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05/08/2017 (Saturday, evening) Look! Now, at 19:30, we watched Saturday Night Fever! John Travolta!

An ambulance came with a siren into YAOYA-cho black, and stopped nearest the back house of Sato Family. Some guy, neibougher, was on the ambulance bed, and two faked medical workers brought it. Miyuki took a picture of this scene.

Neighout Peeping Tom Satan, a big one class, failed. Miyuki got cheerful, and sang, spontaneously, "Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Still alive? Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha Still Alive, A-A-A-A Still Alive?" in Bee Gees style.

The real Saturday Night Medical Fever! Laughihg episode, one more! Who is this guy? Probably, ITAMI or SUZUKI families relatives. Miyuki posed like John Traborta, with her "I am the no.1!" mode.

And soon she turned to do her planting job. She put two seeds of Nectarin, bought in BENIMARU-Yokomachi. She bought 3 pieces of these fruits, for the sake of planting, at the cost of US$2. However, one was rotten, and the core was with white moss. Kate?

The two were not so rotten. Thus, she put the seeds on the pot.

Clare and her grand father got out of the back house, to watch the scene. Clare was dancing. Miyuki sang the last frase of the song. "A-A-A-A, Still Alive?"

Clare said to Miyuki. "Don't take a picture, It would be impolite." Thus, Miyuki refrained from there, and ended up her planting job.

At 20:00, the ambulance got out from the YAOYA-cho area, with siren.

Soon, some one, knocked the door of the office, where Miyuki was writing this blog. This one knocked the door, in its most violent and noisy way.

Soon after the chasing siren, Miyuki got chilled. Faked officers?!!

Thus, Miyuki refused to open the door. In case of necessity of our family, they themselves should take a bunch of keys from the determined place.

And soon, Miyuki discovered who was this guy. YUKARI!

After Miyuki's refusal against this unknown guy's knooking, the guy went back to the main house, and came back. Two appeared. Clare and YUKARI. And Miyuki remembered that in the main house, in the determined place, only one banch of keys was there. Where was another???

Probably, YUKARI or HARUMI took it, and forgot where they put it. Thus, only one bunch of keys, Miyuki found.

And YUKARI, wanted to do it in the water front of the office, and found no bunch on the suitable place, came to the office, and found the door locked, and the violent knocking started. She didn't make any voice at all. Why? Just by knocking sound, she showed her eagerness to enter into the office.

Recently, YUKARI can't speak in her high pitch tone. Probably, some medicine she takes. Thus, so short low voice, she makes, with so few word. Better, rather than hearing her long long BLA-BLA-BLA in a loud voice.

YUKARI, came with Clare, and Clare opend the door with her keys, and only YUKARI entered into the office, and YUKARI said something to Clare in her lowest voice.

After entering into the office, she wispered someting to herself, in a word. And vanished into the bathroom.

Miyuki found that someguy forgot to turn off the switch of the bath. This stupid guy wasted the energy, keeping the heateing system on, and left the office. Miyuki turn off it, of course.

Thus, the guy, who forgot to turn off was revealed YUKARI, herself. Alzheimer treatment, she received now, probably, visiting the clinic, sometimes, like yesterday. And she was given some medicine to calm down her rage, which happens abruptly.

This morning, Miyuki took a shower, and got to recognize that earlier than Miyuki some guy used amphetamine in the bathroom. Probably, the clinic provided two medicines for YUKARI. To fake to be active, amphetamine, thus, she takes it every morning, in the bathroom, doing it. And in the evening, she takes the calming down sleep causing medicine, also doing it. Thus, she is now in bath room.

The ambulance came exactly at 19:30, and got out exactly at 20:00. Too strange. 30 minutes for an emergency case? Too too slow, and many guys would lose lives, with this slowness.

For satans, of course, OK! Clare wanted to watch vanishing scene, thus came from the back house. She was in a good mood, like, "I want to watch it, I want to watch it!" with her bauncing.

Bid News! Miyuki watched a vanishing scene today. One more sample.

She was in KAINZ HOME center, in front of the parking lots, drinking iced milk tea in a pet bottle, bought at Beisia Supermarket.

