Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (156)

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Miyuki found that today, KOMINEs, the culture center of the minicipality would hold a concert of a ENKA singer Hiroshi MIKAMI. Miyuki doesn't think he is popular, however, KOMINEs did Election Campaign like advertisement from yesterday with two special advertisement only cars.

And this morning, almost at 9 oclock, already faked participants called SAKURA, in Japanese, were there in KOMINEs. And lots of Cleaning job faked, called BENJO-MUSHI or toilet crickets, doing their dirty faked cleaning here and there inside the hall.

Miyuki watche so many summer simple SARUSHI mode clerks were popping out from the exit of the concourse of Bullet Train at Shin-Shirakawa Station. They disliked to see Miyuki, and spet, watching her, as if, "We failed because of you, crazy bitch!" they were saying.

And Miyuki did colaborated work with Shiro KOMINE and her dog, a trap with transparent piano code. Shiro hold one end of the thread, while Miyuki, 5 meters away from her, another end. And the faked clerks passed through the piano code, and automatically, they were killed, like Gillotin way.

Miyuki put diamond dust on the thread, thus, it worked so well. Interesting to say, any of them could recognize their own death at all. They were cut their belly in the middle, however, they continued to walk passing the thread. They split into two, however, they behaved as if they were normal position. Strange!!!

Miyuki chose her as mate of this job, and OKINO, Shiro in Golfing mode, while MORIKO with Sayuri YOSHINAGA. All are in the advertisement of their own size.

Miyuki won the competition of hight with Shiro. Miyuki wore Sanpei hat, thus, gained. And both, Bambi legs type. Thus, Miyuki gained double. Anyway, quick. And thought, "Why you are so senseless, Cockroaches! You can't recognize your own death. Deeply, Cockroaches' way!"

And Miyuki remembered her special technic to kill Cockroaches. First, hitting by rolled magazine. Second, put it between the papers of the magazine. Third, stomp it, until it gets broken totally. 3 points to attack the cockroaches.

We cut, however, the body, upper part and bottom one, combined after the cutting, and stuck, as before. Thus, they are now easily to be split. Just upper part is on the bottom one. Non attached by paste.

yesterday, Miyuki put lipstick, skarlet red one on her lips. And felt so sticky. It happened in Beisia area, in the shop called Chambre. Oh, they confused paste with lipstick, and remembered that in Japan, many pastes are used as stick type paste. Probably Cockroaches can't recognize the essence of materials.

The same thing happened in AEON, at the cosmetic corner. Miyuki used CHIFURE's lip gloss, and found that it was a paste. They wanted to close my mouth with paste, Miyuki laught at their audacious strange attempt.

She wiped it immediately, and used another type of lipsticks, traditional ones. It worked.

Probably, now, cosmetics are provided by the same company, of course, IKKYO related.

The palarel is the beans packing. Only one IKKYO related do the rough job, and they provide to several shops. Why pulural Supermarkets exist in this rural isolated idyllic village called Shirakawa? Only one is sufficient, isn't it? Monopoly, they do, and they put the different price tags on the same products. Non intergated stupid Idiocratic collective group is called IKKYO, actually.

Satans life is so similar to Cockroaches, Miyuki wrote, and they errased the discription, immediately. They monitor us even now. And the weather control is also done by IKKYO related in their own roughest way.

So few IKKYO believers are left now. Thus, we should fight against them both. YUKARI kept silent after she watched Miyuki's Sampei look. HARUMI also. They are now prohibitted to criticise Miyuki at all, however, by impulse, they did wrong. Thus, vanish, immediately!!!


Sleepy Miyuki will see you tomorrow on our blog!!

With Big LOVE, from Wild 7 +1 baby. Chinkoro's toy, ADACHI said. Fur type is liking to take care of others, by instinct. Miyuki's type is too too rare. HARUMI's line, probably. And Miyuki's line is Lilis, cold hearted type. However, not cold at all. Chinkoro likes Miyuki's sadistic gag. Berly Loli-Lin. Nasty to hear it. However, understandable. Armpit hair, brom the begining. Beard. Underhair, yes...How we can deny the fact!!! And legs hair...So fat in hair like weeds. However, cute, and she is called Loli-Lin. Fur Lolita Linda, and Alex liked Miyuki's gag sense. Beard Lolita. Oh, HIGUE-Gozzilla combined with Lolita. Navocov. Cought by the ridiculous situation.

Lolita is so influential in Japan. Gothic Lolita, Chinkoro wanted to use as his costume. And he was stopped by others. Too too nasty. Gothic is magical world. Spooky. William Willson. Gorrilla.

Miyuki bought a series of Gothic novels of 国書刊行会 or Kokusho-publishing team.

Strange novels only type. And spooky impression, in common. William Wilson was a riddle. However, for Miyuki's understanding, Girrila should play the role of gentleman, and Wilson is a killer with high physical power. Mad dog type. YUKARI turned to be it. ETE, in this case also.

Lolita will combined with Chuppa-chapps. Thus, Chinkoro declared, "Chocolate please!!!"

Chinkoro is an expert of Chocolate. Cacao admiror. Thus, wants to eat more to investigate the cases related with child abuse in Bergy.

Miyuki tried not to eat chocolate for several years, to protest against child abuse in Congo, ex-colonial of Bergy. However, she couldn't put up with the non-chocolate situation.

And found the solution. Eat it, however, we should know the fact. In case of child abuse, we should stop it. However, chocolate iself is neutral. It would be produced by adults also. Thus, up to this level, kids' work, we need to investigate.

Try to chocolate more, and you will find the difference between FURUTA and FURUYA...not amusing. Both, not promissive in flavour. The difference between Meiji and Morinaga, is better to investigate...

See you, and good night!!!! Sleepy Miyuki is now lying on the floor. ZZZZZZ....
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