YUKARI's End(123)

2017-04-05 19:47:35 | 日記

Quick news. Recently OMANKO Journalism is audaciously shameless. See the article:

The OMANKO wirters said, after 6 weeks, the gas price dropped. Now we are in April. Thus, after Feburary, we were forced to buy the expensive gasoline. However, they explained that the reason of the price down is the petroreum's price down, which happened in the middle of March.????? Thus, for them, one month is composed by 12 weeks probably. And after more than 2 weeks of Petroreum price dropping, it would be normal that the price of gasoline dropping followed. Who gained by the time difference? Gasoline companies in Japan, like MITSUBISHI SHOJI Energy.

  Yesterday, I found a gas station of MITSUBISHI SHOJI Energy which sell Alchool drink together with their petroreum products. Ethanol, probably. However, they put the letter "SAKE" as an advertisement. An easy Chinese character even for 2nd grader of primary school pupils could write type. However, they couldn't recognize that drinking alchool is prohibitted for prevent nasty possible traffic accidents. for them, anything can buy, as they like. Alchool drinking driving should be promoted for them. Why the police can't catch them at all? Because the police vanished already.

  And the writers didn't do dividing calculation. They put the price of petroleum at unit of 18 litters. They expressed the other products at 1 litter. For them, integrating the unit is too too difficult. Totalitarians' deterioration, they do. Shameful situation for all!!!

 And the example of their bad job. They put wrong photo taken in 2010, 8 years before of the content of the article. Look at the article:

 Reuter company doesn't look feeling any shame now. A global OMANKO JOUNALISM they are now. Or, they should have accused the OMANKO writers in JAPAN. No checking system at all. Thus, the renoun international news company is used as the source of information. Obedient jounalism, they turned, and failed, probably.

 And DDMs welcome IT addicted now. Bic Camera company can change bit coins for real money. Vertual income turned to be the real money. thus, OTAKU world, should be. Narrow hearted OTAKU would do their idol wifi game as they like and declared that they were working now! OTAKU creating process, it would be.

 And the real money users like us have a big damage again. Money provider should be one legitimate, is modern theory. However, bit coins are not prohibitted at all. Thus, we lose our money value, and the OTAKU gained the evil reward, in the accordance with the strange theory of bit coins.

 And Miyuki took a nap now, and got to know that DDMs are voice actors also. They trained voice to fake and turned to be some faked ones. Ages and sex. They could change as they liked and revealed the skill. A kind of faked voices, any language they can use. And no sense remarks, uninteresting at all. No contents world.

  Miyuki dreamt spatula throwal games played by them. Not interesting at all. And some games. They are in the last stage, they themselves declared.

  Blue impulse for what? Meanless. Some kind of falling games? They started on the south and dropped on the north. No exception. No acrobat all. Just one way dropping course. Too slow. For them, interesting, while for us, not interesting at all!!!

  And in KURABEISHI, Miyuki found some stone maisons, all Alzheimer patients. An extreme example is TAKUMI SUZUKI, who was praised by as a skilful worker anyway by some political VIP. However, the advertizement of his shop was written with an erroneous letters. For them, no important at all type error. For us, the real proof of Alzheimer suffering. In the advertizement?, we think. However, they don't recognize it, thus, it's all OK for them.

  And in this area, many gates of each house have tiny old shrine type a pair of lions. It means that in this house, there is some god, instead of human beings. Oh, KAMINARI or "turning to a god", namely Alzheimer Patients live here's declaration totally!!!

  And found that some houses are made of stones work, not suitable for residence. Just for gate type combination of material. Especially, considering to earth quakes, the conbination is terribly avoidable type one. They don't know the skell should not be used for residencial houses at all. Stone maison who have no knowledge on the letters, construction, and the difference between shrine and common residence.

  Miyuki remembered that already when Alex and Clare were infants, there was a house whose name plate said, "God of MOTIMOTO". Kinky figure, however, he has right to put the kinky name plate, Miyuki thought. And some kind of amusement, this Mr.MORIKAWA did, she imagined.

  And recently, she found a lots of shirine has a house, normal one, and a car with snowboard carrier. Oh, shrine workers have common habit of snowboading!!! Or, they didn't understand the difference between sacred and common buildings.

  Blasfamy, we call it, while, for them, not at all. A kind of ways to survive anyway. They pretended to be normal, however, they revealed to be kinkiest. They can't recognize between abnormal and normal situation.

  Thus, they can't recognize their own terribly progressed Alzheimer disease. YUKARI is an example. She came to the toilet, and forgot why she came, and started to use the bath room. Water place, she appears. In the kitchen, in the toilet, in the bathroom. Probably, for her, the same place in her feeble mind.

   Sleeping in the bed in her chamber. Watching TV in her mother's chamber. Changing clothings in Clare's house. Each room, in a certain activity. And water places, she appears and occupies them for long long time.

   Today, tarmeric turned red in the shrimp paella again. Some chemical comibnation, should be. Faked yellow powder, it should be. Tarmeric should be yellow. Orange powder they turned, like paprica.

  Again, Auntie? You have power to change something to different composition. However, we say it degradation, Auntie!

  Miyuki should know that YUKARI has some power to change chemicals. Thus, they are afraid that YUKARI got upset.

  Long long time of hatred against Miyuki caused her to be DDM, presumably. She wanted to win the game, anyway. Thus, she chose the way. The SHIRAKAWA DDMs did the same choice. They chose to be muck, some etra terrestral existance.

