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17/08/2017 (Thursday, morning) It is getting hot summer day, again. During OBON, Shirakawa area was so cold as we were already in Autumn Rainy Season. Look this OMANKO Jarnalistic article provided by NHK, semi-public Japanese News Company:

Today, YUKARI put small amount of amphetamine, on her nose, a bit, probably. Thus, she frequents to the toilet so often, and in so active mode.

She came to the toilet, and in the corredor, picked up so tiny trash, like a thread or a piece of sweet wrapping, and on the way to the trash box in the office, she came to throw it, opening the sliding glass door of the office, while Miyuki was asleep on the floor.

Then, she refrained from the office, and entered into it with Clare. Clare asked something, however, YUKARI forgot. Thus, Clare, in front of the desk in the office, accused YUKARI in her soft mode, "Oh, I asked you before. Did you forget it? " and YUKARI responded, "Oh, sorry, Clare! I forgot it!" with sly faked cute smiling.

BEEEEERRRREEEEE!!!! Miyuki wanted to vommit! YUKARI always smiles or laugh, she made a big mistake. Anyway, forgetful. Clare confirmed again. And she monitored her sly smile also. Sly cute faked smile means, "You should forgive me, because I am cute feeble minded kind Auntie!"

And YUKARI came with HARUMI to the office, and only YUKARI entered into the office, while HARUMI stayed in the courtyard. Thus, YUKARI started to yell in her maximum loud voice, "It is so stupid! It left a mount of trash in the office! Unusual! Why could it do so in its life???!!! Sinful!!! Crime!!! Wrondgoing! I needed to waste so many time to push away these amount of trash, including coffee package's piece, a half of glove, and so on, and so on! It is too idol and dirty and stupid! You know how I was obliged to work on behalf of it! I am so diligent! I am forced to spend so many hours to collect the trash which it left in the office!!! Terrible! "

Miyuki did know well that in the corredor and in the washing room, there were so few trash. And coffee package, not at all! Glove? Only a pair of white glove, which are used by YUKARI in her washing time, to protect her precious hands from chemical side effect.

This is Dodomerdic technic to accuse others. In a loud voice, to be heard by their team mate satans who reside near them. They should prove how they are useful to other satans, or they would be targetted as their seeds of money. Minotoring job, they did. Mutual, thus, they inform and HARUMI and YUKARI also on the neighbours.

For Miyuki, "Oh, illusion starts. No trash glove at all! No coffee package in this place YUKARI refered to. They accuse us, based on their illusion. Confirmed!"

Miyuki remembered that these 5 years or so, sometimes, HARUMI ordered to Miyuki, "Don't speak so in loud voice! Neighbours would listen to your remarks, and we would get involved in danger!" and Miyuki thought, "Oh, my mother is now in the middle of her old age stupidity. Suffering Illusion or 被害妄想 or HIGAI-MOUSOU, she caught already. Over 70s, she is now with. Thus, natural cause, probably..."

And now, in case of HARUMI and YUKARI, the reality and the illusion, both, are the rightous answer.

As the reality, neighbours listen to their remarks. Satans have big ears. Like Dumbo, Dearing Daren! Bewitched.

And they live in their illusional world, also, yes. Coffee package is in the office, beside Miyuki's desk, and a pair of glove are in the washing room. YUKARI picked only a tiny thread, and she considered that they were amount of trash, composed by the immage of the office' objects.

And this morning, YUKARI is so often to open the drowals of the desk of her father. What happened???

At first, when Clare was with her, they noticed that the paper of fax exausted. Clare got out, and YUKARI, saying, "We need to replace the old paper to the new one." to Clare, going out of the office, in a loud voice. And After Clare got out to the courtyard, YUKARI started to open the drawals so many, more than ten times, in high speed.

Miyuki did know well that the paper is not located in the drawal of the desk at all. They are bigger than the hight and heavier to put into the drawal. Not near the desk. However, she searched there, and she couldn't replace it, of course.

Thus, She called her father unnecessarily, and ordered to replace it, as soon as possible. And he did it, smoothly, because it is his office, and he knows where the paper is stocked, and it is not necessary to put it now at all. Why YUKARI insisted to replace it now???

