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21/04/2017 (Saturday, evening) It's Alex's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alex! We gave him a package of cheese crackers at the cost of US$1.

 We made a trip on the south side of the town, and found the exact scene of the devastarion of the woods. A man in a shovel car moved it and constructed a cemetery in a mountain beside the INARI Mountain. We took the pictures of the wrongdoing, and then the driver got in the process of vanishing. Namely, he stopped moving, and the car's engine was on. He was vanishing, Miyuki thought. TAKAHARA was so, before vanishing. And other DDMs also. Miyuki did see them, in the non moving mode. Sleeping shape, they took. However, already sticken type. Soon, they vanish.

  And watched several scene of devastation of forests. Sacred Mountain called ATAGO was also the object. A long long stairs to the top of the mountain. The shrine was famous in the early age. However, now, it is abandoned, and the mountain was destried and the woolds were cut. They couldn't stop their wrondgoings.

  Miyuki found that the temple of her ex-mate had been rotten. UNNO, he was called. Her old cham in her junior high school age. And Miyuki thought just he chose the wrong way.

  Thus, they failed. Oh, Unno, you too? was her responce. The fact, and he sold his spirit to DDMs.

  Now, quick comments on the OMANKO news.

  The first news:

  For this OMANKO writer, "AINORI" or dividing the fare with plural passengers on taxi is a kind of new system. And it was prohibitted by public power. How could be? All monitoring society could do so. OMANKO journalism is forever virgin, without saying.

 The second news:

  Small companies pay well, according to the previous news, several weeks ago, however, they are in danger because of lack of labour. Why? Because there is no people in Japan. No man's land. And they are closing now. Vanishing, yes. Local small companies are now in the ordial.  OMANKO Journalist didn't inform the reason at all. They were already rotten, and now, they were reveiled their own wrongdoings. For example, forest devastation. They relied on Ikkyo believers, and failed. Thus, the end. No man's land entirely all over Japan. Wonderful! Our age is begining!

 The third news:

  Really unpolular related companies share their benefits each other, and they ate themselves.

  No necessary company PANA HOMES is. Abundant of houses, no man will not buy in any meaning. Thus, the continuation means that wrongdoings they are likely to do. Betrayers against us, FAUNA & FLORA. Thus, they should vanish immediately.

 The fourth news:

 They say Tuna was caught excessively, however, for home consuming, any influence appeared at all. The past sense, the OMANKO writer used.

  Thus, they are just changing the words of the past articles, we considered. We can't eat Tuna at all. Miyuki didn't eat it for 3 months consecutively. Expensive, she thought. And stopped eating the especie.

  And today, Miyuki ate SANMA or sardin in the style of SASHIMI or fresh raw fish, cleaned by herself. Tasty. She squeezed a lemmon on it, and cooked like Peruvian Marine. And put soy souce and WASABI, a water cres. Nice!

  No people actually. Who does fishery? Who eat it? The gap was not considered by the OMANKO Jounalist. Just they did the rough job, as usual. IKKYO like revealing way. Showism, it would be called. IKKYO likes to exhibit that they are wrongdoers. Like striptees. OMANKO Journalism is their suitable method to inform their shames in public. Loop mode, yes. And someone participates in the process. Newly born Ikkyo believers, probably. "My dream is being a jounalist" type. And they did the wrong job, and vanished.

 The 5th news:

 No necessity at all. However, Western JR railway Company dares to enhace their anti-effective territory. They can't stop their evil behaviours. Habitual wrongdoers type. Thus, they vanished.

 The 6th news:

 No reason, only declaration type description is here. OMANKO IKKYO journalist can do so. Only she. No others at all type articles here and there. Why she can't stop revealing her own stupidity? Because she can't by herself. Thus, we should vanish.

 The 7th news:

 IKKYO's shopping mall is now replaced with convenience stores. And they are all Alzheimer patients. Thus, they can't make an errand by theirselves, and the convenience clerks would help them. Delivery type, would be. IKKYO youth are created for it. "Hold me tight" by Kazuo ISHIGURO was a bible for them, and they increaced their members by way of artificial insemination.

  Alex was taught only artificial insemination in his school. The teachers are enthusiastically teaching this matter, consecutively. They want to start cow selling business, taking advantage of their human figures' experience.

  The calves would be sold relatively high, they thought. And they failed. They are not teachers. They did when they were younger to their fimale members. Now, for female cows, they do it. however, they have no money, and to buy a capsule of KUROGUE WAGYU they should pay US$150 per each. Thus, they failed.

  Their way of artificial insemination is too too rough. They put their arm to the end of the vagina, and do it. For them, natural, however, for Alex, a kind of shocking scene. And his bitch friends liked this way, because they are accustomed to be done so. Oh, this way? I have already experienced, they said. They are cows for the teachers.

  Yes, OPPABU milk providers, they are. They liked ALEX and he didn't want to approach to them. however, they want to catch him, as a good sperm providers.

