A Bit Laxurious Plesure for Tongue

2017-01-25 19:12:00 | 日記
25/01/2017 (evening) I drand a half mini glass of white hot wine, with bree white cheese and some almonds.
It's an easy and delicious light supper, recommendable for frozen night.

The bree cheese was made in france and creamy. It tastes like a butter of high quality. I can't stop eating it.
I'm indulged at this point. However, Gods would allow me. Delicious!

I got it at US$3 for 100g. It was US$4.5 and descounted several times, because the expiring date is near.

In Japan, there are two types of expiration dates in Japan.
One is the dead line of consumption, another is that of good taste conservation.
They both are used and cause confusions among consumers.

The two dates weren't important in an essencial meaning.
They are used for DoDoMerdic companies to accuse others, namely, rivals.
Administrative Law matter, it is.

These dates are just references. We wise consumers decide to buy or not, by the real value of the goods.
If we feel strage, we don't buy them. We have various senses to perceive the danger.
Yes, companies shouldn't lie. However, the dates are not so important as their ingredients.

I am a kind of cheese lover. I am now melting with the delicious taste of bree cheese, like cheese itself.
This cheese is made with milk and a kind of mold. Some mold is not good for our health. However, cheese is the result of marrige of milk and mildew. I celebrate the marrige! Tin-Tin!!!

Good senses are more important than useless battle of the dates related disputes.
Many people buy cheaper products at the edge of expitation dates.
They rely on their senses of smell, sight, touch and so on.
I got lots of fruits much cheaper than ordinary ones.

Cheese is the same time of the fruits. The sense of selection is required.
If you have a good sense, try the cheapest one.
I rely on my sense.
However, I confess that my nose isn't perfect. I failed, sometimes.
I had to accept of the result of my judgement. It means, 2 or 3 days of belly pain and head ache, vommitting and so on. I was responsible for my decision making.

Responsibility is required when someone failed. It isn't necessary when he does work without mistake.
DoDoMerdas don't understand this easy rule.
They have no psychological preparation.
They think that they are free from all responsibility because they are cute or "KAWAII".
You would be astonished at the remark.
However, this is the fact.
They think that they are cute or "KAWAII", even they are old kinky male bugs.
They believe that others also would think that they are "KAWAII".

"KAWAII" is a keyword to understand DoDoMerdic value.
They think that the superiors love "KAWAII" DoDoMerdas.
"KAWAII" is related with inferiority.
The superiors want to feel their superiority, thus, they love "KAWAII" existance.
DoDoMerdas appeal their inferiority by way of showing-up to be "KAWAII".

I hate to be called "KAWAII" by others, while DoDoMerdas love to be called "KAWAII".
They appaluse each other saying "KAWAII" mutually.
The ward "KAWAII" is used as the quickest way of showing their sympathy to other DoDoMerdas.
Thus, they transmit their friendship among them.
Furthermore, their vocaburary is limited. Their positive expression is almost only one, that is "KAWAII".

They choose goods because of being "KAWAII" in the shop.
"KAWAII" style is comparatively cheaper than stylish or "KIREI" style.
It's related with the cheap impression of "KAWAII" style.

DoDoMerdas have no sense of right qualification. They are too flamboyant to have it.
Thus, "KAWAII" is the only value to their judgement.

As a matter of fact, "KAWAII" have no standard. When DodoMerdas want to get along with others, they say "KAWAII" each other. Inferiority should be applaused. Thus they continue to say this word, 20 to 100 times every day.

Different from DoDoMerdas, we should choose good things, judging from our own senses.
I finished eating whole cheese. How indulged am I! But I don't regret this happy indulgence. I am happy with my laxurious time with tasty white cheese.

Indulgence in this sense doesn't signify dull or spoiled.
It means just a sweet satisfactory plesure added with a bit abundance.
My modest plesure of tongue for a while, I could say.
I don't regret US$3 that I spent for the presure.

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