Rabby & Chinkoro : News Flash (114)

2017-06-17 19:28:34 | 日記
17/06/2017 (Saturday, evening) Miyuki these days are catching a cold, and have no space to take a rest, thus, she continues her investigating jobs outside, despite of her slight fever and headache.

Yesterday, she had no time to write any report, because she was so tired from her walking arround the rural village called Shirakawa, and went to bed almost at 21:30 in the evening.

In her case, no choice. During day, already, her mother is ready to fight against Miyuki. Thus, she is obliged to go out from the chamber, at 6:00 to 7:30. And she decided to take advantage of early bird situation to observe the morning activities of the wrongdoers in this village.

yesterday, Miyuki wathced several groups of IKKYO kids went to primary school in a group or 5 to 10 figures, in a body. And the leaders are always tall girls, who seems junior high or high school girls.

Miyuki met these groups only on the road of KOMINE, which starts in front of JR SHIRAKAWA station and ends on YANTA Riber. In total, only 50 kids. Probably, they faked the pupils near the street, Miyuki thought.

And she did her gymnastic jobs a bit, watching the vehicles on the parking lots of KOMINES Culture Center. At 8:00 almost, there were 11 vehicles, and then, during 30 minutes, three or so other vehicles appeared only.

And some pairs jumps out of these vehicles. And found a old bitch vanishing inside the car.

A silver car came, and it parked, and a male popped out, and a female, didn't, and vanished. Again?

And Miyuki found that two male DDMs were waiting for two bitches in school uniform, at 8:00, spilting a chemical weapon on the turf. Now? Even to the turf? Miyuki took a picture of them.

In the exact hour of going to school, why the two bitches came by the car, driven by their faked families, in front of the public liberary? It starts at 10:00 on weedends, and the two male DDMs welcomed them both.

For them, too too natural, the conducts were. For Miyuki, appalling fact. From early in the morning, the bitches did it, and now, in another place, they starts to do it. Consecutive sexual bombs, they are exploding. Especially in their wearing uniform of school girls.

This is the fact of school girls' prostitution. For them, no shame at all. And probably, they think this bahavior as mutual prostitution. It means that each side, male one and female one, has right to accept money from its counterpart.

Miyuki already did recognize this fanomenum in AOYAMA GAKUIN Versity. They prefered selling their body rather than falling in love. Muck is like that, Miyuki deeply got impressed.

For them, selling body is a kind of praise. "I am so valuable" type proud, they showed. And the result, they came to be chasers and runaways. Debt and Rent. They calculated, and made a mistake so much.

The same thing happened, and from the early in the morning, they were concentrated on the job. Spilling the chemical weeds conbattler means "I will spill my sparm on your belly, girls! We are welcome to be dying on your belly. " Thus, the contract was estipulated. Thus, "Here we go, ladies, in our office!" and the males invited the girls into the entrance of the building of the complex of commercial association of Shirakawa, a public facility.

And Miyuki recognized that KOMINE streets restarted their construction job, with 6 figures. It ended up two weeks earlier before, however, they started again. It means that they forgot that the accomplishing, and started to do another SQUAD combination for Miyuki catch.

Miyuki sighed, and thought of the SANKIN-Forest Industrial Company's repetitive attacks on Miyuki's family, taking advantage of the replacement of Gas pipe lines. Forgetful, rough, and cruel Jasons, they are, like YUKARI.

And Miyuki recognized it that YUKARI and her mother prepared for the attacking, unlocking the door of the office, under the name of "being kind to the workers to allow them to use the toilet."

My mother was always insisting that "Toilet use is necessity, thus we should double the keys of the office". And also this morning, Miyuki confirmed that YUKARI has the third bunch of keys, baside the two bunches for common use among the families. She always can sell the keys when she thinks of. Stupid kinky killers of the families, they are.

Almost 1 month ago, My father tried to persuade my mother, not to increase the keys. He said, "You can dispose the property as you like, crazy bitches. However, you should not damage our life, at all!" However, his remarks fell in vain, as Miyuki perceived. These kinky old bugs have no limit, we deeply sighed.

Miyuki always yells to all DDMs to vanish, immediately, entirely, eternaly, all in a body. And the number of DDMs reduces yes. However, the residues are so persistent, and each time, more crueler and more stupid. No cure at all, of course, and Sadochists only world.

This morning, Miyuki confirmed that already her mother got combined with YUKARI.

