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 They said one thing, and the other clerk another thing. I missed only one flight to Buenos Aires and should wait until the next day. Passed one night in the airport and got out to take a breakfast and walking and lunch. Did a job. Dashing travel schedule. Too tight, however, could. And when she came back from the town, the problem again. Changing schedule of the railways. Frequently.She moved with laggages to look for the exact train, here and there, asking many figures, and their remarks were instable. And flew into the train. However, passed the airport. No phone. She was dissapointed and looked for someone who helped us. One kind portugues like uncle type called for her and asked the exact train and gor off the train. And waited the changed train together. Another more mixed type girls with her, They didn't speak however, seemed worring me and protected me until the other information. Now she got to know that it's impossible to catch the train to go to the airport on time. Thus, Oh, taxi, they adviced. OK, you would go with Taxi, and departed. Miyuki felt kindness surrounded them. They were latin type. Not with newliy freshman suits type. Miyuki's never changing casual clean wear type. Thanked a lot and hurried up to the taxi. And He was a pakistanese, who worked as an immigrant with his wife and talked on Pakistanese foods. Hurried and worried about, however, I couldn't manage the speed. Thus, I wanted to know the immigrants situation. Not bad, however, foods are perish for them and his wife is a good cook, and she knews Biliyani cooking. Miyuki wanted to have her recipe and handed a card again. And claimed the versity to him. Provisiona, however, I belong here.

  And now, pilaf is BILIYANI type and cooking and boiling is a bit diggerent. However, exists the middle. Rizotte like Pilaf like some steamed rice type some different food. The clue is usage of oil. Oil avoid stickyness. Only a bit of oil is enough. Olive oil!!! Marvelous!!!! Until medicine, it could be!!!

  Sticky things dislike oils. Or, Lice! You too!!!! Rice and Lice. In Japanese, the same. Vanpire armies. Nasty and itchy. YUKARI wanted to get Lice, not Cibylla. Oh, the sound. Ramon said, sound and Miyuki said voice. Greeks had the same ears more ancient type to listen to the voice of incects. Not nasty, but musical.

  In Old Langate, there are some different attitude to bahave. However, DDMic one is not that elegant type. Just slow and nasty. We need to endure the smell of pomade oil of the kinky old figure who thought us traditional Japanese Language. He was a mess, everyone said. Someone said, "He belongs to Sindicate of Workers, thus, he is allowed to be idol." Miyuki understood that he were absorbed in the sindicate works, thus, he were dull in the class. Sloppy, they said also.

  We hated the smell and the sloppy appearance and kinky voice. The total appearance, the damaged us.

  And his lesson was dull. Less than Zero type. Probably, Graduates are like that. We are graduates and Miyuki is the slowest to know the fact and was astonished at the every thing she discovered, like, "Oh, I found it! I found it! Eureika!!!"

  Not pleased. Just amusing the situation and fenomena. Terrible. Comedian should not laugh. Thus, some comedians fail to do so. NG time. Just faked not to happen in his belly. Your belly is so good to know the time. And we comedians also like to do so. However, even latin countried did the death squads. Oh, 1992, Rio Street Kids assasin. Cold hearted. And I took the picture of the figures in red paint. They should know the tragedy, thus, should have it.

  Miyuki liked to amuse, however, something can't amuse. keep silent kind. And sometimes, got to know how you were inhuman to others. Miyuki regreted. Thus I want to work and entertain my life. Be positive. Be rich is not financially. Richness is for support the nice living. Amusing and enjoyable. Petit luxuary is an incentive for working and better future.

  Alex likes to be big. He was safe as usual. Harshd kinky attack on him spreads here and there. Now, Clare is the target. She is the final stage and Clare managed to take advantage of YUKARI. Like a monster. Ugly monster. Gorem was passed. Now, intamable. However, manageable. She said, the magic words, "Please, Auntie!"