And during Miyuki's orchard job, YUKARI entered into the office, and when Miyuki entered, YUKARI was at the desk of her father, standing, doing anything at all.

And Miyuki got chilled that she found that her porch, where her precious wallet is in, opened the mouth, entirely! Oh, YUKARI tried to pick her money, while Miyuki was in the courtyard!

Unfortunately for HARUMI and YUKARI, Miyuki has no money, except some coins. All NOGUCHI or US$10 notes were spent, up to yesterday. Thus, no money was stolen.

Probably, US$50 notes were stolen from YUKARI, in this mode. She picked Miyuki's note, and some guy came, thus, immediately, she concealed in the toilet. And she started to evacuate. Thus she forgot, why she came, and left US$50 note on the shelf, and got out of the toilet.

And then, HARUMI used the toilet, and found it, and if no one recognized of the ownership, she could gain it, she thought.

Except Miyuki, who has such ammount of money?, without saying type matter. And they didn't declare the value. "Some guy left money on the shelf of toilet. Do you know whose?" HARUMI asked like that. HARUMI said that she already had asked to YUKARI and YUKARI denied. Thus, next, MIYUKI.

MIYUKI denied immediately. Because she has never left money on the shelf of the toilet. And Miyuki thought of so few money like several dollors or so.

And HARUMI said, "Oh, then, I have chance to gain it! I would like to buy a lunch of pork milanese at some supermarket."

Thus, "Oh, US$5 or so. Might be US$10. " Miyuki thought.

And when Miyuki was in BENIMARU-Yokomachi, she found that US$5 note was lacked in the wallet.

Thus, "Oh, some guy stole MY US$50 note!" At that moment, Miyuki couldn't identify the value that HARUMI mentioned earlier was US$50.

Thus, as soon as Miyuki arrived to the main house, she informed to her mother, who was in the stockyard in front of the fredge. Miyuki just wanted to say, "In this house, there is a thief, anyway! Watch out!!"

However, HARUMI, suddenly, in her hush-hush mode, said, "Oh, the money was yours! I will pick it from my chamber, and hand you soon. Wait a minute!" to Miyuki, in panic.

YUKARI dashed from her own chamber, with rough sound of the sliding door, and chased HARUMI, who was in her chamber in the second floor.

Hush Hush mode in both on the day, heavy snowy day.

And today, they are both hush hush mode, yes. YUKARI often uses toilet so many times. Amphetamine causes it???

And she did so bad. Washing was done, already. However, she pushed the starting botton, again. Thus, the machine started the washing job, again. Amphetamine illusion. Terrible. She started to wash, before Miyuki's getting up, at 8:00 almost, and now, almost 11:30, she continues to wash the clothings. Amphetamine, once per week. Thus, only Thursday use, recently. Thus, they did so bad everything, and their amphetamine abusing was revealed.

Soon minutes before, HARUMI visited Miyuki, with her special gift..."I made Japanese pickles. Tomorrow, you would eat it. Not yet. Anyway, I made two bottles. If you don't like, put the bottle in the table in the kitchen."
in her soft pussy cat voice, as much as possible. Miyuki did ignore her existance, at all. And of course, she would not touch it forever!!!

For her, any ignorance would be counted Miyuki's acceptance. No return means Miyuki's forgiveness, satans want to consider like that. And for us all, "Bringing satanic provided food would cause another trouble. Thus, just leave it. " and she put it on the small table in front of the desk. It was Miyuki's kitchen table, when she was a graduate student. Minimum size, and she liked it. Not for her desk work. But for her kitchen work and meal taking.

Now she uses her father's big table. The table is foldable. Thus, it would be used in her Jeep near future.

She remembered the scene of Kestner's "Flying Classroom"'s first chapter. Observing Zugspishe Mountain, the writer was writing the kids novel for 8-80 years old kids. Minimum, enough. And she has folding bed yes. A bit weak in a sustaining bolt. However, she replaced the broken bolt to bigger iron object. Thus, she can sleep in the field, in the summer or early autumn.

The camp bed was given by a bank, probably, ex-FUJI or actual MIZUHO. She watched the catalog and liked the gift. She wanted to buy the same type. Thus, she wanted to ask just a name of company and the brand. Thus, called to the catalog section of the bank. Point system was used on VISA card. And her points were so small amount. And she prefered to buy the same products, rather than collecting the points, using her precious money by way of using VISA card for the expenditure.

