Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (65)

2017-05-19 23:05:22 | 日記

 Miyuki came back from her delicious dinner. She bought whole black pepper and milled the seeds by a big mill bowl for Japanese sticky Taro Potaotes. The smell is different from milled type, in positive meaning. More vegitable like fresh flavour it has. She used it for her chicken legges Probably YUKARI got astonished to see the bones, and kept some place, and then returned it in the fredge.

  She ate fetus, thus she started to dislike chicken and fish bones, probably. Bird Funeral she wanted to do, and failed, thus, she changed her mind and did it. She ate it without noticing anyone, and concealed the bones in some place, and forgot completely on it. And now, she remembered it, and just for it, she got nervous, and ordered Miyuki to take all of her foods from the fredge. Nasty feeling as always, when she encountered with some resembling figure.

  Oh, the patienct of Hasegawa hospital, who got afraied of skelton, was a fetus eater, probably. They remember it in the last stage of their evil life. for her, nasty experience. And for Miyuki, they are all IKKYO related, thus, not interesting at all type coolish way, as usual she takes.

  Why she dislikes fish and chicken legs so much?, Miyuki really thought of it. Always, in her scolding way, "I said you, stupid, I dislike fish and chicken legs! Why you roast it in the grill? " She accused Miyuki, when she was roasting fish in Hachioji.

  She is here, despite of my refusal. I want her to get back home, and she strongly resisted to do so. Why I should obey her ilegitimate Queen like request? for her, too too natural that we should obey her order, while, for Miyuki, absurd like impression, her remarks had.

  Always young type, we called them. Yound adult, also. And in case of her indulged mother? Alzheimer disease. They are the same. And YUKARI is young Alzheimer in fact.

  Japanese Family wants to conceal the fact, because they thought that the disease were transmissible and sometimes it causes a real damage to other members of the family. Thus, they concealed YUKARI from outside, and allowed her to do as she liked. They should learn that the value is extremely higher than the real value. Why YUKARI did suffer from the disease?, think well. Why we should continue to be her victims? And now, her mother's real Alzheimer disease is already revealed by Miyuki. Why we should continue to fake the fact of them two? Double Alzheimer patients. Just it type thing for Miyuki and Clare, however, for Miyuki's father and son, not at all. Astonishing fact for them too. Too close they were, and they both are the real Alzheimer patients????

  For them, a kind of surprise, and for us all, it happens sometimes type knowledge already us there.

  Clare did know it earlier than Miyuki. She thought that they both are the same existance for her and probably for Miyuki. She perceived their change soon after Miyuki's declaration of  YUKARI's leaving. Not now, however, soon, I will get you out from this house type shocking declaration for Clare and Alex. And now, both indeed think that they are the same. Idol existance.

  Double meanings are enough for them two, and also Miyuki. Positive and negative, Miyuki named them. And for the two, anything should be fine, and the facts were criated by Yukari's BLA-BLA-BLA.

  Thus, when YUKARI started to say illogical contradictional remarks, her mother got upset and nervous. Oh, she says strange things in her fluent way of speaking. "I don't understand you, YUKARI", her mother said to her. Even with her mother's extremely positive interpretation, YUKARI is a real Alzheimer patient, of course yes!!!

  And now, the other, her mother HARUMI suffers from the same disease. She forgot her image on herself, and started to think that others were so nasty for two both.

  YUKARI wore her tight skinny Jeans to attract others, and she failed to do so. Nasty. Plump girl should not do so type impression she caused.

  Today, Miyuki took a walk arround Shirakawa, and saw some related spots of the disasters.

  And now, she should sleep well. She felt strange feeling to be induced to sleep.

  Vanish! DDMs!!! You are so ugly!!! Bitches you are, in really!!!

  From Quarted MARC, with Big LOVE!!! 

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