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  Miyuki came back her detevtive job. She got a lots of gift from our friends. A lot of friendship also!!! She thanks to all of us, FAUNA & FLORA and our supporters!!!

  She found a little chick on the river side. She gave a bit of leghon chiken meat for him, and asked to his spiecies to protect him. Ducks would take care of him. He was born probably today. And a bit got frightened by MIYUKI. She is too too big for him, thus, they failed. MIYUKI would find him, and take to her house, was their plan. However, she couldn't do so. Anyway, I myself a kind of refgee. She can't feed any others without agreement of the bosses. Thus, they failed.

  She is independent, and free from others. Thus, she would bring him up, they thought. However, for me, not so much. I myself a kind of chick. Thus, I should deligate on the hands of the same species. At least he found that weeds would protect him as a kind of nest. Clever type. He would learn lots with the birdies.

  Thus, she said good bye to him, and asked other ducks to take care of him. Just enough, she thought. We can do as much as possible. However, for her, actually, not to do so. Good to know! They could find him, safe, anyway. A bit chiken type, however, newly born and fresh. New generation is comming now! Good symptom, she thought. And she really felt sorry for Chinkoro. Chinkoro was tne new generation, and could be a promissive one. And now, he is with his daddy. A reliable big rabbit. Thus, OK for us, however...

  Bitch Constitutional Day, she said. Anyway, newly born fresh baby. He would be a good friend for us. And she found another friend, who took a rest on the concrete road. OK, you take a rest, however, it would be better for you to be with your friends. IF you like, I would bring you there, on river side. And she handed her hand and he agreed to climb up her hand. Nasty smell, sometimes, however, today not. Only natural smell. And they walked and talked a bit along the road. It was a bit wendy at that time, Miyuki took care of the wild wind, because there passed IKKYO smart cars frequently. She wanted to avoid the danger at all. They came to the river side, and she looked for the suitable flowers for him. First, clover. He disliked. OK, another we will find. Dandilion? Not at all! Then, a wild daisy? No, either. Then a margaret. And he liked it. OK, your flower. Thus, she left him on the flower.

 Each individual existance has their own preference. Anyway, on the wild weeds, was her way until now. Sorry, I am in a hurry, thus, this weed is better than the concrete road, she said, and left on it. OKOK, better than nothing, however, this is a kind of frill for you. I am a stylish type like claims from them.

  No time, sorry was her execuse, and they understood. She is busy, anyway. For what? She had to earn money, and she should work diligently. Thus, they gave up.

  Now, she has time to play with them, and they tried her personality. Rough type, yes. however, a bit kinder than before. Not so arrogant type, yes. And she has some limit. And she should know the fact.

  Today, she really got sad, thinking of her diceased friends of her school days. Why they didn't want to go out of this traditional conventional old unfair town? So so less ambitious, Miyuki thought.

  And she got to understand. They were orphans. For her, not nasty. They should have say so, because they were a kind of Pippi the long high knee stockings or some KARRE or Tom Thowyer. Why not?

  They were brought up by their faked parents, thus, they were junior high graduates. Some of them were killed on the day of their graduation from junior high. Their fate, we should know it.

 They were adopted for it. They knew the rule. Up to junior high, was their fate. Thus, they were so audacious in their primary school days. For her, who came from Funabashi, Chiba prefecture, they were too too brave to act so wild.

 They were brought up to be killed was the reply. It was a harsh reality. Why? Because they were the kids of IKKYO betrayers. Thus, Kouichi YOSHIDA came to instrust them. They should be obedient, anyway. And he started his own dirty jobs. Sexual education is needed, he insisted. And he called some of female pupils and tnsructed to use brasiers on the exact day of gymnastic competition day. On May. They were calm, listening to his words.

  Miyuki was excluded from the group, and she tried to steal the information, entered from under door of the corredor side. And found the fact. He is doing sexual training among them.

  Too too nasty to say so, however, he came here to induce them to his own work. And his favorite was SHINOBU.

  Where is Shinobu? Was her question. She was not seen in junior high, anyway. She was called a single mother's only kid. And they forgot her.

  She was his lover, probably. A tall Japanese beutiful doll type girl. Miyuki imaged that she were a daughter of a snack madam. And failed. She couldn't put up with his ugly activities, and killed herself.

  She was brought up to be a doll, and found that she is nor such a type. Thus, they killed her. She should be obedient. And she was a nasty for them all.

  Why Shirakawa could continue to exist? was Miyuki's question. No industry at all. Farmers don't work at all. They don't do anything, and less populated, anyway. Why this town could exist without any promissive kids???

  And they fell down at once!

 Now, Miyuki realized that kids, who didn't appear at courtyard after school, they were IKKYO kids.

