Muck Selling Business

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03/01/2017 (afternoon) In Japan, there are various businesses that compell someone to buy against his will.
We call it "Muck Selling Business".

The disctinctive character is forcing people to accept the valueless or harmful service instead of their demonstrated will.

The medical service in Kyorin Versity Hospital, which I had received on October, 2015 is one of the typical example.
I was put a name of "melancoly" by the staff and forced to be hospitalized for one week, after intrusion to my residence with 2 shots of morphine by them.

They wanted medical reveneu and did it for it. Furthermore, the treatment was used as a lynch or private panishment by the versity, because the superiors didn't want to be revieled their evident idioty by me. They didn't want to be called, "Hey, look at the old bug professors! They are nakid!"

Nevertheless, they required me to maintain silence to any public agency, threatening with possibility of future private panishment. If they were right, why they needed to be afraid of being revealed the fact? It means that they were doing wrong business in the name of medical treatment.

This type of business is widely spread in Japan. Almost all of business in Tokyo are related with it. It's suitable for DoDoMerdas, or, power holders related. Because they are too dull to do productive activities. They just can do unnecessary and nasty jobs, that get people in trouble.

In criminal law, it is called "threatning" or "blackmail" or "extortion" or so. People understand it. However, power holders admit it as a kind of business. Participants of this business require people until to thank to them!!!

Horrible! They compelled us people to take it and to pay for it, and, in addition, to show an expression of gratitude to them! They are so shameless.

We call their service "muck", while they call the same "valuables". There is no demand for the side of people, however, DoDoMerdic companies want to supply it with tremendously big profit.
In this case, power holders choose the polity of controlled economy, against official stand of economic liberalism as a country of capitalism.

Even as a system of economy, in Japan, totalitarianism is adopted. Thus, the price of real estate is totally controled.

All over Japan, there are immese number of vacant condominiums. No one wants more condominiums. In this case, accoring to the principle of "Demand & Supply", that I've learned in my high school days, the price drops automatically.
However, in Japan, even without demand, the price is kept in its climax. Needless to say, the price is controlled by various methods.
DoDoMerdic Real Estate Companies fake the demand. They say, "So many people want this house. You are one of the competitioners. It would be better for you to pay us as fast as possible, or you would lose your big chance!", like that.
In fact, there is no competitioner at all. You are only one possible buyer. You decide and they obey. However, they lie and disguise the item as if it were highly attractive among lots of competitioners.

Another way is using the magic of figures. Public agencies announce the value of real estate in public, in accordance with power holders' ideal. Faked statistics betray the fact easily. There are variety of hypocratical explanations prepared for their legitimatization. Professors of Law works in this field, sometimes, with eagerness.

Thus, real estate holders, especially in urban areas, can keep their income, without any effort, protected by DoDoMerdic government.

From the begining, real estate holders have just collected their rent, negrecting their duty as a provider of confortable residence to us, renters.

We people have long history of being sold "muck" by DoDoMerdas in urban areas in Japan. There are full of vacant condominiums all over Tokyo. However, the rent was kept in the highest point. Seeing is knowing. I saw it and I got to know it.

Even now, new condominiums are continued to be built. On newspapers, there are many advertisements to look for new owners of condominiums. Why? Just for promoting building houses. The real estate companies are related with constiruction companies and they collaborate each other. No necessity, but, they need money. Thus they do business of match and pump, at the expence of potential owners.

All vanity business belongs to this category of "Muck Selling Business".
Maybe, varsity business also does.

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