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This morning, Miyuki went to WASHIO to buy some nurtrishous foods. However, she couldn't find, and tried to buy some anyway eatable foods. She made a line on the casher. The faked consumers by impulse started to prolong the time to do their account, and the faked stupid clerk, made a long conversation with a faked consumer. After the long conversation, she attended Miyuki and she took a pincho of fried chickens. she tried to search the price of the food, in the cashing machine. However, she couldn't. Only US$0.98, and it is so common price in this super market. she delayed for long time. And finally, she asked Miyuki, "How much does it cost?" . Miyuki got so upset and quitted to buy them, leaving the place saying, "Stupid! Alzheimer, confirmed!"

This stupid old bug got the process being so slow, and the finally, asked the price to the consumer. Why she exists? She doesn't know price, OK, then, she should search by herself. She threatened Miyuki to say anything. Miyuki dislikes to communicate with any of satanic clerk, at all! She obliged Miyuki to speak something unnecessarily. She, the clerk, should vanish with her mates, all in a body!

Stupidity should be covered by their own effort. Not consumers. Shirakawa residents didn't know this simplest rule, even Miyuki was a kid.

One day, Miyuki went to 十字屋 or JUUJIIYA, to buy タコ焼き機 or iron plate only for OSAKA style wheat ball with octopus. Miyuki, previously checked the advertisement, and confirmed that it would be sold at US$10. The advertisement said "US$10, only for 10 figures".

Thus, Miyuki went to the shop, in the exact time of the opening. No one existed beside her. And she looked for the iron plate. However, she couldn't find, thus, she asked to the clerk. His reply was, "Only for 10 figures. It was already sold all"

Miyuki remembered his way of saying, "You stupid! " added type. Thus, she decided not to buy this iron place forever. Induced and trapped. She got so in fury.

Soon after, the shop moved from the place. It was located on the place of actual Care giving school, ex- YOKADOU place. And it was moved to the actual OPPABU only building, near the place.

KATSUMI's so called trousers stealing case happened in the building. After the case, soon, JUUJIYA closed.

Miyuki didn't know her power well. Anyway, after she got in fury seriously, the target vanished. Individually or as judicial figures, also.

Why always after Miyuki leaving, almost all of the judicial figure vanished?, Miyuki got in wonder. Always. "This organization is rotten. Just harmful. It should be punished." She thinks, it ends up.

Only few knows this special abilities. Thus, Miyuki got concealed in Shirakawa. Always, after her disatisfuction, it happened. The reason, unknown.

Litmus test paper, Miyuki thought already. And she should be protected anyway, according to her stonehead like belief. Justice should protect us, anyway.

Thus, many faked Gods failed. Gods should be omni-potent, Miyuki thought. And they were not!!! Oh, again????

dissapointed, again and again. Idealized the target, when she believed, and got dissapointed after some conflict between her and the target.

Always. Thus, for Miyuki, why TOYOTA exists?, always. TOYOTA betrayed her expectation, and she quitted to buy Celica at all. I would never buy TOYOTA car, forever, she pledged.

However, according to OMANKO journalism, TOYOTA earned a lot, and got a good reputation abroad. When this goddamnit notorious company would fail??? Miyuki waited and waited.

Strange. Always, without exception, the evil companies vanished after her fury. Why this the evilest not yet????

And found that it vanished already more than 30 years ago, and they just faked their existance...TOYOTA was the fast model of Satanic company in Japan. Thus, 桂枝雀 or Shijaku KATSURA, immitated the scene of Mr.Robot. Styx.

KANBAN houshiki, or 看板方式 was famous in 1980s. And for Miyuki, a kindergarden, the company was??? like interpretation. When lack of some materials happened, the workers put the fact on the paper....Childish. The proof of stupidity. Automatationed factory did it?, type, irrarional system. And it was praised by any field of Japan.

Kazuo SUGUENO, an ex-professor of Labour Law, which is Miyuki's strongpoint, despite of her so so less attending of the subject, picked up this system as an example of the success.

Miyuki didn't like the subject, and attended only two times among 15 lessons. However, Miyuki gained A grade, thus she liked the subject. Oh, I could do it, like astonishing included.

