YUKARI's End (3)

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  And YUKARI likes to move to somewhere new to here. My mother accepted her proposal. Yes, she is new to here??? She wants to live in Hachioji with her two kids???? MIYUKI, she really confessed to her mother. "Mother, I plan to live in HACHIOJI with kids. My kids now. I will provide money to you. I want to buy a house for you. I want to write a novel for you. I want to make money for you. I will be a good girl for you, thus, give me your own money!"

  She asked her and was refused, of course!!! She was dreaming, everyone was astonished. I want I want I want. Without any reasonable rexplanation. Just want.

  She was sick in bed, her mother pretends to believe so. She was ill, morally and now mentally. She was so bad now and wants to be a good girl for her. A bit regret and much more arrogance. Always, she annoyed her old parents with her raid in a night. She was good at night, because she can sleep during night. She was mentally strange, everyone said, thus, she came back from Tokyo. Now, the result. 20 years of dull work make YUKARI a mounstor. Only a dull makes so. The proverb was true!!!! MIYUKI thought it and they would think so.

 How they are dull!!! Like an young Alzheimer like disease all over Japan. Harasment type. Sexually related. Maybe a quick in spread. Triponema, it is said. After several days of the suffering, began to destroy the body and mind. Quick and once a while. Morally degraded period, this was used. We were really lucky and protected by the Gods of every field.

  TOHOHO, they would call. YUKARI was called TOHOHO fake. Only one boy meets girl made a sense and destroyed girl came back to the country. Ordinary story. Not so difficult ones. She suffered from the boy or somewhere. Thus, she would be a body offered. She would be No.1 Attacker for us, the last professor in Tokyo. An attaker in a house. They should be a good girl type and not evil kinky one. They should be normal pretending girl. However, YUKARI was too kinky and spooky. She was always arrogant to obey because of her kinkiness. MIYUKI perceived that YUKARI was strange and pretended to be normal, because she was poor and couldn't pay for the hospital. She knows the reason. She quitted her job because of her strange feeling. I would quit the job. She did so. And regretted. Regretted, thus, try to another. She did and couldn't. Then, try another. There are lots of jobs in the world. She tried but couldn't. Try as she finds or creates one. Why not?

  You should do the same. Yes, I am doing. I will do. New job creator. Thus, you should know how to live with in each place. Good interesting jobs. Needs are important however, some time, stimulating one is also. Not muck selling business. Just new job creating. Not so much known, however, latently necesarry. A good job hunter. Name is the second and the action first.

 We should help you!!! Thanks!!!!! We did so you know!!! YES, thanks for it!!!!!! And continue to thank as always!!!!! Miyuki was quick to learn. Slow but quick. REcognition is slow and response is quick. I should be both good and better. Miyuki is good in the middle, at perception. Before, no. After the happening, "strange....Why?" happens. Ummm...Maybe a character and a gift from Gods. Too slow for you, however, a good present, maybe.

 MIYUKI was not predicative. A bit different. Late learner, is rathere exactly. Learn, after the recognition. Good grief. OK, we will have chance yet. An Epimeteus type. He was too slow and sly to steal the performance of Epimeteus.

 Relatively, the metaphor of our sisters. Inside the family. OK, YUKARI was degraded by her own will. She wanted to be good but didn't try. Just want type DDM. She was no good at all. She chose the way. We should separated and good for nothing. She would be the last one that I would like to get friends with.