She monitored the faked consumers coming to the unpopular home center. After Miyuki sat on the bench there, they, the satans, came so many, up to fulfill the home center's vast parking lots. Oh, I am today a cupid! Or, nagociatior of satanic love! Couple making servicer, Miyuki! Love affair consultant Dr.Miyuki SATOW!!!

Thus, Miyuki observed so many satans, North Korean types, all of them, and did her best job of this area. She is a best couple creator! All of us, confirmed. She induced them to make a couple, triple, and multiple!!!

According to North Koreans' standard, one person to one person system was preferable. However, Miyuki informed to them all, through her experience in Tokyo, that in Shibuya, existed one female with 10 males, at the cost of US$70, in total, and each boy just was obliged pay only US$7 per each. In total, US$70 was enough for her, young pretty slender model type girl, for her 30 minutes play. She did the service for 10 boys, for 30 minutes. She was a kind of machine, thus, for her, OK, and soon after the service, they all got our from the site, called HIKARIE, near JR SHIBUYA station.

Thus, "Common, boys! Here is such a type of the bitch! You can do it, in collctive, only several dolars per each! 10 or 20 boys are OK for her! Follow her! Chase her! You can do it! Show your guts! Don't be chicken, Jasons! She can do anything you want! Do it now, boys! Be ambitious! Even country ugly boys, you can do it with the plump lady! Probably, she produces mummal milk! Lick her, Suck her, Drink her!!! Be brave, boys!!!

Thus, Miyuki got free from her cupid service. So so nasty to her yell. No morality at all, yes. However, who should point the fact in front of us all? Only she! And she found so many wonderful scenes, only in this moment type, and yelled because of the super unusual hit!

Many of them would be kept her memorundum until she can write in her own site, with more calm atomosphare, however, one big hit, she would like to introduce for you, here.

She found a scene, which a nun, Scitto Tribe, pbobaly, with black hair veil and gray jumper skirt, short tiny type, popped out from some place, and soon a middle aged semi-bald guy chased her, from 3 meters distance. Oh, nun with her husband appeared in this family only type home center!!! Unnusual!!! Probably, Robert Capa would like this scene!!!

Magnum, his group was named. And Platinum tribe with Miyuki and Adach is also called MA-G-Num. Who was the G men???

Probably, NEMO-KATSU. At that time, his ex-nick name was used. GUEZUMI. So impressive, however, at the same time, thus, Miyuki put the ex-name to the dirtiest satans in academic field. Thus, now, NEMO-KATSU.

And unfortunately, she couldn't take the marvelous picture, because her last meomory of SD card of the camera finished almost one hour ago, beside the silver lake.

Thus, she just monitored satanic popping out scenes in front of her, and watched a lady with 25 years old, who sat beside the driver, a middle aged guy, in a moss green jeep type car, vanished in front of Miyuki. Literally, she vanished, and only he, the middle aged guy drove the car, passing in front of Miyuki. Oh, he ignored her vanishing at all!

With SD memory put camera, she could not see the scene, at all! However, without it, she could watch such unusual scene, in front of eyes. Clare watched the scene, however, not the "Star Treck Time Warp" type. Common vanishing scene. They put it in the ambulance, and vanished. Too slow, as Miyuki did know well. Just it.

For Miyuki, after its vanishing, the staff would change their mind and try to attack Miyuki as target. This situation would be avoidable. Thus, Miyuki refrained from the scene.

Miyuki is already targetted by so many reasons, thus, she prefered being safe in the office. Thus, ran away. And YUKARI tried to open the door open, to induce them to the office. She should be caught by her own Alzheimer violent character, however, she wants to trap them to take Miyuki. Again, Auntie? However, as always, she said, "Yes, Miyuki should be killed." was her reply.

For her, Miyuki is only one reason to live. Thus, vanish, YUKARI! You are energetically harmful. Don't use energey in vain. Costive Alzheimer disease holder No.1, she is. She should be concealed in a custody!

However, no suitable clinic at all. They refused her arrival already. She should be treated like an old lady, however, she is so violent, and she herself thinks as if she were young like a kid. Auntie line, we yelled, however, she prefers to wear jinior high sports casual, as if it were her line. No measure for her. Subjectively, she is a kind of witty kid.