  And they failed. He is forced to go to the business school for it. Saturday, he was forced to go there, and Sunday, also. No holiday for him. Why? Because IKKYO believers don't know what day is it now. They all Alzheimer patients. For them, taking a walk after lunch on Friday, according to flamboyant teachers, is a habitual scene. However, for Alex, not at all!!!

  And the teacher responsible of his ex-club was vanishing in front of Alex. He tried to find him, and found, anyway. Then, he started to vanish, and Alex reported it to Miyuki. Oh, you did? I want to see the exact scene! You are lucky! A birthday present from DDMs, probably!!!

  Miyuki knows that the cows are red ones, not black ones. However, they wanted to have the expensive cows through the method of artificial insemination. Fatus for eating, they did so. Now, they tried the job with the cow called YAYOI.

  She is 7 years old, and has 7 kids. Now, after she goes to have 8th, she would be sold and disposed because of her old age.

  This is IKKYO kids life. Solomon Grandy, itself. 7 is the olderst for making love. 8 year old? Not at all.

  According to the evil teacher, YAYOI would give a birth to her baby on 1st of May. Only 10 days of pregnancy is enough for giving a birth, according to the kinkiest teachers.

  Probably, they used some special method to accelate the process. Newly invented technic, they called it. This is IKKYO' technic. Acclelaration by way of waves. Shaking of noise. They affected the hormone balance, and they tried to catch Miyuki by way of this waving. And they failed.

  Oh, sorry. Just a gap of conception. My type is different. Just it. DDMs forced Miyuki TAKAHARA, because he was their type. And Miyuki prefered other pupils, also, in appearance....Ummm...more deep warm upward type. Spooky Japanese oriental type, not at all! Sorry, my type is not his and yours, DDMs!!!!

  And today, they tried again. Miyuki didn't feel anything at all. For her, playing with birds is much more amusing. They sang together. And Miyuki's selection was too too good for them!!! Any huming should be fine for them. "SUKIYAKI" song with humming was their favorite!!! Oh, I did sing in the foreign stage in public! With professional dancers!!! With guiter music, I could choose, however, I did it without guitar! Complitely without any music instrument in Argentina! On the stage!!!

  Internationally activating star, she is. Thus....and no person at all. Thus, they tried to induce her to meet some younger type. And Miyuki disliked them because they were short!!!! All of them were shorter than I, she was astonished.

  the same thing happened in HASEGAWA Hospital. Miyuki thought that she were upper middle at hight. However, she was the second tallest there!

  And today, they were so so tiny when they passed. Strange. Far from them, they seemed normal, however, when they passes, they were short. Thus, Miyuki wispered, "Vanish! Because you are short!"

  Anyway, they are short. Why? Because they were produced in the accelated moder. Rough created ones with lots of failures. Thus, Alex found that this business school is really kinkiest, as Miyuki said. And now, Alex started his own pleasure of striptees against DDMs. He did wrong, and got scolded, and he apologied, and he failed, and he failed and he failed.

  They like to scold him, without any reason. And forget it the next day. Completely. Thus, again, he tried. And the same thing happened. For the begining, it was harsh. however, now, he is accustomed. Like YUKARI to his grand mother.

  When she was scolded, she started her BLA-BLA-BLA, as much as possible. And now, she started to move to her chamber, and took a nap. Then, she appeared, forgetting the nasty experience. And she forgot again, and got scolded again.

  thus, she moved now. Too many times, she repeated the same errand, mistakenly, they claimed. And she did, one more time. And now, she could do it at once. Miyuki's way, she leaned, they said. She stopped to exist. She is nothing. And she quits all of her jobs, entirely.

  We can manage the situation. Miyuki would like to wash the clothings, and dry up them, yes. And take them, yes, as much as possible. And each one took their own clothings, and put into their own drowals. The minimus washing system, we addopt. and Miyuki accepts the job.

 The 8th news:

  The company said "For free", however took money from consumers' pocket. Deceipt, we say. However, the public agency only scolded it not to repeat again. Where is punishment? Or, they would do it again and again, like YUKARI.

  Any punishment for her, because she is illed, was the order by the public agency. Alzheimer patients were allowed to do wrong by the governments. And they didn't punish at all. In private sector, not at all, and in public one, either. Thus, Alzheimer patients enhanced their territories.

  In this case, only us, Gods of Justice can manage the situation. They repeat their black jobs without limit, and they tried to trap us all.

  For tester use, they wrote. And Miyuki used. And they tried to require money for the use. Why? Because they wanted.

  And today, Miyuki ate a lot of piece of oranges in Beisia, a IKKYO related supermarket. For free, it said. Thus, Miyuki ate lots. The same conduct she did in ENDOU confectionary. And found the flavour changed. More amature like way, she felt.