 She was slow and not lucky figure for me. Just it.She was the last one. However, she ended, now practically. My mother recognized her change. Syphilis, she called. Changing character of the disease. She knows it. She is reluctant to conceal her stealing any more. She did it one in a while even outside. She was called by others because of her resebmlance of the videtaped figures. She was caught because of it. She thought your case, like it. But the reality was different. She wants Miyuki to have commited the error for her. to be destroyed her own life. I was not so bad to know it. She was so evil by way of her personal change by the disease. 20 years of dullness, Garcia MARQUES likes to write the palody novel. Best seller would be!!! A good memory users have special method called strenghthen the power. Reading a book and wrighig on the way. Your book is too interesting and boresome, everyone knows.I wanted to write a more lighter one. However, I have no power at that time. I needed to write the contents in the style I could do and that is the result and I did my best and I should do it to get my style better. I am not a good writer and I should be for my job. Thus I tried and I went to be the most reliable writer in the world, despite of the memory problem, a bit. I need to collect my memories and others. Wise people recommend me to write books. I will do so. And I don't want to be, 20 anos de idiotas. Thus, I need to work outside. Far from my family is good. Not so bad. Now, the globalization was passed. Universalization !!! OK, I would go to the world of enjoyment. The country called Japan was just a faking business. Recent jobs are black jokes. Massacres, they call. No information at all and vanish. Never return.DDMs rule, they say. Obediency values. In the rest, they slept. The IDIOCRACY in JAPAN was so read especially in school boys and girls. Everyone makes palody of them. Workshop is more important!!! We should be writing, better and better, avoid the kinky dirty works.

  Thus, YUKARI was a good example. She shoot the spring. She commited the suicide. She should do so. My parents were the real victims. She herself said to me, "They are so good people, anyway." when she was young.


  She stepped their kindness and turned to be a monstor. She reighs the house? Astonishing recognition. They didn't notice her desire. She concealed the conception under the obediency and good girl faking. "I am the real holder of this house" syndrome. She did it to me in HACHIOJI and I was astonished at her arrogance today. The meaning of the 30 boxes inside the house was "This is my house. Do you have any problem?". I just thought that she dreamed to live in the near future house. It was also tough to believe.

  Now, she was much more the nightmare. She was already the reigner in the house. Thus, she enhances her territory. Gradualy. First, just a sweeping. Then, put her things. Then, use the others things as hers. Then, put away others objects. Then, declare her legitimacy. Then, declare the punishment to others. then, kill the others for satisfying her desire of monopoly. Require obediency to her. Gradually, each time, more arrogant. While we are astonished at her kinky attitudes, she did. She invided into the territories. A bit a bit. She wanted to be the real reigner of our family.

  She is DDMs power holders themselves. Animal army was so good for them. They respected their pride and honours and the DDMs were just shameless. Shameless means beyond the limit as biological existance. No morality, no intelligence, nothing at all.

 YUKARI changed her character and revealed her real desire and conception of the world.

 Now, even protectionalists could believe that MIYUKI is totally right at this point.

 Always she spoke ill of others, according to the situation. If someone said ill of her mother, she said the episode, mixed with the reality. Her mother suffered a lot.

 MIYUKI also. Her mother was accustomed to the lies of YUKARI and she informed the fact as YUKARI said. MIYUKI got upset, however, kept silent and accepted only the part she commited. YUKARI exaggarated the fact. No other thing to do. Just sitting and chatting on MIYUKI's kinky behavious, during a day. MIYUKI is her taget of her attack. YUKARI was only one attacker in the house. Your mother believes that you would get good job outside the world. YUKARI said to her, "She was really kinky to believe that the dream come true type. She believes and just it would be realized. Easy going. " Good job. She recognized that she got a good job since she was a child. A good trainer of the kids, picnic and events. Cheapest ones, everytime, she prefered. And enjoyed the time. Once in a while. They say. A good experience. A brilliant spring days, maybe. She did a "OOYAKAZU" hiking surrouding the NANKO lake. Miyuki would remember. MIYUKI put the name Banana MATSUO as her pen name as a joke. A good joke. She did a lot of ridiculous joke and even YUKARI amused it. She was good at this type of things, YUKARI knows. However, she was not exempted by her punishment. She was too too arrogant. She was a burden to Sato Family. All she did was nothing type. She did as it it were a big job. Clare was so bright to perceive it. YUKARI looked so bad to notice her cleverness. She was not good at saying however, a good thinker. She was a good tryer, in any mean. A good too much, their parents say. Good at all type. OK, she is athilete and I wanted to be. MIYUKI was a slow, she said repeatedly. She accused me lots being stolen things. A good jobs. YUKARI was a good thinker at all. Not evil one, not at all, not a kind of DDM?????? She was the real DDM. I don't forgive her forever. Just nostargy, of course. People turned to be DDMs suddenly. Failed, we say. Some evil figure approached her and sold her precious things for it. Maybe, the Faoundation entering was an epoc, I presume. She started to find the job late but by way of the Rikkyo Versity's job oppotunity center, she got to enter into the fundation, she said.

