki, you are irresponsible, and you are Alzheimer patient! You are mentally illed. HARUMI and YUKARI are all right. You are jobless, and don't do your precious maternity instinct job at all. And you have no money, no house, at all! You should be ashamed of what you are! "

Oh, Alex, you are the advocate of satans! Thus, Miyuki said, "I deeply do know that you are one of the satans, like YUKARI and HARUMI. You are in the same line. You are the lover of concamptious world. And your final choice is satanic side. Then, you should vanish, as satan. Your choice, Alex.

Alex told all in the line of YUKARI's side, rather, namely, DDMic world, and IDIOCRACY.

Thus, the end. He said, "I go to school, work, rightously! You are jobless homeless! You threw off your paternal job all! Mentally illed, yes, thus, I can understand that I should put up with the situation miserable like that. However, you are shameless, wearing childish clothings every day!"

Alex, I don't criticise your messy conservative clothings, and I gave freedom all, as much as possible. I respect your rights. I don't want to be protectionalist. However, your choice is YUKARI, the Alzheimer totalitarian feeder. OK, you shall know the result.

Miyuki sighed. Oh, he got involved in the ancient resime. And couldn't maintain from the distance of DDMic world. Unfortunately, you did wrong, Alex. You are so similar to YUKARI!

Oh, thus, the day before yesterday, Alex ate the dish which YUKARI prepared for him, with MICCHIKU like dirty noise, like chewing some sticky ingredients.

Alex couldn't survive, in short. Already, this result was predicted. For him, without wi-fi, without TV, without smart phone, without any plastic figures, without any ANIME related goods would be out of mind.

And he is forgetful. He asked Miyuki, not to throw away any of his belongings, and Miyuki predged it sincerely. And he forgot now, and for him, throwing others' things should be allowed by the owners. Property right only for him, and not for Miyuki, because Miyuki is categorized mentally illed. All MICCHIKU line, he chose.

He is the supporter of Kyorin Versity, and feeding and washing Alzheimer YUKARI is convenient, and he wants be treated as YUKARI's supposed husband in her illusion!

Nasty, however, this is the fact of Japanese boy's averege choice. Thus, Alex follows her, even if she is the real Alzheimer patient.

For Miyuki, it is too tough to understand, however, ADACHI explained so well to Miyuki. Kyorin boys, he is. Not so promissive, at all.

Thus, Miyuki said clarely to him, "Unfortunately, I would lose one of my kids, because he is a satan. You would vanish with YUKARI."

For Miyuki, unfortunate result. However, the fact, yes. And all of others think like that, except us, yes.

She yells so nasty. "Alzheimer patients, all Shirakawa residents, without exception, are! They are satans! Cruel, messy miserable satans!"

At NANKO lake, she found the big fact. The mountain doves were hunt and killed, after being spilt amphetamine. Too sly and cunning. Usage of gun is already so sly, howver, using faiting medicine is out of mind! All gun lovers would kill SHIRAKAWA hunting guys!!!

Miyuki deeply sighed, and Alzheimer Gun hunters should vanish, immediately! She yelled!!!

And she found, that the bourvard, the pararel of Route 289, was almost vacant, and only one vehicle appeared. And two satans only popped out.

Why? Now, SHIRAKAWA is more populous, because the guys, who moved to urbanized area like TOKYO, retured to burry their fatus and deciesed kids in the concealed place like field or courtyard on the courty houses.

They registered in the urban area as residents, to contribute to increase or maintain the population, and went back to contribute to keep the faked population of the village. Double register is also OK, and faked names are also allowed to use the vacant houses, according to satanic undrstanding.

Yesterday, Miyuki watched a tiny rural old male satan guided three big young sourth eastern satans, near Shin-Shirakawa area, and the younger three appointed their fingurs as if "Oh, I like this vacant big house! It would suitable for us all!" like expression. Oh, this is their technic, Miyuki got to notice it.

Miyuki is categorized mentally illed, yes. Thus, she is all free from satanic accusation, yes. At the same time, she should put up with the nasty rumours on her. And HARUMI, YUKARI and ALEX are in the same line.

Unfortunately, this is the fact. For him, no air-conditioned world any more! And no wi-fi, at all! This is his final choice, and he wants to have MIYUKI's place, because it is more cool with air conditioned air.

Indulged boy, he was. Bye, Alex. I don't forget how I passed with you, forever. However, with you, we can't get along with. Satanic choice, you did. Thus, every night, you put the air conditioner, and Miyuki got chilled because of it.

