YUKARI's End (163)

2017-04-19 19:00:37 | 日記

19/04/2017 (Wednesday, afternoon)  I made 2 trips along the river called ABUKUMA and encountered with lots of shocking facts. Some of them are our pleasures, however, most of all are the proofs of the evilest wrongdoings, in fact.

  Today, it was rainy at first, then fine, however, the temperature turned colder, and windier according the time.

  I left almost noon, with light clothings with an orange cap bought in Costa Rica, however, soon I felt cold and put one more fat jacket on the light orange jacket.

  I went to the park for sports in ASAHI block. There, the kindergarden of my kids is located. And found that the cherry blossoms were in the climax! Wendy, however, they endured the wind and showed their most beautiful time for us all!!!

  Then, a surprise. A kids' natural park called Donguri Park, or acorn tree park vanished, instead, a big flat building was built. It is established by the foundation of Quat Government, the plate said. They bought the our park, without noticing to us, common people? Who did it?

  And they failed. Public servants and the government of Quat also. The symnastic hall, built for the National Gymnastic Festival, held in Fukushima prefecture, was also sold to Quat Government. And the citizens of Shirakawa are not informed at all. Terrible shock on us all!!! Foreign Government participated in the wrongdoings already.

  And they didn't leave any residue at all. No Islamic figures at all here in Shirakawa. Why? They did, and immediately, they vanished. They took advantage of our ignorance, caused by the worst policy, national and reagional.

  And the kids park increased the equipments, and the those for adults are several there. However, no one came. No man's land, again. Miyuki did our usual confirmation of legitimacy, and took 360° pictures as proof.

  When her kids were babies, Miyuki took a walk frequently, and there were lots of the same age kids with their parents. Miyuki complemented them, and the kids played with each other together. Too too natural scenes. She also participated in the games. Sometimes, the other mothers did the same thing. Why, now, no any kid? Equipments seem more interesting to the kids, however, a bit strange. A slider, tube type, which Miyuki got thrilled and refrain from was there. Why? Because the tube is concealed by not transparent plastic materials, and Miyuki disliked the dirk concealed place. If she stucks, she thought. Terrible! OK, I would play with another authentic slider, she decided. And found that the plate, which is stack on the slider,says, "Prohibit to use!" ??? We can use, or not?

  It is IKKYO kids park, probably. She climed on one of the slider, the same type of which was there when her kids were child. A bit different in material, however, the same shape. Roller type, she remembered. Good to slide in the sitting position. And they found several tiny frogs there in the handle. Her kids could touch them, and Miyuki couldn't. For them, tiny pritty frogs, while, Miyuki is not good at wet type animals. Thus, she appreciated the shape and colour. And thought, when she had been a kid of the same age, she also had encountered with the tiny 1cm frog near her house. She thought cute, however, she couldn't touch. Wetness is not her strongpoint. Anyway, they know the same animal, Miyuki thought at that time.

  And snails are not her type, exactly. And she encountered the African type in the courtyard. Poisoneous, the newspaper said. However, only one? Is he really harmful? For agricultural field yes, however for us, he transmits the virus? She was in doubt, and when she tried to find again, she couldn't.

  Shirakawa is not warm place. Rather cold. Why African type is here now?, she thought. Some foreigners?

  Now, snails are rare. Nasty slow existance, however, according to the dictionary, they are a kind of shells.

  And she ate a plateful of them in SAIZERIA, a cheap Italian franchaise restaurant, in HACHIOJI. And thought, no taste. Just for tasting the oil and garlic, as NISHIZAWA said. And animal protain, they have. Not so nasty as their shape, however, not so favorable one, she judged.

  She did the same type declaration on the top of the slider, and slided down. And did some adults gymnastic equipments' exercise. Not bad. However, why so many sliders and no other species at all???

  Then, some IKKYO families appeared with kids. Male ones. And here and there, the excuse papers, "On wednesday, we close." They says. Now in Shirakawa, the adults don't work at all. All Sunday Mainichi, like my uncle Takeo ironically said.

  Like French schools on Petit Nicola series. Wednesday is absent for all kids. And got to know that thus, 35 hours labour hours for French workers. Pratically 8 hours a day for 4 days, and 3 hours for Saturday. Strange habit. However, for some excuse for black workers, probably.  White French don't work, only claim, like YUKARI, probably. Privileged, probably. Poor white in USA, probably. Thus, DDMs in Japan wanted Alex to be the same of them.

