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OKANOUE kindergarden, nursery, separatedly, and the so vast parking lots, also separatedly. And Miyuki laught at the existance of special parking lots, witch indicates with the discription, "年中組駐車場”or "Parking lots Specially for the class of the middle of the kindergardeners"

Oh, here, infants are allowed to drive? Or, middle aged guys play the role of infants in the kindergardens, hugged by big bust ladies, sucking their nipples?

And also, in the bottom, Shirakawa the second gymnastic hall is located. In this isolated rural village, how many gymnastic halls exist? Today, Miyuki watched more than 5, when she was walking arround.

1.Gymnastic Park. There, athletic field, and the building. and the pool, with the building. And Quatar facility. And Gymnastic hall for citizen. And Gymnastic hall for Fukushima gymnastic competition memorial.

2.Gymnastic Hall Shirakawa II, above, and III, beside Chuo junior high school.

Here and there. All empty type, with torturing equipments.

Shirakawa residents are all sadists, and female DDMs turn to be mazohists, in front of male version. Anyway, they love raping and being raped. For them, sex is rape only. No exception. Thus, raping is a kind of amusement for both Cockroaches. Rapist oriented society, Japanese society was.

Thus, Miyuki couldn't find any mate under IDIOCRACY. Even now, Miyuki is virgin, against her strong desire. TOHOHO, in short.

Even Sampei, Fisherboy, could attract many Cockroaches, here and there. However, Miyuki felt so nasty among them. Terrible. No respect at all to others. Just, "I want to look the inside of your skirt" only. So so low level.

CHINKORO, today, wore her Marry costume, found in Miyuki's clothing box. There, some washed up clothings were stolen, and sometimes reappeared. Today, Miyuki could find her blue tunic, and many of her clothings were lost by YUKARI, probably. She is so jealousy, and conceals Miyuki's clothings so easily. I can, thus I do. She is so innactive, during a day. However, so so active to attack others. Her case is typically Shirakawa mode. Just for wrongdoings, she was born, the three really thought, including Miyuki.

With sly smiling, "How cute, you two!" she yelled, and tried to hug them. Now the both, YUKARI and HARUMI were 10 years ago mode. Already lost their spirit. They changed so easily. Because they already promissed to do sell them three.

They are already sold for the professors of Tokyo Versity. Miyuki doesn't believe it. However, they both believed it. They thought that thus they could buy a big house in Tokyo. Why they don't move to the big house???

For them, the big house should be left as their final stage. Thus, now, please!!!
The end, Alex said. They induced Alex to live with them both. Alex, at first, thought that they were in dream. And found that Classy House was sold for them. Oh, KAKISHIMA!

She liked Alex, and attacked the two, YUKARI and HARUMI, and offered kindly her house in Tokyo. And they both agreed. And Alex thought that the house is tiny. Miyuki thought the same. For professor of law at Versity of Tokyo only house. Oh, the dream?

Miyuki was sent the video movie type IKKYO dream, when she was in custody in HASEGAWA Hospital. A building, for only female type. Two south eastern foreigners were in front of the elevator, and Miyuki had one floor for her. However, this apartment is prohibitted to bring any male, except family. FEMI-LES house, Miyuki thought. And the foreigners were lawyers also.

In Miyuki's apartment, the style was cheapish simple type baroque, with frilled silver curtain, and the living room was so vast and empty. Miyuki was there, taking her tea break alone. Stupid, Miyuki thought.

And Miyuki refused the offer. Too too cheapish house, and without no chance to do it. Only Femi-Les house is just a prison for all her life. Trash.

This house was provided by Todai related in the dream, and Miyuki laught at the bad taste of Tokyo Versity related. They, said, "If you maintain to play the role of CAMA-LIN, for all your life, we would provide this apartment for you!" And Miyuki's reply is, "I don't want to work for Tokyo Versity! CAMA-LIN is just a theatrical personality. Why you try to oblige me to bahave like that even in my private life? Swine house, this is. For KAKUSHIMA, OK, however, for me, muck. Bye for now!"

And they melted.

Miyuki's dream was so so clear and they all vanished for it. Miyuki could remember the scene, in detail. And they both dreamed that Miyuki accepted it. And they thought that they could buy the dream house now. As they like. Probably, for free, they would gain such a type of cheapish modern prefablicated hut.

