Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (153)

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11/07/2017 (Tuesday, evening) Seven-Eleven. Miyuki got up at 8:30, and to pick up the clothings today, went to the mail house, and her mother HARUMI popped out from the stairs and she disturbed Miyuki at the entrence. Miyuki didn't want to touch her, however, she didn't moved from the entrance, and Miyuki was threatened physically by HARUMI. Why she needed to appear now? Just like YUKARI. Always, unnecessarily, they popped out, and disturbe Miyuki intentionally.

They both are cockroaches. Just lick the other's foods, without paying any money, and they got every moment more arrogant.

Cockroaches' way of life was called IKKYO or YAMAGUISHI-KAI, or HOU-NO-KAGAKU, and so on. They are the same, and only the religious leaders were different. Like factional division of Cockroach Religion.

They liked to live in collective in the complex buildings, and spent almost all of life with their mates.
Existed some exceptions, and they were small section of the Cockroach Region, and the unit was family. Miyuki's family was categorized in this type.

Japanese Government promoted this style most, and it created domestic wife type monstrous figures. Jugly, Dirty, Dull, Nasty, Inkind, not skilful to anything, Non-value existance called Dodomerdas.

Whole her life, Miyuki's mother faked to be kind, doing so wrong to others. For Miyuki, just a nasty stupid ugly bitch, she was. And for others, more unkind useless witch, she was.

She disliked to work outside, because it looked so rural. This is rural village, thus rural, others said so to her, however, she didn't want to move from her house at all. For Miyuki, good grief. Like YUKARI, anyway, when HARUMI did something, almost all of pleasures turned to be disasters. I don't want to be a domistic wife like my mother, Miyuki always said to her dearest friends, Makiko and IZUMI-san. Makiko's mother is a kind of soldier, and IZUMI-san's mother is rural worker type. My mother doesn't do anything. Just does some so cheapish simple things repeatedly, like cloth bag making, and watches TV almost during day, and sleeps so long.

IZUMU-san remembered the days, Miyuki always claimed on her Dimestic inclination. Doing nothing, my mother is, Miyuki afirmed. Thus, I don't want to be wife at all. I will never get married. I dislike to get married. I want to be a professional, field? Unknown.

anyway, somebody. Linus, she was. We all liked Linus, and especially Miyuki, he was a kind of "Stupid Genus Kid", like Rampou. Anyway, somebody, he insisted, and indicated the star, with his hands, a blanket for safety.

Miyuki is so stupid to say her forced hospitalization like a prize. In her case, fatal, they all said to her, however, she chose to bet to be more rightous to say so.

any guy didn't want to be so. However, Miyuki turned to be so. Thus, as an episode of her life, Miyuki should take advantage of this extraordinal experience, like amphetamine in Yasutaka TSUTSUI.

Miyuki didn't know that for Shirakawa Cockroaches, forced hospitalization means seeds of greedness, or, information would be bought by the police.

Even now, the police, though it were faked, chased her, in the gymnastic park in ASAHI-cho. At 18:30 in time, the police appeared and passed beside the kid's park.

Soon before the police car's appearing, several couples of adults with several kids each family made a BLA-BLA-BLA totally illogical conversation and they vanished at 18:25, and after 5 minutes, the police popped out.

They are the same. In turn, they appeared. They changed the appearance, and never any more.

Changing system is used unnecessarily. Miyuki today watched a gray AJUSASHI turned the colour gradually to under part black type. Miracle like, however, probably, the system is equal to Camereon. Carma. Boy Jorge.

Colour factors inside the feathers, and with some will, they could make some factors get bigger, while other factors smaller. As a result, colour change. And Miyuki remembered some sea creatures.

Probably, in case of Cockroach, not colour factors only, but also other 3D factors could change, and for the change, some sacrifice or concentration of energy would be needed. Thus, each time, they reduce in number.

They both are reducing in appearance, in case of HARUMI and YUKARI.

Miyuki recognized last year that her mother HARUMI was so short, in the corredor of the office. Why suddenly she shrank? Miyuki got in wonder. She was 156cm when she was bigger, at most.

