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2017-06-14 19:30:39 | 日記
14/06/2017 (Wednesday, evening) Miyuki was chilled up in the morning at the abrupt intrusion of DDMic faked worker, into the courtyard of the house.

At 8:30 oclock, he rang the interphone of the entrance of the office, and immediately he tried to enter into the office from the backdoor of the office. Why it is possible? In Miyuki's understanding, it is beyond the common science. A fat guy's voice "Good Morning", Miyuki heared, and she was inside near the backdoor. Hearing the voice, she locked the door immediately, chilled by his audacious attempt to kill her. In the final stage, Alzeimer Patients come mad dogs, who think that they were allowed to do everything in the world, against any rule of law.

Miyuki accelarated her getting out from house process, as much as possible. She was in the middle of eating MASSAMAN curry, canned one, in her hush-hush mode. I need to eat more, however, I want to escape from the nasty disaster, thus, I should get out immediately, she decided, and left.

However, she needed to spill water at least in her harb garden and orchard, tiny type. She did her minimum Chichenerella job, and picked up her tool of gaining proofs, namely, camera, and went out. My father attended to the guy. He was fat dull type. However, cruel. Looking so idiots, however liking cruel dirty works type. YUKARI's male representative in an actual mode.

He said, "We start a job, OK?" type cumpliment. It was a lie. In case of Miyuki's unlocking mode, he would have killed her in the office. YUKARI's killing intention, Miyuki felt from him, dispite of his slow brough movement, through the door with smoked glass window. And got strange. This slow guy, why could move from the entrance to the backward, so swifty?

Such kind of strange guy sometimes she encounter. Today, a guy, who was working just in front of Miyuki, in a clothings of worker of whitish green wearings, came to the JR SHIN-SHIRAKAWA station, and when Miyuki was going to the Shin-SHIRAKAWA station, he came back from the station. Miyuki was in wonder at his speed to appear. And they, the speed comers, walked normally, at appearance, against the accelarated speed.

Today, Guts ISHIMATSU yelled me, and trained a bit as a professional boxing trainer. And he surrendered Miyuki's quickness. Oh, exists!!! He admired!!!

They imaged to encounter with in their own house, and spend a night. And someone asked, "After doing it, what you would do?" Probably ADACHI's voice. Miyuki's reply, "Eat a breakfast together", and Guts's, "Do it!"

Already done situation Miyuki imaged. After passing a night. Guts, before it. Evidently, she is quicker and hungry like a wolf...

Beautiful inside holder, Miyuki categorized. And ADACHI yelled, "You are just between Roberta Close and Guts ISHIMATSU", and Miyuki felt so proud of the expression. Just it!!! Thanks!!!

And they all, these four guys, recognized at the same type, for DDMs, they are the same, nasty dirty messy fellows. Unreliable men category no.1, they are...We are so different in fisiolonomy, however, we are the same, exactly the same for them. Dangeous kinkiest guys, they are. Thus they spontaneously chase them, and tried to kill them, as much as possible.

Cattle feeding controlling system's error? No! Intentional Killing Machine's result. They just want to kill us, as they was accustomed to do so, Miyuki felt so.

Assasin machine. And they, kids skin bag type included, combined SQUAD more frequently rather than yesterday.

Miyuki took several pictures of the squads, espcially of YAOYA-CHO block's attackers. And started her casual checking of the rural village called SHIRAKAWA.

She recognized that the resemblance of tortured and killed woman of "Man of XXX" by Teo AngeusXX, perfurmed by Anthony Queen. She was punished by residence under the name of marrige betrayer.

In the case of Media of Pazplini, Media was surviver. However, Miyuki felt that the Media was also a victim and killed by her betrayer husband, however, her spirit survived and revenged the related all, and moved from Trakia, her birth place to Athen.

Already done type villege, Shirakawa is. however, the ghosts are harmful, and possible to kill us all, by way of special powers. Cattle inducing controller was operated and programmed by somebody, and this someone was so jealous and put its jealousy in the system, and now it was apealed, as Jason mode.

Miyuki could get up at 7:00, thus, she could escaped from the nasty disaster. However, if she got up 8:00 as usual, it would be fatal. Only one minite's delay would have caused the reverse of our victory.

They want to have this oppotinity. Thus, we should take care, as much as possible. Miyuki's parents interpretation is already we escaped from the disaster like attitude. However, for Miyuki and us all, now in the middle of every minute' attacking. Miyuki felt SAKKI in Japanese or Intention to kill you, here and there, whole day long.

