YUKARI's End (60)

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 I made a mistake when I explained the damage of the dum constuction. I said "BAISHOU" instead of "HOSHOU". and she corrected. She explained, BAISHO is the word for indemnization to the wrongdoing, while HOSHOU for sompensation to damage caused by legal administrative activities.

  I corrected the word and leaned the difference. And used the explanation in Administrative Law class. Clear and easy. However, the rest, I didn't undestand anything. She would be a promissive one? I was in doubt. OMI, probably, so.

  She was hired NTT and quitted her job, and tried to be a politician. She gave a birth to her kid. And then, I don't know. Why she wanted to be a politician, I don't know either.

  A lady mate, a daughter of a professor of HOKKAIDO university, with a good looking and slender shape had a fiance among the plain boys. She liked marathon watching. I didn't understand her inclination. Marathon is hard and not amusing sports and boresome. however, my father and Clare liked watching the program. I don't understand their inclination.

  She had a silver ring in her hand. Her fiance was not so brilliant type. Not bad type. Plain, in any means. Why, this pretty lady chose this stupid like plain boy as her fiance???

  In Tokyo University, this combination of a pretty girl with a stupid plain dumb like rich boy was so so common. My junior alumna and of my Russian language class, was caught in the trap. She chose the dulest rich boy in our class as her boyfriend. We Platinum tribe was in wonder, why she with him, the ugly only rich type boy, who graduated from KAISEI high school, which was said the best private boy school in Tokyo. He lived in Ueno-dai, near Komaba campus.

  This rich boy was chosen as an assistent of the radio Russioan language course done by Moriyasu on NHK. Moriyasu chose him, why? Dull is his liking, the pupils rumoured. The most promissive in Russian Language Class was I. Every pupils admitted it. And other professors also. Point-getter, I was. I wanted to change the course, thus I should work more and more than other students. I wanted to learn law eagerly, because I believed that logical thinking is needed in the course. I got almost 90 points in averege and could change the course.

  Rieko YAMASHIRA took 91 points in averege, even she didn't need to get so high points in her course. And I met her in the graduate school. Oh, she! I remembered you! Oh, you are who wanted to play with a spallows! And she recognized me. She entered eariler in the graduate course and her major was civil law. I thought that she was one of the promissive figure in the faculty. She graduated from OUIN high school, one of the best girls high school in Tokyo area. And her cloghings were more elegant type. Not so square traditional like me, more French femenine line. However, she was also lean type like me. Rich girl probably. However, liking study type. She got a regular job in TOYO university, which was located near Tokyo University.

  I knew that she was so interested in Youichi WANI, and tracing the books he had read. Oh, she likes him. good. A good pair, study liking couple, I thought. I liked to make a couple in my mind. Oh, good, he would be like a such guy...type some amusing type. However, WANI chose a younger promissive type. OK, sometimes happens. Don't worry, YAMASHITA, we are lean, thus, it was difficult to find boys.

  However, through my private investigation, there are lots of lean shape lovers here and there. Females and males. Even DDMs want to get lean sometimes. However, they failed always. Repeated diet they did. Radical one included. Eating muck is YUKARI's habit. Too strange, however, my parents wanted to understand her sobstory. however, now, Miyuki is in danger of her attack. She wanted Miyuki to eat muck, thus, she tried to eat muck. She explained that she should replace Miyuki as soon as possible, instead, their DDMic world would be destroyed completely. Thus, she did her job. Ate it, and told to their relatives, "Miyuki is so nice however, she ate muck. I stopped he to eat it and she took it and digested it. And she vomitted. Thus she got leaner. Now, too slender. However, plump in her face. An ideal shape for DDMs. Thus, I imitated her, according to her instruction. And I liked her because of her silence."

  And she was liked among the DDMic family among relatives. Miyuki would have catched anytime in your house. Her father wanted Miyuki to put into the hospital again. Because she was too too kinky for him. And did it. Now, he was in jeil, according to DDMic history.???

  DDMs like to believe their success story. Oh, narcissos type. Always success story like Duchess Munchihausen. They should be killed by their repeated attack on Miyuki's family. Too kinky to her legins like pants. Just a tights type. Too hot for fat tighs. Thus, they felt strange for her. Erotical insinuation it included, Miyuki thought. It was just her family said to the police. however, they caught Miyuki instead of her.

  Only one child policy, they said. China??? Miyuki didn't know the system. Only one could succeed his father. OK, then, thus, YUKARI wanted to succeed her father. She wanted to kill him, OK, then? And they wanted to divide the succession. OK, DDMic ladies again? OYAJI didn't know that they dared to do so. Miyuki is incledibly right to say so. They are such kind of creatures. They did many times, however, socity allowed them to do so. Dirty jobs.

  I have read that two therds of death of elders are related in the accidents in the family on ASAHI Shimbun, a OMANKO Journalism. It means that DDMs kill the elders, pretending to be their faults. YUKARI is such a type. Oh, she is. Yes, she is. Evil and idol figure in the world. Arrogant and Alzheimer, the punishment from Gods of Justice.

