Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (56)

2017-05-14 13:10:04 | 日記

  She respected our uniqueness as individuals, thus, she was popular among them all. Any body has their strong point and weak one. Any perfect body doesn't exist. And sometimes, weak point to it was strong point to others.

  And they treated them as equal existance like weeds. Miyuki sometimes failed in front of her, however, she laught at her Big Mistakes, and others, also. A bit different tone, she has, she really thought.  Strange, yes. however, amusing type, yes. And good at reading type, yes. She liked to read also, and Miyuki thought deeply rather than she. And she recognized it, and praised her as usual. She said to her, "You are talented. You are not so respected here in Shirakawa, however, in broader world, you would be qualified rightously." And Miyuki believed it, and always thought to go to Tokyo to study, because at that time, Tokyo is her target to perform well.

  And now, at first, Shirakawa residents are a bit more kinder than Tokyo ones. And now, she got to know that they were replaced by evil existance already. They are all muck, anyway.

  Faked world any more, they called. And Miyuki could listen to a kind of yell of others inside the territory of their family. The voices. Then, they were vanishing and were followed by gymnastic parade like sound, and then baseball training voices came to her ears. Nasty. Again? Hallusion, she got, they thought. And YUKARI wanted to gain some sympathy from Miyuki, and Miyuki got slight headache now.

  Always with headache, now, for them all. YUKARI did it, thus, they should be punished. And even Miyuki????

  Not at all. She did it, and Miyuki protested their wrongdoings yes. Repeated and nasty. Alex suffered a lot at this point. Oh, morning sickness? Yes, he lied a lot, and he should be punished yes. And Miyuki would be scolded by her own way of saying, "Oh, just a slight nasty feeling. You can go to school." Oh, yes. If the school were not so evil, you should go there. I am not so regretful on this point, at all!

  And they failed. They wanted to play with him even in his school days, and he was not in mood. Thus, they chased him, and put some special equipment to chase him. And he was an object of attention in his school. He liked to play with these evil stupid fellows, however, he has a limit as a human being.

  "You should sleep well Alex. Sleeping is necessary for you to grow up. As your parent, I order you to sleep sufficiently." She is insitent at this point, because she slept well type. And she didn't know their system at all. Alex resisted her at max, and he did wrond as always. And she thought that this is a chance to educate him and also me by way of debate.

  And he took advantage of being a son of versity professor. He is good at debating anyway. Because DDMs don't know any technic at all. And he tried to use the skill against Miyuki, and failed many times. And he is persistent and failed.

  Anyway, she is a professiona type. Not like me, amature type...he really agrees at this point.

  For sure, yes, of course, they liked to say to him, and then, abrupt change. And then, declaration of their own qualification. Why they like to contempt me?, was Alex's impression on them all. Miyuki didn't understand the rule at all. However, why the kinkiness of his parent would be the reason of his punishment???

  Always, without any motif, they did it as usual. This is my table, YUKARI declared, and her evil mother followed. And they gained the table. OK, as you like. And then, they did in every field of their own house.

  And sometimes, they abandon their own courtyard abruptly. Why not? Her father thought of her sudden change. And got to know that his wife were already replaced by some DDM, yes.

  And now, harsher type came. And she didn't know the system of us all. this, she failed a lot. and she is dangerous. Thus, two altogether is the best policy. They would accept their kind offer, probably. And they are in mood of moving.

  Oh, and Miyuki sighed a bit. Long long war inside the house. Why she doesn't respect our right and freedom at all?, Clare cried repeatedly, and after her crying, accusation against Miyuki as always. Miyuki is your wrongdoer, not YUKARI. She wanted to behave like your mother, Clare. Just it. Please forgive her this time, only once. I would buy you some good one, pretty girl? I want to hug you, Clare!

  And Clare refused her KIND offer. Like erotic old guy, she is! They both thought of. Thus they failed. Her dearest grand mother passed away, probably. And they just used her skin bag taking advantage of her death. She was killed by them, probably, and they concealed the fact, and continued to do their wrongdoing with the assistance of YUKARI.

  Some day, kind, some day not. Why she changes so swiftly? Some headache causes her to change so? To avoid her nasty feeling she behaves like srronger???

  For Miyuki, any excuse no more. She was promissive for us all, however, failed. She participated into our enemy's side. And failed again and again, with lots of shames. Forgery, she allowed, was their deep sigh.