And YUKARI was 158cm at most, and even in HACHIOJI, YUKARI started to get smaller gradually, and showed off the shrinkage as if it were prize to dedicate to the kids of Miyuki. "I worked so much, thus I shrank" was YUKARI's explanation.

Why they shrank? And in HASEGAWA hospital, always the DDMic patients expressed their desire to be smaller. Less than 150cm was their ideal hight.

Plants ordered them to be smaller, because they were so nasty. Thus, please order them to vanish!!!

Nasty, however, they are not so wrong as Miyuki thinks, they explained?????

Too too idol, however, they were free from any anxiety of insurance, anyway, they explained. Liars. Clare was paid US$25, and got involved into their terrible show. Presumably, the kids were always involeved into the clinic related jobs.

When Miyuki was a kid, she really visited any clinic, fortunatelly. As far as Miyuki remembers, HARUMI was indifferent from Miyuki's injury or sickness. It was a luck for Miyuki, Miyuki deeply thinks so.

Why HARUMI turned so eager to be unkind to other members of the family? From the begining, she was, and the others took her so differently, because of her incapacity and ugliness. No good point at all type, HARUMI was.

Miyuki tried to think her so kind, because any strongpoint except it doesn't exist. And finally Miyuki found that HARUMI is not kind at all, rather, likes to do wrong to others, or abuses others, as she likes, without any legitimacy. BUSU in Hell. 地獄ブス or JIGOKU-BUSU. ADACHI really thinks so.

No beautiful point guy, at first, he really thought. And then, at least, regarding family matter, she would be protective, he imaged. However, totally contrary. She abused her own family so much, and the family should exist to be abused by her and YUKARI, the great mother type existance.

Their belief is as follows.

They, trap others to fail, and then, show up their faked kindness, and show up to protect them, and sell the kindness as if they were so precious and from others they couldn't gain it type.

They try to regain so much money from their behaviours, and lost their spirit because of it. They can't calculate any more. Just greedy, and want more and more.

They should be put in a jail type. And now, they were free from their anxiety to be get older. Now, they should be killed. Done.

They are so childish at being killed, and always just thought of killing others. And they shrank because of killing others. When they want to kill others, they took the medicine, because it was the discription. And they gained the power from the medicine, and tried to kill Miyuki only. Thus, only agains MIYUKI works type hatred, here and there. Thus, the three were free from being killed until recently. However, Miyuki is free from their targetting, thus, another three are targetted now.

Everyday, Miyuki should be expulsed, only remark here and there. For them, Miyuki is protected by someone, and they provided some Cockroach army to attack Miyuki. Ecah time, more inneffective, and more laughing target.

Cockroaches can eat each other, and do it among their nearest kins. Thus, they are almost all in the same existance, and so feeble as only one insect. Thus, always with others, in collective way.

Even marrige should be done in collective. Only one situation would be torture for them. Thus, math suicide is inducing point. Go to inferno all in a body! They like to go now. Oh, thus, go to Inferno, immediately!!!

Always they are the same, and math devastation would be their epoch making final end, they all agreed. Bye for now, IKKYO kids, including my son, of course, in case of his satanic existance. Sticky means feeble in physics. Alex coughs twice, every time. Two coughs YUKARI like symptom. And he made a big mistake. He was in toilet with his father's type music, namely, ENKA, an old guys only type Japanese Pop music.

Miyuki remembered that when she concepted, some guy wispered to Miyuki, "This kid is different from you, Miyuki. Are you OK?" and Miyuki replied, "Oh, thank you! I don't like the guy just equal to me. I prefer different type from me, thus, for me, more amusing. Thank you, anyway!!!"

It worked so much. And in case of being satan, oh, satanic boy, like "Misterious Boy" of Mark Twein. Thus, he should vanish immediately. Thus, bye for now!!!!