For Miyuki, getting a cold would be fine. It is a good reason to go to hospital, and she would vanish there. Their line. And Alex agreed totally. Miyuki is totally cruel for us all! He yelled.

For his understanding, Miyuki should be kind to us Alex and Clare. And Miyuki is cool to both of us all. Thus, she should be categorized as rotten mother. Thus, she would be killed, immediately!

Oh, thanks, Alex. I heard your opinion. Thus, you should prepare for total vanishing.

Alex remained silent. This is the fact. Miyuki declared him total vanishing, because he is in YUKARI's line.

YUKARI and HARUMI feeded Alex for it. And explosion. The end, Alex. Miyuki chose us, rather than you.

Miyuki did know when he was 5 years old he said, "I want to be like YUKARI, who doesn't work, and is inside the house only, even after being adult. My ideal life."

Miyuki regretted that Miyuki couldn't bring him near Miyuki, and he was under the protection of HARUMI and YUKARI.

And in May, in 2015, Miyuki asked, "Do you think if it were right that a rich father's boy were treated more benefitted by him rather than other promissive common boys, in the same school or company?" Alex said, "For me, it is too natural that the father treats his son, specially previledged rather than other promissive boy."

Oh, Alex, it is your choice, at this moment. I hope in the future you would change you mind on the contrary.

However, he couldn't in short. He would gain money by Miyuki's succession, after Miyuki's death. Thus, he agreed to trap Miyuki to catch a cold.

Miyuki put up with the divine ordial, and she is so cool to recognize the fact. Alex couldn't recognize the fact at all, and for him, this plain strange insurance inclined world is paradise for non promissive boys like him.

OK, your choice. You categorize yourself like that, and you would fail because of it, OK, you have right to do so.

Not my shame, but your shame. We are not twins. Thus, we don't want to play the same role, Alex! Clare stopped saying so. Anyway, the dice was cast. Already done. Thus, bye, Alex!

Alex insisted his belongings were kept in safe, untouched. And for Miyuki, your dirty birdies's feathers should be thrown, of course! He has no rule of eveness. Equality, he didn't know. Indulged, was his catch word.

Thus, bye, boy Alex. You lost big chance to be a big boy, in the wild world. He was so nasty to say so, however, wild life is not his line. Miyuki also presumed it. And for his consumption only world would be destroyed soon. He probably couldn't put up with it. Always, enemy's side, Alex. Miyuki gave you all of chance, and you couldn't take advantage of it. Just BLA-BLA-BLA was enough for you, now. Illogical, anyway, scolding works world, he lives.

Mini satan, he was. And now, he turned to be a satan. Thus, insurance chaser, he would be. rather convenient, than gaining money by himself.

Shirakwan choice, was accepted by YUKARI and HARUMI, and now, also ALEX. Thus, Miyuki doesn't touch more on him at all. Ignorance, total.

Miyuki put up with the last ordial. The last night with the three all. OK, this is the rule. Alex would be a good boy, yes. And he couldn't. Thus, he played the role of naughty boy. And he couldn't. And indulged boy, he turned. This is the fact.

Miyuki's objects should not touched. However, they robbed. For them, nothing at all. Thus, why they touched? Nothing, thus, untouched, it would be the rule, not?

DDMic world is different. I think nasty, thus, I would throw world. This is their rule. Thus, why Alex could put up with the rule?

Crazy mad lady in the house, she is Miyuki. He wrote in the letter to his friend. And Miyuki would not ge upset at all, because his opinion. He thinks so, and I am not so. And a bit earlier, it would be fatal for Miyuki's career, however, now, their system of catching her doesn't work. Just bow-wow to vacant air.

Miyuki is so mature, and now does know her limit. For Alex, it is no important the feather problem. Property right, Miyuki said, and he couldn't think of it at all!!!

For him, it's difficult! No! He insisted already, for his behalf. Thus, he required Miyuki to keep his property right, while, he himself is indifferent from Miyuki's suffering from YUKARI's attacking.

For him, Miyuki doesn't exist. Thus, why he accuses me, as "less than YUKARI, his substitute mother."???

For him, YUKARI is not Alzheimer at all. Strange! He is so stupid not to recognize her illogical gag like BLA-BLA-BLA. Already, his mind doesn't function well, probably.

For him, Miyuki is the guy for only acute guys only world. Yes, I am. And he can't. Thus, he got upset. Jealous. Satanic character no.1.