This morning, when Miyuki was in the office, eating a retlut pauched curry, someone came, and dushed into the toilet. And after eating the meal, Miyuki went to the toilet, and on the way, Miyuki found YUKARI's back in the clothings changing room.

Then, Miyuki went to the main room, to pick her Jeans of 56cm waist. She likes to show up her slender bottom part, especially, narrow hip in public. Michal Jackson type, anyway.

She felt perfect victory against TAKAHARA, when she recognized her hip is really narrower than this boy.

She thought that his hip were narrower than hers, wrongly. Thus, she pledged to gain narrower hip than his, on 13th of June, 2015, when they met in HACHIOJI at the restaurant called Southern Sky or so. Steak House, and Miyuki chose.

And on July, this year, on the same day when she met with ADACHI's mother, she found that her hip is really much narrower than his!!!! Oh, I won the contest already! Bravo!!!! Mine is fairly narrower than you, Takahara, bitch!!!

Thus, these 56cm Jeans were bought on the same day. She bought 7 Jeans on the day, because she wanted to prepare for weekly use. And coincidently, these Jeans were on the sale, and the price was 50% off. She tried all in the fitting room in UNIQLO in KOKUBUNJI and liked and bought.

She wanted to buy Livis Jeans, however, she encountered with the fact that all of Jeans for boys were all bigger than she imagined in the waist. Thus, she confirmed the victory.

She laught at drunken by the victory, and got in good mood, and delayed at the meeting with ADACHI's mother...3 minutes...

Anyway, in the main house, when she entered, she heard YUKARI's voice. Oh, she is here now, Miyuki thought. And when Miyuki opened the door of the kitchen, Miyuki found that her mother was talking with Clare!!!

Probably their strange religeon started to order to combine among the pair to reduce the number, and now, they are the same one individual, and they could pruduce sound of each, to pretend to be two.

Miyuki felt that when Miyuki entered the two, her mother and Clare, got in silence for a few seconds. And then, her mother said, "Miyuki, your legs are so lean." And Miyuki ignored her entirely and went to the stockers of the clothings on the first floor. Clare said to Miyuki, "Oh, your lean legs are beautiful. However, your legs are not suitable for bascket ball." Miyuki understood that Clare yelled Miyuki, indifferent from Miyuki's mother's accusation on Miyuki.

My mother is wanting to trap Miyuki as always, to accusing her lean body, and trying to put Miyuki into hoshital because of her leaness. Crazy illusionist, she is now, like YUKARI.

And my mother daredly said to Miyuki, "It would be fine for MIYUKI to keep cirtain distance with others. Just it." And soon, "Miyuki, you should pay some money for CLARE and Alex as their petit luxuary. How about you, Clare?" and Clare denied it, completely. "I don't care at all!"

However, Miyuki's mother repeated, "You should pay at least petit luxuary to your kids. And I really hope that you keep a cirtain distance from others, for the sake of you."

Miyuki ignored and send a sign to Clare that "I am a good body shape holder, as you know well" in gesture. And Clare said to Miyuki, "Oh, your cheek turned to be dirker. Intentionally?" And Miyuki replied her in gesture, "Yes!"

Silent mode conversation with Clare, and with her mother combined YUKARI, total ignorance. This is the tactics to erradicate DDMs in the house done by Miyuki, actually.

My mother is really similar to Dirty Penis Worm KOGA, Miyuki felt recently. Probably, she lost spirit, and he bought it and tried to attack her repeatedly, in vain.

Thus, she does her peeping Tom dirty jobs, pretending to do her needle jobs. Nasty old erotic bug, she is now.

And she wants to money from her supposed insurance. Thus she lit gas table and waits the house burnt.

Their system is totaly skewed. KAOS, yes. Davils' work, yes. Thus, Miyuki discovered that they returned to be Devils, namely, muck. KAOS established University of KEIO, or Knocked Out Versity.

ノックアウトだ、サンダーパンチ、今だキックだ、真空飛び膝蹴り! キック、キック、キックの鬼だ!♫♬

 Nockout, OK? Thunder Punch, added! Now, kickink! Kick on the joel in the air!!!! Kick! Kick! Kicking Figher, SAWADA!!!! ♫♬

 This song is so famous, because it was a praise for our kicking boxing Chambion, SAWADA. So impressive, his debut and championship. Even Miyuki, decided to learn TE-KON-DOU, influenced by him. Only one Kick pattern is enough for her, and anyway, she gained a yellow belt, by her immitating pose of TO-RYO-CHAGUE!!!