Thus, they are going to Tokyo. Good to know it. And now, Miyuki is sleepy, yes.

Even today, monolis cloud appeared. The colour is dark grey, and downward mode only. Spooky, thus, different from common cloud.

It rained a bit also, and the rain drop was also sticky. They don't want to stop the wrongdoing at all. Weather should be managed, satans think so, and we all are against their wrongdoings. Miyuki said to them all, "You, Stupid!" in total, more than 100 hundred at one night.

And ADACHI confessed that only one time "You, Stupid!" turned to be a trigger for him. Robin SAKAMOTO ordered to kill him, and KITAMURA, her Testacles Pet n.1, dealt with it.

Miyuki remembers that in Feburary in 2013, she encountered 4 or 5 figures of Faculty of Foreign LAnguage's staff in the line of Bus Stop toward Kyorin Versity, in front of JR Hachioji station. In front of Miyuki, they talked, like, "She can't put up with it, so harsh for her!" like a refrain, so many times.

For Miyuki, "Like as throwing yourself from the fall of KEGON, 華厳の滝 in NIKKO" was added. What? Miyuki imaged that some so so old strange inclined guy wispered to do suicide to some guy, and her image was Misao FUJIMURA, the mate of Toshiyoshi MIYAZAWA.

For Miyuki, another version was prepared. Miyuki's wave is already taken by others, and she is always monitored by others. Others want to get along with Miyuki, indifferent from Miyuki's intention, and disliked by her immediately. Only a showing up her total dinian is enough, they yelled. However, Penis Worm KOGA insistently attacked Miyuki so harshly. Miyuki suid him in varied ways, however, Japanese sociely ignored it entirely.

And it caused the system change. Miyuki liked to be bouncing on the heads of her team mate. Like a kind of festival, as usual. Yelled by everyone is her preference. And DDMs????

For them, another version. All were suid because of their evil plan of Miyuki's catching and killing. Mariko TAKEDA planned it, and started her dirty work.

Oh, Constitutional Law Professor of TSUDAJUKU women's collage, was non promissive pimp, yes, and at the same time, FEMI-LES admiror No.1. They themselves liked to kill others, as usual, when they liked to do so.

Plain, messy, anti-fashionable, non-promissive, no-future type pupils in WASEDA versity turned to be seriel killers. Oh, both くそダマリ or Muck Ponds, KUSO-DAMARI.

北田真理 Mari KITADA of Kyorin Versity, while 武田万里子 Mariko TAKEDA of TSUDA College. The twins from WASEDA versity.

For Miyuki, just a pun, their names are. Both so similar and the MUCK related names, both are.

ADACHI liked Miyuki's laughing mode. Sadist, and so soft. No intention of evilness at all. Like a tiny infant. She is the real sadist. Childish smiling with total satisfaction of doing rightousness. Infant skelton with so so idiot smiling face. All love you, MIYUKI, however, all pledged type....Fatus, included...

Always popular among kids and animals, Miyuki felt since she was so so kid. And expressed it to her mates in Platinum Tribe. Yes, that's it. Thus, always virgin TOHOHO...

They all pledge Miyuki's virginity, and almost done. Too too kinky to realize your dream to do it. No planetal human beings can't accept Miyuki's so called logical liberalism...Even pimps didn't imagine such a harsh story at all. They all yelled, "She should be an easy goer, thus, so cheapish objects are enough for her to trade." The both Muck Ponds thought like that.

At glance, so childish and they got trapped by the appearance. Just a dumb. And dull. Everyone thought like that. How she could enter into Tokyo Versity level. For Platinum Tribe, Miyuki is superb as their team leader, however, her appearance gives so big damage for them all. Such a stupid existed in the dormitory?, they were all asked. For Miyuki's sake, they were saved, anyway... Good to hear it...

Miyuki visited Platinum Dormitory, in May, 2016. And found that the campus was concealed and the gate was locked, and the discription said, "We are monitoring you. ALSOK", however, no electricity at all.

And the couryard turned to be Green Jungle, with lots of birdies. However, the building, new one, seemed as if the residents were living even at that moment of visiting. The curtains were put, as normal, and Miyuki thought that, "I am almost homeless. If it would be empty, I ask some guy to allow me to use..." And put her visiting card of Kyorin Versity into the courtyard, asking the birdies to inform to the rightous guys.