 Betrayers' kids, anyway, this, they should be killed by their mothers' hands. And KATSUMI was also killed by them.

 Too too nasty result for her. However, she believes that knowing the fact is better than not knowing. Where are they? She tried to visit them. I am Miyuki. Not so arrogant type, although I graduated from the best versity at that time... She wanted to talk the problems of Japan and Shirakawa with them. And she couldn't find any of them.

  Why? Where are they? In Tokyo? They decided to live here, and probably worked here, because they are only high school or junior high degree holders.

  Thus, the tragedy. They wanted to go to Tokyo like Miyuki, however, they couldn't go. They should reside here, and should get married with other residents here, and should have several kids, and should kill them.

  They should get married yes, however, they couldn't live after several years of passing time together with their own kids. Because they promised to do so. Why they promised? Totally illegal. Ineffective at all. You can break the promise. Why not?

  Miyuki didn't know the system. They should obey their parents. And they obliged them to kill their kids. Then, run away with the kids. They couldn't. Why? Because IKKYO believers chased them. Why IKKYO believers could exist? They are criminals. Why they were not caught by the police?

  And they failed. Miyuki now did know the system. The police is faked one. Just a guardman with the real gun shooting licence. They forgot to use law, any foreigner criticised it. however, they couldn't. They couldn't stop being IKKYO believers. Thus, their fault. They should pay for it.

  They chose to be IKKYO belivers, yes. They could escape from it, Miyuki insisted. At least, we could help you, if you are not inhuman at all.

  Some of IKKYO believers were forced to do the promise. However, in this case, innefective contract. Thus, they could deny the exictance, and could get against their evil orders.

  Thus they failed. They did it acording to the IKKYO instruction. Thus, they themselves are responsibles. They had alternatives, and intentionally they did the wrongdoings. Their own fault. DDMs, they are.

  Thus, they failed at once. Miyuki is good to know their strategy. Only one should be survived policy for them IKKYO believers. And only one would be a sustainable type. And YUKARI tried to be most sustainable as much as she could. And failed. Why she? They wispered. Because she is similar to Miyuki, they imagined. And disillusion. Only a strange kinky  old bug, suffering from Alzheimer disease spontaneous type, they said to her.

 She was recently so nervous and her attitude changes abruptly. The final stage, we all felt it. And she did it. She disturbed Miyuki's cooking as always, and wanted Miyuki to be pushed away.

 And Miyuki really thought that UMEMIYA was a kind of victim of prejudice against her character. Korean, new comer, pregnant without fiance. Thus they failed.

 Miyuki wanted to help her. And MAKIKO informed her that UMEMIYA was now running a snack, and bringing up her son by herself. And Miyuki believed.

  For IKKYO believers, no past was necessity. Only now. And then, they should be killed by their leaders. This is their religion. Miyuki didn't know where UMEMIYA was. And found her family name on the name plate of JR worker in Shin Shirakawa Station and on the fishery, newly established in MOTO-MACHI. Why? Miyuki got in wonder.

  They are so cruel to punish Miyuki. Miyuki should know the fact. Thus, they revealed the fact. Too too nasty to know it. 月読の庭 or Garden for Manthly Reading was for it.

 It was called 読書会 or Book Reading Society by MICCHIKU related ones. And they changed information on their families to sell it to others. Miyuki didn't know the system. For Miyuki, impossible type jobs, they were doing. Crazy! Just selling privacy of others! Unconstitutional and criminal. Illigal, yes, however, they did it, believing that Miyuki would forgive them! Oh, totally contrary as usual.

  Thus, they accuse YUKARI because of Miyuki's hatred against them."They shall die! They shall die!", Miyuki sang smiling. And they believed that they were forgiven. And failed.

  They should vanish right now!!! Miyuki declared many times, and pledged repeatedly. Thus, Miyuki should know the fact.

  Spooky non industrial town, was her mother's first impression. And they failed. Her mother was brave to survive. Thus, Miyuki got out to do her jobs. Miyuki thought. My mother showed that she escaped from the squad in WASHIO. They wanted to catch her, however, someone wispered, "Not do so. Just a praise is enough!", thus, her mother could get back as usual.

  Thus, now Miyuki's turn. Someday, Miyuki should know the fact. And today was the exact day. Memorial day of her first shout against MICCHIKU world.

  Miyuki didn't know the fact. MICCHIKU was so evel and cruel, and they were prevelent in Japan, incredibly.

  No future in Japan, Miyuki confirmed. And in Shirakawa, of course. They devastated the world, and continue to do so even now.