And objectively, Alzheimer. Genus, in her mind, while, stupid, by us all. The gap should not be fulfilled, thus, frustrated by the discrepancy.

Miyuki was expressed by the satanic clinic holders. Thus, they want to target Miyuki, thus, they want to sell Miyuki to the hospital, at their cost. They are all Alzheimer North Korean type. Pyong Yang tribe, they are! Thus, no declaration of the year of medical licence holding is OK for them.

No reason for putting her in custody, they thought. Forced Hospitalizaion is enough. Thus, HARUMI is in a good mood. Just call to us, in case of necessity, they handed the visiting card, and HARUMI put it on her bed side. And YUKARI stole it, and calls as always to the hospital, saying, "My sister is mentally illed. Please put her in the hospital."

and everyday's chasing game starts. Every morning, she does so, because she is forgetful. Ms.Forgetful, she is called by the kids. All of her memory is lost for more than 5 years ago. Newly born, is her image. Thus, I am so young as you two!

Where is here? She asked to the kids like that. In the main room, Clare responded. And then? Borrow me your keys! Why? You have a bunch of keys, already!

Clare yelled, however, she should be obliged to open it. Or, she would call to the hospital again. "Miyuki didn't open the door of the office!" was her explanation.

Of course, not! Miyuki perceived the reason of the knocking. Thus, she kept the door locked. So so understandable. However, YUKARI said, "She should open the door, however didn't. Thus, she should be put into the custody!"

No hospital, you remember? You are refused to be into hospital, because of it, Auntie!

However, she replied like that above. For her, anyway, Miyuki should be killed, by satans!

Miyuki has only US$3 on her wallet. Thus, she should pass one beautiful sunday with this value of money. Thus, her choice for tonight's dinner was serdine a la portuguesa!!!

She gained two packages at US$1 per each, at WASHIO, and she gave one for HARUMI, and HARUMI ate it, and Miyuki asked her, "is it salty?"

HARUMI responded, "Not at all! So softly salt put type." Thus, Miyuki responded, "Oh, not salty! How lucky!"

However, today, Miyuki ate 3 serdines, after roasting by a micro oven, and with lemmon squeezed juice, in the most Portuguese mode, found that they are extremely salty!!!

Yes eatable, and delicious, without such a lot of salty flavour. however, why Alzheimer patients can't feel salty with these extremely salty food???

Thus, Alzheimer disease holders got to be revealed their disease by their so so dull sense of salty products. HARUMI's dish is extremely salty, and she doesn't think salty at all. Strange!!!

And YUKARI also. Almost a bottleful of soy sauce was put in her dish. Torture, and disaster. For HARUMI and YUKARI, salty is delicious. Satanic salty. Satans want to be sickened by salt, was the rightous answer.

Miyuki found yesterday, that now MITSUBACHI INSURANCE Company is just a consulting business giver on many other INSURANCE company. Thus, they faked the name. They are just a consultant, not INSURANCE Company, however, put the name INSURANCE, on their advertisement.

And when Miyuki recognized, the cost of consulting was US$0.8 pr month, and confused by many candidates of insurance beggers.

Thus, they were caught by the faked police so many times, however, survived. Their site was located in IKEBUKURO, near Rikkyo Versity, where YUKARI graduated from.

And their site is located on 4th floor. Only one floor insurance company? Exist? Exist!!

Miyuki did know well that famous DAIWA security bond company is located on the tiny corner of one fllor of a rented building, near DAIMARU beside Tokyo Central Station, on the side of NIHONBASHI.

Who they could name DAIWA BOND Company, with such a small location? Because they moved to vertual world from 3D world, was the response. Inexist, already, however, as faked one, exist, was the exact answer.

Almost all of the Tokyo companies are the same situation. Miyuki did know well on the situation. They vanished, in reality. however, they don't want to be called like that. Thus, put only one telephone line on the tiny corner of one floor, borrowed by their representative, in some building in Tokyo area, and they call it, "We moved to actual location. Please call to this telephone number, in case of necessity" Finger 5.

and when one guy calls, they start their chasing and killing mode. No one should call to them at all! They dislike to be called vanishing, even it is the fact.

