Divine (Petit Tragedic) Commedy in SATO Family

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25/01/2017 (morning) It's frosty this morning. Water doesn't pour from the tap, one of gas rings doesn't work. Thus, I couldn't cook today. I ate a cup of royal milk tea, fermented soybeans with a rice cake, and two peaces of sponge cake as breakfast.

Last night, I had a harsh debate battle with my mother.

My mother and my sister YUKARI, were accustomed to use my name Miyuki SATO to submitting oficiel papers to Junior High, instead of me, againt my will!!! I didn't know that!

Alex rarely handed me such kind of information papers from his Junior High. He handed them to my mother and YUKARI! Stupid boy! And they didn't hand them to me and disposed as they liked, under the name of me!!!

I accused my mother, of course! They were violating my social confidence!

I talked with my mother, because YUKARI is just her robot.
My mother said to me, "In case of Clare, your father does the same!". I laught at her remarks. My father does work and knows social rules. I know that he doesn't do that. Only irresponsible DoDoMerdas do such "abuse of the superior's name". My father doesn't need to do so. So, I said to her, "OK, I'll confirm on it tomorrow. I want to sleep now."
However, she strongly recommanded me to go to make a conversation with him, "right now". I, reludtantly, respected her words and went to his lodge.
When I reached it, YUKARI the robot, cought up with me and passed me, dashed into the room and closed the door in front of me and kept closed. Thus, I couldn't enter into the room and came back to the chamber to sleep.
I claimed to my mother for being deturbed to enter his room and failed to see him by her inferior YUKARI.

She said that " YUKARI is so kind to wash the clothings of her nephew and her niece and to prepare breakfast for them, getting up early in the morning. You get up after 8:00 and don't prepare their meals. You abandon your duty as a mother. Why don't you prepare a cup of hot milk, warming up by micro-oven, getting up at 6:00 for kids? It's too easy. Our Alex will rearch 20 years old in 4 years. By the time, you should put your taste in his memory. It's the minimum duty of a mother."

I, burst into laugh and said to her, "OK, you are an extreme protectionist, while I am an extreme liberalist. We don't get along with each other forever. We have total agreement at this point, don't we? Good night"

But she was so upset and said, "I feel nasty with your remarks. I will call your father to come to here. You shouln't sleep now. Wait for him!"
I stopped her to go to pick up my father, because this type of discussion would no produce any productive result at all. Their idelogy id different from ours. Just it. My father's not necessary in this circumstance.
I said to her, "Just for your nasty feeling, we don't want to be disturbed our peaceful sleep.Don't do that, Ms.Harumi, please."

However she insistedly took my poor father from his warm cozy room to her coldest chamber, in which she economises the cost of heating.
She insisted in her right to order me to be "an ideal Japanese mother for kids", in front of him, accusing me, "She abandons her own pretty kids!"
I explained to her, "For me, you and your daughter YUKARI, two extreme protectionists, indulge my dearest kids and give a vast moral damage for them. It is I that want to accuse you because of indulgence or excessive protection to my kids. However, I'm a person of common sense, so I refrain from you to do it by way of exercising any authority. I just think so and allow you to do within your reach. I don't intervane into your territory. You are intervaning into my territory. I asked you to leave my kids, however, you didn't ask my legitimate and legal favour as a parent. You treat my kids ilegaly. And you committed big wrongdoing. You are accustomed to use my name, againt my will. It's a crime itself.
In addition, my kids are old enough to warm up a cup of milk by a micro-oven by themselves. Why you treat my kids as if they were 5 years old infants? Why you take it granted, requiring me your excessive protectionalism?"

My mother expected my father to feel sympathy to her ideology. However, my father is minimum protectionalist, not excessive protectionalist. My father laughted at her irrational requirement to me, saying, "If you like, you yourself shold do so. Your discussion is a pararel discussion in vain, that is, totally contrary opinions grounded with each religion."
Yes, I know the result. And I dared to ask to my father, "Have you ever sighed with other's name, for example, mine?" He got upset and replied, "Of course, not! If had do so, I would have lost my social confidence at all!"