  I believed it. However, it was nothing. She entered into the religion called Christian Church in Rikkyo. It helped he lots during her absence in Brazil. She was alone and poor. She entered into the kill the pastime. MIYUKI's funny stories were too much ridiculous to her. Everytime she encountered with some strange events and failed a bit and got up with a big luck. Everyday, almost. Unchangeable exercise to fall in the floor, like UKEMI in JUDO.

 I failed a bit. However, I grasped a seed or some source of the next adventure. It was a clue for the different type of amusement.

 Good. I am easily getting tired of everything. Not artisan type. Thus, IZUMI-san refused to hire me. MIYUKI is  not a bad figure, however, she is easily moving from the department. Not perfectionist. Gross grasping is her merit. Systematic one. Nor detailed one. She knows the character. Good for nothing and difficult living in the rural town. She thinks so.

  Quicker oriented society and aprentiz is good for her. She recognized the character. She would be a scholar. However, her orientetor was irrresponsible type. Just a trash DDM. I presumed from the titles of his performance. He was dull and boresome. Someone wrote the articles, the pupils wispers. Miracles happened, the versity said to her. AKASAWA wanted her as her assistant, but only for his terrible job, and and AKASAWA was so kinky to attack the girls to speak of his character as professor responsible. He wanted to be a good sponser of the pupils on his jobs. His jobs, in this case, he was called as Man Eaters. Ah, ghost writers!!! IZUMI san would be hired as a ghost writer, instead of his dirty work.

  Terrible. However, I have heard the same rumour from the mouse of Michiyo MAEDA of Keio Versity. She requested me to give her a mercy for her sake, arrogantly saying, "You know, I was rumoured as if I were the ghost writer of my orientator prof. Minoru IKEDA, among my colleague. However, it was just a rumour. Not the fact. Thus, you should forgive me. And I have to go on a trip 2 days after today. Thus, bye. Remember, you should forgive me." GACHAN. She dropped the receiver on the phone. The last part, she said quickly as much as possible and I was apalled at her arrogance and the information on the ghost writing problem, with the receiver on my hand, for several seconds, with a mouth open.

  "What's up? She called me and forced me to forgive her. She didn't wait my response. Just a declaration. And I didn't know the ghost writing rumour at all!!! I was new on the matter. Why she said do me now? I am not a trash. I will never forgive you, Michiyo MAEDA. Never!!!"

  On the forgivesess requiring, I should explain now. In 2012, probaby on May, I was called to participate in a text book making activity in KEIO university with other professors outside Keio, paid by the Ministry of Culture and Science.

 In a Spanish restaurant near MITA Station in Metropolitan railway system. And on the day, there was a special guest. A Brasilian Prosecutor came to deliver a speech on MAEDA's seminor on Consumer Code in Brazil.

 At that time, I was interested in OMBUSMAN's situation in the country in lato sensu and wanted to beg an explanation on it. 

 I, He, Prof.Kyoko OKUMURA, MAEDA, IKEDA were there, at least. I sat in front of the executor luckily and made a conversation. I ate IBERICO pork, grilled and some more, with a bit of wine. I just wanted to show that I can remember some commercials in Brazil to him and sang it, "Brama is the most tasty beer, Brama is the most tasty beer, Brama is the most tasty beer, Anyone can't deny it!", with the melody of famous German Versty Student song, swinging.