  And how evil they are, she watched. They made various spots to kill IKKYO kids along the river. Shirakwa was for the object. No industrial town, rural, and not urban type, she categorized. And they got upset. And she realized that only one industry was killing IKKYO kids.

  After the big earth, she thought. however, before it, they insisted. And they confessed. We should do so, because we were IKKYO believers.

  Only once or while, they said. In their life, they killed their kids one or twice, it meant. Nasty however, to survive from non industrial country, we should do it.

  No. Lots of underdeveloped countries protect their kids as their future. You are too too idol to choose the last resort so easily!!! You intentionally killed your kids, faked ones, included, because of your idolness!!!

  They should be punished severely, Miyuki declared. Now she really thought, her mates were killed almost.

  Why? was her question. And she discovered that they were adopted by the farmers to be killed.

  Why they were so cruel? Just for killing? Cruel too much. Anti-human economic beasts, they are!!!

  And they are Alzheimer patients now. They can't understand the situation and continue to do wrong as usual. They can't plant the vegetables not at all now. Just a time consuming faking jobs, when someone appeared in front of their sight.

  Miyuki watched YUKARI's rabbit dashing pose repeatedly. She is idol, why she dashed sometimes. Especially, when Miyuki is in the kichen, she did so recently. Just like a trigger, Miyuki was.

  And now, she realized that IKKYO was like that. Only in front of her, pretend to be a human being. And now, they were revealed that they were not human beings, but just ghost or zombie, or crazy broken robbot.

  Thus they failed. YUKARI's Alzheimer disease was transimissive, they rumoured. And it was the fact. Why she participated in the job? We should exclude her. She was a degree holder yes, however, only RIKKYO Versity. Why she came to see us once a month???

  And they did wrong again and again.

  Today, she got to know some lack of pavement of river side, just for inducing kids to the danger or disaster. Thus why in Shirakawa, medical clinics and hospitals were so many.

  Diligent workers can't come to the degraded town, was their remarks. And they did wrong. Diligent relatively poor workers should be killed by us, was their opinion. And they were fated to be killed also.

  Someone wispered to them, "You are so cruel to others. Gods of Justice got furious now!" And they felt so sorry for themselves. Now they felt. and they felt it for the sake of themselves, not for others.

  Miyuki didn't know the sytem. Thus, "Go to other place" was their threatning message. You would be killed next time, they wanted to say so.

  Miyuki was not conscious of the fact. Only one normal school graduate came to Tokyo versity, they got astonished. Miyuki got astonished also. Shirogane Tribe came from good high schools, one of renoun ones in each prefecture. And Miyuki's case, common public school, not promissive type.

  And she understood. Thus, we were chosen for the job. Not nasty. Cheerful one. Enjoyable. however, we should do our jobs, including revenge.

  Thus they failed. Miyuki's job is revenge against DDMs in the universe, they described. Miyuki agreed. Thus, we should fight against them all! Until the last one vanishes, we should continue to fight against the enemy!

  Thus they failed again and again.

  Why not? In reality. Yes, of course. In you inagination only, they wanted to make her believe, laughing as if they were in a dream. however, they failed. They used the evil measure, they wispered. And Miyuki won. Why they were here, holding a seminar, inviting me as a lecturer. Anyway, OK, I will explain the reason, expressing my case.

  And they failed. They wanted to make her confused. however, Miyuki was stronger than they all!!! Including MICCHIKU. They wanted to explain their situation, and they invited MICCHIKU also. This is another proof of the relationship between Todai related and MICCHIKU. Thus they failed.

  They should not do so, they regretted as always. And now, Miyuki got a success in her cooking jobs. Too too nasty to categorize her as a good cook, however, she is such a type. Good sense of tongue she has, they agreed.

 For her, newly acquired talent, however, for them, alredy known type. Everyday, she needs to develop, ADACHI insisted. And she does, as she could. And they got pleased with her decision.

  She should know the fact some day, they said. She was brought up for that. She is a kind of lucky promissive type. And they? Miyuki thought that they were also the same. And they liked her choice.

  She explained it to her closest friend that MUSHO-GAERI, or recently discharged from prison type figure. OK, Miyuki is now half criminal for MICCHIKU. Why not? And she thought that being MICCHIKU means "We sold our spirits already because of our greediness."

  And their world is extremely unhappy. Like a world of vocaloid, a reversed version of the real happy life.

  And found that SHIRAKAWA was already this reversed version. Unhappiness was the target of the pursuit by the residents. Shame collectors, they are!!!

  And Miyuki got to realize that her kids also suffered a lot by such a kind of experience. At first, an astonishing story. Sobstory like process. However, they chose the way type giving up, as usual.

  Now, in Miyuki's case, ex-mates were killed by them. Victims. And sometimes, wrongdoers also.

