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23/04/2017 (Sunday, evening) We must new member. He is called "CHINKORO", a yong wild hare.

  He was killed several days ago by IKKYO smartcar drivers. Arong the road side near Shirakawa Hospital, he was. We found him, and touched his hair of his fluffy cute ears, and pleadged his revenge against all DDMs.

  He was tortured. His internal organs were taken and we watched his intestates with red black blood. Miyuki at first thought that he were a wild cat called TANUKI, because she had seen some of TANUKI hit by the cars. Oh, another victim of our TANUKI army.

  And she took a picture as a proof, and then she found a ear. Oh, long type. It looks like my slipper which I wore when I was in a small kid! Wild hare! I see him at the first time here in Shirakawa, and he is already dead. Young cute type. With bloody intertestines. Terrible.

  A flaffy, thus, she wanted to touch it. In case of dried TANUKI, she got afraid of suffering disease. This time, he is fluffy and cute ear he has. Thus, touched a bit. Soft touching feeling left to her left hand. Cute guy. Young brave one. Wild hare. Rare to see here. And she felt too too sorry for the delay of the vanishing process of DDMs.

  And Rabby welcomed his arrival to our territory. The same type, the similar especie. Thus, now we two!! ADACHI and Miyuki are human beings, and they are hares. Thus, long ears tribe!!!!

  And Miyuki has long ears also. Not fluffy, however, thin long type. And remembered the song of "King has Donky ears" in a musical. King has a pair of long ears, and only a barber knows the fact. The latter couldn'y put up with the secret, and sometimes he went to the field of pipe like grass called leed, and yelled to distress, "King has Donky ears!!!"

  And the leeds couldn't put up with keeping secret at all. Thus, someone played the leed pipe, leed sang, "King has a pair of Donky ears!". Thus, everyone got to know the fact.

  The king wanted to accuse the barber, however, the fact was already known to all of the people, and they sang, "King has a pair of Donky ears, he can't listen to what we say, every when we say." in a body.

  Thus, king failed. And now, Kinky king of Ikkyo has no ears listen to the fact that we common people have already known that he is the real Alzheimer patient.

  Wild hare. Rare to be seen. Miyuki watched their evacuated fass when she was in her mountain when she was a kid. Thus, she knows they were in Shirakawa.

  Now they returned, however, the young promissive member was killed by IKKYO drivers.

  Rabbit speacies are just sensitive in hearing ability bacause of their developped ear function. Thus, they percieve the danger earlier than others. Thus, they run away from the targetted point, as soon as possible.

  And Miyuki got to know that why Rabby wanted to get out of the house twice. They came, he perceived. The kinkiest speice, and we couldn't put up with their cruelity. Thus, Rabby was killed. He wanted to inform the danger to Miyuki, and failed. Miyuki didn't believe that the human beings were replaced by DDMs, already.

  Miyuki believed, until the last time, that they were human beings, and continued to try to obtain the rightous result in Japanese society. And she now really got to know that DDMs were not human beings at all. Aliens. No logical thinking creature. They can't think at all. They are made for feeling, and forgetful anyway. Jealousy is their motivation of acivities.

  Rabby should run away, however, Miyuki thought that he would not survive, because there were lots of cats here and there. Rabby came back, and Miyuki got rexaxed by his returning. They did twice.

  And the third time, he failed, and got killed by DDMic evil measure. Wave or shake, we could say. He was young, he was healty. He was brave. Why he died? Miyuki couldn't forget the scene of his death. She cried and cried. Why now? Why you? Why?

  And now, really understood that he was a victim of the attaking by MONOLIS on the planet.

  MONOLIS was gone, already, however, IKKYO believers stay here in a part. They don't move, and want to kill us, again.

  Miyuki felt some nasty attacking mode of a male old DDM in front of the entrance of KOUSEI Hospital on the hill in the north side of JR Shirakawa station. And she avoided the danger. He pretened to be a good fellow, however, she felt nasty, because his voice was "cat taming voice" or NEKONADE-goe.

  Miyuki did know that MICCHIKU used the voice, and disliked their sly and flattering tone. Thus, she at first followed the direction, and then, she evased from it, and started to get down the hill.

  The man took a white car with the number of "6-21" and passed beside Miyuki. And Miyuki relieved after the car had passed.

  The IKKYO believer wanted to show that Miyuki followed the direcon which he indicated.

  And Miyuki felt so nasty at his attutude. Unnecessary and with the faked voice. Not kind offer. Just for the sake of something for him. Probably, he wanted to show up as a power holder among them.

  And he failed. He got pleased at Miyuki's moving at first, and found that she got upset at his remark, especially at his way of saying.

  Miyuki had a prejudice on human figures. Anyway, they are human beings, she thought. And according to her ignorant interpretation, they were just unintentionally doing nasty things on her, not intentionally. Just wrongly unkind people, Miyuki thought. And failed.

  And remembered that Mr.YAMADA, her predicessor, might go out of Tokyo University and WASEDA one related, and chose the same way, that is being themselves.

  KITAMURA descrived him as a loser from the academic society. However, considering this situation, getting out was and is the right answer. Staying in the world of academic society in Japan means being DDM. Thus, they failed.

  As you like, is their always remark, and Miyuki thought that they were depending on the bosses. All their personality were managed by their bosses, were their accordance. And they wanted to be treated like a secured easy goer. They didn't want to decide by themselves. Always wanted to be judged by others. And they  abandoned to be themselves.

  Impossible, we thought. Personality change, we got astonished at. However, they did it easily. For them, being others is their dveryday life. Almost done, however, we couldn't put up with their choice. For them, OK. however, for us, not at all!!!

  And they failed. And Miyuki took a nap, and now, Rabby' news coments start.

  The fisst one:

  They didn’t use the world of Protectionalism, is a big news of OMANKO journalist, And "For the sake of reducing debt on trade in USA", they would adopt strongthened omnitoring system on the rate change of moneies.

  Only OMANKO journalists could do write such a contradictional expression. Trading should be controled by them all, and money rate change money rate change would not, is the message of them.

  thus, they failed again. Contradiction, they made, however, they dinied as usual. I don't know. your choice. Yukari's replay is always the same,

  the second news:

  Un not unique plain TSUKE men restaurant abruptly got to have a lot of its franchise shops, and the clients come.

  It means that IKKYO believers occupies the builidings in the corners of each block, and they petend to be residents.

  They existe as mass, thus, the boss can provide their humn resource on the shops, and faked the popularity.

 The third one:

 they have no sense of smell. This is the proof. And they failed. The professional mistake. A price of used car would reduce the value of the smoking habit, of course. A kind of non necessary to explain type fact, howevr, for DDMs, a realy valable fact founding,

 The fourth one:

  FUJITA Tourlism can't stop their exploration mode. they consturuct Hakone resort type hotels many times.


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