YUKARI's End(122)

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Miyuki did wrongdoing in the courtyard. She spet in front of the statutes there. And her mother got upset at her impolite mannor. A resistance to authority. Why she turned to be a Tokyo Versity staff, was their common question.

  Miyuki thought that National, thus, they provided the total freedom as a regret of the wrong past. After WWII, Tokyo Versity turned to be a liberal versity, based on their error and trial process. thus, they should protect the freedom of expression as an identification of their liberal democratic symbol. Thus, we can express as we like, on the ground of our moral belief, including politica, economical, social, cultural ones.

  And Miyuki got a prize of ignorance total!!! And the crown!!! Fools Cap!!! Miyuki is good at her own humour. Ignorance!!! Knowledge of Ignorance, like Socrates!!! A predicessor of her!!!! At least, she is his way!!!

  Good to know it. Socrates has a black mother called EVE!!!! Everyone has such a kind of black mother. And his wife Xantippe! A nasty always angry lady.

  However, she was excused by Ryuichi NAGAO, that she was frustrated by his ignorance to his family life. She should educate their kids, and she would feed them anyway. She had to work for their lives, while, her husband was playing all day long outside with promissive youth. Why she could't scold the phylosopher??!!!

  NAGAO is in the side of Xantippe, while Miyuki, Socrates. This is the fact. DDMic, they were!!! Outside walking is a good job for M&A, however, for others, even now, not a good job for her!!! She should work inside!!! They want to scold Miyuki. too too nasty, while she is inside. However, when she goes out, always some change happens. Unnecessary work, they are forced to do. Clare liked her new friends. Oh, Rabbit???? She liked his way of comparison. Your mother ate rabbit meat, while you not...Clare has not yet eaten it. Thus, they liked it.

  Smells. Thus, Miyuki is not good at some animals. Not eaten is a good point. However, Miyuki wants to try some new meat. After death type eating is also bad????

  Accidently, some deers were killed on the road. I have heard that they were brought to some restaurant and turned to be some dishes. In Hokkaido, the restaurants have some reservation of in case of the accidents, Miyuki read. And IWAKUMA said some similar things.

  And Miyuki ate some meat loaf of Deer when she was in KEIO PLAZA hotel's party in the period of the end of year. SHIKANIKU Roll, it was called. And ate one. And didn't like it. Smelly. Not delicious, as she imagined fromt the book written by Haward Pile on Robin Hood. The team alwasy hunt the deers in the prohibitted area by King illegaly. And the restautant called "Blue Lion" cooked for them. Steak like juicy meat, she imagined. And the result, "I prefer cow or ox meat to have a steak." And they failed.

  Burning the grasses is too bad for the birds. In the period of their love nest, the residents burned the grasses, that is, fire insidents. And they were forced to run away from the site, as soon as possible. Miyuki's family like situation. They should require revenge my money!!!!! Of course!!!! Money!!!! Alzheimer patients should not be allowed to do wrong as they like. Evil!!! The lack of imformation to us made us be in the danger of dead or alive. YUKARI like patients should be put in custody immediately. And they failed again. Burning nest as always, per month, they did now!!!

  No living place ever!!! Alzheimer patients repeat their wrongdoing without limit. The place should be abandoned.

  Thus they failed again. Shirakawa is not Miyuki's place. Too too nasty. Today, Miyuki met two YAMAYAKI was done by old men. And they used smelly chemical to burn. ZEORITE for it??? Miyuki was astonished. JA provided it? Miyuki thought that it were fertirizer.

  And today, she found a warehouse filled with more than 500 chemicak products bags. GOKA Rice providing house, it was written. We sell rice, it was written. When Miyuki looked inside, many chemicals were stocked. And in the backyard, the big warehouse. The evil natural born killer type Alzheimer patients easily turned to be a collective killer or geno-suicide actors!!!

  Only YUKARI type was left because of persistency. Now, only vanishing. No alternatives. Why so much? They dislike working. Why they stock the bags???

  And found that Dunlop tire factory is no more located in Shirakawa. Miyuki never has seen the factory. A kind of joke, she thought. Oh, Nishimoto's father didn't work here????

  And another name of NITTO industrial company. "From here, to the left ward, 1.6km" and on the bottom, just a montain. How, we could reach these forgotted factories???

  They changed the name totally. KURABEISHI is KAMANOKO and GOKA. Miyuki is not good at geography and KARAME is so vast. Thus, they changed the plate easily. And Miyuki decided to confirm the old map to know the fact. And they failed.

  No map land they live. Thus, as they think, they write. "It would be probably here..." is enough as information. And so skewed agricultural roads here and there. Why they didn't choose the straight ones? Unnecessarily curved. Why? To prove that they are the real Alzheimer patients???

