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01/07/2017 (Saturday, morning) Good morning, rightous brothers!!!! I was forced to get up at 8:00, because Harumi, the mother, opened the window with rough sound, despite of rainy sky. YUKARI also entered into her chamber, unnecessarily. Today, they appeared in double, probably, to show up their faked existence in this world.

Miyuki pushed out HARUMI's chamber, and picked up her intimate wear in the corredor, where YUKARI was pretended to fuck some washed up clothes.

YUKARI asked to HARUMI, "Where are newspapers?" HARUMI replied, "Probably under the stairs." YUKARI asked, "Also, yesterdays' one?" HARUMI said, "Yes, probably", and YUKARI asked, "And its TV guide pages?" HARUMI replied, "Yes, including, probably." ????

They are always reading newspaper during a day. Today, YUKARI wanted to read TV guide pages for yesterday. ????

And HARUMI declared to YUKARI, "I will leave home today, OK, YUKARI?" YUKARI replied, "Sure, Ma'm". HARUMI added, "Of course, I will come back later." ????

Don't come back from INFERNO, HARUMI. We all hate your staying here in the world. Both, Peeping Tom Muck Bokkos.

Anyway, Miyuki, with intimate wear in her hand, was pushed away from the second floor of the main room. Miyuki cinfirmed that no bunch of keys in the determinated place in the corredor of the kitchen. "Oh, the office should be open, thus, it's not necessary to bring the keys." Miyuki thought, and went to the office.

However, the door of the office was locked. How should I do? I was pushed away from the office, too. It's rain today. I shuddered. "Vanish! DDMs! You are ugly messy dirty Alzheimer satans!", Miyuki sighed under the whitish grey sky.

Suddenly YUKARI popped out from the door of the main house, and she rang the sound of the bunch of keys. And She passed Miyuki through, and opened the door, and entered at first, and shut the door. Miyuki sighed. They pushed us out from our places, both, main houose and the office. Miyuki has no space to stay, they wanted to show up, despite of their ilegitimacy.

"We already occupy all of this house, OK, bitches! You are losers! We have two keys, and you have no. It means we are the winners! " was their last words. YUKARI, unnecessarily, started her second or theird washing in the office, and MIYUKI started her pray as usual.

Since yesterday, MIYUKI put the word "REAL" in the last part of "For all of Gods". It means that we don' rely on faked Gods. Even now, faked Gods show up as the real gods, probably. Accumulated blasfamia. Why satans are so feeble minded, and don't think of how they would be punished harshly.

Non reliable no.1, HARUMI and YUKARI, were caught and accused by satans themselves, however, they can't stop this childish play. Alzheimer Slowest Satans, they were categorized.

rough, and quick, was Satans' key word. And Miyuki imaged Takako KAWASAKI, her ex-mate of Primary school. Non reliable, however, quick, and rough.

Now, the above both, are rough, slow and non reliable. Even satans, they are the lowest category existance.

Miyuki suffered being locked out from the office, again. In this case, no keys situation. How should I do?

And Miyuki found the keys in the windsill of the window, inside the door of the office. Two both. YUKARI is accustomed to hold one bunch of keys, usually, in her pocket. And one, also, she uses, and put on the windsill, nearer to water place. Miyuki always put the bunck of keys on the windsill near the door. Thus, the bunch near water place is the sign of YUKARI's use. And after using the bunch A, she left it on her favorite place, then, she herself locked the door, from outside. It means that only YUKARI, who has the bunch B, could open the door. If one wants to need to use toilet, it should ask her to allow to use it. Monopoly of toilet, YUKARI did, in the past. And now, YUKARI started the same dirty work, as her habitual way. She forgot that she is the real loser, and prisoner also.

Wearing black sweater meand in her mind, now, in winter. She is repeating the past mode. Before the system change, it means. Indifferent from the change, she is always satan, in the lowest rank.

