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 Miyuki came back here now, after her declicious Chicken Paella, the easiest type, with shreddee fried AINU leek.

 She really thought that Carli type is suitable for teacher, especially scientific area. Field study type leader for others. She played tennis, thus, she turned to be a fried sausage face!!!

  And now, more slightest way, Miyuki's face is the same situation. Clare said to her on it, and she totally agreed.

  For my mother's degradation process ended up on the usege of the vegitables brought by my father. He washed up them all to cook easily, however, my mother igonored the existance. Miyuki explained how to cook it, however, she continued to ignore the leek. Why she is so reluctant to do anything so much? And Miyuki got to know that when she failed, she got arrogant.

  Today, she made a big mistake, probably. Thus, she is so nasty to others, including me. And she dared to say me, "You should consider others! You are lacking of consideration." Oh, you are, mother, Miyuki really thought so. And she failed again.

 she induced Alex by her cheapest way, that is, cookies, bought at Supermarkets type. And Alex is a kind of indulged boy for her. She wanted to tame him. And Alex is a quick type, and both old ladies are too too slow to him, yes.

  And he induces them as usual. They are twins, Miyuki got to know the fenomenum. The same type, they are! And the attitude is the same. Petit version of YUKARI, her mother is, yes. And the same hole, they should be burried, probably.

  for them three, Miyuki's life is nothing. Just an object of insurance now. And Miyuki is not knowing her system at all. All day nothing indulged type.

  She already said to others that she is not my type, and if we were classmates, I would have ignored her totally because she is so slow, pretending to be quick, and ugly, and old fashioned, and nasty. however, I was born from her, thus, she thought that she were superior to me.

  She combined with YUKARI, already. They can replace each other. And they changed their role, sometimes. And their rough way of throwing trash or scoop on the bin! how impolite, Miyuki got astonished! And now, they changed the role again. They really want to kill Miyuki again. Anyway, she is nasty is their saying. And they are Alzheimer already confirmed type. They lost their memory, yes. And her mother is one of the evilest one. Cooking not at all type. Awkwardly, she did, however, she disliked it. Indulged kids type, yes. And she insists her share, again and again.

 Now, her mother is a kind of YUKARI, yes. Thus, they should vanish now. Unfortunately, this is the reality. Why my mother is so nasty today, was Miyuki's question. They failed the day before yesterday. And yesterday, Miyuki catching game again. And today, there was no man in the town. Almost all of the town streets, no one was walking arround. Less less populous, the town gets.

  And Miyuki remembered the situation of Miyuki catch in MARUNOUCHI, one day before it, she returned to Shirakawa to rent his father's Jimny, and YUKARI listened to the conversation with me, and my father was watching his phone almost all the time, and then, my mother appeared to say me that my clothings were childish, and I should get fat, according to her standard. Why she went to the side of enemy, Miyuki got in wonder.

  And they were caught because of it. They were also prisoners, thus, they couldn't get out so frequently. Thus, they didn't say the reason of the system change. forever concealing the fact type strategy, they are trying to maintain in front of Miyuki. And Miyuki recognized her mother's excessive jealously. They are twins, Miyuki felt now. Kinder soft type ended up, and now, rough Devil boot camp leader type, her mother is now. She uses male like expression in this mood. Yuri KIMURA was their model, should be. Kyorin like attitude here and there, and Miyuki disliked all.

  And Clare suffered a lot because of it. She pretended to be a good girl, even in the house, now, under the control of her father. They decide to do so, thus, he should obey type indulged way, she criticised him. And he confessed that he was one of the team leader of Miyuki's catch.

 Oh, U2?, and the reply was yes. And they really thought that they were rightous ones.

  Thus, we had change our mind to shift as fast as possible. To other planet????

  Then they failed. Miyuki likes to imagine, and likes always to find some symbolic significance. And we are feeble-minded, she agreed. Thus, DDMs failed. They thought that we were feeble-minded, and they were superior to us all. Totally contrary to our understanding. My mother also participated in it. and now, they were all in custody.

  Each day, one by one, was the order. Today, YUKARI got up early and started her preparation job. YUKARI only did the lunch arrangement for her 15 years Domestic experience, probably. Childish, and not necessary for us all. They should repeat how they lived until now. And Miyuki really thought that her mother didn't do anything productive.

  DDMic ideal type, she was. She wanted to be urban type, however, rural type she was obliged to be.

  And she ignored the message of her mother in law. They didn't get along with each other, yes. And the daughters of her, namely of my grand mother, criticised her at the point. Miyuki didn't know the fact at all. Probably, in the middle, she thought. Her mother didn't recognize the fainted mother in law's voice. "HARUMI!, HARUMI!", she repeated to say her name. And Miyuki got to realize the fact. They did it, yes. Oh, did they????

  And they failed. Miyuki is always neutral on the fact finding situation. At least, she is out of mind type expression here and there. And now, Miyuki is the really the object of their catching game. Why now???

  And they failed again. They want to threaten her as much as possible. And the black clouds, not so cold type, are on the sky. They can forge Miyuki's letters easily. And they did it as usual. And they didn't feel sorry to do so at all. Always, they were new to this crime. They failed again and again, and forgot the importance of the signiture.

  Thus they failed. For us, personality is so much important. however, for them, DDMs, not at all. They can change the personality at once. And they can ask other's help easily. Thus, they have sympathy system.

  Alex is a toy for the two, and he behaves like that. This is a job for him, cookie getting job, he does, or apple polishing business. And they were trapped easily. Just inducing words are enough for him. And her grand mother is no such a promissive type, yes. Just indulgence, she provides now. She is reluctant to educate him, and this is not her job, and likes to pretend to be so. Her boss like attitude changes abruptly when Alex approached her. Indulged boy he was, and now, he is in good mood.

  "Where is YUKARI?" He asked on it, immediately he came back from business school. And her grand mother's reply was, "She is out now." and kept silent. Why YUKARI is so delay, was not continued. He passed through Miyuki, folding her clothings in the corredor on the second floor. And Miyuki felt happy, knowing YUKARI's absence. "Oh, she is out even now, at 20:00." And now, Alex is bathing, singing a song.

  Probably he found some KARAOKE house near the school. And he didn't say the fact to the two old girls. And after arriving at the house, YUKARI went directly into her chamber, and soon after, she appeared in the kitchen just to disturb Miyuki's job. And then, immediately, she went to Alex's room, and he politely refused her entrance. She had to come back to her chamber again.

  YUKARI was late as always, her mother thought. however, she should conceal the fact. YUKARI is wandering the town, and would be picked up by taxi, as always. She has the tickets, probably. For Alzheimer patients only type privileged ones. And they wanted to use it???

  Only Alex wanted to use it. Thus, he challenged to be given to him by YUKARI. however, she lost it again. Thus, now, she should go to hospital by foot. and it would be a good exercise for her, yes.

  Oh, now Miyuki has to stop writing, she got to sleep here.


  You are too crazy! Stupid! And arrogant!!!

  See you soon tomorrow morning. Bye for now!!!

  From MARC, with BIG LOVE!!!

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