  And they failed. They thought that they were doing the same, and they wanted to catch her. and she was accustomed to eat the testers as their habitual dessart eating. Thus, they wanted to require her money. And failed.

  Only "I would scold you, if you do it again." would not be enough for Alzheimer patients. Always scolding would not be effective, yes. However, they should recognize that they were illed. Why Miyuki was caught? Because she was "Melancholy" suffering patient, according to them, DDMic medical doctors. However, she is scolded, and her mother got a success. And Miyuki is in development as always. She likes SASHIMI, and put only internal organs in trash. Where is the rest? Oh, she burned and ate it? Too too thrifty. Usually, bone should be abandoned, however, she ate it!!!

  they were scolded by her mother, because they thought that Miyuki were rich and consumptious in every meaning. She uses abundant monay for her foods, were their excuse. Alex requiered money for cleaning, because IKKYO cleaners wanted to do so. And YUKARI was just for its use. She repeated to clean up his clothings as many as possible. And she didn't claim at the change of clothing at all. Alex chose the system. And they were scolded by their mother and grand mogher. You should learn nothing, Alex. Like YUKARI. An Alzheimer Patient. You would be an Alzheimer patient like YUKARI soon.

  And he failed. He did it intentionally, and was punished. You shall pay, was her grand parent's remark.

  Miyuki is free from high school problems at all. Too too kinkiest requirement from the strange business school. She recognized that this school is run by IKKYO believers, and she got free from Alex's entrance.

  Miyuki is so cold, they thought. Too kinky nasty place, Miyuki felt again and again. Today, she went to see cherry blossoms along the road near the school. And found an advertisement plate with changeable numbers for the exact plants' babies seling. It's 21 today, she thought. However, the advertisement, on the entrance, says, "From 8 of May to 20 of the same month." Why now they put the advertisement? Like an event presentation plate. Only for the day type, like School Festival or so.

  And they failed. Miyuki recognized that they are really idiots Alzheimer patients, without any exception. Young pupils, also yes. And Miyuki laught at Alex's choice. Only for uniform, he chose it. And failed.

  She laught at his own son's failure. Immoral, they thought. ??? His own way. I am free from it.

  And Alex got a package of snack from her. "Only it? Anyway, OK." And he thought. "Gee, her interest is the same as DDMs. They gave me a package of sweets each. And Miyuki chose salty one. Really he wanted. Sweets day, he thought. He should to eat all of them at once. A kind of challenge, for him. American spirit, they yelled. And he did, and vomitted. Nice try, they said.

 Miyuki thought that it is an abuse. And Alex thought it. and they thought not. In this case, Alex thought, I am right, because I am the victim, anyway. And he claimed to his teacher responsible. However, he indicated Alex to change the club. Thus, he tried to change it. And found that the teacher responsible of the club was vanishing.

  Miyuki laught at the imaginary scene. She sometimes did dream the scenes. Thus, she knows well.

  From head to foot, is the way. Not converse. However, he did watch the converse style. Oh? Traditional Japanse type ghost?

  And they failed. Traditional school, they thought. And they was trapped, and got obedient to the teacher responsible. They yelled Alex to vomit, and Miyuki yelled, Alex, if you like, you can continue your observation on IKKYO school. However, if I were you, I would quit it. And Alex agreed totally. Miyuki did know it. And Alex offered the discharging paper to the teacher responsible. "I am not suitable for this school at all. I would like to move to other one." And he got scolded by him.

 You can't move to any other school, because this is your own school. and he was astonished. They wanted to catch him in really. And he thought that the cow would be punished by Gods of Justice, because she didn't refuse the rape done by the teacher responsible.

  And he failed. She was a victim. And she was in danger. Miyuki already informed the wrongdoing to Gods of Justice. And the cow called YAYOI would be survived. And they would vanish, immediately!!!

  Miyuki believed the power, and she acts according to their wispers. And she just wanted to eat coquet of club meat and cream. Thus, she returned the road, and watched to see the result. Oh, idoling! And the driver? Oh, he is sticked in the seat, without moving.

  Then she left the mountaing, with lighter feeling, having seen the scene. Oh, we could do it! They were realy nasty wrongdoers. And their skin bags are now so few. We should accelate the process.

  Thus, she would work tomorrow in the morning, probably.

  And we would take a sleep now.


  Miyuki liked to say these goddamnit words to IKKYO kids. They are nasty, anyway. Miyuki watched that the kids were returning to IKKYO residence in a parade with some adults. Oh, on 8 of April, I watched the scene with less pupils. Now, like the parade. Most of them came from this area, probably. For showing the parade.

  Thus, they failed. Saturday? Strange. Any schools had Saturday meeting today. Why?

  IKKYO has no reason as always. Someone says, "I will see you tomorrow!" and they should obey the order.

  Anyway, see you tomorrow.

  Thus, MAR is going to the bed in Miyuki's mother's chamber.



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