And HARUMI's remark is, "You can lock out others as you like, YUKARI. They should know our power. I will be free from toilet problem today, because I will be outside. Do, YUKARI, as you like!!! Give a torture for others, as much as possible, YUKARI. This is our divine order!!! You shall die, in the middle of shame, called Alzheimer patients, OK?"

Oh, fatus Miyuki! Miyuki chose to go to the universe, and HARUMI stopped her exit. Miyuki was obliged to stay longer, two weeks more than usuall. And according to Todai related medical doctors, only after 6 days of delay, babies started to rotten.

Probably, Miyuki had a superb memory function. Howevr, HARUMI stuck her inside the belly more than 2 weeks, and part of Miyuki's memory function got worse. Too too tortured, for her, and couldn't remember the birth scene at all. After almost 6 months, she could remember. However, before it, not at all.

Super power should not be held by this ugly fatus, HARUMI thought. And Miyuki was in the situation. "How should I do? I can't come back, and go either. In this case? WARP!!!"

Miyuki was born, anyway. And she was a quiet baby. Anyway survived, was her key words. And they found Miyuki, already came to the world. She was in the room, anyway. Thus, at least, we should treat her as a human being.

HARUMI was scolded by her concealing the fact, that she had a baby, anyway. Almost rotten, she explained. Too too late to come to the house. She stayed more than 3 weeks there. Why? Just wanted to eat meals in the hospital.

Miyuki remembered that HARUMI liked to eat Hospital meals when her father Tamiya YAMAGUCHI was hospitalized by the accident in the working place. Serious foot cutting case. And HARUMI remembered that she liked to eat meals, given by her father, kindly.

And also she said, "The medical doctor suspected me to suffer Nose stuck problem, because I was too slow in mind. They thought 蓄膿症 or CHIKUNOUSHOU."

Slow minded was so evident even in her youngest days, in public. Now, with her old age, she got worse. Always lied. And others were called stupid by her. According to her understanding, she is the best student among her three brother and sister. Thus, her father prejudiced her because of stop her education in the level of junior high. Always she has inferior complex at this point.

For Miyuki's understanding, High School is not for her type. Anyway, lack of abstracting ability. Always her interpretation relies on words. Literal understanding only. MICCHIKU like study type. And she disliked cramschool study. What left on her? Nothing. LESS THAN THERO.

Thus, HARUMI was categorized as Alzheimer satan, beside YUKARI. All of both, including your dearest son Alex. Satanic sly smiling means too too cold to others????

Miyuki is not doubt on both. And Alex, was in the hand of Gods. Thus, Alex was judged separatedly. And if he failed, his problem. Miyuki is free from worry of this point. If in case of satan, should vashish, because his existance would suffer us all, including Miyuki. If not, welcome to our world, rightous brother.

Which is witch. This, Miyuki should get out from the office, as soon as possible. The raid, would happen, probably.

Thus, see you soon on our blog.

KIDS, adore your coolish play. Always, with good team mates!!!

VANISH! DDMs!!! I am a wolf!!!! Duran Duran. Miyuki's theme song.

Hungry for foods, of course!!!! And it, of course!!!!

From wild 7, with Big LOVE!!! Miyuki is in danger of hunger!!!! Give me delicious foods!! OK?, Delicious foods, at the reasonable price!!!! Hungry Miyuki is obliged to walk arround the rural village, lonely...Like a wolf...

BAKAYAROU!!!! The wolf baws. Too too reasonable!!! Any rightous guy should do so!!!! More polite type, like Calousel would do so. At this point, she is not a lady now. The same expression was needed to use, to image the situation. No other words, except it!!!

Akihiro MIWA said the same. Even ladies did the same, if they were in the situation. Of course, they two assured.
Without saying. Satans are BAKAYAROUs!!!!!!

See you, soon, Rigthous Brothers. I am hungry, in reality!!!!

Here we go!!!
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