  Her type was here and there even in Shirakawa. Your father was astonished her explanation on Miyuki's muck eating job. Harusan was, also. Thus, they were persuaded to agree the treatment. And the hospital explained it for DDMs. Their family members wanted Miyuki to put into the hospital today. They wanted to trap Miyuki and to bring her to the hospital. And bomb exploded.

  Every DDMs should know that she was and is protected by lots of good natured existances and fenomena. Only DDMs couldn't believe it. Miyuki does the jobs, because someone should do it and Miyuki likes to amuse them and herself. Thus, did it. and she is thinking that she is now in the training process. However, some message was mistakenly understood. Her imagination allowed almost all of situations thus, almost no out of imagination world. Adachi liked to take advantage of it, however, sometimes, really it worked.

  Miyuki felt strange in the house of your aunt. Where is her husband? Harusan said that he comes to the supermarket weekly. And she never has seen her after she moved to here in Shirakawa. And she thought that she should be a pivot of the connection between him and the community, because she supposedly had a lot of friends here in Shirakawa.

  Discommunication totally. Robinson Cruesoe Family in Japan. Only several. They can't do anything, however, DDMs are reducing, day by day. Believing the miracles. Be honest to the real superiors. Just it. Fainess is Justice. Why not???

  Miyuki, you did a good job. And should be praised tomorrow. Long long period of her catching. After several days after her departure, YUKARI should be punished. It means, fast, Miyuki policy. And DDMic words are too too omneous. And Miyuki was lacking of endurance. And did it. In a loud voice. "They should die!!!!" voice. 007 liked the voice. Yahoooo!!! for caution. DDMs wanted to know how Miyuki manage the world. Of course, kill yourselves, DDMs, as I said repeatedly.

  They were too too sinistrous and should die immediately. No condition, no alternatives. They wanted to trap Miyuki and ADACHI said to her, OK, do your job, Chiken boy!!! And she did. Even chicken did it. Even crows were astonished at her brave attitudes. Even now, lots of DDMs in the world. And now, the pivot broadcasted the real voice of the leader of the religion. She said her final message to them. Only one, alone, is their condition. She didn't know the system. Only one system. And they were always 6 squad. Eveness nothing. 4 in front of shirine, 1 in the semetery, 1 in the bottom house. They wanted to catch Miyuki, in anyway. And felt nasty to them. And they failed. Their way of seeing Miyuki was nasty. Why you didn't use the road? And used steps? Because I wanted Michael Jackson's hip. Miyuki, you are too too direct to say so. YUKARI is dying now, as always. However, her brain is too rotten to move. Now the solar enegy generating system was faund by Miyuki. Each one has their own jobs. Monetary problem, also. IZUMI-san should excuse to your audacious trick. Why you should do such a dangerous job with bad taste guys. Why not us!!! Your fucking story should be marvelous! However, tremendously interesting. Two guys!!! Two animals!!! Miyuki, you should be called a tigret.

  Wanted call for tiger stripe cat. About me? Who read the wanted advertizement written in Japanese??? Like DADA alien wanted project. Strange. And then cats age. Oh, the season of love. Oh, me too. Tigret want lots of friends!!!!

  Miyuki, you should learn what is love, they say. Ummmm...some friction matters. Exercise. Like a game. Oooops, it would too nice for us, type. Animals dislike such a trifle treatment on the matter. In fact, you are right. However, thus, you should be a guy now??? Without lover???? All of you, you can manage. OK, I should do. And you should be a captain. OK. Manual ship would be a good excersice. I copied the book all. And YUKARI made it as two separated books. And I will check and started to make a Noah's ship. A flood. And be prepare to the show! Oh! In the chamber of my mother should be good. Or, velanda. Alex's window.

  Your house is too low to see the stream. However sufficient to watch on TV. OK, we would be safe. And now, the melting period. Miyuki found South lake filled with water. Yesterday more, and today , not so much. They can manage the reserve. And DDMs are indifferent from death of their army members. This is "Secret Funeral"'s fact. Only a smallest roon in the room is needed for it. No expressive sigh outside. Just information on several closest family. Only they know the fact. And others not. And DDMs expanded the world. And now, you are in the danger. Thus, Gods of Justice allow you to be more pacient to do so. You are too too kind to worry about other animals. They are only few left. Several birds stay now. In Hachioji, the situation was the same. Where are animals, especially, mummal creatures!!! Where are you!!!!??? Miyuki is shouting. I want to see you!!!! Let's see you!!!! I love you!!!!