Hero, he was. Guts feels so envy with him. Good nice guy type. Really similar to Miyuki...Even now, he sometimes can't believe that Miyuki is a...non-P type. Exists??? Female SAWADA!!!!

Incledibly, she looked like some kind of heros of ANIME. Boy's comics' heros' shepe, she has...If I would have such a shape, I would be the real hero of the universe!!! And her added value is, Doctoral Degree holder of Legal Science, of Versity of Tokyo!!!! Out of his imagination!!!! Gag comic, with new punching type, with a irony of TOHOHO pasos...Rotten Devil....Center Fold of Devil's world, probablu she is....Guts presumed.

Thus, even the enemy felt strange aproximity and came to see her, despite of her total refusal. Already predicted. Why you come? VANISH! DDMs!!! Immediately! Because of your impoliteness, in the accelated mode!!!

Guts failed...already repeatedly. Like he was punched by Chinkoro...

Miyuki discovered that Chinkoro is the real superstar rabbit, who could reached Moon, fur more earlier than Captain Armstrong. Chinkoro is soon starting his flying training. Thus, in Japan, there is a legend on the rabbits which make rice sticky cake in big wool vase and a wood bar to stomp. Moon was already occulied with Rabbit Tribe.

Already, bats, a modified type of rats, common tribe of rabbit, can fly. And rabbit tribe already have jumping ability. Lounching Rocket mode.

Thus, the Moon was belonging to Rabbit Tribe, or in more broader sense, Animals and Plants, or FAUNA & FLORA.

Armstrong came later, and he didn't meet him, and declared "We Americans, came here, for the first time, on the moon. Small step, however, big stem for human beings" yes, for Human beings...However, already, existed the predicessors. Don't forget it!!!

Thus, the moon, satelite of the earth, is not be occupied by any DDMs, and continues to belong to us, FAUNA & FLORA, rightously.

Chinkoro talked on the sansation of his first arrivial on the moon. "Marvelous! The earth is Blue!" Gagalin.

Female Russian space pilot said, "YA CHAIKA!" or "I am a seagall". She made a big mistake. She should have said, "I am a rabbit", Chinkoro claimed!!!

And Gerge, the monky, would be a substitute of Miyuki. She refused the chance, because of her chicken character. After some safe confirmation 1000%, she would try to the moon, including returning process, Miyuki replied.

Too too nasty. She is so careful not to be caught. Today, appearantly, in two sites, ambulances were waiting for her arrival. In front of ODAKURA bridge, and In front of Beisia shopping center. And in some several places, they combined SQUAD, so easily.

Today's characters were, "Macgaiar Brothers" or fat twin wresters, who TOMOCHI liked to imitate, and Black casual wearing. They, fat men, were probably, the result of insects, Miyuki presumed. They are so similar, and they were so ugly. And the black wearing means that they came to the sparmarkets to buy their last dinners. At the same time, Miyuki recognized that there were oppcupied with so many black and white cars in the parking lots of the supermarckets.

Anyway, they were reducing, Miyuki got relieved. And even now, her mother's repeated attack using, "It would be better to learn to take a cirtain distance from others for you, Miyuki." She likes to say so, however, for Miyuki, a kind of riddle. What does she want to say to me? was her question.

As her hypothese, it means that "You should be kind to us, DDMs, and be unkind to your friends, FAUNA & FLORA."

And the reason of why she so insistently said to give Clare and Alex etra money was, to gain Clare's interest, and at the same time, to force Miyuki to pay unnecessarily to DDMs, by way of her kids, under the name of the kids.

Sly, and forgiveness begger, she is, Miyuki thought and felt so nasty. Shemes, accumulated.

Miyuki remembered that MASATO NINOMIYA exactly called on the phone, when she was in the toilet of the office, in the weekend, in 2003 or so. He started to speak, when she was just shitting. And Miyuki thought, "Oh, this conversation is really shit. Thus, OK, erotic bug, I will treat you as you like." and continued to shit, during her attending on the phone.

It was a proposal of a translation. NINOMIYA said, "My mate Adriana is now so busy to feed her baby, newly born. Thus, I would like to give a chance to you, instead of her. How about you?" And Miyuki's reply was, "No, thanks." and ended the shitting conversation.