  Miyuki remembered that YUKARI declared that "Alex needs to be treated luxuriously. He requires more money. Custive type. And resort life, he needs. A kind of a boy should be indulged type."

  And Miyuki disliked the way. If he chooses the way, I would cut the line of him. All depend on his choice. And he decided to be a rich, deligent type. Quick, he should be. however, a bit indulged by the females surrounding him. Always with females type. Miyuki thought, at least good for his growing up. Discommunication is bad for his learning.

  She is not jealous. Just think, "I would have lots of friends, of course, common people and our supporters of rightous world." And they failed.

  she got to know that the system. Today, when she was walking on the riverside country road with weeds, singing the songs, amusing types, suddenly, the craction shouted, and she evased from the road. The riverside patrol car, the painting said. "Oh, they want to catch me? Please go ahead. I don't want to be caught by you, old boys!" And they failed.

  Miyuki thought that the catching if for her custody, and she failed. They wanted to rape her, or more exactly, they wanted to find some object for the collective suicide.

  Miyuki got to know the fact, when she was walking on the other riverside after the first trip, a junior high faked boy was stopped by a car, and entered into the car. They same way, she was experienced before. Oh, she remembered the same scine several times. Especially near the schools. Oh, that's it! For the object!

  Thus, they failed. Miyuki didn't know the system. They probided their kids for the other adults, and the other adults their own kids also. The club system was for it.

  Today, Clare took a rest of the club system. She can do it, and she didn't want to do it. Nasty, she thought. Not amusing. She prefered to play with her own way, now. Miyuki found several places to do basketball, tennis, baseball, football and so on. And they failed. Mates would be needed, they thought. however, their decision is the same. No DDMs at all! IKKYO kids, forever not!!! Never, never, never!!!!

  They found some of their own friends. Not human being shapes, however, their friends. Clare liked her turtles, however, they were caught by the evil ones. Cats, probably. With the armour, they did it. Terrible. She cried frequently. Too too nasty. She was not so cold as YUKARI. She said, "You should buy other turtles. They are cheap." And Clare finally got really upset aginst this evil existance. Too too stupid, they knew already. And too too nasty, yes. However, at least, she would be kind, they thought. And failed. Like a broken machinery, they thought.

  Today, Clare required her many times the same thing. And YUKARI didn't do it ever. She said just, "Please bring me my wear Auntie!" and she started to cook in the kitchen. Miyuki was there, cooking her delicious Japanese course. Common less costive type. However, for YUKARI, she is a kind of rival. Thus, YUKARI started to cook many times there. She did her toasted bread, and then, her rice preperation. Why she eats so many strange combination of foods as dinner today, Miyuki thought. And Clare called on the phone, until YUKARI could bring the right one. And Clare stopped. OK, you are proved to be an spontaneour Alzheimer patient. Miyuki said the same words already. and now, you are the evil one, of course. You are a big liar. You said that Miyuki suffered from Alzheimer disease, and she was forced to quit her job, pratically. And she lost her professional life as a professor of law. You did destroy her life, and you pretended to be a normal figure. You yourself is the real Alzneimer patient. You should be punished by Gods of Justice.

  And they failed. YUKARI said, "OK, if I am an Alzheimer, I should be worthy to be treated kindly. You, Clare, you too!"

  And she failed again. Evil Alzheimer patient, she is. They all thought. Miyuki did know it, and avoids to say so now. She said it already, and they didn't agree in expression. Thus, she just ignores YUKARI perfectly. YUKARI tried to get Miyuki upset, however, for Miyuki, she is nothing. Thus, just Miyuki avoided her.

  In the kitchen, she used the space normally, trying not to touch YUKARI at all. A kind of exercise, she thought, and did her delicious Japanese common course, as she imagined. Not so costive, however, as a taste of normal family satisfies it type. They agreed. She could cook the way, while, Auntie not at all.