Jason's have no stopper at all. They kill us, because it is amising, for them. Easy and quick. Cattle without control mode. And they are already experiencing several killers already. Thus, they don't hesitate to kill us, at all.

In the morning case, if Miyuki didn't lock the door immediately, they immediately would have entered into the door, and killed her, as soon as possible. And they did the same in the other places.

Natural born attackers, like YUKARI, they are. Today, before 8:30, they already started to dig the road, and then, one of them came to the office. The contrary, the process was. However, they didn't care at all. Alzheimer patients killers, they are.

Miyuki did want to visit Tunner No.1-1, also today. However, especially, in NISHIGOU area, SANKIN related had

In case of traditional system, always majority won. this system is called La Place's choice. And the programmer was found its own Alzheimer disease by us all. He doen's think the possibility of the majority's falure. It was already not able to judge right or wrong, when it created the program.

Todai related, and Fuculty of Technology, probably. This type of super stupid guy was their boss, at the bigining. Who deligated their own fates to this stupid guy? Only stupid, the users of this system. Alzheimer patients already declared by their own medical doctors, they are. Both, Alzheimer X Alzheimer. All Alzheimer society's surviver, he was, according to their interpretation. And Jason's existance was concealed from the surfice of the society.

They transmit the atmosphare of Killing You to all of the residents in Shirakawa. Miyuki is Hatred No.1 of them, and they were punished immediately after their failure.

The system is so so simples. Betrayal should be punished immediately at the highest ranking of the punishment, or namely, total vanishing. We all grasp the identification numbers of them all, and after Miyuki's recognition of their betrayal, the trigger starts, immediately.

Miyuki refused any information of her own and of ours to be offered to them at all. Only rightous ones could use our proofs, Miyuki declared. And they abuse these proofs, as much as possible. As a result, spontaneously, they were vanishing, because they were all thought as betrayers, by us all. Thus, they should vanish now.

And Miyuki should train her perception to live better in the next future, nearerst one, so much. Anyway, she was expressive, and noisy. her class category is 4th grade, among 5. Thus, better than averege. She is so satisfied with this high point, however, she is so lacking of perception at all. Thus, Miyuki should perceive as much as possible danger surrounding her.

She is inclined to think that others were all kind good fellows in the bottom of the heart, and this is the cause of her catch. Miyuki should learn their way. Thus, they put Miyuki in the army's arm????

"On behalf of her" version again. Just torture is allowed for the patients, the pupils, the kids, in generally speaking, the inferiors. Thus, they should be punished by their useless trial to fake to be kind.

Always by their own egoistic motive, they did as they liked. No reason at all. Just, "I want to do it, thus, you should obey immediately, without any objection" was their voice of heart. Always, without exception.

Miyuki recognized that they changed the system as they liked, and didn't inform her at all, and faked as if nothing happened at all.

They tortured us all, under the name of love. No love at all. Just to give a possibility of killing as much as possible. Today, YUKARI took a bath at first. Always Clare was first. System changed. And during her father's absence, Miyuki was forced to take a bath by her evilest mother. And escaped from the possibility, by her own power of ignorance total against her attack. Miyuki just pretended to sleeping during her mother's yelling. And won the game.

Why I need to take a bath so early in the evening. I am sleeping now, and it is only 21:00 yet. Why I needed to follow this bitch's instruction? Soft voice mode, she chose in this case.

And during Miyuki's sleeping faking, HOSSO, or HOSONO, Alex's friend, showed his legs, immediately. "Oh, she sleeps now? It means she died! Viva! Our victory!" he yelled, and Miyuki smiled. You are our enemy. Confirmed, perfectly!!!

And soon, he was called to be punished. Now, he should leave. "I am soon leaving" he said to Alex, and Miyuki responded immediately, "HOSSO, you are going to INFERNO! Congratulations!!!"

Miyuki liked to torture the enemy like that. Ignolandia type. While smiling she could do it??? Even Alex, didn't do it. His best friend faked. Why she is so in laughing mood?

Spontaneous laughing, in every moment of her "Oh, I won the game!" like recognition. Natural born laugher??? Born to laugh...Primitive, yes, however...

Fur animals' has weakpoint to show their expression so honestly. Miyuki liked Rabby's laughing way. Skewed one part of mouth upward and moved it. Rabby took so many hours to gain this movement. For her, so so easy job. Her face is the same as Jim Carry. Upper part, more stable. However, bottom part, so easily to move. Look so idiot, thus, no one wants to do it, even they can, was their explanation.

