YUKARI's End (5)

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 Cris sensed in many places, a bit and a big prejudice on Brazilians, not at all! Only in Tokyo. Only in Tokyo, she felt senseless.

 MIYUKI should know that you owe a lot on YUKARI's work. However, YUKARI was working for her sake, not for sake. Even though, You are harsh enough to her attitude??? No. She was any more, a girl, who was entertained by my performance. She was so cruel and she was too too cruel to her parents. Not me. She wanted to be a good girl. Then, be!

 She is too old in mind. Not the real age matter. She can't change any more. I should be free from her burden.

 However, Of course, for my parents sake, I would assist my parents process to send YUKARI to the right place. For YUKARI, departure. She should know that she is mentally ill. That the fact. And my mother is too too kind to know the fact. However, she got to know, how YUKARI thought on her and her family. MIYUKI is not only one for her contemptious works.

He was accused being masturbated. She is messy old bug. She should be punished. Kinky too much. She should be separated from our family, she was skewed at this point. Don't worry, Alex, we are liberal at this point.

 She should know she is not the ruler. She is a good girl, because she is not attractive. Just the expression. If she is not attractive, people say, "Anyway, she is a good girl", in a bit of irony.

 She should be punished especially her kinky peeping habit. Preparing intimate wear for the boys and girls for what? Just a habit? No! Sexal signification. I am so near to you.

 She wants to enter the hospital, mentally illed one. She desires? Yes. And the others? Yes, OK, I will try to find some suitable one, not for punishment. Gods would punish her. Now, I must save my family. Just it. Now, confirming the will of others and YUKARI's also and look for some suitable institute for her case. Explain well objectively in her case and say exactly what is needed for her. A tough work? Interesting, if I were not cought. Not at all! Just for her! She would be put into the hospital or some group home like institute. Another family, maybe for her. In case of young Alzheimer case, curable happened only one case.

Miyuki's case. She was so arragant she admitted. However, some change happened. Maybe a some change. A big change. For what? For being better. What is the clue? Sum of bit a bit. Books, persons, topics, trips, families, jobless time experience, Kyorin pupils, normal ones, cutting from NINOMIYA, Marcelo's connection, thinking based on own sight, I can't find only one type reason. Sum of the tiny parts. I will try to find it.

  OK, For DDMs sake, not. For peoples sake. My family has been suffered too much from YUKARI. No more chance for her. I will search and investigate it. The suitable one. For mother's sake. YUKARI is her good companion. Thus, meeting with YUKARI should be free for my mother. Stay type. Treatment no. She whould not chance for it. She would not notice the fact. Now she greed to go, so, this is the time for departure. We should take advantage of it. IZUMI-san, wanted to say so. Too cold, she worried. She was so good at everyone. But to their family, too too cold. She was the saver of the DDMs, if she left now! YUKARI wants to rule the world, anyway.

  Persuasion, no. Non stop talking. Annoying anyone else. Boys be right and girls be obedient! Now, sexual change should be agreed by his own fathers will. Oh, what a good boy, she wants to be. A sex change? Yes, she wants to be stronger than MIYUKI! Ah, KIMURA's pattern. Yeah. Every process, she passed. She dared to consult her own family doctor called Alex. What is the menstration problen? ??? A heavily tough joking. Ohhhh, YUKARI wants to be the KIMURA type. Scolding boys type. They were terrified by her yell! Boy, be a good boy! I want you, boy! I want you boy!!!

 Skewed complex she said. She explained her symptom of change to her mother. I am being a boy problem. Ah, post-menstration ploblem combined with Alzheimer !!! Oh, easier than usual. Her way of life is stealing and stealing. Thus, she needed her own rooms. A bit messy, however, for her, good. She thought. However, for YUKARI, the ambiental problem. Thus, she wants to move a sun bathing place. Thus, now, the office?

 "I would like to use your office, father, I am good and be a good girl, so put the goddamnit sister from here and conceal to the hospital as soon as possible. Everytime, she cries to help her assistance, She said so to me, she was so good for me and I need her help.

 She did so as she liked and she would be punished. She was the worst DDM in the world. And her mother wants her as her companion, just companion.

 My mother should give up the idea. You should visit to see her, mother, there are lots of old girls house. Which is good, I will go. And your calcularion ability would be quicker!!! 

Vanish! DoDoMerdas!




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