Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (87)

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Her way is alwasy like that. Any DDM should be left in the universe, was the choice of Gods of Justice. Even her supposed affectionate ones, if they turned to be DDMs, they should be killed immediately, forever, on behalf of our beautiful peaceful universe.

For her, not so much burden they are, they calculated erroneously. Just messy ladies, they thought. Anyway, we could operate Miyuki by way of them. and they all failed immediately.

They were not good at science, was Miyuki's impression on DDMs. Literature would be fine, however, social sciences? Impossible, for them. Thus, they themselves anti-scientific scenery producers. And for Miyuki, it means feeble-minded. Minimum rationality would be required to live with us. And they both don't have it, and they are really costive. And they themselves calculated erroneously, as always. For them, just a renting skin bag, however, for us all, loss of reliance. For them, personality would be replaceable, however, for Miyuki, not at all!!!

And they trapped others so many times. They were not free from accusation. Just for showing up their wrongdoings, they were left even they failed so much. They are the same. Just DDMs. And they didn't know the system. Our system, probably. Individualism, not at all. Liberalism, not at all. Always, "I am superior to you, because I am a mother of you, and you have a doctral degree of Tokyo versity, thus, you are superior to others. Thus, you should obey me. And others should do the same to me."

Illogical thinking means you should vanish!, you are just DDMs, just ugly bitches!!!

For Miyuki, strange fanomenum, however, for others, similar fenomena were already known. DDMs are the proto-type. And only some few could survived as human beings. Thus, 99 long stairs to be a human being. Bem-Bela-Belo's cry, "I want to be a human being!" in their unison spooky voice.

What she was calculating?, Miyuki really thought. And Miyuki didn't know that all of them did it. Oh, they are such a type. Erotic inducing system here and there. And someone wispered. Oh, why Miyuki is out of target of attacking? Because she is TOHOHO tribe.

I don't pass time with any of DDMs, was Miyuki's real cry. And she is always surrounded by DDMs. And today, the number reduced drastically. Better than before. And they commit errors so often, and don't stop to trap us all.

In YAMADA Electric shop, Miyuki used English to speak to the clerk. She chose the less costive products, at the tag of "Now on sale. US$4.8. Thus she showed the product card and the evil clerk started to her cashing job, and required, "US$14.8, please!" Thus, Miyuki got upset and refused the clerk, and returned to the site of the tag, and remained to stay appointing that "You, stupid! This is the price card!!!"

And she came and showed the concealed price card of US$14.8. Miyuki just gestured, "Look this discount tag!" And she started to say, "Just a moment! I would consult to my superior." And Miyuki really got upset.

Even with the tag, she wanted to sell it at the cost? And her "Just a moment!" means, "I would call you the police!" was added among them. Foreigners whould be targetted their juicy meat, it was revealed.

And if the foreigner would so persistent to the rightous price, they would kill him immediately. They themselves could combine the squad.

And finally, she said, "OK, stupid! You are allowed to buy it at the rightous price. However, you would regret it, soon!" And Miyuki paid her precious US$4.8 to her, smiling, "Oh, I won again, Aunty!"

She asked her 4 times in total, "How about being our member?" And Miyuki just gestured with her long good shaped fingers, "No, no, no, Stupid old bitch!"

She gazed her with her whole hatred. And her face was so whitish with the powder. Too too persistent to ask the possibility, as if "You desobeyed me, stupid! Now I give you another chance! Say yes, as soon as possible. You are alive while you say only yes to me!, you stupid!!!"

She is accustomed to this type. And she resembled some her accuaintance. For her, consumers have no right to refuse her kind offer. If refused, she triggers the gun, as usual. However, with Miyuki, she triggered toward herself. Self bomb, she really is!!!

And today, unnecessarily many clerks were near her. Probably, she was a kind of boss among them. And she failed, thus, no time for luser thus we are the champions, in the end.

Miyuki thought that she were a kind of her mother type, who could not put up with the other's refusal of her KINDEST offer. Always the others should accept her offer, aginst their own preference. Monster of Muck Selling business, or informant as always.

For her, Miyuki is a kind of toy to take advantage of her prestage. And she herself is an accessible common people. Thus, contradictional situation. Her mother, junior high degree holder, denied her value as doctral degree holder in front of her, in any case, saying, "You are so arrogant to mention to it! I dislike your way to refer to your academic degree!" and in the back, she liked to be apple polished by her supposed inferiors. Miyuki is a kind of torture for her, and it worked for several years. Always, she was a kind of monster at this point. And she confused the value of Miyuki with her one. She herself turned to be a kind of doctral degree holder, in her inner world, and started to look down for others as superior existance.

she just took advantage of Miyuki's authority, however, she thought aht she herself were so precious as a figure. And she was contempted by others because of her stupidity, and laughted at by others, and got upset to Miyuki, sayind, "I was contempted because of you, stupid old bug!!"