Miyuki likes to move so big, thus, she gained this so easily changing type Jim Carry face. Any Platinum Tribe wanted do such a Puppet-Moppet type role, not at all!!! Too too stupid...We feel so shame on each your movement. Why you can smile and laugh in the moment of their agonizing time???

She found some quiet spots here and there in SHIRAKAWA and in NISHIGOU. And the evilest Acepharos Cars reduced so much. And many DDMs were unnecessarily staying in the car, with semi-opened the door. They were sticking inside the cars, Miyuki perceived.

Many drivers were female plumpy type. And they were pretending to wait their faked kids near the parks or the schools. No kids' land already, however, they forgot that they had killed the kids, and just came to show how they killed them to us all.

They brought their kids, faked and real, to their power holders, and allowed them to rape them as they liked. They all agreed the wrongdoing, expecting the small benefit of money. For them, raping means marrige, thus, it would be welcome by these feeble minded old ladies.

Clare's case was the worst. They took advantage of Miyuki's misunderstanding. They thought that Miyuki were OK to send Clare to the hospital of Tokyo Versity, as soon as possible. And Clare took advantage of it. She didn't want to meet any of them at all. And she relied that Miyuki is really against their will, of course.

For them all, Kyorin related and Tokyo related are all evil wrongdoers, yes. However, according to their ego-centric interpretation, they are so kind for us all, including for Miyuki...Alzheimer patients they are!!!!

Thus, Miyuki found the rightous answer. Her evil mother is a trash, and her chamber is not hers. She is a kind of muck in the chamber. And Miyuki has right to ignore all of the orders of muck. Thus, they behave as if they were power holders. They are paracites, means they don't exist now. And Miyuki's attitude should be completely. Even in their threatening mode, we should refuse them all, as much as possible.

Soft type try to tame us all. Thus, if we feel that they are inclined to tame us, with their own pussy cat voice, change the mode, from neutral to contemptious mode. Attaking mode is so effective to all of them. Be taller is a kind of it. And with contemptious eyes are so effective. Thus, you should behave like as you like!!!!

We are superior to you, is so so effective to them. Boss mode effects so soon. And then, betrayer, you are! Thus, Vanish! Bye for now! Declaration. So so amusing for a while. Only this period limited type experience!!!

Threatening, however, they couldn't, Miyuki really thought. Thus, runaway mode, today was. However, only running makes Miyuki show chicken. Thus, Miyuki should more contemt them all, these cattles.

DDMic animals dislike Miyuki's modest way. And Miyuki disliked their ways, soft and hard, both. They are nasty. They always started to rely on the superior.Calling when Miyuki arrives. As always. For them, only one method to escape from the nasty situation. Nasty means I will be killed soon. And the superior is Miyuki. Their system of mobil phone calling was connected to the automatic reply center. This line is now in out of service. Thus, "you shall die, you shall die!♫♬”with cheerful original voice of the boss.

She or he??? Who is our boss? Singer? Why it orders so soon? We don't expect it. Why? Not yet, boss! Not yet!!! Betrayals again. Thus, sooner. The chain mode.

for Miyuki, repetitive tiresome attmpts. however, for them, only once, they can talk to their real boss. And the real boss instruct them all immediately everyday in the morning. And always with cheerful mode.

Too too nasty. Funeral mode would be fine, they decided, and got adopted. Betrayal, no.1!!! The boss's order should be absolute. They betrayed. Thus, immediately!!!!

A game, we should enjoy. Disposal, anyway. Paracite worm killing. Insecticide. Miyuki remembered the technical term, now.

...cide. Genocide, Homicide, Suicide, Insecticide, Kincide, MITSUYA-Cider....

Miyuki liked both of her grand parents, TAMIYA-san and UME-san. Because they were so kind to Miyuki. And Miyuki didn't know the reason of their death? Tamisa-san died because of Lung Cancer, while UME-san, peumonea, Miyuki was talled. And Miyuki's response was alwasy, "So soon...I didn't know that their disease was so so serious...I thought that they were more resistent against the disease..."

Miyuki's feeling was sometimes betrayed by them. They concealed the fact at all. They, each one, should protect from their attacking, several times a life????

Why they were not stopped by anybody? Miyuki is now attacked by all DDMs, at the same time. Collective attacking on your kids in HACHIOJI. They were so evil to them????

Miyuki didn't know the system, and she doesn't rely on anyone, except rightous existance. Why? Because we can't rely on others, also in the similar situation. Each one should take care of itself.