A guy, asked, "Why you call me? " Thus, Miyuki responded correctly. Not begging mode. "Just I want to gain the information of the product." Caleman, the name. And he, kindly, said, "Oh, client! OK, we provide you it for free. OK, we have plenty of them!"

Thus, Miyuki accepted. "Thank you. I would like to use it!" Just it.

No point gaining at all. They spontaneously gave her, because she got interested in the product. For free. They didn't require anything at all. Thus, Miyuki presumed, "Probably, card users are so limited, and they are all precious clients. Thus, to gain their favour is a good policy, they decided."

And she started to use it in her living room, especially to watch Cinefil Imagica, on TV. Euro Film only almost. And good to watch, from the angle. Uncle in the suitable angle, with her nakid ankles...Miyuki's sedusive pose to watch European movie...

And one day, a disaster happened. She was watching a movie, in her so relaxed mode, in the camping bed. It was dark green, and almost 2 meters at length, vertical, and 70cm at width, horizontal. And 30cm at hight.

Suddenly, Miyuki dropped, because the bolt broke. She hit her precious hip, however, escaped from injury. And found the problem. The bolt is not so sustainable for the camping bed. To do it, it would be impossible for any guys!!! If they would do it on the bed, probably, the disaster would be happening. Death on the belly, in the worst case, for both of them.

Thus, Miyuki's always preference is sustanable trees or iron bars, with thick cotton cloth type Hanmock. Already she got in disaster with net type Hanmock when she was a pupil of primary school. Sustainable should be needed for these sleeping equipments.

And now? On the floor. During sleeping, OK. However, when she awoke, she feels hardness under her tail residue bone. 尾てい骨 or BITEIKOTSU, in Japanese.

Always she hit this part, when she dropped from the bed substitute. Tail type disliked this object. Thus, floor. However, dust is a problem. Thus, clean air is needed to sleep on the floor.

YUKARI started her another enhance mode, they all felt. Thursday Twister!!!Magic Tree House!!!

Miyuki liked this series, and recommended the kids, however, for them, not attractive. Thus, for her only. For Miyuki, good exercise to read English books. Easy, and don't need to use dictionary, mainly type. And educative. Liked so much, and bought 30 books or so.

Thin, thus, easy to read. And where? Some of them are on Miyuki's shelves in the office, yes. And the rest? Miyuki doesn't know...

YUKARI can't recognize the difference between her and Miyuki, probably. Thus, I should be a degree holder of Tokyo Versity fenomenum, here and there...Oh, thus, Miyuki were Rikkyo Versity bachelor now? Thus YUKARI is superior to MIYUKI???? To wash the clothing, to make mushed potatoes, and to devastate the courtyard???

Domestic wives graduate degree competition, they participated in, and YUKARI gained the prize. Thus, they turned to be a winner of the honoured citizen in Shirakawa. Alzheimer Prize. Shame!!!

And Miyuki found that HARUMI apple polishes to others outside, and gets arrogant to the family members inside. Abrupt change, Miyuki heard.

A JP dilivery guy came to the house, and HARUMI attended him in the softest kind voice, and in front of him, she yelled to her husband in the rough big voice, and then turned to attend to the JP guy in the polite kind mode.

And strangely, when she came to the office, with a big bottle of instant coffee, she yelled in the "ontsider only mode" and Miyuki ignored her entirely of course!!!

At the same time, for Miyuki, good grief. At least, by impulse, HARUMI feels that Miyuki is not her family at all. Relieved.

Just ignorance is enough, and her yelling is so nasty. Thus, the same as nasty neighbours, actual Miyuki is. Thus, for Miyuki, as usual. Continues every day Miyuki. Not fake. Faking only society, Japan was. Thus, "No More Japan!"

Thus, DDMic world, Japan was. DDMic culture, they started to outside of their country. The government pushed them. Just accumulate shamed, as a result. ANIME in short.

In 1992, International Female Year, KAKISHIMA=TERAO participated in a conference held by United Nations, and she reported it on the class of Judicial Feminism. Miyuki, as an critician, participated in the class.