They try to persuade her, taking advantage of his approximity with Miyuki, and Miyuki is not so easy to be treated like that. Anyway, first, Miyuki. Thus, rightous Miyuki vs evil satanic Alex. Thus, Miyuki's choice is rightous Miyuki, of course. Thus, they should fail. Already prepared for the moment, from the begining.

Alex in the middle turned to be a conformist. Thus, totalitarian, and thus, Cockroach. Thus, no chance for the losers.

Thus, he should refrain from Miyuki's world. Bye, Alex!!!! Crying mode Alex. You are so feeble to enjoy under Plants' age. Thus, not suitable for survival. For Miyuki, good. Evel satanic cockroaches should vanish, immediately. Thus, no chance.

Thus, bye for now!!!!

Clare tried to persuade him to turn to be good. However, she couldn't. Nice try. It happens. Think only of you, Clare. It's enough.

Miyuki should be prepared for the marvelous scene of thier total vanishing. Marvelous, the world without cockroaches!!! And no paracite world!!! Only rightous guys world!!!

No necessity, if it were evil satan. Thus, Edmund in Narnia. Thus, it happens, Clare. He couldn't protect himself. He chose wrong. His choice.

Thus, bye for now!!!

And being rightous is so nice. Guts likes it. And thought, yes, terrible TOHOHO tribe, he is. However, if he had been with his mates, probably, inducing traps to turn to be Cockroach would be here and there. In Shirakawa, so many DDMs, from the begining. For his team mates, he would have been degrated, probably.

He really thinks so, deeply. Not so much strong. However, he could escape from the worst disaster, because of being killed by them. Victim, in absolute meaning.

Miyuki felt so nasty when they refered to her collection of Beautiful Foreign Russian and East European Girls' Nude photographs? Not so much, rather, "Oh, I remembered it. Just wanted to now if I were so different from them or not." And they were beautiful in fisiolonomy yes, however, Miyuki's slender body is also nice, they all agreed.

Why you are so nasty to them? Evil satans, namely, Cockroaches. I should dispose them all. Total abandonment is necessity. And their attacking is more collective, and so stupid. No stragegy, no tactics. Only repetition, as usual. They immetate others' way, and non unique existance. They like to live in the most indulged way. Thus, they easily turn to be Alzheimer patients. Easy to be rotten yes. Decline of Roman Empire. It applies to each figure.

Decline is easy, thus, we are so easy to live, was the DDMic life. They themselve confessed it in OMANKO journalism. Miyuki read the article, on the Sunday Newspaper, and disliked their way of life. "After 35, we are a kind of snowball in the slope. Just decline. It's so easy. Oh, you, daughter, you are young and promissive. Thus,you will trace my life. Nice to decline." Easy, because they follow the principle of gravity. Only falling down life. This is DDMic life, they really deeply sighed.

Only for DDMs, we should earn more? Ridiculous!!! However, YUKARI did say so. And her life is Alex's plan. Thus, they all failed. Alex said so, and Miyuki got upset. "Oh, she doesn't work, and stay in the house, doing nothing. I want to be like that!"

This is Alex's real confession, when he was 5 years old. Thus, Miyuki got terrified, and started to make Alex turn to promote to another world. And Miyuki tried to explain that YUKARI is just paracite, not human being. Thus, he should be independent, after some preparation period. She is not your life model. Rather, an example of failure of life as human figure. Thus, LESS THAN ZERO. You did watch how she was degraded, and despite of her totally erroneous stupidity, you choose to trace her life, it would be done at your cost. Not by my cost, of course.

Independent means "We can do it, indefferent from other's intereference". Of course, existes moral limit. As living creature, we should be rightous. Without this value, we are just Cockroaches, or satans. Thus, we should vanish, in any time.

thus, being rightous is our necessity. Plants age is the earth itself. Always, we should live under this model. Thus, unintentionally, we liberalists extract the golden rules. Just like them, was the keywords. Thus, constitutional law was not useless, at least, for three. Believed, however failed. Strange...They three, all thought. And finally, the slowest guy, Miyuki, did the same, and up to the end. Supreme Court. And Miyuki got astonished at their stupidity. Exists? Exists...Oh, injustice, and it was protected by Bitch Constitution.

