Miyuki's Report from Shirakawa (6)

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 Miyuki took a walk arround the river in the east part and in the west one. She made sticky rice ball with stewed sweet beans and brought to the Guero-Modoshi, and ate it with a big JIZOU. At least, you were free from the doubt to be a DDM. You were killed before the ordial or contract of the devils. Thus, genuine team mate and also TOHOHO unintentionally. He ate a bit. And left for his mates, actual ones the rest. We should work together, anyway. Thus, you should help us. Byr for now, and see you soon.

  She ate the other side, and he, another. Thus, not a kiss. We are all clean, unfortunately.

  and she got to know that today the sweets were too too soft and sticky. Anyway, my first trial of sticky rice making from the steamed grains. Miyuki should refrain from using water so much. She learned. Anyway eatable type. She did the pledge, and made it, and brought it and ate it together. It is important for us all. Eatable, for her, yes, however, for us....not so delicious, however, eatable...they claimed. Anyway accomplished the pledge type.

  Today, she was not in a good mood. Because of headache. However, she could do it. It is important. Even in her bad day, she could do it at least. They praised her audacious attempts.

  Not in a good mood to declare our legitimacy. We did already. And just a naughty boy type attitudes are enought, she thought. For diceased kids special. If I were one of them type attempts she did.

  She went to the chamber orchestra's place and left the other many sticky DANGO with sweet bean paste and ate it a bit again. And she thought, "Really not delicious. However, I made from steamed grains by myself. For the first of my life, I made it only by myself. Thus, eatable is enough. And she did her conductor role with the orchestra. Today, another members participated. YOUNGUE were already there. Oh, you were? Anyway, we will held another concert again here.

  And they sand "Song of Pleasure" and for bis request, "Song of Victory, namely, our triamph". And this time she got a good success. Almost perfect, and bowed politely to them. diceased kids special. Anyway, TOHOHO tribe type.

  They should have laught at her play. Audacious, because there were many cars passing at that moment, and she saw some adults watched her through a cheap thin wall. She didn't stop singing. Why we should do it? Not at all! We are free, and they fail again. Just it.

  Thus, she pledged our and their revenge again. Until the last one DDM, we should fight against our enemy.

  And she left there saying, "See you nest time", and went to westward. And found that in this area, also there are lots of inducing traps for being killed. Narrow wedge beside the small ditch. The river was devided into two part, upper one and lower one. The same water. Upper one looked drinking water. Thus, many east Asian kids drank it and got diarrea and sometimes fatal to death. Terrible inducing evil works here and there. The wedge got narrower in the middle. It means that the parents want them to fall into the river. And inducing stone steps here and there. Each 5 meters, there are different trapps. Incredably anti-humanistic. Ministry of National Geography and Construction instructed the dirty jobs, probably, she got to know.

  After 1997, the river was changed. It turned to be an evil river in the world. Dirty River, is the suitable name for the town. 汚河, or OKAWA it would be called.

  Nasty tricks here and there. And she got to know that Insurance for Versity Education by Japan Post Office Company would have covered the damage. Terrible system. The kids should be killed before 18 years old. Dead line for the foreign kids.

  Many kids didn't know the system. And Miyuki now got to know it. And the diceased ones got astonished at her remarks. Your faked parents were just devils, unfortunately, my mates. And they got to know the evil reality in Shirakawa.

  Poisoneous smell, she ejects, Miyuki got to know. Who is using the kitchen? Too much kitchen ditergent was used by the evil existance, and it was YUKARI.

  Too strong smell. Vomittable, Miyuki thought. Why she had to use such amount of ditergent at once? They asked. And her relpy is, "I need to buy it." They fell down. YUKARI should buy something anyway. Her impulse called her to do so.

  Thus, after her wrongdoing in the kitchen, she went out to buy the same ditergent. Nasty smell spilt here and there. Miyuki didn't want to eat anything there now.

  Thus she did it. It would spill a lot, and her mother would dislike the taste of Miyuki's home made sweets.

  OK, my mother could avoid to eat it. Nasty means dagerous, She should evit to eat it. Miyuki did the same thing, when she got to know the smell of detergent.

 Now my mother came to scold me, illegitemately. Alex didn't say anything to me, and he wants to have an interview to work in a some place.

  My mother came to stop his attempt. And she declared me, "He said that you had admitted it already. You should be punished. He should study hard to enter into versity. Remember whan you did when you were in a high school girl! You didn't do anything except studying. You should tread him like the same."

  Oh, mother. You made a lot of mistaked. First, I didn't hear anything from him at all. If he wants to work in a some place, the job is important for me, and working itself is good for him, if it is the rightous one.

  I responded so. However, she really got upset against my saying. She dared to say to me, "Pay him extra money to enjoy. This poor boy should work because of lack of money. He should study hard to enter into some versity anyway!" She almost cried. And Miyuki was too too cool to say the same thing.