Vanishing scene is marvelous! Slowest mode, please! Miyuki yelled for them. And now, not so slow mode. Mozaic like visually marvelous scene, Miyuki requests!!!

Chris of Los Angels also wants to watch it! The reality? Exists? Exists. however, for common guys' eyes, just vanishing scene, not with mozaic twinklings at all.

ULTRA Q mode!! Any guy regrets that KATSUMI also didn't exist in Shirakawa. Miyuki presumed, sometimes, however, up to some certain moment, she tried not to be so.

and shocking result. His family whole vanished, with Kouichi's order to the SQUAD.

Miyuki tried to think as if he were president of 金澤板金工業 or Industrial Company of Vehicle Surfice Changing. Because she watched the advertisement, a big one, in HEBIISHI area, when she was strolling Alex's stroller, in her "Wolf with a baby" mode. 子連れ狼 in Japanese. Kinnosuke YOROZUYA.

Yesterday, a blck slender guy participated in our army. Dragon Fly, he is. Bigger than Chinkoro and Miyuki. His name is Burst Joe!!!

"Joe, stand up! Joe!" the yell of the corch sounded in vain, beside the ring. Joe, with a slight smile, couldn't get up any more. He got exausted and turned to ash...

Black, because burnt, thus, Joe, like Tetsuya CHIBA's boxing ANIME comic.

Why me? Joe, confused. Slender, yes. However, ADACHI yelled. "You can do it!" And, without knowing well, he came to her land, called IGNOLANDIA.

Totally confused. Anyway, he is begger than Miyuki, thus, Miyuki now can fly as GOKUU on the cloud. Without cloud, the producer yelled. Thus, shadow work, or KUROKO, 黒子.

Supporter, in short. Backyard type. He should support Miyuki's flying mode.

First, Miyuki imaged that Mary-Line the fur can fly on stage, with his assistance. And found that Burnt Joe is big enough to support herself. Thus, GOKUU, flying super monky, she can play sometimes.

And she found, against her intention, her back is similar to GUTS, and her face is more Mountan Monky KATUMI...Anyway, better than Flat Moon Cake face...Manish? Rather, male, itself. However, better than averege. Enough, enough...Don't worry. The life is like that!!!

She is astonished how Shirakawa residents lived. Insurance only world.

Already knew that the sesne plane spilt chemical fartilizer from the sky, yes. However, Miyuki thought that it was necessity for farmers, who were composed by her mates' families and relatives, almost. and even with their diligent working, they were poor farmers. Thus, it helped their attempt to be sufficient rich or straggle against poverty.

And found that they were not dilligent at all. Just idol workers. No industrial world, here in Shirakawa, already. Farmers were idol, and just sold the fields to build apartments to rent for North Koreans.

Some negotiators were requiring them to do so. Probably, already, it was accustomed to do so, and it was supported by Japanese government.

South Koreans were disliked by japanese Government, because they were acute on the difference between them and North Koreans.

Probably, UMEMIYA also was killed also by this factor. KATSUMI was also said Koreans, by a rumour. For Miyuki, nationality is not important world. Just a bit different from us. And Miyuki herself was Tokyo like urbanized girl, at this time. Thus, different from Shirakawans. Like a foreigner, for these conventional rural guys, Miyuki imaged herself.

Always, "I will get out of this goddamnit rural villege, and work in Tokyo! I am ready to go to Tokyo!" おらさ東京へいぐだ! or ORASA-TOKYO-HE-IGUDA! or, "I decided to go to Tokyo to be big!" by Ikuzo YOSHI was Miyuki's line. Thus, SHIRAKAWA is just a precarious stay.

Thus, foreigners, oh, they are? And they all can't speak foreign language. On the countrary, Miyuki can't speak Shirakawa intonationed diarect at all. Always she told in Tokyo standard Japanese. She tried to learn Shirakawan language, however, couldn't. Too too ugly and nasty. Her instinct prohibitted her to learn it. Instinct oriented refusal to learn Shirakawan language.