Miyuki's case was so so rare to come back from the worst disaster. Others were killed immediately after one month's treatment. 2 shots were used at that time. Anyone should be caught by their own categorization. And now, in Shirakawa, it was done. And Jasons situation again and again. However, wi-fi spots are reducing, and now, we are winning consecutively. Miyuki is persistent against them. Thus, you are chosen our representative. Not because of the lowest quality of your morality. Yes, minimum, she has. Always everyone knows it. And so so apalling confession on her nasty experience in Eastern Timol. Just want to say to ADACHI, oh, my experience is similar. However, I could conquer the bad nasty feeling. He, the hotelman committed error. He entered into my chamber, without necessity, saying, "Madame, I brought some towel for you" like one.

In the moment of really intimate situation, like clothings changing or evacuation, and so on, he dashed into. Thus, Miyuki scolded him, because of his impoliteness. He retired from the chamber. Just it. Basic knowledge as a hotelman, he lacked. Why?

Someone induced him, or trapped him, or he was bought for the wrongdoing, and lost his spirit.

He, in the moment of departure, appeared to bring Miyuki's laggage from her chamber to the entrance. Miyuki, hasitated to hand tip to him, because the did impolite dashing entrance in the chamber one day before.

And Miyuki thought that if he is common figure, he should keep it in his own belly, and would not speak to others forever until he dies.

Or, in case of betrayer, he would speak on it to the enemy, and it would be spread among the society. Thus, it would be a good marking. Thus, Miyuki is waiting for the rumour spreading, to devastate DDMs world completely.

Erotic related theme would fine to devastate their world. Muck likes bottom related episodes.

Rightous ones don't do that like reliance came from that if it were done by even our team mates, it would be fatal for us all, thus we, rightous ones, wouldn't do it like Litmus Test paper like understanding on the reliance.

Thus, Miyuki's mother failed. She contemted Miyuki in front of the enemy. Unnecessarily, and for her, it was too too natural, and she concealed prevention and Miyuki never encountered it again. Intentionally it was taken from the objects, by her only categolization. It is "Miyuki should not do it forever" order done by her.

Miyuki didn't know that DDMs decided as they liked on Miyuki. They thought Miyuki a kind of special a-sexual existance, and sexual matter should be excluded from her life entirely. For Miyuki's case, her intention was the same line until 2012, August. Thus, a kind of co-existance was allowed. And after the moment, they started attacking Miyuki, so harshly, inducing others to think she were mentally illed....

Marvelous, they were!!! They were so so kinky old ladies, already. Only Miyuki didn't know it. Always, "we think that Miyuki is..." was their starting point of conversation. Why they didn't live their own lives? Why Miyuki should be the target of rumours???

For them, nothing to do. Thus, MIYUKI was a good rumour privider. Oh, terrible world...Muck itself.

Enjoy our own life, is the catch frase of IGNOLANDIA. Why not? Any universal tabboos would be classified between right or grounded, and wrong or prejudiced. Thus, Miyuki's world is a kind of paradise of liberalists. Why we can't get married with rightous aliens? They asked. Can. As you like. Miyuki's reply. With plants. OK, as you like. With animals. OK, as you like. As challenged? If exists, OK, as you like. Rightous, as you like. Private matters for us all. I am not against your private matter. You decide. Not I.

Miyuki is always liberalist. Life time insurance for Liberalist. And Japan was the worst country for liberalists. And Japanese Constitution adopted Liberalism and Individualism. And Youichi HIGUCHI protected this position as a globally famous scholar, produced in Japan, playing the role of International Society of Compatarive Constitutional Law studies. Why he could be survive from the ordial? Evil Devil among pimps. Guilty Prisonner AAA class.

Miyuki did his resemblance with Kouichi YOSHIDA, evilest teacher responsible at her primary school days. And he lived in a modenized house. And his son was IZUMI-san's brother's mate.

Probably, he was inclined to be urbanized, Miyuki presumed. Admirer of Tokyo culture. Common for us all. Tokyo was the center of Japanese culture, modern type. And in Shirakawa? Premodern type feudal wrongdoings here and there.

Media was killed females because of betrayals, Miyuki felt and remembered UMEMIYA. Too too nasty, however, she always thinks why she vanished from high school.

Super power was given for the victims, when they did special contribution to our society. Miyuki's case, kicking off the big Dinamite Boulling Iron Ball to the center of Tokyo Versity.

Miyuki did every kick, praying the total destruction of the goddamnit versity! Persistently, in each building, she did, and took photos on the pose. With knit stockings were used for the scenes. And now, where are my hot pants? Mini-skiers? Any mini-type bottoms were vanishing from Miyuki's clothing cases. Where? I want to wear them.