NINOMIYA quitted me, in practice, and he forgot the reason of my quitting...because of Alex's birth. I am with my babies. Why he offered me such a task, instead of his mate with a baby??? Stupid idiot!!!!

Already he suffered from Alzheimer Disease, Miyuki is recalled the scene.

And probably, he was a Devil, in fact. Betrayer, yes.

He was said that he got married with her spanish blooded lady called Sonia, after seducing to be a hero of student movement of the versity, according to Ichiro KITAMURA.

However, Sonia was a graduate from Faculty of Language, in the vast campus of the suburban area of San Paulo, while NINOMIYA, from Faculty of Law, Largo San Francisco, in the center of the capital of Sao Paulo.

Why they got to accuaintance, despite of the distance? Miyuki took two hours to go to the Faculty of Language from Largo Sao Francisco.

Miyuki started to brush up Portugues when she was pregnant. She asked Dra.Ivette Senise Ferreira, Dean of Faculty of Law at that time in 2001 to provide a chance to learn Portugues in Faculty of Lauguage, and she allowed her to refer to her name when she applied to the course for foreigners to learn Portugues, level B.

After a short exam, Miyuki was categorized the semi-advanced, and started to learn under the Italian blooded lady, with some 40 students. Miyuki wanted to be developped to Level A, advanced class. Thus, she talked to her, before starting the class. And her advice was, "It's better for you to study in level B, to establish your basic ability well." Thus, Miyuki agreed the idea, and studied with these mates. Almost all of them were students who learned in the same campus, namely suburban area. And Miyuki was eager to develop, thus, whe was positive to express her answers, responding to the teacher's question. Anyway, eager ot thrifty, was their common opinion.

Dra. Ivette remembered that, "I don't want to pay extra money for my language studay at all. Thus, I want to take advantage of being to the member of Sao Paulo versity. I would like to know the main campus of Sao Paulo." She is so promissive at these two points. Anyway efficient, She recommended to the versity in the world...However, any versity didn't respond at all to her...Probably, it happened...No versity at all fenomenum....

Thus, Miyuki should take the former part of her profession Versity professor combined with comedian. Thus, she turned to be comedien. Commedienne.

Exist some similar pattern. Edison Cellrali. White nights type. Faculty of Law, he stayed. And turned to be an actor. Good to now. Ortez was also ex, and good friends, they are. Exist such type of Good Exs communication.

Miyuki believed that he was a kind of more rightous straigt type rather than skewed interesting guys. She remembered that Edson's role of Vila Madalena, the first series forcusted on the middle class in Sao Paulo. Until that time, always Rio de Janeiro's cereblities' family was the target of the drama producing in Globo, world widely renoun drama exporting company.

So difficult finding a job in Sao Paulo in this area...almost non populous situation, and the teaters...vacant boxes now...Oh, Sao Paulo, U2!!!!

Miyuki thought that the situation of Brazil were much better than Japan, because of Latin spirit...yes, in a certain meaning. In the area of North Eastern part, yes. Salvador, Recife, Ceara!!! All Miyuki went once!!! Beaches are so beutiful, and so passionate peoples living places...Ivanisa and Yasuko's origin.

And Rio Grande do Sul? Miserable???? Miyuki's case was told in the city, and the hotelmen remembered her "BAKAYAROU!!!" with loud crying all night long. Lionel Richie.

The two hotelmen remembered her face. Oh, my photo is useful in this case. Misterious strange guy, Dr.Miyuki SATO was...Which is which type question here and there. According to them, in the middle. Probably, man, accoridng to her voice...Too too noisy. Stupid! only!!!! Japanese lesson, they called and laught at. Repeating her pronunciation, "BAKAYAROU!!!" and they lost a lot of Japanese friends...Some nasty scolding word it would be, they presumed. And the real accusation done by Japanese society????

Japanese Descendents not at all. However, some Japan related society. Oh, ABE of HITOTSU-BASHI versity's related???

Ninomiya came in December, 13th, in 2014. Several days earlier than his arrival, ABE informed Miyuki on the arrival of the Dr.Kinkiest in the world. Miyuki made a reservation of attending to another symposium held by OOHAMA of WASEDA versity.

However, Miyuki decided to meet NINOMIYA, because the theme was related with Labour Law, which she was interested in at that time. She wanted to make a comparison between Brazilian labour law and Japanese counterpart. And Ramon, from State Versity of Rio de Janeiro would be a good colaborator, Miyuki caluculated.

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