  She said that she didn't know it, as if it were the new information in her life. Oh, domestic concealed in her own house type, she is??? Oh, she is new to this old way???

  They really sighed when she declared that "Miyuki should get up at 6:00 in the morning to warm up a cup of milk to her dearest son, to prove her maternity." Miyuki refused it, saying, it is your preference, not mine. And I am his parent, and you are just a grand mother. you have no right to get me oblige to do so.

  And she wanted to call her police as soon as possible in panic. Why?, Miyuki felt so strange. however, for her too too natural like attitude at all.

  Miyuki stopped to make an errand for her, yes. Because it was done by her own kindness. however, she took it as a kind of obligation now. Kindness was required for her treatment like attitude, and always declaration like YUKARI's. And now, they are the same existance. They used the name of maternity to satisfy thier own desire. Fatal to Miyuki. In the same chamber, she should sleep for a while.

  For her, too too natural, substancially, however, for others not at all, Miyuki remembered her kinkiest remarks since she was a child. A kind of always indulged by her own protector type, she was. And for YUKARI, she is a dream girl, who could get a husband anyway. Thus, superior and inferior, they are. And for them, monitoring others is their own business now.

  Thus, we want to get out of this nasty house. however, even now, we are not so safe outside yes. thus, we are obliged to stay here, indifferent from our special situation. Thus, I write legal letters for us all, and especially for our family, genuine one.

  This is not my place, they really think so. however, to where? Miyuki is the most promissive among them to gain the site and the jobs, they thought. Anyway, she is prepared for any jobs, withing the inside. And now, she could not gain any job at all. And they always threaten her to have a stable job, indifferent from their own jobless situation.

  They treat me like as a "Bad Nasty non promissive guy in the family", Miyuki sighed as always, smiling sadly. This is japanese OYAJI, Miyuki really felt so.

  Miyuki tried to get her mother to learn to respect others, however, she couldn't. She looked to try it, however, failed, and now, she turned to be YUKARI. Sly smiling in case of Miyuki's danger, attacked by YUKARI, was the same as Kouichi YOSHIDA, now Miyuki really thought.

  Unfortunately, BINGO!, Miyuki, this time also. She passed the limit. She tried yes, however, she couldn't. And turned to the casual mode. Too too harsh for others yes. YUKARI is her second version, more violent one.

  Miyuki is hungry now. She shoud make some errand now.

  See you soon, our army! From Quartet MARC, with Big LOVE!

  VANISH! DDMs!!! You are so cruel and ugly!!!!

 Miyuki came back from her milk buying errond, and a package of 12 or one douse of eggs costs 2 times more than in Hachioji. Oh, egg was here in Shirakawa, the inferior pupil in a school.

  She learned by her adorable teacher responsible that egg is the suprior pupil in the price index. And the price is in fact as the same, generally speaking. Always one packege of 12 eggs was US$1. And now, US$2. And she gave up to buy it.

  And then, she got to know that today there are many IKKYO families in the supermarket in YOKOMACHI, and they came here without their automobiles. Why?

  They were forced to walk anyway. They were patients in the difficult disease. Oh, for insurance, they faked? And the evilest one, Miyuki would know it. She did it, for herself, to his challenged brother, to save her own family.

  Pushed him out of the window, they yelled, and she did it without saying anything. And she was so cold to do so. She doesn't chage her face, was other's her mates' comment on her. Oh, YOKOYAMA was in the class beside her. And she has a bigger brother, a challenged. He was said that he fell from the second floor, and was saved, and with handicapped body, he got.

  however, in fact, he was intentionally killed by her and her evil family because of his challenged situation. Oh, he is challenged, however, big, and broad shoulder, he has, she thought when she met him. Not so promissive, however, he was playing with his mates. And she failed. She did it, because of her own family.

  In Shirakawa, wood probiding families meant rich ones. And YUKOYAMA was one of them. And Miyuki remembered her stern face, with instable decisive manner. Now promissive one, and not at all of study material type. however, teachers treated her so nace. Why? Probably, she is rich, Miyuki thought.

  However, not only for the reason. She was accustomed to do so. She was a promissive in this direction. She was so decisive at this point. And she targetted Miyuki as her attacking as always. Oh, I almost has been out of mind on her, at all!

  She was not my rival at all, Miyuki really thought. And Miyuki failed sometimes. She did it, as YUKARI liked to do.

  Many Miyuki's ex-mates did it, as they liked. They got married for it. And they fell in love with others, and killed their own family members????

