"Life should be boring" according to Japanese majority

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28/12/2016 (noon) I write some e-mails to my Colombian acquaintanses in Bogata, where I got to know the importance of hospitality consciously. I made a trip there in March, 2015. For the first time, I danced salsa and liked it so much. I visited sevral salsa bars with the students of posgrado of Univ. of Externado. They taught me how to dance salsa. I met Carlos Vives's brother in a salsa bar! We took a picture together!
After my encounter with salsa, I looked for cool salsa bars in Tokyo. There are lots of Salsa Lesson Classes in Tokyo. However, for me, they are boresome. I just wanted to enjoy dancing, didn't need any "teacher" or "instructor" at all. My objective was not developping the art of dancing, but enjoy the music and precious time, through moving my body. I don't know why in Japan there are so many people who want to "learn" dance, without enjoying feeling the atomosphare and nice music.
"Learning" is boresome. I am a professor of Law, however, I dislike teaching in a normal sense. I love to estimulate students to learn by themselves, provocating their intellectual curiosity.
In Kyorin University, Prof.Nanako HARADA told me that teaching staff should take care of students as their elder brothers or sisters! I am totally against her opinion. I hate the conception of "Taking care of versity students". They are personally independent and have their oun opinion. What we should do is provocating their intellectual curiosity. That's it. If they don't want to study, it would be on their account, not ours.
According to her, she was highly populer in her classes in Aoyama Gakuin University, where she worked as a part-time lecturer, because she taught them with the max care like a treatment for babies.
Vomitting! I don't want to treat my students as babies. I respect their personality. Each one has his or her own character and own belief, own way of life, own preference ant so on. Each student participate in my class accoding to their own aim.
When I was a child, I always disliked to be taught. I said to my closest friends that I would not be a teacher in the future, never, never, never! Teachers were our common enemy in our childhood.
I became a professor, because I thought that a versity professor was different from a teacher. Versity professors can behave in much more liberal style rathar than normal persons. Because it's our mission. We, versity professors should attempt more ideal actions, seeing the better future. We should be a challenger and provide a sample of new model, not ordinary standard one. So we should provide a pilot case to others. Or, why versity professors exist?
Unfortunately, in Kyorin Univ. and also in Japan, versity professor should behave in much more out-of-date style, even compared with standard companies' workers. They should wear business suits (in case of male professors) or DoDoMerdic clothings (in case of female professors). In Japan, female professors are expected to behave like "mothers" or "sisters" (GRRRRRRRR......!!!!!). They should obey their superiors, even their male superiors are totally idiot jamheads. Female professors should serve green tea, should bring gifts to the superiors, should put up with their sexual harasment!!!
As a worker, I was treated as a male and required to work harder than other female professors. However, at the same time, I was forced to keep sicent to their sexual abuse. Crazy! I attempted to ask a help to Public Agency especially for Human Rights, which belongs to Ministry of Justice. However, the agency refused it, without putting on any reason in its letter. It means that Japanese Government ignored the evident sexual abuse in academic society, totally in favour of abusers.
For me, as a person with sexual right, bust touch without agreement is a untolerable crime. I was a victim of this crime. However, Ministry of Justice didn't think so. For them, maybe, body touch by the superiors or old professors were something the inferiors should put up with. For them, body touch is some kind of complement, just like hugh five. Absurd. I will not forgive any of these kinky professors for ever.
Some of female academicians take advantage of these kinky old bugs' immorality for the sake of their promotion. They use coquetry to the old bugs. I could say that they are academic prostitute. We can see lots of this type of females in versity campuses in Japan. Therefore, they wear DoDoMerdic clothings, different from male professors.
They looks like just housewives, lacking of professional training. As a matter of fact, I was annoyed by these DoDoMerdic professors repeatedly. I was a victim of sexual harasment also in this meaning. They can't explain the fact logically. All they weigh are emotional indulged boring long explanetions. I didn't want to waste my precious time by their non-sense flamboyane talking. They are just dull idol housewives, even they are not married.
I respect diligent domestic workers. I would like to separate them from DoDoMerdas. For example, my dearest friend IZUMI-san is a housewife of a representative of a small factory. She is good at householding. However, at the same time, she works for the company. She has to negociate with cliants, collect payments in other companies, make an order to the employees in the factory. She is busy all the day and night. She is good at domestic tasks, but, I dare say, she is totally contrally to DoDoMerdas. She is a kind of workers, like us.
In academic society in Japan, female professors are epected to be DoDoMerdas. In other words, DoDoMerdic Life is female professors' standard. I, genetically belong to female, however, socially belong to neutral, is entirely out of this standard or beyond the immagination for male DoDoMerdas. They can't categorize me at all and they force me to pretend just as one of DoDoMerdas.
I was said by an old kinky professor, "You should behave like a lady. Everyone expect you to do so. You should be obedient to the superiors." GRRRRR....!!!!! For him, lady is an existance to treat him according to his special offer.
As far as female DoDoMerdas are obedient, these types of old bugs don't care how they are idol, dull, boring, anti-productive, and so on. DoDoMerdic Professors don't work or they can't work, because of lack of their ability. I, as a collegue of them, confess that they are the last figure that I want to work in the same society.
DoDoMerdas belong to another world, out of our universe, just like evil aliens. I have been agonized so much with these terrible aliens since I was a child. GRRRR....!!!!

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