met my dear friend IZUMI-san

2016-12-24 11:22:57 | 日記
23/12/2016 I met my old friend IZUMI-san. We have not seen for more than 30 years. We changed our information on our lives. I informed that in October, 2015, I had been by attacked doctors of Kyorin University Hospital in my residence in Hachioji and shot 2 injections of morphine, brought to the hospital, one hour far from the residence. I was inprisoned there for 1 week, forcedly. There the doctor said, "We know you better than you. You shoud change your personality by our ecpectation". I was chilled because I felt danger in my identity. IZUMI-san realized what I meant immediately and said, "It's just like a lobotomy! Absurd!" Unfortunately, in Tokyo, when I send my letters for asking help against this evel crime to acauaintance, all of them are academitians, they ignores me or didn't feel any danger in my case. I was relieved that my friend is a normal person with common sense and conception of human rights. Contrary to her, all of my academic acquaintance, most of them are professor of Law in famous universities, are lacking of these sense, which is most important for their profession. They are desqualified as a professional. I am lucky that my old friend is morally sane and a diligent worker. She gave me a package of several loaves of delicious bread. After I came back home, I appreciate one of them and I liked it! I am also happy that my old pal continues to have a sensitive tongue to appreciate foods. Because almost all of my acquaintances in Tokyo were lacking of this sense of tasting. They don't know how to enjoy their life, even they are rich. Miserable rich figures, they are. The worst and messiest existence in the world. Maybe they are accustomed to "sell their personality", so they were not astonished at my case. They are morally degenerated. For them, personality doesn't matter. They count just their position of hierachy, indifferent from their personal capacity or ability. I also expressed my will to seek a job and asked her to help me. I said to her that I whould work as a bed-making maid, a cook in erdery's house, as a blue worker in a construction or destruction company and so on. I need to earn money because I have a duty to sustain my 2 kids. Yes, I would continue to seek a job in academic fields, however, I should comply my duty. I couldn't lie in my class. I should speak the real evel sides of Japanese Legal system, because I got to know they are so evel through my harsh experiences especially in these years. I continue to criticise Japanese Law, including Japanesee Constitution. I will talk on the black sides of pseud legal system in Japan. In Japan, Law exsists just for surperficial appearance, not for Justice. Almost all of legal descriptions are understood wrongly and literally. Lawyers are no necessary in effect. I've already known that.
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