  For them, it is enough. Thus, they failed. For us, confusing. They are not qualified as human beings. Just harmful dangerous existance for us all.

  And they made us be trapped. The slope road of OOYA Family backward of their sweets shop appeared again. Miyuki entered into the tiny shirine called SHIRAKAWA-HIME-shrine. And prayed as always, "Happiness for us, unhappiness for DDMs!" And got out the campus. and found the ditch is there as usual. And the alley vanished.

  In the other day, on the alley, a lady and a pully were walking. And the ditch was berried by concrete. And she took the picture, again, standing in the same place, turning to the site. And they failed.

  Always as they like world, they prefered. By whom? And they believed that Miyuki disliked it. Yes, I disliked and dislike it now. Then they failed.

  And YUKARI did her wrongdoing again. Searching on the right side of the desk, which Alex uses as usuall, especially at night.

  YUKARI wanted to talk to him, and didn't find him, thus, she did start her search. She can't recognize the absence of him, immediately. Thus, she started to do alternative job. Always forgetful was caused by Alzheimer, no excuse at all.

  She wanted to have her small family, and planned to have two puppy for her. Thus, she asked....VANISH!!!

  She asked and got refused by anyone. Her dream to have two puppy was broken.

  They treat animals to easily. Alzheimer patients should not feed any puppy at all. And Puppy turns to be adults soon. And the problem.

  MIYABI chan had CLOE, a dog. Small dog type. Miyuki thought the puppy until 3 years or so puppy not adult dog. Thus, she tald to MIYABI's chan's mother so, and her mother explained that puppy turns to adults only after 3 months. Oh, I didn't know it like impression, Miyuki had. And told to her kids on the fact.

  And Miyuki is always against irresponsible animal feeding. Miyuki wanted to feed a big dog, with supposed name ZIP, according to Dr.Dolittle. However, only in imagination. In fact, even pets should be treated like families. Thus, we should take care lots. Without responsiblity, we would be evil animal abuser easily.

  Thus, YUKARI failed again. She decided to buy, and went in the middle on the way, and forgot to do something. What, Alex, asked. YUKARI said, "Go back. We lost something there."

  Again, Auntie! And Alex quitted the job. Animal should not be feeded by irresponsible, Miyuki said her kids again and again. And now, Clare wants to have some pets. You should prove how you are responsible to others. You are not responsible her to your matter at all. thus, now, not at all. After you got responsibility, you should feed as you like, with your responsiblity, not mine. I refuse to take care of them. If you fail to feed them, I am not resiponsible at all. I have no responsiblity at all. You should turn tu be animal abusers. I am free from it.

  And they failed. YUKARI was in the mood as always. And they wanted to have some of them. And they escaped from being irresponsible to them. Even pets, they should be treated as families. If you can't do so, you should not be suitable for treating animals.

  Yuko KONISHI was this type. She was so forgetful, and changed her pet, as soon as possible, like her car. Even an accident, she wanted to change the car. She thought that animals were goods according to Civil Law. Thus, she can manage as her property.

  In a certain meaning, pets are treated as objects of treading. However, within the limit. Morality as human beings. responsibility. They are creatures, not materials. Civil Law's point of view is just on the commercial side, not "affection and kindness" side. Thus, she failed.

  AKKO, her pet was called. And after her death, she soon bought HANA. For Miyuki, too too strange. She always claimed that AKKO was too too burden for her because of her old age. And she said, "I would not feed any dog after AKKO's death, because I am too old to feed a dog any more. "

  And after her death, she changed her mind easily, and asked to breed her future "Western Ear Fold" like a puppy to her acqueintance breeder. After 3 months, she got the specie. Whe desided to buy it, because she watched a film called "Elithabeth", and in the film, Queen Elithabeth feeded the specie.

  Miyuki asked her, "At that time, the specie existed already?" And her reply was, "A good question..." And she decided to kill Miyuki????

  Miyuki thought that the specie was in fashion at the movie showing days, thus, modern pedigree, presumed. Thus, she asked it to her, because she would be an expert at the field. And failed.

  KOISHI was so evil to say so. She did want to be respected by Miyuki. And she was always contempted by Miyuki. Yes, almost all of students made a food of her kinkiest performance in her class. Anyway, she forgot many times, is the common opinion among the students. Why only I was the target of her anger???

  And KOISHI failed. She wanted to be a kind of MIYUKI's partner?????Kinkiest!!! Terrible!!! YUKARI should be!!!!

  And they failed. KOISHI was a slow sleeper and was proud of being so, saying, "I am not so old to wake up so early, amn't I?"

  And she was proud of going to bed late, saying, "I am not so old to go to sleep so early, amn't I?"

  And they failed. They wanted Miyuki to be a nasty wrongdoers like them. And they failed. Miyuki is too too rightous one, as common people. Not nasty idol idiots like YUKARI.