In this rural village, this is too hard to wear them, they thought. I wore when I was a kid. We all. My mates also. It was so so common and our sports trousers in summer were hot pants.

White. And Miyuki looked so good with them. Thus, I want to use them.

Strange habit, for them now. Why? Because they forgot the days. And prefered more conventional way of life. Degradation...Even in uniform type fashion.

At that age, male pupils and female ones wore the same type, in case of gymnastic training. Boys also used short pants. Remembers well their appearance Miyuki. Only Miyuki???

Probably aliens erased our history. Or all Alzheimer patients only village, Shirakawa and NISHIGOU were, already.

They could do it, as they liked, was their message. They killed your father, and berried in the ditch, and didn't inform at all, and explained her as if he were outside. It would be. Possible.

Miyuki's understanding is more pragmatic. My mother is Alzheimer patient, and she forgot that Miyuki said that she prefers to take a bath after all of the residents inside the house. She forgets the rule so soon. She persistently forced Miyuki to take a bath at the determined moment. Just she wants Miyuki to follow her order. Just it. No power at all. I already showed my choice. I need not to follow her unnecessarily determined requirement at all.

Thus, just ignored her. The rightous answer. Any obedience would be fine for them both. We are winners, they feel, and it transmits to other DDMs. Despite of their intention, our world should start. They are just residues, who can't learn anything at all. Old rural village version of DDMs, they are. No sexual pleasure at all for others, while for them both, all day and night sexual activities are allowed, was their catch frase.

YUKARI already declared for them, Clare and Alex. We are both the real Alzheimer patients. Thus, anything is allowed to do, including Musturbation all day and night. However, it is a tabboo for normal kids like you both. Thus, you should not do such a wrongdoing, OK, kids. We are super-human beings. Not common human beings. Thus, a kind of gods, you know. Thus, we have right to enjoy ONANISM, day and night, as we like. I am accustomed to do so, since I was a kid. Thus, I am now so. Thus, it was a bad habit. You can't do it, anyway. Prohibitted. Against my order, you should be killed. I will call to the police, if you do it, OK? My order should be respected in any case.

YUKARI is receltly starting to use so sexual words only. Erotic mode, they both are. For them, Miyuki should sleep as soon as possible as a kid, or they can't do it. Miyuki is a seed of head ache, because in front of her, it would be avoidable. Thus, only in private, each one in each chamber, they want to do it. Thus, Miyuki should be killed immediately. For their musturbation's desire, Miyuki should be killed, was the rightous answer.

If she were hospitalized eternally, it would be fine for them both, in Shirakawa. Shirakawa has no pleasure at all. Thus, only one pleasure is Musturbation. Beside it, life is useless. Only musturbation world' residents, they are.

Alzheimer patients' the last stage, they are in, like other Shirakwa residents. They didn't kill their family yet, however, already tried to catch Miyuki so many times. Their Miyuki catching game was so so slow, thus, Miyuki is alive now. And they forgot the big fact. Miyuki is now the boss of their team. Miyuki should know it immediately, and they forgot to inform it. Miyuki's attitude is recently so nasty for them both. Thus, we should panish her a bit. Milk drinking would be prohibitted for her. They decide, and call to the center, and claimed to Miyuki's fake, and replied on the above.

Miyuki is getting better, they thought. Because she was singing. Some nasty song. Anyway, she is alive. We are already dead, however, she is alive. What a hatred, we have!!! We hate you, Miyuki! Forever!

thus, they liked to trap her again adn again. And they started to rent her skin bag, and they erotic guys started to play with their bories. Thus, Musturbation only world came.

Small means punished. They already got punished severely. After Miyuki's catch, the world change. They didn't feel any importance at all. Always, I want to do it, and so on. Miyuki should work for us all. As always. They need to check Miyuki's kinkiest bahaviour???

ETE-KOU, they are. They can't stop it. Onion pealing ETE-Kou symptom. Thus, their choice. Doing musturbation is their mission, sacred one. Thus, they should be shot. No choice for them at all. Just for their mood, MIYUKI should be killed was the programmer's story. Crasy kinkiest guys' low level choice was revealed.

Private matter and public, this programmer couldn't recognize the difference between. Miyuki wanted to know the age of the programmer of this cruel, non academic childish scatorogic play.

See you on our blog!!!
VANISH! DDMs! You are just ugly BUSU bitches!!!

From Quintet MRACK, for us all, With Big Love!!!
For you, DDMs, with big Dinamite PUNCH!!!

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