Thus, she was disliked by teachers. She was targetted by her distinctive way of speaking. With her looking, in so rural plain line, she should speak in Shirakawan lauguage, however, she couldn't. Platinum tribe tried to persuade her to speak in Shirakawan language, however, she confessed clearly, "I can't!"

Reason, unknown. However, HARUMI disliked when Miyuki tried to speak in Shirakawan language. She was contempted, thus, she stopped to make an effort to do so. No value. Despite of the contemtion, why I should use this nasty language?, Miyuki thought and stopped to speak in Shirakawan language. Thus, now, only Japanese standard mode.

After Kyushu dialect, why she can't speak in rural Shirakawa version? They all expected, and failed. Not a lie. She can't.

Miyuki remembered that she borrowed a book of salada, written by a couple of photographers, from Akemi, more than 30 years ago...I have it yet. One day, I will return to you, AKEMI...

She learned almost basic knowledge on Italian salad and so on, in broad way of saying, western style cooking. Beautifully and attractively taken photo books they wrote, and their discriptions were made of their own experience abroad, mainly in Italy.

Miyuki is sometimes so so nasty to imitate campy version. To be a nasty Auntie, she used this mode. And chased by camp type!!! She is so nasty to do so! Not auntie! Uncles!!! Uncles like you, Miyuki! ADACHI, you are Auntie, thus, you should attend them, please!!!

For Miyuki, like to imitate TOM or Mariza Ortiz. The same. And sometimes black guys in Chiko Anicio show and Cassetta e Planeta. Only comedy?

More serious TV drama she watched, however, immitating comedians are so so easy, thus she does it. And Mary-Lin the far? Too too seducive, they required. However, for baby infant, it was so so cruel, and he is a boy with fur!!! Berly!!! Thus...Don't peel your legs, Chinkoro, please! Just Stay as you are!! Billy Joel!!!

Billy, Al Pachino, Silvestar Starone, Angelica...Dropped eyed tribe. Alex is not so much. More sleepy eyes, he has.

He got upset. He wants to have bigger eyes. however, so sleepy as always. Thus, can't have dropped eyes. Only in case of necessity, his eyes turn to be bigger...

His impression is upper middle class, ADACHI assured. Sato Family is so digraded, however, he makes effort to avoid the nasty result. Don't be a dull boy, is Miyuki's lecture. Only it? Thus, he should learn more and more. Cramschool type study in Business School?, Miyuki got appolled.

Miyuki suggest him to learn from his own experience during his high school days, without cramschool study. Business School has no cramschool study, Miyuki thought like that.

NAMO-KATSU assured. As his age, not at all. And now, the system changed. Why he was obliged to do such strange paper works, instead of his precious spare time?

Now, YUKARI got out after her 2 hours bath time...Incredibly slow, and waisted a lot of hot water...Unincredibly slow. Thanks, C&Y, and Miyuki, you are so right to say so.

For her, no time at all. Thus, so slow. Clocks were taken from many places, and it causes inconvenience for Miyuki. Now she used her own, thus, not so much, however, why they took so many clocks?

Astonishing fact, here and there. YUKARI took to want to stop time. KAKISHIMA like preference. Just wanted to be forever young. Meril Streep.

For her understanding, white plat face type. Uma Tharman and Meril. Louren Bacall, and the French actress of Midday Petunia. Flat, white big face type. Impression? Broad and big. Torelance, probably.

Bauncing Clare to watch satanic vanishing. For her, a bit of expectation. For Miyuki, I watched such a type. I want to protect myself. I came back from forced hospitalization. Thus, more dangerous near ambulance. Bye for now!

For Miyuki, so nasty, to know that they are disliking Miyuki so much for saying the dirtiest words only! Prohibittion was their rule. So mechanical, thus, without such a word, it's OK, type approach, they did.

And "pharma-cy" is now prohibitted word. Oh, they gain illegal medicine there. MDMA. Madam A? Adachi!

Miyuki liked his joke, Madam Fusein. Stupid, however, nice to presume his dressed up way! And in the end, he appeared like that, begging forgiveness, from his concealed chamber. Madam Fusain, itself.