  Miyuki didn't want to use the term. Because she recognizes that who uses these two wors, her friends and macho group were enemy. Thus, Clare tried to be elegant in anyway. Camarin fake. Terror. She wants to more rewards from others. And Miyuki's present was big enough. They manage the situation. Miyuki just got astonished at "Wao! Oh! I found it!!"

  Your apalled eyes twinkle lots. Miyuki was too too amusing than tiny lillte aunt of the childrens' book. Now the real one exists. She said, "If I were you, I would suck my born, after my death." Oh, now she recognized her time passed already.

 long long struggle for the kinky figure with the skin bag of their auntie. She changed a lot, always for worse. Miyuki is the enemy No.1 and they were the second class. Alex was in the different category. Beautful boy, anyway. Half blooded, poor little kids like, easy goer. You shouldn't lose your virginity at all. You are too too sweet to say, "Everyone should take its own condom!!! I am OYAJI, thus I recommend you!!!"

  Too too terrible to notice the Miyuki's change to others. Alex got to know her change was caused by some adoration. She has a habit to transmitt some special thing from others. Kindness and hospitality. She sometimes got afraid of the word becouse of hospitalization. Totally different, however, originally, taking kind care. The same etimological origine.

  Miyuki's like is a bt different from Alex's. For free time. A punishment, she didn' think so. Some substitute, I think. No, no, no, nothing world. Animal Life preparation. She should know that even harsh time, we should live. And the harsh time ended. Just they lied and didn't inform the fact. The economy failed. Just it. Not so bad. We are not rich. Only the matter on the figure. Tiny little thing. They failed and shouled retired from our universe. Vanish!!!!

  DDMs lose, we repeatedly said and they persisted. Everyday kinky jokes YUKARI talked, HARUSAN thought. And now, YUKARI talked as her reality in the near future. Bone eater, she should be. She concealed in her own chamber because HARUSAN was too harsh for her. She was a tiny kid for her. And now, grotesque monster with Alzheimer . She got by her own will to be idol. Only one "a", however, a big differende type. She wanted to be "somebody" and never tried to do it. Just a fake. Job was nasty and smelly. Always scoldings. YUKARI was retired from the world and lived as the kids gorem. And now turned to be a kinky monster. Not so bad for her life.

  She got to know that everyone wants its own mission. Some job training is good for her. however, she didn't. A bit a bit, she got arragant. She earned money a bit, to talk with others. Oh, the society for phychologically challenged figures in Rikkyo. 

  Miyuki believed her explanation and she showed her a photo with cosmetics. Not pretty. Rather ugly. However, said nothing. As a treatment they did, she explained. And she said now, "I graduated with a kind sister called Miyuki and my University is Tokyo univ. also." Oh, personality change again? Thus, she trained to be Miyuki. Now, graduate holders are here and there and doctral holders are rare in the town. Thus, she wanted to fake like Miyuki. However, she was too too kinky to have a graduate degree of doctor course of law. Kids said, "Miyuki, she is? Her sister is YUKARI? Which is Which???"

  She was too shy to say her name, thus, used always Miyuki's name. And offended Miyuki's name. As always. Thus, YUKARI was incapable. Don't use her own personality is her principle of life. Incredible for us, however, HARUSAN misunderstood her personality. Shyness not. Just a bitch. she wanted to sell her money to Alex and ask, how much do you have in your safety bank? Alex responded only US$5 thousand. Good. Change your US$5 to my US$30 thousand. However, you should obey me, as soon as possible. Like harusan called me. I said "Bow wow" and you too, Alex, good boy.

  Miyuki thought that she liked dogs. She wanted to have a dog. And she said that "little kids are good at following the superior. Thus, they are quick to find the top in the situation and ask his favour immediately." Oh, I know. Thus, I am a boss for Domestic Animals, healty ones, not kinky DDMic type.

  Miyuki found the strange likeliness to be popular among normal domestic animals. Better than DDMic ones. They liked and they welcomed and Miyuki was disliked the owners. Almost always.