  They questions came here already. And they chose to be so. Many of them are already dead. In these three years. They were asked, "Do you want to continue to be a human being or..." Then they failed. KAMINARI or turning to be a good signified to be an Alzheimer patient, with some super natural power. They wanted to be so. Thus, they turned to be.

  And the change started. Alzheimer disease turned her mind completely, with her same appearance. A beast, Clare expressed. And Miyuki failed. Alex also thinks so. However, she has a power anyway. Chemical change, she chose. It would be fine for us all, she thought. She could change gold to plumber, silver to iron, copper to earth...All degradations.

  Thus, she should vanish, anyway. Fire, today's Alzheimer patients chose. And they burned the field. They chose one special skill, unnatural one, special skill.

  Thus, the laws, refering on their special skills. Special skill holders should not be allowed to enter into the buildings, Miyuki read in some laws and decrees. Miyuki was astonished at the expression, and started to make a corner called "Pot of laughing".

  The fact is, anyone could be DDM, if they want. Special skill the muck residents offered. One for each. And they failed. Only one is enough. And at least 3 is more than expected. OKINO, MORIKO, MIYUKI. The most not promissive type in Platinum Tribe.

  Miyuki is not ambitious to be rich. She prefered to be lucky, within the limit. Thus, Miyuki almost failed. Lucky, she should be anyway. She should be saved anyway. She would be the last one. DDMs have no lucks, then they thraw Miyuki to the hand of Gods. Anyway, she required different things. What should I do type confusion as usual. Miyuki is lucky, everyone says so, and Miyuki herself believes so. And behaves like so. Seriously she thinks so. Anyway lucky. Not so promissive. Not ambitious. However, highly insisting. Unnusual, they thought. And they wanted her to change. Totally, they thought. And she refused. Why? They thought. We want to do so. Why she resists againt our intention? We think so, while she doesn't think so. Why she resisted against our kindness???

  For Kyorin staff, Miyuki is a kind of question. Why not?, they thought, and why?, she thought. Totally contrally between them. And Miyuki thought that we lived in the planet of Justice, and we won!!!! Miyuki behaved as she believes and did her liked. Walking arround the rural areas in a warm spring. She wanted to do so, since she was kids, and especially, watching blue sky, in a dark inside of the room for graduate course, at Tokyo Versity.

  Always, blue sky induced her to work outside. She felt so sorry when she had to work inside in these beauriful blue sunshine day. Why not? She asked to herself. You should accomplish your doctral degree, anyway. After that, you would be able to work freely! And Miyuki wanted to have kids to amuse under the sunshine blue sky.

  Blue sky was their key word. They wanted to drop in the sunshine blue sky day like today. They liked to pass time in a cold place, however, watching blue sky, they want to drop, anyway. A kind of insinctive impulse. Thus, they did. Only Miyuki recognized it. And predicted the falling. A plane started to go somewhere with a jet stream. And she pointed the line to downward. And they did it. They liked the plane dropping, and they did it. Collective suicide, they wanted. Slow blue impulse, they were called by M&A. Why so slow? Miyuki was in doubt. Anyway, again, plane? OK, go downward!!! And the sign of MAJINAE or downward. They did it, and no one recognized it. Always. They wanted to call attention of others. however, for them, some air plane jet stream. Enough for them. And M&A, some amusing flight. Only once, they pledged. And they did it. And they liked the way.

  They wanted to end up anyway. Too too awkward, for them. Too too boresome. Too too nasty. Too too costive. And they started to move to their own planet MONOLIS. A cold place made of muck. And they should know that they failed anyway.

  They coincidently came here by way of Miyuki's calling. Come any Ps and Ps' supporters!!! Any could be fine!!! Animals, aliens, foreigners, any!!! Just be P or P supporters!!! Door would be open to you! Each one should come with your appeacance or with our appearance. As you like. Don't worry, we would welcome you! Just Ps and People's supporters.

  Thus, they came, however, as muck, they couldn't recognize the difference between DDMs and Common People.

  Declaration period, Miyuki was in. January, 2016. She was in front of telephone box set near JR Hachioji station, on the north part. Miyuki put the condition. however, they didn't understand. And came and failed. Fate, they called it. Thus, catch and custody for her. She should not do so, they claimed. Any supporters could come to help us, and live with us, common people!!! Animals, OK, with your own appearance, and with our appearance, all OK! And they started to fake human beings.

  Miyuki called, they said. Not at all!!!! Evil ones, not at all!!! Just some refegee type, Miyuki imagined. We were saved anyway, now, we should save others. Thus, come to our land! Ps and Ps' supporters. Gods of Justice rule the world type only. And they came.

  And DDMis supporters came together!!! We didn't call them at all!!! They took advantage of our ignorance of the system.

  Too too kind, and too too nasty ones, they called M&A. For them, kind means, useful. And they failed. They occupied the space, and enhanced the territory. They are monotonous and dull and slow. Muck, ADACHI immediately found the character. And Miyuki was always in doubt and said Alzheimer Patients. And they agreed that they were only Alzheimer patients = muck. MONOLIS they were named after the name of Solaris and the buildings of Shinjuku, totalitarian inclination, added. And they in mass appeared after Miyuki's invitation to Ps and Ps' supporters.

  And now, Miyuki would take a bath. Thus, see you soon with clean Miyuki!!!

 Vanish, DDMs!!!!

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