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28/12/2016 (morning) It's cold and frosty morning again this morning. It was snowing a bit. 0.1℃,the wether report said. I've heard a speech which Prime Minister delivered at Pearl Habour. I was ashamed of his performance. He looked like an android with human skin, in his head, there is a micro-radio-reception chip, I imagined. He pronounced words separatedly, as if, someone, maybe his dearing mother whispered to his ears, "My boy, the next frase is "voice of young soldiers", you know? Don't make a mistake, my pretty baby!" He always seems like a bad made marionet with no brain. Every person arround me is against this dullest Prime Minister in the world. Only DoDoMerdas in HASEGAWA Hospital liked him very much. Our opinion on why the stupid jamhead is our actual Prime Minister is: He should bring a dream to the less dull boys that even idiots with minus IQ could be the head of the country. I asked my mother to turn off the TV, because I couldn't put up with this shameless Prime Minister's uglu face and nasty voice. My mom agreed.
Once I visited the cemetry of the soldiers who had been killed by the attack in 08/12/1941, when I made my first trip abroad with my uncle Takeo YAMAGUCHI, my mom's younger brother. It was a sight seeing trip, however, the course included the visit to the cemetery. When I saw one of the graves, I felt really sorry, because the deciesed solder was only 21 years old. I was 22 at that time, the 4th grader, in 1985. The young American was attacked by Japenese Army's mean tactics and lost his precious life. I hated this dirty work againt Internatinal Law on War. Yes, I am Japanese, unfortunately. However, I can't put up with this coward dirty mean act performed in Pearl Habour. "Remember Pearl Harbour!" I want to cry with all Americans with loud voice. We should not forget this dirty work, forever!!! Dirty Japanese killed this young solder with mean attack. Don't forget Pearl Habour!!!
The words delivered by the dull idiot today via TV sounded vacantly. All his words are always vague, irresponsible and make no sense. We are ashamed to have Shinzo ABE as a prime minister. It all represents that Japan is a country of IDIOCRACY. Shame.

Anyway, I got upset, watching the most weird face this morning. I have to change my mind.
I got a job at KYOIN Univ. in 2003. However, I couldn't live with my beautiful kids. Prof.AKUZAWA required me to live in Hachioji alone, leaving my kids in the hands of my parents who live in Shirakawa, Fukushima-ken, 200km distant from Hachioji.
I had no alternative. At that time, my son Alex was 2 years old and my daughter Clare was 1 year. I worked on weekdays in Hachioji and passed weekends in Shirakawa. I had to take a bullet train and the round trip fare was US$150 per week. Prof.AKUZAWA said to me that the fare was all on my account.
I needed to pay US$600 per month to public nursery in Shirakawa. So, I have been always poor in effect.
I passed cheerful weekends with my dearest kids and worked as a diligent worker on weekdays. No spare time was left and no spare money, either. I was looking for free events in Shirakawa to have a fun time on Sundays with my kids. Fortunately, in Shirakawa, there were lots of free or cheep events held by town volunteer groups. I took advantage of them. Summer and Autumn festivals, pedestrian paradise for kids, tours to play centers and so on. I participated to the event with my kids, thanking to the volunteers.
However, my life in Kyorin Univ. was so stressful. In 2010, I was at the climax of the stress. Yes, I did my job. I am professional. I have to comply my mission and duty. So, I felt that I needed a phychological help from my kids. I started thinking of living with my kids near my office.
On March 11th, 2011, a big earth quake happened. I was in my office at the moment, 14:46. My office was on the 4th floor of the building and felt a tremendous shake there. My family was in Shirakawa. I thought of my family. I dialed the phone number of my family but I couldn't. All of communication tools were shut out at that time. I was worried about my family. I went to Staff Room on the 2nd foor and turned on the TV. The news that reported the earth quake mede me much more nervous. I tried to call my family again. But I couldn't. I was preoccupied so much.
After several hours I could talk with my mother on the phone. My kids were at school at the moment of the quake and cried of fear, she said. "OK, at least, my family are all alive without wound", I thought.
I tried to go to Shirakawa, however the train stopped. No way. I had a dinner at a Nepal food restaurant near Hachioji Station and ate "momos", lamb mince pies in a Nepal style.
Finally next morning the train began to locomote and I attempted to go to Shirakawa. Though, the informations given by the railway company's staff varied. The worst instruction was, "Go up to where you can go. There another staff will provide more exact information to you." I went to Utsunomiya, 100km far from Shirakawa. There, the staff imformed me that there was no train to go toward north region. So I had to go back to Tokyo area. I was so tired spiritually and needed phsychological help. I decided to pass one night at my uncle Takeo's house in Funabashi, Chiba prefecture. I called him and he agreed.
The bullet train couldn't be used. And I had to participate in meetings t Kyorin Univ. on 14 and 16 of March.
The meetings were usual dumb-like ones and,in fact, not necessary at the moment of emergency like that. However, Kyorin Univ. is managed just by habit or convention without any decision or will of human being. Thus, even in the Big earthquake, staff should participate in a dull, habitual, meanless meeting as usual. I was so worried with my family, but I had to behave as if nothing had happened at all at the meetings.
"Japanese are cold." Many foreigners say so. I totall agree their opinion. Even in these meeting, I had heard the heartless words that made a fool of the tragedy. They were indifferent of the victims of the earthquake.I was so agonized by their coldness.
On 16, soon after the meeting, I directly took a train and went toward Shirakawa. The bullet train couldn't enter North-East part of Japan. So I went to Nasu-Shiobara by the train, got off there and picked a taxi.
At the taxi stop, I was refused by a driver, who did't want to Fukushima-ken, because his family was afraid of his suffering from radiation. The second driver agreed to go to Shirakawa at US$70. Yes, at least, I could see my family.
I passed one night at Shirakawa. During a night I decided to bring my kids to Hachioji, because in Hachioji, radiation was ten times less than in Shirakawa. I didn't want to live in Hachioji, in a better condition than my kids. Thus, I went back with my kids. First, I asked to allow our refgee to my uncle. Our kids stayed for 2 weeks in Funabashi, Chiba. I rent an apartment in the southern part of Hachioji, 6 minutes distant from JR Station. On April 1st in 2011, we began to live toghether in Hachioji.

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