YUKARI's way of life, in short. ADACHI explained. Just faked to exist. Now, only back appearance,she is. Always in the kitchen, and near the bath room.

When Miyuki came back from HASEGAWA hospital, YUKARI nudged Miyuki, in her elbow, with accusing her, "You, stupid! Shameless! Shame of our family!!!" And Miyuki didn't understand the reason at all.

They accused others because of their own betrayal, now deeply Miyuki thinks.

Thus, "I hope that you could keep a certain distance with others" delivered by HARUMI, the mother, was the remark to criticise HARUMI herself. She always said this remark to Miyuki, and Miyuki always got in wonder. I know how to respect others. This is you, who doesn't know it, Miyuki really thought.

She didn't respect others, it means. And satanic way of saying is, always, someguy should be sacrificed, because of their own sin. It's enough. Thus, target is replaceable. Thus, YUKARI was always rightous, between them both, while Miyuki was always wrongdoer, as their thinking.

Why YUKARI accused me, because of her own late going back from somewhere? Miyuki got astonished. It happened. So common among satans. Alzheimer satans do it, so often.

Without knowing, they replaced the personality, and then, they, sincerely, accused others, instead of themselves. In kyorin campus, Miyuki watched this spooky and nasty fenominum, intensively. And in HASEGAWA hospital, also. In Tokyo Detention, also. In Tokyo District Court, also. In Shirakawa, also.

Alzheimer fenomena, here and there in Shirakawa. They should vanish, Miyuki declared, and they put her to be declared. Automatically, the replacement starts. No choice. Too too dangerous. Rightous anger should cause own goal, in this situation.

VANISH! DDMs!!! All in a body!!! Erotic Alzheimer satans, you are. Go directly to INFERNO, immediately, eternally, entirely, completely, totally, all in a body, forever, at once, right now!!!!

白痴、痴愚、魯鈍 or idiot, stupid and slow mind. These three words were used to express the low IQ holders. Miyuki learned the words when she was in junior high, and liked the sound. MAKIKO and IZUMI-san also.

And Miyuki appointed the LOW IQ of the medical doctor responsible Dr.Dull. Then, this Dr.Dull asked Miyuki the difference of the three category. Oh, he has no basic knowledge on this theme. Is he a doctor of Mental Health, in effect??? No knowledge necessary, for this field, probably. Just BLA-BLA-BLA would be fine, presumably.

Miyuki observed the conversation of the faked consumers of Shirakawa at BANIMARU-Yokomachi, and found that it was just BLA-BLA-BLA. Only some frases, caught by their impulse, they delivered without knowing the meaning. Each one declares its own respectful opinion, in turn, and no conversation world. Mutual BLA-BLA-BLA exchange, it was.

Monotonous world, thus, every rightous one would yawn. Nirvana is Inferno. Thus, they are going to Nirvana, namely, INFERNO. Don't go back ever, please!!!!

They popped out from wrong place now. Miyuki watched an old unknown guy appeared from the block's hall, or 年貢町会館 and he, with his asking mode, started to read the map, and the door was closed already. If he were the resident, he were not interested so intensively to the map, because he already would know the area.

Miyuki watched tracks passing in front of her. One track was the discription of MIYUKI logistics. Another, with KATSUMI. Miyuki got in wonder. They are doing peeping Tom job yet, confirmed.

And along the route 4, she found "Institute of Used Cars in Japan", or 日本中古車研究所. They took Research Center as Commercial Facility. Sperm Bank is the money bank, for them all, probably. Thus, in so cheapish mode, a faked sperm bank EXCELLANCE was established in 1990s.

For Miyuki and other single mother by choice's member, donation like blood case, the act was. Thus, they thanked the donners, so much. And for Miyuki, EXCELLENCE was out of mind. Dirty Body Liquid collecting center, running nose included, type impression, she had.

Miyuki rememebered that her mother HARUMI couldn't contexutural approach at all, since she was younger. Stupid, always Miyuki thought of her. She understood the things literally. Flat, her world was. however, anyway, kind, she is, thus, I should put up with her misunderstanding, was Miyuki's stance on HARUMI.