  YUKARI said, "Curry is my strongpoint. Miyuki doesn't cook curry at all. The easiest type. Thus, she is an Alzheimer patient." She declared daredly. And Miyuki laught. OK, they compared the way of cooking. Miyuki likes to cook, because she likes to eat. While, YUKARI dislikes cooking, because she dislikes eating. Her taste is highly limited. And she said, "Japanese food is my strongpoint. Miyuki can't cook it at all." And Miyuki likes to cook it, as usual. Why not? I like Japanese food. A bit more complicated, however, it weighs lot. Ingredients are the answer, like other ethnic foods. Why I should abandon the delicious local food?

  And she found that the leaves were chilled already in frege. Thus she used it, 3 pieces. Too bit is enough for MISO soup per person. And they failed. Miyuki didn't cook for them all. Just for herself. She likes to cook for herself, and not for all now.

  YUKARI did the nasty cooking, however, weighs a lot for the substitute, they thought. however, for her, cooking for the family is not her job. Her educational system. Kids should cook as their own foods. OK, a pan serving system would be fine for us all. One per a pan. However, now, not at all. Wrongdoers are free riders of this system. Thus, I cook for myself.

  And they failed again. Miyuki is a good cook. Not so costive, however, variety of foods, she tries, and sometimes fails. And she is positive, anyway. She likes to walk arround the city. Arround the town, no walkers, practically. When she saw, only men in black with a banch of flower. Why? Too too spooky.

  She is now amusing to plan the future wild life. Camping type cooking in the river side. BBQ should be. Lots of vegitables and roots type veges. We don't need to cut trees at all. Abundant of tree's bodies here and there. They are old and new. We would use dried ones.

  And sports, we could do. Any type should be. Squash would be good for her. Wall Tennis is her substitute. Any school's wall should be a fittable one.

  We can provide to some walkers, if they are common people. No money is required. We have sufficiently, and they are invited to participated in our lunch and sports.

  Visitors should be limited, was Kyorin's slogan. Miyuki didn't know it. Why now you can do it, Auntie? Always, she thinks of strange declaration as power holders in this family. Alzheimer power holder? They think that she is so so strange, however, she threatens them with her violence. She is the symbol of DDMic reign. Anyway, she is out of date. Too too old in her mind. Brain damage should be proceeded in her head. and they think Miyuki's choice is too too right. Being a liberalist. and they thought that YUKARI were not a protectionist. Only totalitarian free rider under the name of protectionalist.

  She doesn't know anything at all. And BLA-BLA-BLA, as she knows it. Shameless lies, she did. And they cut the communication with her. And she thought that food supply is my strongpoint. And she failed. She couldn't make an errand. She doesn't know the system at all. She pretended to use her priviledge. And she failed. She has no chance to pay in cash. She is categorized as a priviledged one. Thus, they failed.

  She can't pay at all. She would be a thief, they thought. And then, they found. Only Miyuki and her mother should pay fot the supermarket in the town. All of them knew it, and they didn't say it to them, because they took advantage of their ignorance. No information system, they said. And Miyuki didn't know it. Why? They should explain it. They only require money and don't provide nessecary and indispensable information at all. They pretended to be that the world were functioning normally, however, not at all. Why they fake so? Today, I had to pay US$6 at the supermarket called BENIMARU, in YUKOMACHI block. Why they faked to buy the foods? Why the registers were there? Why the machine required me the value? Why I was forced to pay unnecessarily? Your wrongdoing is collective and organizational. It means that this game costs too too tremendouslly high for you, DDMs.

  Anyway, we should protect our lives. and animal protains are necessity for us. However, they required money, potting the price card on each materials. It means, "We require your payment." Thus, we should pay it correctly.

  And they failed. No man's land already. however, they came and pretended to be residents. Wrongdoing itself, Miyuki affermed. And declared our legitimacy many times. And they failed. however, they tried to catch Miyuki again and again.

  Why they came in the car? Was her basic question. Only cars. No people, pratically. And she likes to imagin "If I were a bird". Always. When she entered into the primary school, the imagination started. Looking on the blue sky, and thought, "I am not belonging to the class. If I were a bird, I would fly and could astonish our mates and teachers. It would be fun!"And passed the subjects all day long. She was good at all in study subjects. However, always she was not good in mood. I want to pass time outside, when it is fine. She thought. Thus, recently, she did so.

  They are too too evil, Miyuki thought. And remembered the song, in a cassette, presented by Sandra, her friend of English conversation in Plaza da Republica. Bebado y Equilibristas, it is called.  Joao Gilberto, probably.

