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  And now, she knows that AKB 48 was a catalog of bitches, and KABUKI actors did the same job. Prostitution. Even now, power holders want to make love with them. IWAHARA liked Ebizo ICHIKAWA, and wanted to be hugged by him.

  Miyuki laught at their strange innmoral world. No any age, pride, sexual moral at all.

  Who can buy it, can do it. Miyuki didn't know the system, and her mother was assured. She is at least plain at this point. Her fashion is out of mind, however, not so kinky. Just amusement type. Not marrige at all.

  They failed. She dislikes DDMs, however, they try again and again. And now, some of them failed again. Cocaine is called Electric heating Ciggattette in OMANKO Journalism. Some synonimous, they use. However, for us, common people, don't understand their special usage of the words.

  They like to smoke, however, they have no money, thus, they want to attack Miyuki. Miyuki is not safe in her house, because in her house, YUKARI the thief stays. And outside, the other DDMs.  how shoud I do? I want to make some errand, was YUKARI's excuse, as always. And she forgets when she gains some money from the wallet of Miyuki. She could smoke, however, without any smoke, please, was their requirement. And she says, "As usual, not so always." And she smokes it in her chamber.

  She coughs because of the smoking. Miyuki didn't know her habit at all. Poor idiot without money gained the habit in Hachioji???

  She did it already in her versity days, and now, she started again. Her ideal life, should be. Marifana and Cocaine were permitted, anyway.

  And IKKYO's kinkiest life was revealed. Alzheimer Aliens, Miyuki resumed. They try as much as possible. And they regret and forget. We want to approach them, however, they approach us, and do wrongdoing. And no prohibitting powers at all in the side of common people. How should I do? Miyuki informs as much as possible. At least, she found the damage. Provably, for plants, it was shame. Thus, they couldn't confess it, and could conceal it from our common people's eyes. And the DDMs took advantage of their honour inclination.

  Yes, bald mauntains are not beautiful, however, who is agree? Plants, not at all! They, DDMs are ugly. They are agricaltural farmers, also. They constructed their own paved road to their house for their cars, and started to cut the forest. They insisted, provably, like the faked RAKAN Mountain owners and their inferiors, "This forest is our own. My family is owner of the mountain." like that. They faked the legitimacy, and it means that they faked Gods of Justice.

  KAMINARI type or Alzheimer families. Farmers should be some friends' relatives of Miyuki's mates of her school girl ages. However, for Miyuki, it means not at all. She continued to goddamnit them, with songs sometimes.

  BLUE Chateau, was the song. It was sung "Blue Commets" and the famous song was sung in a palody version. She could remember the both song, and her arranged SHIRAKAWA OPPABU version. Too too nasty, however, it is the fact.

  And found some old songs also represented the same situation. One is called "SHOJOJI-NO-TANUKI-BAYASHI" or song of wild cats in Temple SHOJO. SHOJO is wild cats, also.

  Wild cats hold their wild party per month. and the BONZ participated in the party. Oh, OPPABU, at that time. Cheerful music, with a bit of erotic significance.

  Another is "YAMADERA-NO-OSHOU-SAN" or Bonz in a Tmple in the woods. He liked to play the football, and he was so poor thus he used cats to play with. Cats would be poor girls beside the temple. BONZes were traditionally so degraded in sexual morality.

  And Miyuki got to know that BONZes did pederasty for boys also. Leaning in the temple meant Being sold to Bonzes. Thus, Bonzes could do it, as they liked. Oh, versities in Japan! The predicessors were here all over Japan.

  Recently, many strange immoral conducts were revealed by even OMANKO Journalism.  The most of the acheivers were teachers, Bonzes, and police men, especially, in the high ranking of their local town. Shemes, we think, however, probably, for them, "how many kids did you buy?" was a kind of compliments. Thus, they competed the number. 

  Oh, thus, near schools, there are many apartments, filled with pupils. Oh, they are prepared for it, living together, for the sake of their bosses.

  Oh, Kyorin Versity's pupils lived in some appartments, near the versity. Especially, Baseball Boys were living there. Probably, they shared some experiences. And the price of the use of appartment was always US$30 thousand per month. 