Strange. As if, they were living, however, courtyard was almost no man's land's sign. What happened. However, Miyuki welcomed the Green Jungle, and thought, "When I was here, I didn't recognized the existance of such a variety of green plants, including trees. Anyway, appearance got reformed. Probably, it is a good sign. And many birdies come here to eat some fruits of the tries. Some trees were floureshing and birdies were talking on her arrival. Sayumi said so the same. She came to see the trees only, however, found the building, and got relieved. Anyway, can use for precariously. Oh, Sayumi, you thought also?

For her, sufficient to live. And big dinning was there. Toilet and bath, in common. For them all, for living, no problem. However, the clerk said, "You would be astonished, because it is old"

Miyuki and OKINO got astonished at TATAMI bed. Exists? Exists...Japanized Westernstyle. Efficient, however, not so stylish... a bit TOHOHO included.

And Miyuki watched a short news of GLOBO, which said that in Sao Paulo, some selebrity could buy TATAMI bed for their luxurious night. Two pieces combined type. Green TATAMI. Smell so good at first, yes. However, Brazilians would like it? Miyuki got in wonder. Anyway TATAMI bed...

Celebrity would buy it type, yes. However, our bed is...sufficient, and no lice, no itchy bitchy spiders, at least.

Precarious use would be fine, for the dormitory. Or, they attacked. Lice???

Paracites. Spider type? No, human figures!! Oh, long stayers were targetted to push out. Oh, the theme of the discussion as always. Witch is which problem. Miyuki's solution is, necessity only.

Economy, at first. And some special factors, then. Sometimes, include subjective factors, however, generally speaking, objective explanation should be prevalent.

Thus, Sayumi gained one...the smallest chamber, as the same...Sufficient yes. One bed, one desk, chair, and closet. Enough, at that time, yes. As a matter of fact, Miyuki is now, smaller space user actually. Thus, Sayumi is more luxurious.

TOHOHO, in this period. Anyway, precarious OK. Miyuki needs to work, so hard to concentrate on her writing job. however, concealing not at all. Blue sky calls me as always. However, mode change is needed. Visite our site, www.ocn.wheneverwhereever.findfriend.computermachinery.exist.anytrouble.OK.enemyishereandthereyet.machineryisdangerous.miyukialmosthittoday.silentmode.deathcalling.117.dyingandlaughing.thentakecarewithyourjob.softmodeisnecessity.yourtalkingisnoisy.yousaissilenthowevertheythougtnoisy.ohmiyukithinksitis soquietmode.yourstandardisalwaysdifferent.thusdifficulttoprotectyou.everyguyistrouble.thusmiyukimakesefforttoprotectherself.miyukiisalwayssohushhushmode.andtheyalso.nowtrytospeaksowispering.tryok.iisirs!!!!

Miyuki should be a wispering nature admirer mode tomorrow. Good girl faking. Can you? DEKIRUKANA. 高見映 or NOPPO-SAN.

Miyuki is smily with her developping. Anyway, Miyuki wants to grow up, and thought that Hiroko NAKAMURA was not satisfied with her relatively long legs. Miyuki understood what she wanted to say. For others, she is taller than others, and relatively longer leg holder, yes. However, she claimed, "My tigh is not so short, while, my under legs are not sufficiently long. It's a pity." Miyuki thought like that today. Thus, training. More running is needed to make longer legs. OK, I will try. A bit a bit. In case of necessity, it would be useful. And Trindle, now...Chasing game...They want to do, and Miyuki should survive, anyway...

Thus, see you in our blog. Probably, Yaculte would reside in our special republic imperial called Ignolandia. It's difficult to recruit some promissive guy to this land. Anyway, now Chinkoro is an adiror of his fling mode. And monitor well his way of flying for his sake. Not Chinkoro's sake...

Miyuki thought always for herself. Even animals don't do so...Miyuki's discovery. To survive, first, Miyuki...Alex cried for Miyuki's ignorance. How cheapish, Miyuki's life is...Only US$30 per month...Exists? Exists. At that time. Now more expensive.