  Many figures surrouding me, abruptly watched me and frozed all. Silence. Why? Singing is prohibitted here? I was in wonder.

  He was wanting to visit KAMAKURA with his family and I told my plan to go also to KAMAKURA with my pupils.

  Anyway, there, I was explained the plan and my part responsible. I agreed. And I started to write on the subject.

  One year after, suddenly, MAEDA wrote to me, "I can't write my part. So the plan failed. Sorry." Just it! I, spent a lot of time to write my part. Why I can forgive her???

  I was so furious and informed her wrongdoing to her orientator MAEDA and Masato NIMOMIYA, who was other responsible and also the participant on the project, by e-mails.

  They didn't reply at all. And MAEDA called me and forced me to forgive her, in that arrogant attitude.

  OK, I would sue you, someday, if I need, MAEDA. You are so dull and arrogant. I pledged.

This, "project participant calling" combined with the cancel of the subject, in a sudden, was often happen among KEIO related.

  In 2015, the same thing happened. Prof. Munehide NISHIZAWA invited me to participate into the project on the comparison between Portugues Constitutional Court and French Counterpart. OK, I accepted. And I was called to have the dinner among the participants.

  Prof.YASUMI, civil law, Mayuko FUKAWA, NISHIZAWA and I. Except NISHIZAWA, 3 were females.

  We had some meetings several times and the plan of visiting Portugal and France for the sake of the reseach was established. However, YASUMI quitted the project, because she was so afraid of the danger of Terror in France.

  And I was forcedly excluded from the research trip, without any sufficient explanation. Abrupt cansel of the trip. They wanted to go only "avec" FUKAWA and NISHIZAWA.

 I was so contemted by the two kinky old bugs and the versity, so I proposed a law suit for the sake of damage indemnization.

 Keio is always doing this. Like a traditional trapping for the resarch finance related deceiving. Criminal lawyers. Why they can play the role in the court? Not at all. Just BLA-BLA-BLA for the failure. No justice in Japan. The criminal lawyers turned to be versity professors.

  I remember that NISHIZAWA had dirty teeth. He was rich and I have known him for 20 years and his teeth have been dirty. Just dirty.

  Now, I got a relatate information on them. Treponema Dentoris. This is a kind of Syphilis and transmits easisy by the body fluid exchange. Spiloheta 's variation.

  Oh, really coincidentlly, he suffered from the disease. And he dared to show the proof of the shame in public. Just like inplanting pubic hair as eye lush.

  As I wrote before, westerners are sensitive to teeth problem. How he could get along with his Friench friends? Just by oral communication? French kiss is included in it?

 I got to know at the same time since 2013, the number of the syphilis patients increased tremendously in Japan. Reason unknown.

 However, at this period, I got to know what is OPPABU, hearing from my pupils. Her name was Kiki KOSAKAI. She was quick and worked for 2 restaurants to earn money.

   She came from GUNMA prefecture and a daughter of a single mother. She graduated from High School added in Agricultural Univ. of Tokyo.

  She informed me the versity' festival is famous and reccomendable for my family.

  I took Clare to the versity in 2014 and we ate traditional wild pig or boar soup. A bit expenseive, US$4 each bowl, however, I took boar for the first time and it was tasty. A kind of deeped pork flavour mixed with vial. Good hot soup.

  And a lots of people were there to eat the dishes, the pupils provided. 

  However, I noticed that almost all of the foods were not the products they had produced. Just instant ones, french fries, hot dogs, many cheapish sweets.

  Our soup was presumably only one cooked food by the pupils themselves. I felt strange. Agricultural Versity doesn't produce anything? Why they sell easy foods? Own products using is more economical for both sides, consumers and producers. Why not?

  And we entered into an studium to watch famous "Radish Dance" by the male cheer leading groups in the traditional Japanese school uniform.

  However, they didn't perform it. The audience was absolutely silent and we two were new to see the silent ceremony like unison corus. Full of audience, in a spooky dark auditorium. We two got tired of the ceremony soon and left there.