KAKISHIMA informed that "Only Japan, which delivered so many house wives into the conference. Other countries, developped and underdevelopped, all deliberated working women only. What a shame!!!"

At this time, KAKISHIMA identified herself as working woman. And in 2016, in November, she was just a Domestic wife, who appeared to Tokyo Versity, sometimes. She never told on her academic life. Just told on her amusements. Participation in aroma related religion, laughing YOGA, Parashute experience, her newly gained and lost lover boy, and gosship at Tokyo Versity. YUKARI, in a luxurious version.

YUKARI came again to the office, and she stood at the desk of her father, for several minute, without doing anything, just listening to Miyuki's sound. Why? Miyuki doesn't know.

Illusion, probably. She confuses so many facts and lies, in her own way. From the bigining, she was incined to do so. Always, YUKARI said so bad on Miyuki, in her school period, and in the versity, and in the fundation. And Miyuki thought, "If they were rightous, they would not believe this feeble minded lady's illusional suffering talking at all!"

As YUKARI's saying, LEMONIN would melt any product, and the effect is really big in Orange peel rather than Lemon. It would melt Plastic Bubble Type box easily. And with a kind of acid, it effects explosive. Thus, orange is so dangerous, thus, Miyuki would be counted as Orange Bomb producer!!!

Aroma difusing experiment? Miyuki presumed. Miyuki likes Lemon related fruits so much, thus, citrus flavour. Her armpit smells like grape fruit up to some point. Then, it turns to be onion chicken soup up to two weeks. Then? No experience or experiment...

The flavours on my families. Clare wrote. And she gained Fact Finding Prize. Only Miyuki confessed the fact. How long have you been without bathing??? Two weeks.

And the smell. Onion chicken soup.

Liar! They yelled. Unbelievable. It would be smelly. Yes, smelly. However, for Miyuki, subjectively, just a chicken soup smell. Put up with to this point type. After? Miyuki don't want to know as her own experience.

Another candidate should be seeked. Miyuki only. No record at all, in the field of junior high...Oh, Olimpic class. Thus, non bathing champion...Mongol and Eskimo, probably would gain the same prize...

They said no...Oh, thus, only Miyuki. OK, thank you. Up to endure, is the rightous answer. And class mates put up with her strange challenge. Defusing smell experiment, they tried to think so.

Strange dirty class mate in our junior high. However, good point-getter, thus, probably, some kind of experiment, thus, we should not claim at all on this point...Chemical Club, thus, probably...

Now she is in the middle of Bicarbonate Natrium experiment in her casual life.

She washed her body with this powder, and felt good after washing, yes. However, some parts, near the wing bones on the back and the shoulders are difficult to wash.

It happened in case of soap use, also. Thus, without this common point, this baking powder is effective, in short. No nasty chemical smell at all, and the feeling of "brilliant skin I got!" or キュキュッ or Kyukkyu in Japanese, she obtains.

At the same time, it is necessity to clean up after the washing with the powder so well, or, her skin would be damaged by the natrium salt soaking. Baking powder is so so salty, is Miyuki's subjective new descovery!!!

She didn't lick it? Not at all! And she checked the fact by way of INTERNET, and found some faked chemical lovers' description, as follows.

A guy were talking on how baking powder is salty. The faked chemists responded, "Baking Powder is salty? You are crazy, just it! Your tongue only. Any guy feel salty eating baking powder! Bitch!"

Oh, just like YUKARI! With the appearance of experts, they do BLA-BLA-BLA explanation, and on the most important part, "You are crazy! You should be shamed! Bitch!"

Kyorin Versity staff did it on Miyuki. Miyuki appointed on the fatal errors done by Kyorin Versity. However, all of her ex-colleagues laught at as if Miyuki were so so unnusual to feel such a trifle matter as biggest errors. Crazy!"

Miyuki appointed on the competitioners' rate compared with other years, especialy recent years, because it sprang up abruptly. Also on the risk of mail address monitoring done by some one. And on the possibility of personality exchange done by others by way of mail message information. and so on, and so on.

They never wanted to hear Miyuki's remarks seriously, and denied, with a laugh.

Soon she was caught, as if she were mentally illed with Melancholy...