Childish, in a certain meaning. However, too too harsh, to show preventive in front of the nurses of HASEGAWA hospital, as if, "I, a good girl HARUMI, have never used such an evil product, while, this evil devilish existance called MIYUKI, has the demonish product. How nasty, this old bug is!!! Please punishe her more and more, because of this wrongdoing of holding preventive." she were saying.

Stupid! In public, always she wanted to show up as a good girl, at the cost of other family's life. YUKARI is the same. If the authority odered the cruel requirement like Sophie's Choice, they would automatically follow without thinking of if the order were wrong or rightous, Miyuki really thought. Dangerous Twin satans, with Alzheimer desiese. Mad Dog, they both now.

Clare was biten by HARUMI today. Oh, Gistemper!! Clare!!! Watch out!!!!

Beaten, not biten, stupid!!! Anyway, physical violence was used as always. Oh, Japanese Educatio!

Miyuki remembered that the song of School of Spallows.

  Spallows' teacher responsible, does BLA-BLA-BLA, whipping, as always.

In the amusing melody, however, this is the song of Fumie INOUE. Just BLA-BLA-BLA or rumours only, and always threatening. Why no other teachers didn't push her out???

Miyuki's question was not resolved yet.

All Shirakawa residents are practically the same. Watch out, Miyuki! They hold the real gun!!!

Yes, there is a gun, which sells guns and bullets. Terrible. Near the minicipality hall. No one forces this shop to close immediately. In Shirakawa, gun holding is allowed for Alzheimer patients, like Acepharos cars. Dangerous tools, both are. Chinkoro laught at the existance. This is the real IDIOCRACY. No mans' land already, for several dacades.

And this village is only one example of the other evil towns all over Japan. Here and there, this type of towns,ADACHI watched.

Miyuki was so shocked at ADACHI WARD, in Tokyo. Bones and bones, in front of the station like impression, Miyuki caught.

Shirakawa is the rural town with Hospitals, clinics, funeral halls, schools, kindergardens, box type shopping malls, IKKYO complexes, and no industrial activities. Insurance related life, they spended, whole their lives. Too too cruel, however, for satans, rather, too too natural. Why not? like impression felt among them.

Even now, old female bugs were concealed in gymnastic facilities. They wiped the entrance, unnecessarily. Miyuki laught at them, singing, お出かけですか、レレレのレ♫♬

  ODEKAKE-DESUKA, Le-Le-Le no Le. ♫♬

  Only complement, Alzheimer only world's symbol, described by Fujio AKATSUKA.

Unnessesarily, they like to abandon. Then, abandon themselves, immediately!!! And they did total vanishing, today. It took so much time until to vanish completely. Srinkage, Miyuki did know well. YUKARI and HARUMI were so so small now. Muck reduced, Miyuki rightously took the message.

Perception is good, however, she is brave too much. Thus, always, it causes trouble, Clare claimed. Always, "Go directly to Inferno! Inferno is your suitable place, BUSU bitches!!!" was their disliking no.1. And Miyuki turned to be Miss Beauty in the universe. Back Stage Dancers, are her specialite. Always OK type mother and sister, both don't work, and only accuse the other members of the family. INFERNO, this family is.

Probably, from the begining, Miyuki was not welcome by anyone. Why now? type astonishing was always from us all. Miyuki replies. I have no place to live, beside here.

Too too miserable, your case is. And Shirakawa would hold their funeral party tomorrow. July 1st???

The day after June, means, another June????

They thought that July is the month of the water. yes, beach, pool, evening shower, bathing before putting YUKATA on, and so on.

rainy season, it means. Oh, today, already. Warm, pleasent rain, Miyuki liked. Like a steam mist for plants. Not nasty. My skin liked it. Too keep this position, need to take care of my skin.

They can chage the product after putting into the tube. Oh, KOSE, U2????

White Spots appeared after the usage of the product of KOSE. Thus, the female group accused the company, and company lost. Miyuki bought the product? No. However, bought the product of the same company for sunburn protection.

No reason for vanishing. Thus, they stopped to use it. OK. Thus, appoint of mark, white spots appeared. After?

You should use this product for ever, was their message. If you like, buy our product like attitude.

Miyuki is sleepy. See you on our blog, tomorrow!

Vanish! DDms!!! You are so ugly Alzheimer satans!!!

With Big LOVE from Wild 7.

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