  They were cut their communication with others, and got forced to get married with some of the candidates the others chose for them all, and they obeyed them, anyway. And after, they gave a birth to their babies. And then, they fell in love with others. yes, sometimes happens type falling in love stories, I know well through Brazilian Dramas.

  And then, they were forced to be killed???? Just changing their husband, is enough for them all. And they should kill all of the communication with their own families, including kids. Why? They wanted to do so???

  Separation is the best way, yes. However, they didn't want to do so. And the judiciary didn't function at all.

Thus, they left their homes. Good choice. And they were forced to come back home???

  They wanted to save their own families, however, no families at all, thus, they put some notes on their home, and left them again. Oh, Mr.Fujita did the same. And they did also. However, IKKYO belivers took them off as they liked, and abused their property. Empty houses should be used by others, without their accordance, the prefectural office said to them all. Oh, illegitimate, as always. Probably, the evil officers were oriented by Todai Administrative Law wrongdoers, especially Hiroshi SHIONO.

  And he failed several times, and his skin bag was used by others. IKKYO like life, he enjoyed in his school days. Not so promissive, except remembering figures. Oh, "Stupid boy memorizes only one thing as usual" type. YUKARI was it, when she was a school girl.

  And SHIONO liked YUKARI, and they got combined, and did wrong as she liked. Forgery, we call it, and Shiono allowed her to do so. Oh, illegitemate faked authority has no rightous effect at all. Probably, SHINO was inferior student on Civil Law I in his versity days. I was one of not promissive, however, my grade was B, and which grade he gained???

  Oh, A??? Thus, his civil law professor made a big effort. he was not so promissive at the material. Any ilegitimate ocupation is not recognized as rightous effective act at all. Just crime called 不動産侵奪罪 or Abruption of real estate. Do you know it, Shiono? Oh, he was not promissive on criminal law, either! My grade was probably C or B. And you, Shiono?

  Oh, A, again? I took C or B because I didn't have a class except once or twice. And you Shiono? How many times, you participated in the class of criminal law? Oh, anything??? Oh, you are good at the material, aren't you?

  Yes, however, I don't remember the term. Term is not important for us all. The meaning. Significance. Do you know the meaning of 不動産侵奪罪? Explain me in your own way, Shiono!

  And he failed. Miyuki's title of supposed crime should be the same, however, the name was "Intrudion to the private house". And they got confused totally. And Miyuki pointed at that time exactly on the matter.

  IP tower is Commercial Shopping Mall, and I was in the public corner, alone, and did only my writing on my PC, watching through window, calm, speaking not at all. However, they caught me under the name of the above crime. Why?

 Miyuki got upset, when the clerks said to her, "Oh, you insist your own human right, however, we have our own human right. Thus you failed." And she started to explain the difference between constitutional human rights and ilegitimate desire. And they refused to know it, and they threatened her to call the police. Why they could call the police?, Miyuki really got in wonder. They only disliked her, because she already knew that they were illegal occupation activity performers. And now, she is the most legitimate power holders of our army. And they caught her, and put her in their own jail. And then, she was planed to be killed in HASEGAWA Hospital.

  They tried to shot her again and again, threatning as much as possible, and they passed beyond the limit. They sacrificed the lady with colorful leggins and hats, singing always with her perfect memory. Why she was there? She is absolutely normal, and she looks like me. And she seemed well with the leggins. For me, a kind of intimate wears. however, she could wear them as they should be type way. And she probably lost her life there.

  Piano was there, and anyway used it at that time, thus Miyuki used it as her writing desk. And when someone comes to play, she conseded her place to them without exception, because piano is for playing the music.

  Thus, Miyuki conceded the place to her, abruptly. And after she started to play, some sound of noise, like a metalic tool dropped into inside the piano from the opened door, and abruptly the sound stopped, and then, several staff dashed to the piano, and the sound of struggle, and then, any news on her. Her room got vacant.

  She was put in a private room, with the locked door all day and then, in some determined period, she could get out of the room, thus, she could walk on a long corredor, singing or wispering on her own favorite medreis. Why she wanted to take my place to play some music abruptly.

  According to the hospital's instruction, someone who wanted to use it should make a reservation at 10:00. And she didn't do it. She didn't know the system, yes. She was new there, and they didn't get her to know it.

  Probably, someone claimed her activity, and wanted to kill her there. And they had a mad dog for it. The same mate is the best, however, in Miyuki's case, any problem happened with her mate, an old lady.

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