Miyuki felt as if she were Laocorn or Cassandra in Greek Tragedy. They didn't want to hear the facts and they attacked MIYUKI harshly, because of her rightous remarks...

Laocorn's case, his kids were also involved into the disaster. A roman replica of the family torture, Miyuki watched on the photo of Art subject. Famouse. And "Oh, scandarous mazohistic pose!!!"

Miyuki caught so well. Sometimes, sculptors want to express their technic, using a theme, given by the rich boss. Thus, a tortured pose, with seducive way...Oh, Father, not should be, in this moment, like expression...

And Romans were accustomed to touch the bust of the statute of females...Miyuki monitored it in each exhibition, she visited in the that point, so so smoothy...they touched, when they passed...The reality of the art...

Nude contest, yes. And rich could produce it in 3D mode. And Miyuki is the champion of this field...For free, and so scandalous. So so useful...How scandalous, her image is. Almost all of them like it so much, and she is probably forever virgin...No Man's Land, and for her all of human P holders would be categorized as rapists...Thus, impossible. However, scandalously erotical image, she can have in her mind. Torture, yes, thus, now, fur tribe is target, thus...New Rodems would be fine...However, how Rodems would appear without her contribution...New Generation, however, they need to appear, anyway...

And after their arrival, they would be all her legitimate sons...thus, incest, and tabboo...Thus, she can't. Up to be mates...Dissapointment...TOHOHO, in short.

Chinkoro, Yacult! You both educate your tribe so well to gain new better life style. Miyuki Mode. Marilyne Monroe!!! MM...

And she is now in trouble with her shoes. Her feet is slender type with head top wide, with the rest finer than others. Thus the ideal for Hung Ten advertisement. And unfortunately, Hung Ten no more produce shoes. Slepper only.

Thus, Miyuki needs to make her original shoes. Design is OK. Confirmed objectively. Now, way to make them.

Probably, Miyuki copied a guy's DIY manual, borrowed by Public Library. All round the life type, and not so amature but not so professional type. Only for few use type.

Furniture, also OK, and now, Furniture are enough. Found some promissive, in every place. However, need some purification and clean up and decoration or simplification. And Miyuki dosn't like so much at this type of work. Repetitive. Yes, Miyuki can, as an artist. However, she is easy to get tired. Thus, more repetitive lovers, or artisan perfectionist type would be fine. However, in case of necessity, Miyuki works at this field, of course.

Design only. Welcome!!! No loss type. As much as possible. And supply and demand. Yes, client's requiement's first, rather than business managers.

Thus, we are doing the job. For satans????

Now in the middle. Satanic world, Shirakawa was, yes. Now, changed. Thus, we need to do more fittable job. When some guy requires, we provide type. On Demand, yes. And lemmon orchard?

Max, 10 cm at hight. 30 promissive kids, yes. Probably, after next years...

Fruits' case, providers exist. Oh, better! Competition would be fine. Yes, sometimes, can make mix. Like presetation of each trees. It all depends on trees. Thus, sometimes, need to meet other trees, and to gain the crues of their suitable living. And place?

for several months, they need sun room. Thus, now, we are searching the sun rooms. Some candidates they found. OK! We can exchange the information, and use it effectively.

No money effects probably. Just exhange only. Barter system, probably. A lot of plastic type vinil house or sun rooms in KARAME area. Thus, we can produce tropical fruits, also! And probably, making plastic hut, transparent type is not so difficult. Exist some models here and there. Thus, this year, Miyuki calculates to make it as her carpenter job. Easy cheapish craftmanship type work. Not so difficult.

Her ideal was glass type. However, up to gain it.

In her couryard, there was a patch, when it was a glass sun room. Just pick up the earth, and put glass, big type. Easy.

However, in the main house, two or three big bitches, here and there, and devastate the courtyard as their hobby. Thus, it is difficult, in short.

Thus, making a plastic hut would be fine, as a precarious sun room.

Now, Miyuki would take a walk a bit. Necessity to gain beautiful body! See you soon on our blog!!!

Uncle Miyuki and his 8 men, with big LOVE!!!

VANISH! DDMs!!! You destroy all of our marvelous plan! Just like Kyorin Versity!!!
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