  Oh, thus, Masaki said "we would rent an apartment US$3 per month for us two, me and my wife!"

  Oh, thus, TAKAHARA would live for 4 figures. Probably US$3 for a pair of two figure, and 4 figures with 2K apartment is their standard model.

  Oh, thus Shouta lived with MATSU-YUKI!

  Oh, US$3, per each pair, in a 2k type apartment, which has flexible wall, and could change the mate, as they like.

  Oh, thus Masaki got upset, when her wife were interested in his predicessor.

  Oh, Masaki described that he worked with his mother, and his mother drove him from the versity, when I met him at the last time.

  Oh, mother is his wife, also. A strong woman, he discribed. I imaged a woman, robust in body, and feeble in mind. Yuri KIMURA was his mother's image.

  Oh, he got married with OPPABU BABAA, an old lady like KIMURA or his lawyer. They wanted to make live with, and the lady got a result. A baby, anyway. And he was forced to get married. They should get married anyway, after the intercourse. It is prohibitted. Thus, they should live together, and conceal the fact. And the wrongdoing also.

  Oh, NAKAJOU lived with SAKAI, already. In IKKYO provided residence, probably. And NAKAJOU's wife was forgotten. She has never appeared, and only SAKAI appeared. Anyway pair is better to conceal the wrongdoing.

  NAKAJOU showed me his son to me through iPad. However, where is she? She was absent always, and he said, "she is working as always." Thus they failed.

  Anyway, pair should be good to do wrongdoing.

 Oh, thus, 2 X some, is their standard. 4 for inducing, and 6 for executing. Thus, YAMASHITA chose JOUMAI for his mate.

  And the same day they came to induce me. And I didn't recognize it. And Kyorin versity should do other type wrongdoing to trap me.

  On 10 of October, they came to my office, on Sunday. It was a versity festival day, and I should came to the versity to do my job as a memeber of Committee for the Pupil's versity life.

  For them, I am a kind of target to gain some money, and they tried and refused, practically. "I am a kind of OYAJI" was too too harsh for them all. Anyway, high ranking professor, she is. We can be sold to her, anyway.

  Everything should be sold, is IKKYO's catch copy. Thus, they tried to force to sell their body to me, and they failed. They didn't say so, thus, Miyuki didn't get to know it.

 Lack of advertisement, ADACHI wispered. Sense of humour lacked, Rabby's comment. They should say exactly so, if they wanted money. They didn't say so, thus, Miyuki thought that they came to see the old campus, because it would move to INOGASHIRA campus.

  They should say the fact to Miyuki. They sometimes said, "When is your moving time?" And Miyuki said, "New campus will open in April, 2016. I have to work here in Hachioji campus until March. Thus, probably, March or so."

  And they failed. Miyuki didn't know the fact. Moving meant Death for them. Miyuki believed that Moving is the real moving, not going to inferno.

  And the room means tumb, probably. Thus, the dean OOKAWA was so so excited to chose his neighbours. For him, eternal cham, thus, the lotery was so so important.

  For common people, just a joke, however, for them, a serious order. Alzheimer patients should not have run the versities.

  Now, Miyuki is too too hungry. A good news for her. Another job apply offer???

  You should try your own versity???? She has no versity now. However, Kyorin would apply???

  I hate the versity. I was given my own rightous remedy, only a tiny part, monthly. Only US$400 thousand.

  And SAITAMA residents should live their lives at least US$500 thousand per month. Miyuki couldn't live with such a tiny money, sustaining her precious adorable beautiful kind and wise kids!!!!

 See it:

 Agricultural farmers built their houses beside the forest. At first, their ancestors chose the place as a atrict contract with the woods or their representatives. They were allowed to live there, pledging that they and their descendents would not abuse the allowed use, and not attack them at all, and if they betray, they would be punished by Gods of the universe.

  And now, their descendents forgot the pledge, and broke all of the prohibbitions their ancestors did with the sacred forest.

 They should vanish immediately. No forgiveness. Miyuki wispered to hear them. And they recognized the fact. Miyuki is the representative of the enemy, not their friend, now.