  And they all failed. Miyuki liked to amuse with them. And crows had a nasty feeling all day long. Not so abused feeling, however, "Nice try, anyway! 99% of efforts, and 1% of luck. I am always lucky type. Just it. Accumulated 99% effort is important. I always fail, you know. 99% effors means 99% failures. Thus, after 99 of failure, we could gain the final victory. Thus, we are always the last lightest wheat stalk on the heavy burdened cammel. Only one touch, they fail type. Thus, for us, your TOHOHO situation is always happens type mistake or mis predict. Thus, Don't worry, Uncle Crow!!!"

  Too too harsh for them. Uncle Crow! She said it. She treated us as she like existance....Too too low for them... At some fields. Not as a total qualification. Don't think that you are perfect, type. We agree that in total, you crows are superior. Don't worry, we respect you However, at least, at some points, we have some more stronger points than you..."

  They were offended by your objective expression, more and more...Pride should be subjective...Thus, we have to agree with her type. Endurance, it is. Always like that.

  Miyuki is too too cleverer than we all, at least, in some points. And thus, they are so contempted by Miyuki's existance. Shirakawa people also. They lost a lot of their relatives in this war. And the friends. Why she smiles for us???? She dislikes us, however, she smiles!!!

  And her remarks! Too too harsh for them all!!! Even ADACHI couldn't put up with her arrogant expression!!! Arrogant???

  Too sharp to express the situation. Too too exact. Common people couldn't put up with it, and She couldn't feel the sympaty at this point. Some kind of evil existance, she would be!!! They think and in trouble as always.

  She should be scolded by her mother's cheerful way of life. Why not??? They didn't speak at all. And Miyuki discovered tha fact. And she got in a good mood. Dissapointed, yes. However, a good chance. And only one DDM would destroy our beautiful work, called the universe. And in SHIRAKAWA, there are lots of DDMs here and there. Now, vanished. Good job of us all, including supporters!!! Why we shouldn't be happy???? We should praise the happy lucky situation, shouldn't we????

  Too too rightous!!! Why we should pretend to be in an omnious situation??? Only DDMs want type expression here and there. And cars. Unnecessarily going smart cars. They should vanish completely. And kinkiest evilist exploring jobs even now are continuing. Why they are not punished even now????

  We should not leave them as they like. They are dangerous. We should recognize the fact, and should start the new age. Why DDMic figures want to take advantage of this transitional situation? They are all Alzheimer patients, abusing our right. They should vanish now. Why DDMs exist even now? They should vanish immediately now!!!

  Thus, they failed. No DDMs world we should create. We should establishing the system to exclude the possibility of DDMs turning process. This is justice. We should have it, and tried to have it. And failed. All we got was injustice by DDMs.

  Now, let's have a party to cereblate our future. We should cut the line with the past. Yes, we continue to attack the wrongdoings of the past. However, at the same time, we should construct the new rightous system.

 DDMs are ready to fail, and we did our jobs, yes. Too many DDMs here and there. They looked common people, however, not at all. Just greedy illegitemate property marking type. They abuse the faking like human beings. They are pet dogs. They are outside now, however, they did wrongdoing outside either. Marking was their job. They were trained fot the object.

  Some kind of comfort, they provided. Thus, KOISHI feeded them. However, costive, and they didn't want to take care of the old dog. KOISHI died by being killed by HANA. She was angry at her treatment.

  Oh, she was a queen type. KOISHI said to Miyuki, "I am a kind of servant for her." And the remark turned to be the reality. She wanted to feed Yorkshere Scoch Fold, and she is the speice. Good. Her choice. And it was not so soft type. Oh, rough one??? And she was killed abruptly by her own will. KOISHI thought that AKKO was a good one, and this new is an evil one. The specie, she didn't care at all. And she said that the specie was precious of the renoun holding by Queen Elithabeth. Not for it. She was feeded by her daughter like existance called Yuri KIMURA. Papiyon, she said, and show us her photo. And had no information after the meeting on her. Exist ot not exist type reference, they did as always.

  They looked so strange. Sometimes, they refered to their parents, after, nothing. When Miyuki asked on the matter, vague expression as always. They lost their families already????

  And they should continue to behave as if they existed???

  Oh, thus, they showed their downward looking??? Miyuki didn't know the system at all. Unhappu words were prohibitted by them. However, versity holders could say the fact. And Miyuki didn't know the fact at all. They tried Miyuki to know the system???

  For them, inducing LINE use is enough???? LINE refuser were not considered for them. Big Mistake, they did. And no response system also????

  Miyuki didn't find that they didn't respond at all?? Of couse, I wrote to DDMic academic acquaintances and they didn't respond at all. Thus, perceived that they were dead already.

  Thus, they failed. They wanted to write to Miyuki, and couldn't. Oh, Alzheimers. Alive, at that time!!!