Thus, he turned to be a satan. His choice.

Any guy should make effort to be someboy. He gave up to do so like YUKARI. Thus, YUKARI's side, and young Alzheimer he turns so soon.

Morally degraded and intellectually more and more!! His choice.

Miyuki was so shocked by the feathers vanishing matter. Desk is mine. YUKARI wanted to say. Why???

Mountain doves and crows, almost all. And for Miyuki, yells from our side. "We are watching you! You behave bravely! We protect you!" or, "Miyuki, you did it! You are the winner of the reward! This is the proof!"

Each time, Miyuki felt so proud, when she found feathers. And now, Miyuki is also collecting the feathers, also. And probably, for Alzheimer guys, property right is not understood at all, thus, they should vanish, really Miyuki thinks so.

Each guy has important suvenier and memories. however satans don't respect them at all. PErsonality is established with these things, and Miyuki's rewards were stolen by satans. Why they stole so easily? Even now, they do wrong, incessantly.

Total Abandonment or DANSHARI 断捨離 world they live. Thus, we should refrain from them all. They don't know the exact value of each property at all. Just devastate, and forget. Terrible. Why we are obliged to put up with such nasty repetition?

They thought that they did it for their cleaning up. Miyuki is so dirty not to clean up the desk. We did it, instead of her. She should pay for us all!, they both yelled.

No choice, however, they did know their limit. They should move to some concealed place. They would be concealed in a small house, prefablicated modern type, distant from us all!!!

For Miyuki, surrounded by satans, it would be cruel and everyday's threatening, probably. However, for them, the same satans, they would get along with the neighbours, so much. Group Hope is a good idea, as IZUMI-san proposed.

Miyuki is too too right to criticise Alex like above, however, he has some friends, and they are in the same line. Thus, he chose to vanish with them.

Miyuki is not. Thus, survives, yes. Plants world is ideal for her. No jealousy, and a lot of amusement, and for her, IDIOCRACY is the enemy. However, for others, not at all. Thus, they need to be feeded by others, like domestic pets???

For Miyuki, too too right to say so. And Miyuki has right to say so. And now, Miyuki is free from such kind of anxiety. His choice. Terrible YUKARI the II!!!

For Miyuki, near departure for the future, yes. Lemmon orchard, she dreams. And for others, not at all! Lemmon presumes a lot???? Lemon is wise! Oh, my type! Effective and wise!!! Good! For thrifty only????

Miyuki would like to caltivate other citrus fruits, however, any citrus is so old. Preservation put type. Terrible! Miyuki should invest on semi-dried Orange, Grape Fruit, and other, at US$1.5 each, just for berry in the pot, not for eating????

Confusional situation. Fresh is good, however, investment is needed. IZUMI-san did it! Oh, IZUMI-san! You are so rich!!!!

Miyuki is so so nasty to say so! She invested, and gained! Oh, shooting? Now!!!

Oh, congradulations! Thus, I would buy, just for gain the fruit...however, Miyuki is thrifty, thus, would eat the rest...probaly.

Rotten, however, eatable, and anyway, delicious, at minimum. Thus...OK! Tomorrow, Miyuki will buy a lot of variety of citrus!!! Grape fruit, Mineora Orange, tangerine orange, Miyuki found. Nable Orange, Miyuki bought, and ate, and buried, and probably, shooting. Miyuki thinks probaby they, the 4 kids are neble oranges, however, not so sure. Lemmon, also has a possibility...

Probably, put in the pot of berries, thus, probably, nable oranges...

Recently, peach season. Peach, Plum:red soldum type, Nectarine, Gold Peach, Miyuki berried. And today, Miyuki bought Plum package. And tomorrow Miyuki will put probably half of the package of it.

Plum would work for purification. Miyuki's grape orchard would be a bit difficult. No seeds type Mexican Sugar Grape, lady's finger type, Miyuki bought, and found so tiny seeds, and buried on the lemmon pot. Thus, Grape Fruits would produce, Miyuki expects now...

And today, Miyuki bought 2 packages of tiny quick red raddish's seeds, and spilt a bit. Italian long type!!!

And tomorrow, the rest. Now, the field, almost 1 meter x 1.5 meter size patch, is almost empty. Thus, Miyuki decided to use the field, in stead of others. With agreement, yes. A patch, 20 cm x 20 cm was already borrowed, yes.