  Kiki was a athilete type and good at everything. We got along with and I took her to the cafe to eat sweets in a cafa after the party for new comers. The rest, all boys, wanted to eat Ramen, China style Japanese noodle. We said, after the salty food, why they could eat Ramen? We prefered sweet for dinner.

  I said her that I had two kids however I didn't want to be called "Mother" by them, ever. She understood. And she said that she would like to have some babies in the future.

 She liked Harry Potter movies. This is also liking to Clare. 

  She was so good at anything, however, she didn't like to move for the job hunting and lost the chance to enter into a company in Tokyo. She got one, near her house, a track logistic company in the middle of the ranking. A good choice, anyway. Far from Tokyo and near house. In the prefecture, the company is in the excellent class. She probably takes the service to dividing the working shift to the drivers and making a time table for it.

  Several times, I was in doubt that the tendency that the pupils that I found nice guys had gotten to lose the chance to enter into the companies in Tokyo. I think they would be an excellent workers, dilligent, honest and efficient type. However, almost all of them failed or got excluded from the market. Strange similarity.

  I think that I have some ability to find the good point of others. In Tokyo, especially, in Kyorin, when I said, "This fellow is a nice guy", the person would fail in the occasion of work finding period. Why? Reason unknown for me and for them, too. They said, always, "I didn't want to find the job at the period. Why? I don't know. Just I was reluctant to find it."

  Strange experience. I felt the same when I was in the versity and repeated the 4th grade 3 times. Nevertheless, I couldn't find the job. I didn't want to do so. I wanted to be "somebody", yes. However, I was in wonder to work for the company. Financial interest is not my final goal, I thought. More interesting something. For feeling satisfaction. Only clerk like job is tiresome. More stimulateve and good one.

 Moratorium. They called. Yes, I had once. Long long one. I turned to be a scholar, however, my scholar job was obliged to stop by the evil existance.

 Yes, I continue to be a sholar and will write a lot of articles. However, I have a lot of time to do more productive jobs and interesting ones. Challengeable and adventurous.

 I am greedy at this point. I am ambitious!!! I am fill of hopes and I want others to have them all. Future, expectation, developing personality. Learning is good for the result and to accelarate the process and gain the spare time to struggle in the oral fighting called debate.

 Logical thinking and rationality are both needed. For the former, exercise on stop motion thinking is useful. When you feel strange, you should stop and analyse the fenomena. Then, express orally or literally. Good for everyone. Just think! Not obey or follow the other's words.

 Thus, Japanese were not good at thinking. BLA-BLA-BLA is our enemy. I stopped and attacked on the contents of BLA-BLA-BLA. All lies and mistakes, some of them were fatal ones for them.

 Good for athilete type and literature loving type. A kind of boxing of words. Fighting match for us. We, Alex and I sometimes did it. Alex is good at speaking Japanese. He looks American boy. However, he only can speak in Japanse. However, he speaks so quick. Some remarks are good and others are desqualified. When he starts BLA-BLA-BLA, I stop and give up the fight. Just time consuming ones. Logical thinking is requisit. Who can't think logically should not enter into our society.

 Thus, Dr.Dull and YUKARI were desqualified totally. Just fluent speaking was good for taking a nap. WANI would be a good announcer at this point. And her young wife, fairly short and young, can gain at the match. She was honest to say that coloquium was just for one person to WANI. I think that she was a clever girl and thus he liked her. A short tiny couple, good for amusing.

 I found a reason of shortening hight of Japanese. DDMis males prefer shorter girls for their partners. Thus, short boy with shorter girl combination. Now the kid would be shorter than the parents' generation. Shorter is better to feel the superiority on the shorter. I would be appreciated your gazing on my legs. I love my legs. However, not so long. That is my problem. I hope one day I would get much taller and to be a girl with long long legs!!!!

 I don't lose my hope on this point. I will do withing the limit as a human being.


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