  found several carps in the river. And then, nothing. Silence is enpowered. Cemetary was a messy place filled with newly established stones. The new cheapy ones replaced the old ones. They don't understand the values at all. Only kaos. Idol, anti-productive, wrongdoing only world is called Kaos. And the name is suitable for them themselves. They like to be pretty, however, in fact, too ugly. How they live? Miyuki thought. MAYUMI and RIE. They were pretty when they were infants. However, too too nasty and insipid. 50 years old or so. Reluctant to live type expressions. They don't know the importance of life, probably. Thus, they failed. They did the wrongdoers among the family. Doing nothing type of life. KAWAGUCHI is an urban area beside Tokyo.However, no no no nothing good world. they failed. And did again. Now, their turn. Including YUKARI, they liked to be the versity holders. Oh, 3Ks!!! And failed. They wanted to live like Miyuki, and failed. Cheap thrifty life, she can manage. They are admiring her way of shopping. Long long time of consideration, and a lot of attempt to buy some different type of ingredients, thinking of the world culinary flavours. Thus, they gave up the way. Oh, kinkiest mad dog way? Cats' walk type? Now in the phase change. OK, however, you should be surprised a lot more. Good choice to do direct information system. Alex did his good work. He wants to enter the business school. However, he is in doubt of the existance. Oh, you did examination, didn't you? Did, however, sometimes happens. OK, let's take a walk together, after you express your honesty on the problem. Sincerity, is the exact word. I hope you could manage the problem.

  And Miyuki wants to hand the present to Mr.Responsible. Just a check hours. OK, couldn't. I will go and hand it to him. Easy quick job. With a common wear. Too cold yet here. Thus, no excuse for him???? Miyuki was too too harsh to him to put up with the silence in front of you. You are too too rightous and too too fair to others. Others should vanish now. And Miyuki's world. Why they shouldn't say so? I warned to you all. Thus, OK, for them. I win and I should win and I belong to animal army. This is the reality. I am prepared for it. We should manage the situation. I endured for long time and you didn't stop the system. Thus, you should vanish for it. Thus, it would be the rule. Don't worry. We should manage. I am protected by my supporters. We should manage it. Your choice. Thus, bye for now. I should sleep. And I will get up normally and I will do my job. A gift.

  The sound system didn't work here in Shirakwa, thus, wi-fi was used. And sound for rural area only. The most important part of this story was omitted for the last time. I didn't forget the system. And got to know the sigh. River changes. They forgot the changes and pushed the flood artificially. In 1997, YANTA-GAWA was the target. Why? One of the river disaster was caused by the arrogance of DDMs. They just wanted to earn subsidiaries. Rotten town. After the disaster the riverside was paved and some houses were compensated. And MAKIKO knows that only one kinky figure died for it. His brother knows it. Only one. Flood alarm and not more flood, nor river. Miyuki found any river in the area. Why? And was astonished at the indifference from others. Shirakwa's like that. Miyuki was too too late to know the fact. Miyuki is too too kind to know the real world. Every world was like that. Too too rotten for her. ADACHI was worry about Miyuki's mental health. Why you are so audacious agains DDMs? Because only I should and could do the job. Anyone could, however, at the moment, in this situation, only one, I, Miyuki SATO.

  Thus, Gods of Justice punished all of your family, including Clare. She would be the last one, they said. And beautiful and young. And Miyuki knows that Kids were not to evil like others. And not money greedy like others. Addicted in Alex's case, however, understandable. No friends situation. Too isolated. Even DDMs, communication training is needed. I at Kyorin University. The same thing. So lots of DDMs in the world. You are too too right and you are the evilest parent in the world. Not so kinky like your Alzheimer sister YUKARI. Working is important and amusing, however, we should find human beings and animals more and more. Or friends. We should communicate each other. Small world should be. Good. My adorable son like boy Alex, you are yourself, not mine. Miyuki understands the rule. It was and is a promisse to Gods to have a kid. And accepted, becaues, "Gee, Gods of Justice adopted my theory! I totally agree my opinion! Now, I concepted! Big gift for me!!!"

  Her theory on "Kids are different personality from their parents" was old one. Now, new one. Kids are her own propety theory???? Not new. We have been struggled to fight againg the kinky old theory. Just the figure forgot it as usual. YUKARI like kinky Alzheimer patient, he is.

  Thus, universal world came, with totall reliance among Fauna and Flora and our supporters. No DDMs world. Good to know! We are too too reluctant to live here, is DDMs last words. Vanish! Then you should not have come here, DDMs!!!

  Stupid too much. Less than zero world. A great history of the universe. A tiny little thing, however, we should take care fo our body and sould. Stupidity here and there, and denied with a balk of them. Always. Any ecplanation. Only he was targetted. And no other DDMic family. Only her house was targetted. And he created the new world for the family. Good relief to know that no other DDMs in the house type. Only YUKARI the broken robot. She is the sample of the rotten world. Now she is tamed by Alex. Alex would pass harsh time with her a bit more, however, manageable and he would learn her communication ability. good sense of humour he had. A bit more logical, Alex. A bit more! You have a good sense and quick response. Now you should brush up your ability. Knowledge would help you. And getting knowledge is an interesting job.

  I should sleep now. And probably, I would manage the situation, with ADACHI's help.

VANISH! DDMs! You are too too cruel to IZUMI-san's father. OK, he is a kind of my erotic library friend. I will tell you later.

Good sleep for you too!!! ZZZZZ....  

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