 I studied hard to enter into versities. And he, Alex? Is he a diligent school boy? And her reply was, "He will do it, should do..."

  Thus, mother, you are the loser in this game.

  He seemed to say to her mother to accelate his money receiving from me, and he failed. Where is a place to hire you? My mother expressed me, "Probably, a kind of Japanese pizzaria... I don't know well."

 What is the job, was Miyuki's interest. And Alex lied again. Miyuki was not informed by him at this point, and didn't allowed anything at all. You should ask me before, Alex. Any proof was found of my allowence. He faked my anthority again, like his Auntie.

  They worked for it today, probably. They need to have some money anyway type. Miyuki doesn't pay him at all. Thus, they should be punished by their dishonesty again.

  "I just think so." Alex would reply to my mother. And he realizes that he lost confidence at all. Again? Faked allowence! Miyuki didn't hear at all, she said exactly.

  And my mother informed me that Alex frequently went to eat at the Japanese pizzaria. Oh, Hachioji like situation. Just for faking. In Hachioji, there was a restaurant near Miyuki's residence called "WARASHIBE" or a light stroke of wheat, coincidently.

  3 stories building the owner of the restanrant had, and worked at the first floor for the shop. The second floor, they loved, and they rented the 3rd floor for others.

  They opened only when the clients came. And their holidays were wednesday and thursday. Probably Alex thought of the plot, and immitated the story and worked together with his evil Auntie. I am a duck to pay for them. Why? They don't work, and don't want to work.

  Thus they failed. They lost their spirit, when they combined. Thus no chance to my son, either. The last one should be tough, they say. And now the reality. Her own kids are the real evil existance.

  As the same. If they were evil and a betrayer of the rule of our beautiful universe, they should vanish as DDMs. Equal even to my kids.

  Alex should be punished hard again. My mother gets upset at me, however, she really got upset to him, yes. Don't study at all. Always talking and games. Why he deserves to earn his playing money from me?

  Yesterday, as Miyuki informed, he bought some toy at US$12 from some where. And today, YUKARI received a toy to ALEX, paying her precious money with his name Alex to the faked delivery femal worker. Why she recieved it instead of him?

  And her too too active day today was. Why she was so active? High pitched day, anyway. She wanted money, and called her squad, and her mate came as the faked worker, and called Alex to see him. And she refused it. And paid the money for them, and asked not to do so, because today they were in the house. They, my father and my son.

  Alex was not so good today and lied down on the bed. Miyuki's father was working in the house, repairing the sink of outside of the house. And she came. Her tone was out of service domestic type. Why this domestic lady came as a delivery service, and said, "To Alex. Is he here?"

  Probably, YUKARI got upset to him, and called the squad to kill him, and the female squad came, and she wanted to avoid the nasty result. Miyuki got to know that Alex why had disliked to attend to the faked delivery service man, who required US$12 to him. He didn't want such a box. She ordered, not for me, but for her, however, she used his nephew's name, because it was shame for her.

  Terrible. He opened it, and said, "Oh, who ordered it? Miyuki is the last one. She called me to attend to the male worker. Others, yes. And who needed such a thing? Only the old bug, yes." Thus, Alex got to know that his Auntie is the real bitch.

  Again? Yesterday, he received one. And today, too. What he asked? And why YUKARI dashed to receive it under the name of Alex? She paid anyway to the faked female worker, whithout asking the value. Always the same. US$12 to ask to kill Miyuki or Alex. just it?

  They should do it, if their boss asked it. And now, YUKARI is their boss, anyway. She is so arrogant, because she is the boss. Nasty ugly lady, however, she is the boss.

  Four figure squad would be fine for him, YUKARI ordered. And they came. One, yesterday, and another, today. They made a big mistake. They couldn't understand what is today. Oh, somebody called us. Probably tomorrow, one thought, and came yesterday. Another thought, probably the day after tomorrow, thus she came today. Alzheimer assasin like that.

 They wanted to pretend to be his mate, however, too old to him. Thus, they pretended to be workers of delivery service. And they forgot what they should do here. Someone wispered, you came here to kill her. And then, they prepared for her.

 This is the rule. Someone wispered and they decide to do. And now, they failed again. YUKARI got out to avoid their attempt to kill her. She tried again and again, when she felt upset against her family. And then, she regrets.

  Nasty consolation she starts. "Oh, you are too good to be killed. Why I ordered to kill you to the squad! I was out of order at that time of calling. Sorry Alex, I really feel sorry for you."

  Again, Auntie? And then, they planned how to steal her money. Again, Auntie? And he did know that his grand mother would upset his lie, without saying. And he did it, because he wanted to buy something from Miyuki's money.




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