And Miyuki, dashed to gain the accordence from her father, and did. Now, tomorrow, her orchard paradise, and red quick raddish spilling job day it would be!

Miyuki ate Rechmont Bree Cheese, and felt a bit anmonium. Probably, a bit old. And Chinkoro liked it. For him, anmonium is a spice, and only some guys who knows groumant road, could appreciate it. Adult like taste, he assured.

For Miyuki, a bit older than she imagined. And for him, ideal, and sufficient. OK, this road needs to mature tougue. Chinkoro today lost chance to have a cup of chocorate icecream. For Miyuki, one cup is too much. Semi-demitas cup is already enough, as dessart. Thus, contradiction. Thus, in case of hunger for lunch, as supstitue, Miyuki could eat. And a bit more, some fried eggs on pincho are sufficient as lunch.

Today, Miyuki felt thirsty, however, not Icecream. Thus, probably, tomorrow. After her plum seeds putting job, Miyuki would go to her traning center, and would gain some sufficient muscle, and then, train to gain longer leggs, and music lesson, then, go to eat special chocolate cup. Probably, paper cup of chocolate icecream with the name of ractice, at US$1, she would try, if it would be fine.

And Miyuki found some conxecutive shocking fact. The residents of urban areas, who came back to Shirakawa, are doing dirty job in Tokyo, or rather, doing nothing there, just receiving public money, and doing it all day long. Shameful life, they spend, and they kill fatus and infants, as the result of making love whole day long.

The same life in Shiraka area. Thus, non working just faked residents, in Tokyo and other areas. Reluctant to work, and for them, each infant should be paied by insurance, for their consumptious life.

The faked families are strangely composed by almost 6 figures, including infants, and they appear at Supermarkets area, in spooky so messy black loose anti-fashionable cheap clothings. Pyong Yang style!

For them, the same, Phong Yang and Tokyo, and other urban cities, at all! The same life, the same wrong doing. Doing it, every day, and getting pregnant, and aborting fatus, or killing infants for insurance.

repetetive life, they like, as YUKARI. YUKARI presumably would like to be one of them.

Same value holders, they are. They should vanish! Non calculater world, already, however, they want to play the role of clerks, without necessity at all!

In the middle of the calculation, suddenly, the clark said, "Thank you, client!" indifferent from Miyuki's attitude. Her strange custom, Miyuki thought, and yelled, "Alzheimer clerk!" in her wispering voice.

And Miyuki found the secret of DAISO business. Alzheimer patients only world, DAISO perceived, thus, they provided the products all at US$1. In this way, they could gain the cost to avoid the Alzheimer clerks to put the rice tags every morning, and make the calculation smooth.

7&i holdings failed at this point. They couldn't say no to the Alz clerks price tag putting habit at all. The executives who allowed them to do it were already Alz, of course. They had no judging ability at all. No supermarket any more movement won, in the end.

Shirakawan residents are shameless, thus, they were replaced by foreign guys. Their big mistake. Only total vanishing works, probably!!!

The number of the shooting sticks in NANKO increased. They represent the number of DDMs, who died already. In stead of tumbs, they put it in the lake.

rivers were used as dicth, to throw the fatus and infants, and the old guys into, and the plants watched the sceneries. Nasty, however, we should remember the fact. Thus, blue for kids, while white for old guys, Miyuki thought of.

And big hit!!! The reason of Horse Block or 馬町 or UMA-MACHI, and Batou-Kannon or 馬頭観音 or Hourse Head Budda's statue.

Just craneos or head skeltons, or other bones, of human beings. Some guy got astonished at the number of the bones, and asked at the residents, "What is this? Skelton!!!" And the residents responded, "Oh, not so! Just bones of horses" or 馬の骨 in Japanese. So many fatus, kids and old guys were killed in shira nasty old rural villege called Shirakawa.

And historians lied a lot, and produced another more faked polite stories.

And 白河石 or Shirakawa-seki is just a cement concrete, made of ash of the diceased and SHIRAKAWAN called it "Shirakawa only rare stone". Just a shame.

Miyuki found a horse mark on the public pedestrian hedge stone, near KAINZ HOME, and thought, "Only here. Like a private chamber's decoration. They can't recognize the difference between private and public. The visual proof is."

And today, on 13 of August, they lit the fire on the thin small wooden sticks, in front of the house. OBON's 迎え火 or MUKAEBI, it is. However, it was too too smell. Why they used some plastic including faked woods, in despite of

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