Thus they all fell down! ♫

Easy. And then, no choice for others. Who wanted to be rightous, they should support us, three. However, they didn't. and Miyuki moved to Shirakawa, to do your next work. And Miyuki went to New Zealand, in the quickest way. And found that now we are in the world wide Divine Ordial. And found that in the international level, the society was already done, before Miyuki came.

We really thought that Miyuki is totally right to chose correctly. This stupid is anyway lucky. Every one yelled that. Guts came to your IGNOLANDIA, because she had the collection above. ADACHI induced him, saying, "Oh, guy, she has a good collection of beautiful young girls. All nakid, OK?" Oh, she is such a type...Guts thought, and...almost...however...she bought it because she wanted to appreciate them, more esthetically rather erotically. And the result is...Miyuki was thought as if she were...oh, no! However, femi-les!!!!

Terrible! Miyuki explained so many times, that I want to have boyfriends. However, any of them believed Miyuki's remarks. For them, Miyuki was categorized FEMI-LES. And Miyuki denied the existance of FEMI-LES. Just DDMic dirty version. And they all fell down! ♬

And Miyuki is enough to live alone. Without cockroach, Miyuki's life is so beautiful. And now we are cleaning job, and they, cockroaches are so evil and so dirty. Senseless, and brainless, and they repeat their habit under IDIOCRACY. They can't change from IDIOCRACY.

Thus, only one guy system doesn't work for Miyuki, at all. TOMOCHI gained the last TOHOHO male, and Miyuki said, "Congratulations!!! TOMOCHI, you deserve it!!! Oh, I will gain many boyfriends soon!!!"

And Miyuki found that ...the last male human figure he was, probably.

And Miyuki thought, "Good, not for me! They wanted to get married. It means Marrige type, namely, one on one. Hall & Oats. And Miyuki prefers plural on plural. Both side, equaly. Thus, marrige type doesn't work. Even the last male, he was not for my type. Miyuki can't turn to be One on One type. Thus, bye, the last male!!!

Thus, Miyuki was chosen. And Miyuki feels so nice to stay in Plants Age. We are free from any prejudice. We should correct our prejudice, as soon as possible. Thus, everyday's training. And Miyuki likes to resolve the riddles which plants offer everyday.

3D effect with colourful leaves in the trees on Bourlvard. Like an effect of dark background and light spot light type impression. How many quizes Miyuki could find, and how many right answers she could gain, was their amusing. And Miyuki liked the answers.

Biologists were thought as nature lovers. Thus, they did know the facts, Miyuki thought. Why they didn't introduce such an amusement? They didn't know it at all. Strange. The discriptions done by Hesiodos and his mates on Methamorphose were similar to the situation. C.S.Luis's remarks were more exact rather than natural scientists' ones.

Literature was thought as fiction, however, so many literatures were more non-fictions, with notice on the spooky fenomena of IDIOCRACY, performed by satans.

Miyuki was fascinated with such a spooky stories. Miyuki was so chiken, however, she liked to read such strange fearful episodes.

In America, Leigh Bradberry, William Forkner, Mark Twein, Truman Capote, William Tharoyan, Henry James, and so on. Why such strange accidents happened? type topics here and there.

According to Miyuki's impression, if it were not skewed by some evil factors, they would have been happy, in the end, however, they turned to be tragedy. Strange! was the reason to read them.

No impressive, Ulissyse, Miyuki said. Read, two volumes in Japanese. And her impression. Oh, ADACHI! Your virgin lost experience.

Private novel's method, used in Japan. Too too nasty, because all subjective world. Henry James tried to apply it. It's easy. Some kind of their own "doing it" confession only.

In Japan, main stream of the novels is this privacy revealing type. For Miyuki, nasty, thus, "I dislike Japanese literature".

Thus, for her, no talent for literature in Japan. Critical thinking should be excluded world, thus, Japanese literature society was not her place, of course.

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