  She once visited music hall called Tom in Sao Paulo. And paid relatively expensive and failed. Cheap sheet looked more amusing. She drank a glass of soft drink, listening to the music, however, in downstairs, they danced and sang with the singer composer. And learned. In Brazil, cheap is more clever way to be.

  thus, they failed. 4 months of trial, they insisted. and they failed. No information at all, and Miyuki is always on her own way. Why I should change my life? Anyone said so, and if they said so, they would be unfair and in injustice.

  Thus, they failed. Politeness only world, they wanted for their sake. And they were rotten totally, and not qualified to insist it. Degraded, anyway. Inmorality at all. Shame, in short. Even monky type like Miyuki disliked it. They sell and buy the kids, as they want. The kids are provided by Ikkyo, the strangest faked religious circle. Shirakawa was already targetted by the circle.

  Miyuki found that KASHIMA shrine was one of the oldest rotten one. Inside the big Forest of Sacred, they put the shrine of MATSU..XX, which is characterized by exploration and commercial only values. MATSUDAIRA would be the leader, probably.

  And got to know, the shrine was more older than the human shrine. Old sacred of animals. Probably, monkies were the ruler of the mountain. She got to know, for the first time, the Stone Henge in Shirakawa.

  Shirakawa produces stones especially in this location. And found table stones on the mountain. Monkies' tables. Some monkies would eat the delicious fruits and nuts there, seeing the forest arround there. Birds would be flying there, sometimes, they had lunch together. She could reached the table, however, she got thrilled the hight seeing the building in front. 4th floor???? Just an illusion? Anyway, she did the legitimacy declaration-confirmation again there, and thought, I would climb up here again, when the time comes. Now, it is dangerous. They, DDMs, frequently attack me. They can push me to fall from the hight, like Crayon Shin-chan's author. And she chose to get down the confirmed reute to the shrine.

  and found a new visitor came here and he was talked with a clerk of shop in the shirine.

  Miyuki did the legitimacy declaration on the top of the bridge, and she passed it. When she came back, she used the other way. Dangerous to use the same route. Sometimes, the squad wait for her to catch.

  Thus, they failed. Miyuki doesn't rely on them at all. KASHIMA is now invided by OOMORI family. They used the name because of appearance, she thought. And found an explored block backward of the shrine. Messy, she thought. And found that the family sold their spirit and did wrongdoing. In the sacred forest, they should not cut the woods at all. However, they did. and marked pink tapes to indicate the predicted assasin against the woods. Terrible. They don't understand any moral at all. The day before yesterday, and also yesterday, Miyuki found that the Buddist temples did the unmoral activities called OPPABU, and today, Shrine also. They did it. Traditionally they did. So rotten they were.

  And now, Miyuki really thought the song of Joan Gilbert was literally the situation of us all. Even 20 thousand km far from his country Brazil, in Shirakawa, they exactly did the same, litteraly.

  It was a protest song of Military Government called Authoritarian System. Brodel was OPPABU in Brazil. They established IDIOCRACY and required strictness to common people, and most degraded morality was allowed for them, power holders.

  Totalitarian's transformation or deterioration process, they traced. All of them. Except any example. Thus they should be punished. And Brazilian and other Latin American people pledged "No more Authoritarian system at all." Sometimes, they failed, however, their pledge is the sincere one. Thus, after more than 30 years, they continue to be in the world of anti-totalitarianism, at least.

  Miyuki thought that all rotten system had the same inclination and same character. Kouichi YOSHIDA was only one evil teacher in the rural town, however, Miyuki got to know that we were minority and they were majority. We could protect ourselves, anyway. However, many of the related ones got rotten. Greediness and eroticism. Slyness. Arrogance, in short. Superior complex in their illusion.

  Thus, they failed. Miyuki pledged the revenge, and she wants to do it with pleasure. Thus, she gained. Epoch making, they thought. Revenge should be threatning, they thought. Oh, yes, of course. However, among us, more amusing type should be!!!

  And they liked their way to live like monky. forgetful, however, amusing. Pride is small, and curiosity, the first type.

  They would help us, probably!! And Miyuki found the shocking place backward of the castle KOMINE. She didn't see the side of Rose Garden. She knew that it closed. however, why and what is now, was in question.


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