Todai established 1 room type with toilet and bathtub, at the cost of US$150 per month. The same as so called 1 room Mansion. Terrible illogical sarcastic way of saying. Mansion is a big house, and this 1 room mansion is only 15 ㎡. Exists? Exists.

Miyuki didn't buy any apartment, because of their names also. Because, Palace, Plaza, Dinasty, Imperial, Forest, Lake, and so on, Big vast place insinuated words on parade. Too too shameful, thus, I want to choose some modest name putted. Just number is enough now. However, they put strange megalomaniac names, and sometimes,others, including public and private sectors, ask us, "What is the name of your residencial building?" Thus, the shameful name is obliged to use. Terrible.

Rosa e Azul, is the name of the residencial building of Dona Titta, and Miyuki passed one year there. Miyuki liked the combination. A bit old traditinal type, like Paris. And the inside, so so simple. After the entrance, living room, a big one, and then kitchen and shower room, and in front of kitchen, Miyuki's chamber, then, Dona Titta's chamber, and the bottome, a bigger chamber for the guest.

Common, however, in Japanese standard, big, probably. 50 years or so, probably. However, wooden wall and floor, and the floor was similar to Platinum dormitory. Cobination of Wooden pieces.

In MARUNOUCHI Hotel, in the top restaurant, Miyuki watched the same type floor, however, more cheapish version. Oh, at least, Platinum Dormitory's floor was better than this version.

and they said that this hotel is celebrity only....For Miyuki, any foreigner would be fine type hotel. In front of Miyuki, some foreigners, young and massy sportive wear like Miyuki, entered into the hotel. And the real reception is near the top, and on the first floor, another general reception.

There Miyuki was nominated an International Photographer by Korean 金正男 or Kin-Jon-Nam. He kindly taught Miyuki the existance of informing botton.

Miyuki was so so clever, they yelled. So stupid, thus clever...Sissors, code name... Stupid, in short. Thus, from Miyuki's house, so many sissors were stolen. even now, they are stolen. Strange fenomenum. Miyuki remembers KOUSO? My cousin, far. Once went to fish in the orcean, in a white car.

Long long 20 pages composition, Miyuki wrote in the next day. Miyuki liked to go there, and on the white cliff, they all climbed up. Miyuki liked to see the view. Ocean view, Miyuki liked. So rare case, she could see. And KOISO's father died with cancer recently...Didn't know it. Eat lots of fish, as he liked, and said, "Fish is delicious, and rare is the best." The same as my opinion. And radiation?

Didn't know. And they said, cancer, and probably, 2 shots, Miyuki thought. Medical doctors were all liers. They should not have been born. Too too nasty to remember each experience with them. No use. They should die for now. All system included. Hypocrates's tribe were Hypocrates.

Hypo...Medicine was used for purification. Hypo itself is dangerous. And today, Miyuki watched an old male bug spilt a lot of crol or hypo into the public pool, and took the picture. He would be the actual power holder of the vast campus of the gymnastic park. And strangely, the opening is yet, however, the shower tree of infants' pool is already 24 hours spilling mode. Water is used abandontly.

He likes to showup the summer mode. Stupid! Thus, Alzheimer patients. They can't understand the difference between gain and loss. Thus, no time for the losers. Just accumulating the debt.

No sanction didn't effect this type. YUKARI and HARUMI are the same. We are all sorry to delay the vanishing of them both. They showed up their evilest lives. They are so so evil to others. Harsh, they explained themselves to to others, however, in fact, just unkind. In case of being harsh, they theymselves should behave under the strict mode. They dispenced themselves from the standard, and just to others, threatened in harsh mode. DDMs, cockroach satan version, they are.

Purification is needed, in any way. DDMic vehicles, here and there even now. No time for the losers, and they chose the easiest way. Terrible for others, all.

Hell, we call it. Japanese Domestic wived. They should not have been protected, however Japenese Government protected them, under the name of gentlemanship. Just DDMs protected DDMs. The same, the both were.

Now, take a quick shower, and prepare for tomorrow's adventure, in wispering mode!!!!

Then, see you on our blog!!!! Tweet Tweet!!!!

VANISH! DDMs!!! Ugly bitch Cockroach satans!!!!!!!

From Wild 7 plus Yaculte, with Big LOVE!!!
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