  YUKARI would be a watchdog for Harusan. And failed. She accepted her hate as a human being. And she enjoyed her wrongdoing for more than 40 years. She is now her baby age. In the middle of her last stage, muck. OK, sometimes happens. Now she is in the figure collectors like Alex. And my.....pals....I hope they are safe, anyway.

  If they are safe, I would do mass sun burn and if you allow, a washing in a machine in a net , only soft one, taking your old internal organs and would replace with newly freshy bloody delicious internal organs of the others. Purification is needed in this case. However, you would retreave the vivid cheerful smiling shapes after my a bit rough work!!!!

  Messy smell, oh, mold. OK, I will take it. I try anyway. Don't worry. Anyway, living now is important. And you belong to our world. You would be a good supporters for us. Full body change would be done, in some fine week with a congotrable breeze.

  Miyuki astonished her saying, "I don't want to get married however, want to have a kid like you!!!"

  Miyuki remembered the nasty job she did on her beauriful cheeks. Tea Party before the wedding. A amusing habit in Sao Paulo or in Brazil. A kind of "one night before wedding wild party"'s soft version.

  Deolind dos Santos Bresa Marques, she is called. She is half Italian and half Spanish. A bit look like YUUKO KIKUCHI and EVA in Golden Half. Long face, brown long hair and Apolled big eye hall type. Miyuki put the type, Portuguese Eye halls. KANATUBO-MANAKO is called and she looked impressive and beautiful.

 Miyuki saw a professional model type girl in front of her in the train. Slender and 170cm or so. Her eyes were hazel colour and this type of eyes she had. Unusual for us, however, beautiful eye hales. She looked lonly, of course, she was only one westerner in the train. Miyuki liked her simple dress and rather short cut fluffy hair. A bit KOYANAGUI, my friend of childhood also, like taste.

  KOYANAGUI is a Tom boy type girl with fluffy a waved brown hair, and I enjoyed with her some stupid only joke type conversation. A comedian type, she was. Gold skin type and her face is more 3D rather that us. And her eyes were a bit big and clear cut type. So her apalled face was impressive.

  I was taught that her father was public servant from someone.

  However, one day, someone in the school, made a fool of her, saying, "KOYANAGUI's father is working as the body burning facility, which belongs to municipality!!!", in a loud voice. Oh, then???

  Astonishingly, KOYANAGUI burst into tears, and understood that this boy intentionally offended her saying his father's profission. However, we were indifferent from his remarks and waited until Koyanagui retreaved the enegy to attack him.

  For us, her father's job is nothing related to our friendship. And his father presumably earns more as a public servant. Good. Rich girl. And his job is necessity for the municipality, thus he does his job. Don't mind. KOYANAGUI, he is the nasty fellow. He would be punished!!!

  Probably, the boy would jealous to her or, wanted to calle attention of her. Thus, he attacked her, because of his skewed affection appealing to her. Sometimes, school boys does this skewed compexed attitude.

  Just say, "I like you. Be my friend!". It's easy and efiicient. Why not???

  OK, I was attacked by some naughty boys. Because we were strong enough to attack on them. A kind of small war communication. However, this version is not user for this real formidable war.

  In the former, in the bottom of heart, we understood that we didn't pass the limit. Just amusing "Dog & Cat" situation. Better than discommunication type. Children need various kinds of communication system.

  However, the latter, the hypothesis itself a kind of wrongdoing. DDMs don't take "it" seriously even now. Just a joke like ending they expect. However, they offended because of this kinky attitude. We should accelarate the execution because of this idiotic kinky unti-serious attitude. Vanish! Entirey! Now! You, too, YUKARI. You are not child. Only ugly bad girl with 48 years old. Old bug with Alzheimer disease. Get out of our beautiful universe.