  Miyuki was so forgetful, they claimed. Miyuki wanted to write to my friends. However, how we could? My address collections were in my office in HACHIOJI, and I couldn't take them now. How I could communicate with you by some normal ways???

  Miyuki did her own jobs. And ADACHI liked her way. And new age creation. Why not? They are too too conventional. No amusing ceremony at all type. OK, do the necessary jobs, anyway. Only some specially hilarious type could join our party. Their choice. I don't like force anything. Thus, they failed. They are DDMs anyway. Vanish!!!!

  And they failed. Vanishing order, they should obey. MIYUKI did and do as usual. Walking arround the town, and the rural area. No one should not stop her walking. And they did sometimes. Nasty astonishing wrongdoings here and there. They want to restart the wrongdoing even now, in the middle of tice field. Why now????

  KURABEISHI was a pivot of the matter. Abusers in rural type. Inmoral at all. Miyuki thought that SHIRAKAWA people were kind to others in general. At the same time, she sometimes felt some esxlusive attitudes from them. Not open type behaviours. Thus, Miyuki doesn't know the fact in a certain meaning. Thus, DDMs want to take advantage of Miyuki's igonorance. And Miyuki found that they did the same big mistakes to us all. Immorality.

  Dissappinting, however, pledge of revenge for us all. DDMs concealed inside the house, probably. A challenge for us. How we could get to know DDMs in this type.

  Supermarkets, PACHINKO parlors, Parking lots. We visited as we could. Now, each house? We should push out them. And the catching. They want to escape from SHIRAKAWA. Thus, they take cars. However, now cars has no oils or electric energy. Thus, they have no space to live. Only their house. And supermarkets??? They avoid to go there like YUKARI. And they should fail. They sometimes should go outside in a special ocasion. Thus, Miyuki met some of DDMs. And now, many DDMs. Funeral service? Temples? Churches??? Schools??? Hot springs? Amusement parks??? Retaurants??? Convenience stores???

  Miyuki wants to crash them all. And they failed. Almost all of supposed place, Miyuki appeared, and they failed. Miyuki should not appear in this place, however, she appeared. Like a Nosferatu. Spooky figure, for them. Unhappy cool smiling she did. And then, they vanish. They should obey the game rule. Miyuki hunting, they called. And now, Miyuki is hunting. A kind of Monter Strike, ADACHI liked it. Generation Gap. Miyuki prefers the real version. And got a good success. ADACHI's revenge, she pledges. And did it and does it. Long walking ability extended probably. Three conxecutive days, they said. Fine days only version. And rainiy days, another attractions for her!!! Adachi learned her way of expression. Too too cool to say so. Nice!!!! Anyone likes it!!! Harsh, too much. A kind of literal sadist type, she got to know it. A pleasure. Judges should be such kind of sadists, Miyuki thought. Concrete expression, especially. Feeling good!!! Harsh remarks induce some DORPAMIN ejection. Oh, with this age, I got to wake up my another sexual possibility. Like sexual intercourse type pleasure with the harsh expression writing.

  this is the world. Dorpamin works for her good, ADACHI predicted and she turned to be a rightous worrior with smiling. Charming, she expressed. And this type should not be understood easily. thus, TOHOHO tribe....

  OK, I got a special tasty gifts from Gods of Justice. A laughing serial killer type rightous existance. Too too rare. Thus, they run away. And animals liked it. Miyuki is reliable. At least, she doesn't fake. Amusing face for them. And too too cheerful to do the job. And sad past we got to know. Where were the Shirakawa people who berried the both worriers to avoid comtemtion by others???

  Not at all. They should be berried anyway. Thus, berried. And no tumbs were bad, thus, "NAMUAMIDABUTSU" spell was curved in the stones.

  SHIRAKAWA is one of the common local towns in Japan. Nasty past, we had. Idiots were cruel, we all think so. Kinky nasty thing they want to continue. Always ego-centric. Why they continue the wrongdoing as their habit. No way for them. We have to manage the situation. Legitimacy, we need. Some common people are in doubt of the change. We tried to inform the rightous things, however, they didn't believe the fact. Mesmarized. Even watching the less populous situation, they don't believe the fact.

  No car day attempt, we planned. Just P's side cars only world. No smart cars at all. DDMs should be caught as soon as possible. Only used car only days it would be called????

  DDMic cars were brilliantly new, and their bumper was made of fiber glass. And the wheel was not metal. Plastic like soft type material they used. Thus, the cars were soo feeble. Just some shocks would destroyed them.

  Now, I feel hungry. I will eat some sufficient foods. Wait for several ten minutes!!!

 VANISH!!! DDMs!!!

 Miyuki and Adachi took a good walking also today. See you on my blog again, soon after my meal!!!! 



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