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30/01/2017 (evening) I went to the junior high to make a conversation on my son's entrance exam with him and his teacher responsible OOKOSHI.

While waiting, I drew some designs on white board with a coloured pen, many of which are vegitables and animals. Three pupils came to me and talked a bit. They know my son Alex. One of them was a boy, who played with us when we were in Shirakawa 10 years ago. I couldn't remember him at that time, however, when I was going back, I remembered him. Oh, just he! My impression on him was "cucumber", because he is tall and slender. The same image I had when I met him when he was an infant. Wow, he got taller, however, the impression is the same!
To his honour, I said "cucumber" in a assertive meaneng. He is not "still life" type at all. When he was an infant, he was a boy who liked to ride a bicycle. Always he came to the courtyard of the primary school alone and we played there, playing football, pararelled bars, tennis and so on.

I imagine the gag situation tomorrow.
A teacher finds my graffiti and accuses pupils.
Teacher : Who did such a mischief?
Pupils: ....(Keep silent)
Teacher : I know that one of them did it. Confess the truth!
Pupils: ....(Keep silent)
Teacher : What a childish wrongdoing! I'm sure who did is got E grade on the subject of art. Confess now! Or, someone knows the bad fellow? Inform me, immediately! Or, you would be punished.
Pupils: ...We know who did it.
Teacher: Then, say now! Who is he or she?
Pupil: She.
Teacher: Say her name!
Pupil: We don't know her name. We just got to know her yesterday.
Cucumber boy: I have known her well since she was in Primary School courtyard.
Teacher: Which primary school? Or, cucumper, you came from Shirakawa III. It means that she graduated from the same school. Well, I will call to Shirakawa III and inform the mischief to her ex-teacher responsible.
Cucumber: I don't know exactly if she graduated from our school or not.
Teacher: What do you mean? Oh, perhaps, she dropped out. And after several years of punishment, she came back to enter into our junior high. Hummmmmm. She would be the "public enemy no.1", probably.
Pupils: ...She didn't look so dangerous.
Teacher: Appearance betrays always. But, describe how she looked?
Pupils: ...She looked old. Almost middle aged.
Teacher: What? Early aging disease patient? I don't know such a strange pupil.
Give me another clue.
Pupils: ...She looked cheerful.
Teacher: ...Maybe, she is a fool. Hummmm. Did she say something?
Pupils: Yes. She complimented us.
Teacher: Oh, she is at least a bit polite. That's better. And another clue is? What she said beside the compliment?
Pupils: She said that she is the parent of Alex!
Teacher:....(Keep silent)

Thus, I am looking forward to hearing the result of my mischief from one of my kids.

I wanted to promote kids to play more and more, taking advantage of the equipments and facilities that the school has. I myself enjoyed this drawing, of course. However, I wanted to give a lesson that the pupils should behave much freely.

I am a legitimate descendent of apes. Thus, I like mischivous actions.
I am an authentic successor of "Curious George".

When I worked for Aoyama Gakuin Univ. as a parttime lecturer, I was accustomed to walk on the slope called "Kin-Ou-Zaka" or 金王坂 in Japanese.
The Chinese character 王 means king. This character is highly similar to 玉 or ball. Only one difference is a point (、).
And 金玉 signifies testacles, while 金王 means gold king.

I was in wonder, why any kids arround there didn't their job, that is, put a point beside 王. I thought that it was the duty for kids. "It's an easy mischief. Why every plates and obelisk have no period beside 王? If I were a kid, naturally, I would complete the duty." I thought.
Thus, as a divine mission given to me instead of the kids arround the slope, I put a period with my band-aid like tape and took a picture as a proof of my mission completed. Now, 金王 turned 金玉! That's it!

There are no kids arround SHIBUYA ward. I was sure through my experience. They are just kid's figure DoDoMerdas.

In Tokyo, I've seen lots of kids with early aging.
In Hachioji, I saw a boy of age 10 or so, who had a beard already on his chin.
My Alex is, as you know, big, at 175 cm and 100 kg and age 15. However he hasn't beard yet. The boy was with his mother, doing shopping and he hung on her, like a koala bear.
Also in Hachioji, I saw a girl of 2 years old or so, who had the same matured shape buttocks of her plump mother. I was terrified at the shape.

Furthermore, in Tokyo, infants have extremely short legs.
Usually, one third of the length of the hight is equivalent to the length of inseam for common infants.
However, DoDoMerdic kid's inseam is only one fifth of the total hight. I was so astonished at this discovery and informet it to my pupils in TSUDA college.

Their avelege hight gets shorter each year, according to Ministry of Culture and Science.
I think that they have some hormone problem in their mind.

DoDoMerdas get aging so fast, compared with us people. As you know, YUKARI's brain is already the same as that of elder of 90 years old.
The medical staff of Hasegawa Hospital are also extremely forgetful. They are more forgetful than my mate of 75 years old called Ms.ARAKI. She was shocked at the fact and kept silent because of the shock, as I informed before.

DoDoMerdic kids get older much faster than our kids.
Thus, they resemble Solomon Grandy.

I am pleased with the pupils of junior high. They are totally normal.
I want to put more energy to make a mischief more and more to them.
I must increase the number of descendents of Curious George.

Gods of scholars, please give me more chances to give a lesson to promote pupils to make a mischief! I am good at this kind of job. I would be a standard for them. They follow me and human beings develop more! I am sure!

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