Mothers are a kind of muck. They forget that they were different from their kids. For them, they are the mirror, and "I am so beautiful like Clare!" now in her mind. Thus, audacious, and we should prapare for her attacking every day. Time bomb. When she would explode???

YUKARI lost her memory almost all. And now, just a juncky, with hatred as always to others. Their illogical way of thinking has no way to understand. Just laughing, and now running away from them, is a kind of job for Miyuki. Anyway, far from the both, was the right answer. They passed the limit already in every meaning, and they don't care thier own spirit at all.

Care of spirit, Socrates said. We should polish our own value, and gain vertue as much as possible, Miyuki understand and liked this method. And Miyuki told him, "Dymonion should be called identity or inner I, in our modern world." Oh, that's it. Not so misterious existance. Athic? Not at all!!! Inner god, a kind of morality inside us all. Thus, she sometimes consults to some of them, "Oh, prof, I think that my idea is superb, in every meaning, however, you are more moralists than me, thus, how about your opinions???"

Almost all of the cases, they agree and yell. However, Chinkoro's objection on fur touching, was a kind of inner moral. For him, a kind of rapist, she is, if she touched him intentionally without his sincere agreement. And she pledged. And if I forget the pledge, it would mean Alzheimer suffering, probably. Yeah, strong desire to touch fur, yes. However, she should respect him. Thus, even no erotical touch, he refused, thus, she should refrain from the touching. Agonized situation for her, however, she decided already, and will keep it.

And Rabby is understandable her inclination to touch fur. Not nasty, he knows. Some kind of praise, she includes with the touch. Thus, Rabby touch game! Rabby allowed Miyuki to touch. Thus, she touch Rabby. Thus, Chinkoro starts to claim, "She did it! She did it!" and Chinkoro started to claim her wrondgoing to his dearest friend ADACHI, and he started to persuade Chinkoro, "Oh, not your fur! Rabby's fur! You are starting to confuse yours with his, it means..."

And Rabby starts to confort Chinkoro, "Oh, my adorable son, you are so affectionate to me, thus you feel so similar to me, and it doesn't mean you are suffering from..."

And Miyuki laught at them, "Oh, indulged sonny combined with indulging Daddy!" yelling! How nasty! However, you can play some comic theater, using their own characters. The title, "Rabbit version of 忠臣蔵 or Squad of Loyality"

Chinkoro calls, "Common, guys!!! Miyuki thouched my Daddy's fur!!! Total betrayal!!! She should be punished immediately! Dishonour at all!!! Animal's Army, commen!!! Save our poor contempted rabbit family!!! Please!!!"
And Rabby dashed to save him, "Oh, where is your enemy? Oh, Miyuki??? What she did? "
Chinkoro replies, "She audaciously touched it!"
Rabby asked him, "What's it?"
Chinkoro refrained from saying it directly. "It important part of our body!"
Rabby: "Oh, it is that?"
Chinkoro: "Yes, sir!!! Miyuki touched it, namely that!"
Rabby: "Thus, we should punish her harshly. Dear sonny, poor boy, you are touched it by her...How evil she is!!"
Chinkoro: "Daddy, not mine. Yours."
Rabby: "Mine? Mine is safe. And yours?"
Chinkoro: "Safe as always."
Rabby: "Thus, what is problem?"
Chinkoro:" I just wanted to be your jewel, the most adrable kid!!! Just it!!! Daddy! Don't allow her to touch your it, please!!!"
Rabby: "What's? Mine is safe, and I will not allow her to touch it! Of course! On behalf of our honour!"
Chinkoro: "Pledge?"
Rabby: "Pledge!"
Chinkoro: "Thus, say, "I don't allow Miyuki not to touch it."
Rabby: "Chinkoro, my clever boy, in this case, we should use, nown, not determined nown, OK?"
Chinkoro: "...I would like to use "it" instead of "that", because it is a kind of nasty word for Rabbit tribe".
Rabby: "Chinkoro, my dearest sonny, even nasty word, in case of pledge, a serious promise, we should determine the object. OK? Thus, say the name."
Chinkoro: "A kind of prohibitted word, a highly sensitive one, starts with "F""
Rabby: "Not "P"?"
Chinkoro: "More important for us all. And P was replaceable by "F" when Japan was in 16th century.It means P was pronuced like F. Thus, F is alternative."
Rabby: "I am afraid that you are suffering from ..."
Chinkoro: "Oh, I...I...How I should do...I...I..." (Fainted like Media when she got to know his husband's betrayal.)
Rabby: "Oh, dearest my sonny! How I should do!!!"
Chinkoro: "Just pledge!"
Rabby: "Why you are so insistent to get me to pledge?" with his suspecious voice.
Chinkoro: "Oh, Daddy, don't accuse me...Don't, please!! I am your adorable boy! Thus, don't accuse me at all!!!"
Rabby: "OK, boy. And I pledge I would never get upset at this behavior."
Chinkoro:" OK. Daddy. You fail!!!It is not Penis, but Fur!!! HA-HA-HA-HARMAN!!!"
Rabby and Chinkoro bow, and refrain from the stage.
Miyuki alone, watching the scene, saying, "Anyway, they are a pair. And I...lonly. Adachi! You are not my boyfriend...I want to have several. However, here is..."
Miyuki and Adachi, in a unison: "No man's land"...
The end.