  Thus, they failed.They did. Unbelievable for her. And they were concealed from the society. The facts, we mean.

  For Miyuki, life is so precious, however, for IKKYO kids, just a trifle. Thus, we can't coexist with them. They should kill their bosses? Miyuki got in wonder. And they killed already. Some of them could do it. Oh, audacious!

  Miyuki liked them to kill their bosses. Anyway brave!!!

  And they should be deligated in the hands of Gods of Justice, not of me, she always says.

  Thus, they failed. They tried to kill them, however, they couldn't. It was their excuse. Why you did? Nothing. Thus they failed.

  For them, doing wrongdoings was their jobs. and now, just quit it. And thus they failed.

  Killing means really killing their bosses. Thus they should have done it, and they couldn't. Thus, they were desqualified.

   We should take a bath. wait a minute!


 See you soon! Wth love, from us, MARC!!!

  Miyuki came back from her bathing. Refreshing and relax. OK, she is ready now!

 She found some disasters in the past, along the river side. SHIRAKAWA means White River in Japanese, however, this is Dirty Black River at all. They did wrong, as much as possible. Fundamental rights of us were violated totally. They sold their own kids to the devils, we got to know.

 And she found that many farmers along the river continue to do their evil works, as always. Alzheimer patients, old guys.

  A kinky old guy picked up Dandilions to watch the scene inside the skirt of Miyuki. She wore leggings on the bottom and put on a tunic. Thus for old kinky bugs, the tunic looked a skirt. Thus, he did it. A habitual erotic old guy, he was.

  She found several houses in old hotel type were BRODELs or sites of child prostitution run by the old power holders in Shirakawa. Child abuse, of course, however, they did it. And they killed the girls and boys, if they didn't like them.

  A lot of traps to kill them, here and there. Sometimes, they cut the pedestrian decks of the river side. And inducing rough roads to inferno. Slope to upward, gradually it becomes narrower. On the top, a tiny space to be pushed to the river, sharrow one filled with stones. The faked parents pushed them on their back and they fell down from the place to the river.

  Blooded river, it became. And they died, in vain. They couldn't believe that their faked parents did it. Yes, faked, however, parents, anyway. And they did it.

  Non one lives in these BRODELS actually. However, the glasses were clearly brashed up, and they were seen from outside.

  Why in Shirakawa, abruptly the glasses were cleaned by IKKYO betrayers. For them, a way of gaining money from this municipality, which asked them to help by their rough faking.

  Who asked them? The power holders of this evil town. Already rotten, however, they contracted. Suddenly, they appeared. And they vanished suddenly. The money, they started to require to the municipality. And the faked ones wanted to pay, because they were ones of them. IKKYO residents tried to pay all of the money they requiered to them. As they like type IDIOCRACY could do it type black joke. And they failed at all!

  No one could not know it, was their remark. And we deduced it. Why abruptly our houses have a clear glass, was their question. And they explained that we contracted with reliable group. And they feiled. They didn't need to pay the money, of course. Uniffective contract, Miyuki said to them. No one agreed to be cleaned its house by the strange cleaning group invited by foreign countries.

  Thus, they themselves have to pay the money. Unnecessary private service they did for each houses at a vast cost. IKKYO believers' job was cleaning up of the dirty jobs. Thus, they failed.

  SHIRAKAWA was not a target, however, the power holders asked to do so, because they wanted to show up. Anyway, the last measure for them. Kazuo SUZUKI wanted to do so, was their reply. Only he? Secretly? Why they couldn't stop it?

  Because they suffered from Alzheimer disease already. And they got poorer and poorer. Again, auntie? You are the lost one, not last one. O is not A. Alex explained her, however, she didn' understand at all. She should pay, because she did know it. She always did know such kind of strange fenomena. Why? Because she belongs to them.

  She found some farmers have two houses on both sides of the river and this is also a trap to kill kids. They induce disaster for the kids to be drought. They also changed the river sides as they liked. Thus, suddenly the pavements are cut and the public road stops in the middle in front of their private houses. And they decorated the public equipments according to their hobby. Do you believe of the guide rails in red and white stripes? For them, happy colours, thus they made it. On public equipments? We got in wonder of ther recognition ability. They can't recognize the difference between public and private schenes.  Thus, they failed.

  For us all, means for 5 members of our family, except YUKARI. And now, YUKARI insists that she has all rights to have all of common products in the fredge.

  And now, we should go to bed to sleep well. thank you for your attention. We are always with you!

  ANIMALS & PLANTS love MIYUKI!!!! We are always with you!!!!

  Thank you, FAUNA & FLORA! We try to understand you better!!!


  See you tomorrow morning!

  With LOVE, from MARC!


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