My mother has no idea of authority, social responsibility and confidence. Thus, she didn't understand the importance of what he has done, using my name.
Now, she faced to the fact. In our society, using other's name is prohibited generally speaking. Only in some particular cases, it is allowed.
Yes, I deligated the communication with junior high during my absence. However, I am here in Shirakawa and I can communicate with the school directly. I prefer direct and immediate expression of my will. Why the protectionalists can despose the problems of my son, instead of me, especially, against my will?
Their protectionalism has already given a vast damage to me and to my son Alex. Nevertheless, they asked help to authority, in this case, my father, subjectively, according to their ideology.

During our conversation, YUKARI the robot was outside of the chamber and waited her turn, eavesdropping through the glass and paper door. Now, her turn. When the window blew contrary to her superior, namely, our mother, she shouted, "Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. Some neiboughers might hear our secret conversation. Watch out!"

Thus, the family drama ended. YUKARI is a robot under the control of my mother. She calls herself "assistant of householding" or sometimes, "housewife". And she is broken and not good even at domestic tasks, especially, cooking. My cooking ability is of course superior to hers. Thus, my mother wanted another more functional domestic robot, replacing the role of YUKARI, which has arrearently broken in all its functions.

I don't want live under her feet. I am an independent person, even though she doesn't think like that.
I am not her Domestic Robot No.2.

Acccording to scientifc novels' star writer Isaac Asimov, there is a Grand Rule for any roboots. The first one is, "Don't give a damage to human-beings".
YUKARI the robot is so broken until to break the first Grand Rule.
That means, it has no value to anyone.
Now, it's only role is a burden to Alex. To get independence, he should resist its interference.
She pretends to be a kind friend to him, knowing social rules as an adult predessor.
Maybe, she is searching the answer for homework of Alex on Internet.
She wants to be an instructor robot for Alex, instead of DoMestic Robot for my mother.
Thus, YUKARI offered my mother to get rid of domestic tasks and to concentrate on being Alex's instructor, presumably. So my mother wanted another more suitable domestic robot for her.

Poor Alex and poor me! In the world of excessive protectionalists, we two are victims. We are slaves in this world of hyper-protectionalists.
Alex's case is much worse. He is in the danger of being a pet of a broken robot.
If he had been approved to enter into KOUNAN, of course, he would quit the high school, because it's located too too far from here.
In this case, the broken robot would like to teach him in private lessons.

Yes, she was good at memory, in her 5 years old. However, gradually, she has gotten lost her memory.
3 years ago, she couldn't name of the actual prime minister.
Her memory is confusing. However, she thinks that she insists that she doesn't commit an error in her memory.
She can't say, "I don't remember it" to Alex. Thus, she has to look up for the answer via Internet.

"The farther, the better. My Alex would be under my territory. I would teach him, as I like." This broken robot thinks so, presumably.

However, at least, Alex knows that aged figures are not quick. Sooner or later, he couldn't put up with the slowness of the robot. Now, it is making all its effort to pretend to be cleverer than him. However, maybe, he is too gentle to appoint the slowness of the robot.
I know the fact through my experience at Kyorin versity. My pupils knew the professors were bad at memory and liers. I've heard their claims many times, as I've written before.

My mother is a graduate of junior high and YUKARI a graduate of RIKKYO versity. They thinks that YUKARI the robot is suitable for Alex's education for entrance exam to versity.
Ai-ai...Silly simple minded person, assisted by a broken robot. This combination is a really burden for us.
This combination can oftenly be seen in local areas in Japan. The pairs should be a husband and a wife, an old parent and his or her jobless middle aged child, a grand parent and his or her indulged jobless grand child, etc.
This is the most tragedical pattern. Someday, crazy robots notice the possibility of richness combined with freedom, that is, the superiors' death.

You can read lots of this type of homicides in newspapers in Japan.It's highly usual, thus we don't care much.
The simple-minded prson thinks that his or her "reliable liability". Thus, the ropot remains to survive and lives their crazy inmoral out-of-controled lives.

Simple-minded people allow the wrongdoings of broken robots called DoDoMerdas, however, Gods of Justice refuse it. Maybe, the dream of yesterday morning transmitted me the fact.
Long lines of DoDoMerdas in black in a vast cathedral, accompanied with Gods of Death, each DoDoMerda and each God.
I didn't feel fear of it. Just I felt that now we were in the final stage.

Our family is petit comical version of these tragedies. Thus, I have enough room of mind to describe as a kind of entertainment.

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