As a matter of fact. they left here to INFERNO. And Miyuki found some limited "Perfect emptiness" or empty corners here and there in vast facilities.

Miyuki found that wig user was their tobboo words no.1, and he had no chance to survive. He betrayed his own religion. Politeness and obedience. The superior should be superb, and he said, in NASU region, no superior except me. However, exists. Miyuki is so many times superior to him. Just he didn't know the fact. And they, the believers tried to erase the fact, and started their wrongdoings. Thus, so many faked skewed jobs here and there, and faked shop keepers, and consumers. And their leader's name was also prohibitted.

Rhuho OOKAWA, Miyuki repeated to say today, and wig user, he was. And they tried to replace her words, as much as possible, and failed. They have no ability, OK? They can catch Miyuki at all anyway. And every day, they tried to trap her. Today, 6 or 7 type squad here and there. And when she recognized the existance of the squad, she moved. And they failed.

For them, only one mission is enough. Thus, if multiple orders came, they stuck like YUKARI, and starts to try to remember, "What I am going to do?" And they wanted to be MIYUKI, and failed. Anyway, slender. And tall. A skelton, she was called, and she liked the expression. Better than plumpy!! Anyway, stylish!!!

For her, some kind of expression of good shaped up body. However, for them, fat body is a kind of symbol of sexual attractiveness. And she is also attractive in this meaning.

Why not? Lean would be sexually attractive, why not? Ugly leaness, healthy leaness, robust leaness, vary. Why only leaness would be the reason of catching?

And probably, Miyuki's mother special system to inform to the police. She didn't use the fixed phone, and instead, she used special equipment which could inform directly to the police after her 4 figures botton pushing. And just saying "Good Moning" would be fine for her and the organization.

For Miyuki's understanding, "Miyuki got up now. You can come now!" Type some suggestion to them. Even now, they insist to catch her, saying, "It would be better for us all!"

IKKYO believers, they are. And Miyuki didn't know the system at all. They put some poison several times on her food, and now, Miyuki's fredge is target. Sour citrus is better to choce, to easen the worst nasty situation. Lemmon would be ideal for her. Lemmon squeezed juice is good to take after some suspecious foods were taken. Better than doing nothing. Self protection.

For her, no nurtrishing would be fine, because she likes to be lean. Now they decided. As always. They are just indulged dull non working old bugs. They should not choose the wrong way. They should be used by others, it meant. And they didn't take care of themselves, and continued to accuse others, even in their worst situation.

For YUKARI, the heater was a kind of time bomb. She wanted to heat up Cocaine, and she couldn't, thus, she tried to use other system. wive heating system. Oh, is it? Microoven was used for it??? For cocaine only, she put it on the front glass. It was a proof of her cocaine abusing.

For her, Cocaine use is already allowed by public power. Decicively saying. It was enough. This is the instruction done by their religious leaders. Any reason are not required.

The believers meant Alzheimer patients, already. Thus, for them, 那須大学 or NASU Versity is only one possible way to gain versity degree. And now, bersity degree is bought easily. Who pays to the unnown versity in the world? Only amirodosis suffering patiants.

Miyuki is sleeply now.
Vanish! DDMs!!! You are so ugly!!! BUSU!!!

See you next morning! From Quartet MARC, with Big Love!!!!

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