"Yoisho", a Strange Coquetry of ANIME Voiced DoDoMerdas

2017-01-04 18:24:33 | 日記
04/01/2017 (evening) Among DoDoMerdas around from 20 to 40 years old, ANIME voice is widely adopted.

What is ANIME voice? Maybe, many people don't know that. It's a feigned voice, imitating a voice of ANIME hiroines. We call it also "KYAPI" voice. "KYAPI" is a mimetic word, which represents being cute or "KAWAII" of ANIME characters. There is also "KYAPI" pose, i.e., the pose with closed lower part of the arms, grasped hands on the cheeks, knees attached together, legs a bit opened, pigion-toed, all at the same time.

Many female DoDoMerdas believe that ANIME voice attracts male ounterparts. Therefore, they learn the voice at their early stage of their life.

DoDoMerdas life style is extremely simple. Until 25 years old, they should get married with a male, or, she is a loser for all the rest of life. During all of their life, they are dependent of the superior of their family. They should be obedient to the family superior, or, in short, their father or their husband.

Therefore, we can say that for DoDoMerdas, marrige weighs lot. The most important event of their life is marrige.
Consequently, they are so eager to get a husband. As one of the techniques, ANIME voice is learned and used.

Thus, we people can recognize whether the figure is DoDoMerda or not, in principle, from her voice.

In Hasegawa Hospital, most of all nursed spoke in a ANIME voice. Many of them were over 25. It means that they are loser of DoDoMerdic world. Therefore, they continued to work as a dull nurse, losing their dream of being a wife of a rich medical doctor.

They sometimes used their own voice. It happened that they wanted to threaten a patient.The change occured abruptry.

Many DoDoMerdic patients also spoke in a ANIME feigned voice. They pretended to be "KAWAII" or cute with the voice.

They often used the word "Yoisho", when they moved something slightly heavier objects.

"Yoisho" is widely used among elders. So majority of people, who want to appear younger and more energetic, avoid to use it.

However, in HASEGAWA Hospital, young DoDoMerdas, especially medical staff, were likely to use "Yoisho" repeatedly.

Why? I presume that it is a kind of coquetry to ask males to help them. They seemed to believe that weakness provocates males' instinction to protect inferior ones, i.e. them.

On the contrary to their intention, I felt that they were so old and tired with the word "Yoisho". How many times a day, I had heard the word from the mouth of the staff? Presumably more than 100 times. A flood of "Yoishos", I was in.

Believing is realizing. They looked to think like that. They lived with so little possibility to get married with some medical doctors in Hasegawa Hospital, with a ANIME voice, shauting "Yoisho" everyday.

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