How Stupidity is Revealed? Case Study

2017-01-30 13:48:22 | 日記
30/01/2017 (afternoon) I had lunch of souted TOFU with leek oil and MISO paste.

ABE is always a fool. He said, "I'm not responsible for JAL or Japan Air Line's previous investigation of Islamic people on denial or not of entrance to USA done by American Office of Immigration."

You know, how DoDoMerda ABE is irresponsible. He can's affirm or stop the JAL's action at all. JAL is almost Japan's public company in essencial. The government supports JAL in every meaning.

DoDOMerda ABE also said, "It's the matter of USA. We just announce the decision of USA."
Oh, ABE, you are realy sucking the penis of Trump. You forgets that you represents Japan. You are not his Testacles host. Our prime minister always think that he is a President's Pet.

"President's Pet, I want to be a President's Pet", he sings like Doris Day, as much as cheerfully.
OK, you just transmit the president's voice. President says "Right!", you go rightward. President says "Pay your money!", you pay. President says "Sit!", you shit. Oh, sorry, in Japan, the pronunciacions of "s" and "sh" are almost similar.
"Be obedient to our Great Mack!" says President and ABE lick muck. Sorry, for Japanese "a" sounds "u". Furthermore, ABE the dog suffers Alzheimer. One of evident characters is deaf.

Who chose this fool as our prime minister? Who supports this kinky idiot to maintain his position? We wonder.

DoDoMerdas are so persistent that any people in Japan can stop their IDIOCRACY, although their shameless stupidity is obvious to everyone in the world.

DoDoMerdas can't judge. Just evade. This inclination is appearant from the above rimarks of ABE. Only one second quick glance is enough to notice his idioticy. Why other DoDoMerdas don't recognize it even after his long long term of governance?
Because they are totalitarians. ABE means also other DoDoMerdas equally.
DoDoMerdas hold ruling power with ABE. ABE is they, they are ABE. They are only one existance.
Thus, ABE likes to speak, "We Japanse, as a body composed of 100 milion at population, make every effort to (somothing vague, you can put, as you like, for example, "make love with each other" "suck or lick President's thing together" "do a dirty job for our superiors" etc.)"

Vanish! DoDoMerdas! They are "one body", a judicial person, in the right term of jurisprudence, so called "state". State's main objective is oweing responsibility, instead of individual persons.

However, in Japan, DoDoMerdas dream that they can be irresponsible, because ABE is lack of capacity, in any legal meaning. Legally incapable, he is. And he continues to be a prime minister.
Why Kenji ISHIKAWA was so enthusiastic at the matter of political right of incapable figure? I didn't know that. However, perhaps, the answer is this, presumably. Ummmmmm....

DoDoMerdas chose their representatives because of their plainness or their averege character. One is YUKARI, the broken robot, who can't recognize the border line of the disputed areas.
Another is ABE, the Pet old boy, also broken in soul and body, who can't recognize what he is doing now.

ABE, you are "ALLOWING JAL TO DO AS IT LIKES". It's your action. You classifies it "doing nothing", however, in the world of legal thinking, we call it you are in favour of JAL at all. You should complete your responsibility by your choice. Do you understand this most simple and easiest logic?

This basic lesson is too much burdensome to ABE and DoDoMerdas.
We can't endure their low level intelligence.
Gods of intelligence, punish them more and more!!! They are unendurablly stupid for us!!!

ABE's stage mamas are also so insipid until not to able to understand the basic theory, which is equivalent to " 1 + 1 = 2 " for us people.

Please laugh at DoDoMerdas, people in the world and our supporters!
Laughing is good as brain exercise. More laugh brings you happier life!!!

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