  They believed that Miyuki were their friend, because she was their mate, in her young age. Yes, I was your friend, however, now, you are not, and you are the enemy. You changed you mind, and chose the wrong way, and got rotten. Of course, I have no intention to forgive you. And I have no power to forgive you, my ex-friends, and actual DDMs.

 For them, it is too difficult to understand. They changed their mind, while we don't. Just it.

 Appearantly, Miyuki changed. She should be so, thus, she is returning to her normal mode. OYAJI with a dark coloured fatty clothings. She is warm place type. Miyuki imagines that she should have had fur, if she lives in cold place. However, she was born as a nakid human being, and now, she should live in a cold place like Shirakawa, thus, she needs some substitute of fur.

  Nakid ape should live in a warm forest, is the order. Thus, she wants to move to some warm place, fittable for her type.

  However, now she pledged to write rightous histories on this region, thus, she should stay here for more several months at least. Probably, until September, she thinks. Long rainny season called TSUYU or Plam Rain, would be good for her rewriting of the history. She should listen to the words of the real witness. She pledged to many plants and animals to accomplish the revenge. And asked the woods, especially old ones, to tell the real stories to her. They promised, and she should write, as soon as possible. And the story of KIYOHIME or Princess Purity, is one of these works.

  She got to understand why the geography of Shirakawa was too too difficult for her. Representation of Idiocracy itself, she got to understood recently. They did as they liked, devastated the forests, cut the trees, caltivated the fields, abandoned them, built the nasty smelly sick houses. For them, nothing. Their sense of smell is rotten already. However, for FAUNA & FLORA, it is nusance at all. Sick houses, they laught at the naming. They ejected Hormarine like smell. Miyuki felt it. Some people, with relatively good nose, feel it. The smell of medical treatment related death, Miyuki got to know. Artificial death, probably. And they did it, when they had chance.

  One figure, once in their generation, was a pledge among DDMs. Now, no limit at all. Alzheimer disease was caused by their morally degrading process. They pretended to forget inconvenient facts of their past. And now, they forgot and revealed it, forgetting their shames also.

  Today, she found that YOKOMURA Wood Business Company was doing the evilest wrongdoings, in their campus. They collect the woods taken from the forest, and couldn't sell them. Thus, just they change the place to put. Idiots, Miyuki thought, and felt so sad. Because of them, the precious lives had a great damage. However, she believes that Plants are strong, and they can survive, in different way. They are our friends. They should be. Thus, she wants to hug them. Now, prohibitted, because they would feel itchy!!!! Tickling like feeling they feel. Miyuki's soft touch is enough for now. And she wants to hug. And found the extract of ciders. Not only pine, at also other woods produce the brown liquid like liquid candy. It would be useful for polish codes of violin, she thought. She bought the pine one, and tried to save the violin. Now, where he is? Probably, YUKARI's second room. Dirty room with disorganized staffings. Probably, inside the room, the violin is there.

  And she would ask some animals to give their long hair to substitute the codes. The horse's one, she had. However, she failed. After only one month of no use, they broke. Thus, she prefers to make another codes by herself.

  Probably, the tail of some horse kin's would be fine. She could play only "AMALILIS" and would try another this time.

  Not a good musician, however, she knows how to enjoy the music, is everyone's comment. Her voice is low. Probably, good to know the fact. Too too low to understand that you are female. Some zone of throat is a bit under rather. Thus, good voice! Impressive, anyway. Sometimes, she can fake the cute voice!!!

  Miyuki's cute voice is spooky, all of them claimed. It sounds too too "I am faking now, however, please rely on me, at least for a while!" type, they perceived. Theatorical voice, they said. And she liked to sing like a NANIWA-BUSHI singers.

  Some singers are not real singers in Japan. However, some ones are realy liking siging the music. In the field of ENKA, old pop songs in Japan, many singers like singing songs even in their non professional life. Sachiko KOBAYASHI, Takashi HOSOKAWA, and so on. They sing even in their private life! Miyuki thus liked them.

  Some of them exclusively sing in public, in front of audience, and not in their private life. In this case, singing is their profession, not their habit or hobby.