  You should be punished by various reasons by way of your betrayal. I try to pick up them however, I should concentrate on other precious job. You are idol. Just it. Enough as an explanation to your immediate vanishing.

  You did a good job as the most ugly last one. You chose your way and did it. You were just chosen because of kinship with me. You betrayed all of us. You should die immediately with your dirty old skin bug.

  YUKARI's dying message would be in vain. Just a trifle thing, for me. As usual. She didn't want really to do so, however...type. And attaced repeatedly. couodn't stop type. Thus, she died. Never, again. Please, UUTAN, Auntie, Die now!!!

  She should know that the world is not hers. She believed it and failed. Like other DDMs.

  DDMic residue here and there. muck. She did it. And she wanted her name. MIYUKI, her mother repeated. How we should write her name? A dying message, "What is your name?"  Oooo, KIMINO-NA-HA?, version.

  Finally, she lost the name she wanted to kill. The evilest living creature called sister. And she forgot the name. ONHUU-NO-KANATANI version by Ayako MIURA. Kids are free from their kins' strange habit and wrongdoing. Think homicide among the family. The victims were the wrongdoer's closest kins. Don't forget me not, version is unnecessary. You are the history, the history of shames. Dull old kinky idol bitches were here and there. Gods of Justice criticised our dirty work!!!

  Miyuki is not enought to work. Just I did, because I could. I am only one scholar, indifferent from others' anti-understanding. DAME-OYAJU in the academism.

  However, if I could, I should do. I thought of it. Not so strange kinky figure like DDMs. Just a bit inclinated to that rare values. And Miyuki called it liberalism and individualism. And she was really chiken. And now, a bit brave. Macho type. She was amusing the dirty work! Because we should do it and my potential to do is is better than I imagined.

  Slowness!!! Marvelous!!! She didn't recognize she is in the middle of the spooky figures. Yes she felt spookines one by one and the atomosphare, yes. However, the materiasl, places, things, all individually I felt. Thus, for majority, spooky itself. However, for us, minority, spooky but amusing place. And a bit insensitive to recognize early. After the evident symbol including ploof, I could recognize. Dicrete, at the point. However, not so descrete, before the happening.

  A jack in a box type. Miyuki likes to do the box and IZUMI-san was worried abot her choice. Only one jack in th box is the gift for TOBE??? Anything else? We have not much money and want to make a tool job. Thus, we should pay for the materials. Tools are prepared in the house. And MAKIKO, the stupid one, agreed and liked the idea. Thus, they spent a lot of time to get the success in the moment of giving the birthday gift to TOBE. And she accepted it, because it was repeatedly tried to get the success and the idea came from her kinky habit to fold the paper tape, colourful ones, in a way of spring. At that time, they spent the useless time to make some inovative working. And found that the hard should be good and would be more serious present using this technic. 3 stupid girls, Gee they were point-getters, however, always they made a lot of Mistakes. Why there are insisting to get the points??? Miyuki was most eager to get them, because MIYUKI is do or nothing type. Extremist. Athletics, nothing. Then, grade, nothing, is too too messy situation. And she is so individual.

  Probably, in this protectionists area, kindness is necessary to live, however, Miyuki is not so kind, in this meaning. She leaves. She leaves.....

  Miyuki is kind at minimum way. I am ready to be kind to others, yes. Cheerfully, amusing the situation. Gee, not so bad. Good chance type. Only DDMs should vanish. For us, the revenge starts.

  I promised, it means probably I could manage the situation. For better. Too too miserable. Too too arrogant. Too too egoistic.

