Inclination to Euphemism in Japan

2017-01-06 20:38:28 | 日記
06/01/2017 (evening) DoDoMerdic sosiety likes to use euphemism. Why? Because DoDoMerdas are polite? Not at all!

They make use of euphemism for the sake of evasion. They want to get away from responsibility.

DoDoMerdic world is filled with euphemism. Even in Constitutional Law, they love political euphemism.
They want to be claimed by someone who gets to know their hypocrisy. They evade as far as possible. They lie, they feign an excuse, they trap us people, all things they can do to avoid taking responsibility.

Among them, euphemism is used in order to get along with each other. It's a kind of habit for them. They can't say "No" to the superiors, as a nature of obedient domestic animals. Furthermore, they can't appoint the fact directly. So they inform an unpleasent fact, they choose more vague and decorative words. DoDoMerdic superiors conduct in accordance with his changeable flambyant discretion, therefore, evading the words which represent the nasty reality is the best way, as a provisional measure. The superiors would get angry, if they get to know the reality. They would cut their heads, as the superiors' rage erupts. Who should put the bell on the neck of the cat?, the rats talk each other. Now, how he put the bell? In the most indirect way, as he can. Thus, euphenism occupies the space.

The rat's words are so roundabout and the cat is so stupid. As a result, the cat misunderstands what the rat says. We don't forget that the cat, i.e., the DoDoMerdic superior is so arrogant. Thus, he believe that he is clever, although, he is a total vapid jamhead objectlly. Any pejorative words he refuses. Just sugarcoating expressions he accepts. In this way, even between the cat superior and the rats inferiors, there is a divergence of what the rats say.

The superior is mentally deaf. He has no normal listening ability. In other words, he has no ears. His ears are receptive only to flattery, which pleases his narcissum, selectively. He has idiot donky ears, instead of good ears that can collect people's real voice, which are requisite for power holders in constitutional countries.

"King has a pair of donky ears, donky ears, donky ears, King has a pair of donky ears, he can't listen to our words". That's a chant in a musical called "King has donky ears", which I watched when I was a primary school child.
I've never imagined that the musical is the reality of Japan, at that time. Truth is stranger than fiction. Real power holders are duller than Donky King!
We will tell the story of what actually happens in Japan to the kids in the future as ever as we can. They will be astonished at the fact and, at the same time, amused with the most foolish non-fiction in history.

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