  Miyuki could say the same thing to her profession. Too too efficient to be a lawyer, pragmatic type. Almost no knowledge are needed. Just some principles, too too general ones, and all of common people know it type knowlege is enough.

  Many of them regret not to be a lawyer. And Miyuki didn't want to be a lawyer. Just wanted to be a scholar. And she failed.

  Scholar, she should be as a kind of hobby, now she thinks. Sometimes, she delivers some theme related on her major, however, as a profession, demand orients. Thus, a kind of consultant. For free. Totally.

  She knows the way to ask something, her mother now thinks so. She wanted some vegitables on Miso Soup. Just a bit of leaves, she wanted. And found the rotten part of someone's leftover in the fredge. Probably her mother's. Thus, she asked her if the package would belong to her or not. She said yes, thus, Miyuki asked, "If you want to get rid of the rotten leaves, give me some. I would take advantage of them. Three leaves would be enough. And I would put away the rotten part, and you would use the clean part. OK?" and she gained the three leaves, and changed the package, because rotten package vinil plastic bag had the wet dew inside. It makes the residue of the leaves rotten. And she showed that she changed the packege from dirty one to clean one. If not, the real holder, my mother, would missee it, and would think that I would had abandon whole, and it would be other's one.

  She should show that she is a kind of resident allowed to stay especialy by their kindness. At the same type, she should use some leaves. In this case, she would be too too polite to gain the result. Vegitable should be used until the last part before going to be rotten entirely. Only some leaves, not full bunch. Just for my MISO soup.

  And they expected that Miyuki would make their MISI soup, and failed. She made just for herself.

  This is her problem, they thought. Too too kind and polite, however, liberalist, anyway. Thus, they failed. Miyuki is a good cook now, however, only for her type. Not for themselves type.

  YUKARI makes for them all, however, many of them refuse to eat it. Her dish is out of mind type. Too too salty, nasty, extraordinalily bad taste. However, they should manage the situation. She forgot as always, and if they ask her not to do so, she forgets as usual. For them, Ms.Forgetful, like KAKISHIMA.

  KAKISHIMA praised herself to be so, and YUKARI did the same. I am forgetful, and you should be accuatomed to it. You should remember, and I can't do so. Don't rely on my words. I am forgetful, anyway.

  At least, admission. And they failed. She returns to be normal, according to her. Just sometimes, she becomes Ms.Forgetful. The rest of time, not at all. Just they should put up with her forgetfulness, anyway.

  Miyuki is too too clever to train Happy Birthday song to her son Alex. He would like to be sung by her. And she would be pleased with her remembering the value exactly. She is clever, while you are not, Auntie. You are Rikkyo versity holder, while Miyuki, Tokyo Versity Doctoral degree holder.

  and they failed. Thus, I would be a doctoral degree holder of Tokyo Versity. Now I have lots of money to do so, thus, I am training to be so. Oh, good. YUKARI is in mood to leave to Tokyo Versity.

  and they failed again. She thinks so, however, she quits, as always. No necessary to enter the versity, because I have already Rikkyo versity degree.

  OK, she is now satisfied with her degree. Good. However, she returns to the point. Again? I had heard of it, for several times. I am getting tired of it. And she talks on her dreams again and again.

  Non stop mode. She is now in high feeling. After Cocaine inhaling, she gets as usual. I am not abuser. I took just a bit. Not so much addicted. I am not so rotten as Miyuki. She is an addicted. And she starts to attack MIYUKI....

  Miyuki took a tiny nap, and thought to make another sesame DANGO. She used liquid candy to sweaten sesame, and it caused a hard sticky touch. Soft should be. It would be OK, when it warmed up, however, in the normal temperature, a sesame candies!!!

  And she failed, and learned. Suger should be used. Liquid candy is for professional use. It is too too difficult for common cooks. Thus, they failed. She would be a good confectionary cook. Miyuki imaged it, also. however, for a while, DANGO only type, she should be. DANGO is a kind of comparative study for her. Why they turned so hard, is her always question. Soon after the cooking, it would be fine, however, after several hours, they turn to be hard and sticky.

  Thus, Miyuki for a while, DANGO investigator. One expert type, at first. Then, general consultant. At least, she should learn more and more.