  You should do it. Miyuki's mission. We create the new better world. DDMs no more version. If we find the DDM, whe should punish immediately. It was the judicial review, it was the constitutional justice. It was. Miyuki believed it worked. At Least, in some part, it worked. They failed sometimes, and misunderstanding sometimes. However, they wanted to use it and took advantage of it. The numbers. The way was not totalitarian. Individualism. Sometimes, it irritated by slowness. OK, some wrongdoers were there and here, however, Justice is respected in every means. "We have a lot of problems, however, we are trying now to manage it. We invented a new system, howeve, it didn't function. OK, then another. They tried again. Miyuki criticised the repeated unorganized way, because of inconcistence in the systems, however, funcionally, they were getting the result. A bit a bit. They at least, think in the real world. Not faking ! They wanted to enjoy their life, professional and private!!!  Richer, they want. Of course. They claim, of couse. Like me. Not unnual. And they are within the limit. They are kind. Yes, sometimes, they cheat. However, trifle ones. Some kind show up. They don't want to intentionally damage others. Oooops, we did it! Oh, what shall we do? No other way! OK, we do understandable situation.

  Lume work is sometimes good and sometimes bad. For example, I need to know the child working abusers.

  They excused, "We gives a job to the poor kids, and the poor family needs the job. Thus, we called it misercordia." Nononiya's explanation.

  Yes, poor family needs money. however, why the rich employers use the kids, on behalf of the poor family? Just they want to take advantage of the low cost working.

  They should pay for the poor family, if you feel misercordia, directly to the poor family. Richness is the evasion. Always they want to evase the situation and want to continue their monopoly.

  NINOMIYA's kids didn't choose his way. Good! Two for animators and one for militaly officer. Good choice. MISHIMA said to MIYUKI, I came here to study Portugues culture, however, I was forced to work as a baby sitter. However, I could participate in the class in Rio de Janeiro University. Anyway, we could amuse with our Brazilian friends. And Rio de Janeiro has not own local soul food type dishes, because it is a region of mish-mash."

  And she percieved, "He works too much and has no time to entertain with his kids. 3 boy kids. Thus, the oldest one is inclined to a concealed shy type."

  Miyuki felt nasty for their kids?? No. His wife took them in the office and they were normal boys. The oldest one, AUGUST, was calm and not liking to talk to adults type. He was interested in my SESAME Street's OSCAR in a gabbege can mascot, bought in a store in FUNABASHI, at the cost of US$3. I liked the character so much. My favorite among the SESAMI characters. He always claims and spets everything and got upset. A kind of trouble maker. However, he is necessary to the community and he doen't do wrong nothing. Just he has a habit to claim to everyone. And he amused his own character, and others do also.

  He was so so interested in the figure, and I too. In this situation, how I should behave? Give or not give? A big problem for me. I like it, however, he too. I am adult and he is an infant. After several minutes of agonizing thinking, Miyuki decided to give him. Just say to his mother, "Keep it for him. Don't worry." Just it. However, Miyuki was sad in mind at this separation from Oscar. Good bye, Oscar. I loved you. However, this boy needs you. Maybe, we have the same character a bit. A shyness and anti-satisfaction. And prey Oscar's brave choice to be good for both.

  Miyuki was really kinky figure, they say. Why she was too too insistent to hold the strange figure. Oscar, my Oscar, you are leaving, Oscar....

  Probably, DDMs thought that my Oscar would be Oscar in ANIME called "Roses in VERSALLIE"writen by Riyoko IKEDA.

  She wrote the series and earned much money and got famous by theater play of TAKARAZUKA, as I wrote before.

  And made a film produced according to the comic in France and the result was a mess. I even disliked to see the poster. The hero was named OSCAR by her father's "you should be a boy" expectation and grew up as a soldier. On behalf of Luis XVI. The modest key making lover, got married with Marry Antoinett, this king was. The hero fight for the king and the queen and lost his life. And during the process, he fell in love with Felzen, a Austrian lover of the queen.

  A costume play. The write liked to be an opera singer and turned to be. She got married with a deplomat, old guy.

  She liked costume play, thus she wrote it, probably. And got success. Costume play for conventional feudalistic monarchy.

  ABE wanted to be OSCAR??? Felzen is your wife??? TAKARAUKA lovers, so they wanted to live in OOSAKA?





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