Udai Fusain, was his son's name. UZAI, they yelled. Miyuki's line. Why the name is so representing their own personality?

Alex liked her story so much. AKI came from 爽 or Miyuki's safety net type substitute name. However, Satow Sou was so so wind blowing name. Su-Su-like sound on parade. Thus, AKI, or AKIRA. And AKIRA is so famous as comic, as Japanese boy's name, because of Katsuhiro OOGA? and so many AKIRAs, negative type, arround Miyuki, thus just AKI, like more neutral name.

Miyuki wanted neutral name or more boy or girl name. Already Male or female decisively called was not her line. They should form their own line. Thus, more just short and easy to pronounce type Japanese names were chosen.

In case of necessity, it worked. Miyuki was written her name in Chinese character, when the police copied her name on his private agenda, against the law. And they didn't return it after Miyuki's almost crying yell, "You confiemd my identity by driver's licence!!"

And they tried Miyuki to bring to the police station by the police car. Miyuki got chilled by their intention. No chance to live! Chilled literally!

Probably, they should be called, HIKARU-chans, because female ugly cruel bitch in YABUKI area said, "I have a nephew called HIKARU in the police".

They like to say, "I have some relatives in the police!" thus, power holders' relatives they are, thus, KIKARU-chans.

Miyuki likes to call them, also because of their police car's back lights were lit, and twincled, as always. Like HITARU, or insect, which does twincling winks, as always in the night.

Mid night HIKARU chans, they planed for Miyuki! Saturday Night Fever! She should catch a cold, by their cold air conditioned system.

This week, strange to say, Miyuki felt so cold in the supermarkets, all in Shirakawa area. After she entering into them, they reforced the power of cooling down, and Miyuki got chilled.

And North Koreans killed insects by putting chemicals on the air, because they have no air conditioned system in the house, and for them, opening the window is only one way to cool down the rooms inside the house, and they disliked insects to enter into their house.

They are so idol, and prefer easiest way, beyond the limit. Chemical raid is just one measure to kill the insects. And Pyong yang tribe asked Miyuki, why you are so nasty for us? Because Miyuki is individualist and liberalist. Thus, you all are satans and so so nasty for us all!

Miyuki is so tolerant in every meaning. Miyuki says "No! I can't put up with!" is, the other guys of course can't put up with. Thus, coexistance with satans is not able to be done for any of us all!!!

Satans have no choice at all!!! Black berries were eaten by satans, presumably! We are free from your suspect! For them, any eatable should be eaten, who found it. Alzheimer can't respect any others at all. Property they can't imagine. however, their things should be kept for them. Selfish Ego-Centric, "We are the only one existance in the world! Superb! No.1, and the others should obey us both!" is their line.

Just a picking, however, stealing job. Alzheimer, because of their idolness, caused by their dull working. Just faking job is enough, they were suggeted by some mates. And they adopted the system. Thus, they should be punished harshly.

Just a faking including bath taking for 2 hours??? And the result? Ugly bitch, as always.

Who can be so? YUKARI.

For her, just taking a bath. Why I can't take a bath every day? was a big question. Thus, they decided to take a bath twice per day. And now, YUKARI forgot the rule, and already she took twice a bath. For her, Miyuki did it, was big explanation.

Just a lie. For her, always, "Miyuki did it!" was killer words. And for Miyuki, Alzheimer illusion only life, this bitch sent, in short.

Miyuki said so coldly that she was rotten from the begining. She was wooden dumb, as always. And now? rotten junky with Alzheimer. Unvalid!

Emeritus, for both. Out of use. Wasteful. No! From the begining, their brain is made of Muck, was the really rightous answer!

What is their brain made of made of, What is their brain made of? ♫
 Just muck only.

Miyuki is so sarcastic to say so. However, these guys established the cruel INSURANCE only society. And stipulated the law witch allows fatus killing or abortion easily. Nasty, however the fact.

For them, infanticide is so common in Japan. Thus, they are so ugly and for Miyuki, why they like to pay so much for their ready made foods? Only micro-wave oven use only like life style, they spend.

For busy workers, yes, of course type

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