  Miyuki is too too nasty to Shirakawa actual residents. From where they appeared, was her always question. From MONOLIS, yes. Probably, they were replaced when they did the contract. Thus, the same style, they same inclination, however, out of tune, and immorality at all. Brainless girl, she should be. And now, she is filled with brain, anyway. They thought that Miyuki is so clever like that. M78 galaxcy, probably. She likes Ultraman series, and thought, It would be fine for me to have watched ULTRA Q when she was a kindergardener. She felt nasty, however, at the same time, attractive. Total confusion with spooky mood. Just like the previous lesson for this situation.

  Alzheimer cruel patients they are. All over Japan. They do wrong more and more, and they go eviler and eviler, anyway.

  And they failed. They don't think that they are suffering Alzheimer disease. however, they are so. Just they lack the recognition on that point.

  And now, they should move to somewhere different. IZUMI-san liked her "Always astonishing letters". Shirakawa is the evilest place for us all. And many of them failed or turned to be the real aliens. They faked to work, and didn't at all. They didn't earn money from the real business, and relied on the insurance and succession. Terrible chain of wrongdoings. And Miyuki found that is Shirakwa, and the most of local town's reality all over Japan.

  She couldn't believe the fact at first, because too too cruel and immoral. However, considering the actual situation, the origin is too too old and the wrongdoers were prevalent here in Shirakawa. In commercial zone, of course, and in rural one, also. They are the same. And why she felt that Shirakawa was conventional and feudal. In feudal age, the wrongdoings were common among them. Family was for financial object. In KAMAKURA, already, in Heian, also. The family split and fought against each other to survive was common situation in KAMAKURA militay government. The same thing happened in Amsterdam, Neitherland.  And they are also rotten. For them, the same reluctance to work can be seen, anyway. Lack of living in the real life is the common point of the both reagions. Working is not welcome to them. They don't like amusing life, but like quiet stable unattractive life they want. They can maintain their actual richness, and the standard of life. Thus they easily pledge to sell their life, including their family.

  Miyuki's feeling of not so stupid and immoral, was failed, in every meaning. They concealed the fact from us, and they did wrongdoing, as they liked. Everyone thought it, and they wanted to continue it.

  They can't stop their habit. Thus, natural born trash, they are. Only disposal would be fine to them. And they should be punished right now.

  Miyuki felt that she were protected by Fauna and Flore. They are reliable, different from DDMs. She wanted to walk the new road with some faked commercial zone beside KASHIMA Shrine. And she could do it. Coincidently, she says as usuall. And thanked to the old tree to protect her.

  Sometimes, she almost was caught by DDMs. They tried to do so even now. No public power world, we live in. And she asked her protection to her friends, namely, Fauna and Flora and supporters of us all. And she got to return the same area and found that the scene was just she imagined yesterday. No comercialism at all. One man tried to slide a wood board in the courtyard, and no masonry at all.

  The day before yesterday, she went to RAKAN cemetery park, and found a advertisement board called "Memorial Stone". they script said that KASHIMA Masonary Company should praised by their great starting of this cemetery park.

  And the address was near KASHIMA shrine. Thus, Miyuki tried to find some masonary, however, no existed at all. At least, no real residence they use.

  And Miyuki understood the system. IKKYO ruled Shirakawa and they did as they liked, and the names of the companies are not valuable at all. They just did it, because their bosses ordered. And they can't stop the behaviour that they did at the past.

  Brainless existance, they were called. And the bosses wanted to take advantage of their ignorance. They were obedient to them, anyway. however, the bosses died before, and they were left. And brainless Alzheimer young faked workers are doing the same process, even now. Non stop Alzheimer wrongdoers, they are. The bosses should have disposed them, however, they failed. They left the Alzheimer faked workers untouched, and we common people, Fauna and Flora are suffering lots from their idiot like conducts.

  Isolated OMANKO workers they should be. They don't understand their final loss at all, and pretend to be the winners.

  Religioully betrayers, and in secular society, Alzheimer. Incapable, and they ...

  Miyuki is sleepu now.

  and MAR iw going to the bed now.

  VANISH! DDMs. We should survive anyeay!




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