YUKARI's End(120)

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 I appreciated my thailandese coconut cream swew with seafood. Probably it would be a counterprt of cramchawder in western countries. Tasty. I am proud of my idea to put Japanese Taro potato in a pan. A big success! Taro potato is good for any soup type dish, western and oriental ones, both. A criativity, we call it. New Thailandese Cuisine, we could call it. Miyuki has a good sense of tongue, and she would work as a professional cook!!!!

  Strange at first. However, not so bad. And after being accustomed to the flavour, it would be delicious. A changing process. Like 4 forms of acception process of party done by Tripell. According to Miyuki, he is too too ordinal one, however, generally speaking, the process is used for any accepting process of different culture. An applied version should be produced by the pupils. an encounter with a good alien like ET, also an exercise of mind. Thailandese foods for old guys, also. Encounter with unknown things should be accepted gradually type explanation. Slow type. however, not so "should be" type explanation. Rather, the history of acception of party system. Thus, a kind of understanding process, probably.

  And the end was putting it into the constitutional system.

  Party system was skewed in Japan. No pary system at all. totalitarian should not need any party. However, they adopoted, because they were illogical Alzheimer patients from the begining. And they separated easily after the top leader's death. Totalitarians turned to be partisans. Each party had its own rule and between the rules, they were played like toys. The believers agreed to be so. Thus, they should accept the condition. And they all failed.

  The contract was one. The interpretations were different. And each explained that "I am the right one. You should obey me." And they committed the mistakes repeatedly again and again. And they concealed as much as possible. And they all revealed that they were all Alzheimer patients.

  Thus, they wanted to be treated with special care, indifferent from their factual condition as prisoners. They dared to say so, because they forgot that they were criminals. They sometimes confuse victims and wrongdoers. And they insisted the requests in public, by way of TV program.

 Now, quick news. TOKYO UNIVERSITY is the best university in JAPAN even now. The OMANKO Research companies did such a kind of dirty jobs easily, because they are irresiponsibles. Just "I think so" " I believe so" is enough for their jobs. Declaration only world. No research at all. Anyone would do it, and they put the name with some authority. Thus, Tokyo Versity was advertized and we believed the superiority, at least in Japan.

  Now, any idiots could enter into Tokyo Versity, because Tokyo Versity graduates mean War Criminal AAA, who should vanish now. They entered to the versity to die. Just for their shame collection, Todai existed.

  Todai is for MITCHIKU, we didn't know and entered and failed. The most inhuman versity in the world, we recognized it. And started to criticise it. OMANKO Journalism should be punished by their big lies.

 And the same type of faked ranking.

 We do know that these companies have no clients at all. No consumptious activities at all. Why they ranked like that, and what is the reason to do so? These OMANKO Journalists believe that they could earn some money or benefit by way of their apple polishing jobs. A habit, non stopping type. Natural born Testacles Pets type, they are.

 They just picked up some information from our neurons and made an order as they liked. So so limited knowlege they have. They are reluctant to search or investigate. Desqualified as writers. Irresponsible failse descreptions always. For them, journalism means an easy fictional composition. Childish writing by old kinky bugs. Vommiting jobs. And the result remains forever!!! They are real mazochist. Shame collectors they were. Until when they continue this terrible lies publishing jobs???

 And one OMANKO writer confessed his name now. 宇都宮裕一 or Yuuichi UTSUNOMIYA he is called. Look at his job:

 Only 2 rooms adding is an information which deserves to inform in the everyday one of big newspaper called MAINICHI SHIMBUN. So trifle matters were picked up by him, which is called Muck by us. When he vanishes, if our interest now!!!

 Microsoft is dead completly. they couln't prevent one hour of difference at all. Easy to manage, however, they couldn't do it. And they couldn't explain the reason at all!!! Stupid like Alzheimer patients, or already vanished. Both, probably. Sometimes OMANKO Journalists transmit some kind of truth. And this is the example.

Oh, IT OMANKO writers are also Alzheimers!! See:

 For them, Android vs Windows. Not mac vs windows. PC is also use Android as OS.Thus, now, google is the counterpart of Apple computer company these days. Why Apple failed??? Explanation, please, OMANKO writers!!!

OMANKO writers can't recognize the scale of the figure at all. This is the proof:

  SANRIO PURO LAND, a childish uninteresting theme park only for infants have 5000 figures enterence per day!!! Total lie, We are sure. It is located in TAMA Center, one of IKKYO residential place. We visited there, and found that only some kinky families could amuse the nasty attractions. And even in the highest populous days, the entering figures were so so less than 1000! How they caluculate the figure??? 1.8 million per year, they wrote. They couldn't calculate the figure per day, thus, tremendously big lie, they did. Alzheimer patients are megalomaniacs. Because they can't calculate at all.

  TAKENOUCHI was this kind of figure MEGALOMANIAC. He frequently said to other colleague, "I can't count under US$1 million. Under this figure, it is ZERO for me." Thus, Japanese population is ZERO for him, probably.

  He spent US$10 thousand for taxi per year, although his income was only US$80 thousand. How common people could do type extravance he did as always.

 He couldn't count money, and left his wallet to his OPPABU girl called SOMEYA. Thus, she was always with him. She knew he was the real Alzheimer patient, and accompanied to take care of him in the hotel called KEIO Plaza in HACHIOJI, according to Takeshi WATANABE.

  She knew which SUSHI was his disliked one , and changed it with his favorite from her place. An loving couple like treatment she did for him, and he was satified with her jobs entirely.

  She made a contact instead of him, with his name. And made a big mistake. She wrote to me, instead of him, saying, "Write to this e-mail address." Thus, I wrote to the address. However, it was returned to me. thus, I called to his desk, and she attended and scolded me so harshly. "You should write to other address. This address is writing only. Not for receiving!"

  Then, why she or he informed the address for me to write to??? She turned to be TAKEMOUCHI, after her imitating job for more than 5 years.

  She was a Kyorin graduate, and a daughter of an old traditional restaurant in NIKKO. Thus, she didn't need to work, thus, she chose to learn under this Alzheimer patient.

  Management course, it was called. And TAKENOUCHI didn't manage himself at all. WATANABE said that TAKENOUCHI had shit in the hotel, thus she was called to clean up.

  I don't know if it were true or false. However, their relationship was so so tight, and many clerks criticised them because of their nasty relationship.

  She was forever graduate students. She was over master. And wanted to have some job in some versity. She did instruct in some versities instead of him. He did admit it.

  He only took a chance to work and gave her the chance. And they did the dirtist work academically. Just showing Project-X, a TV program made by NHK to the students. And the pupils liked it, because better than their own lies.

  Non existance proof, they contributed. Any academic performance at all. Only affection type. Care taker, she would be. OPPABAU nurses were popular among versities.

  In MEIJI GAKUIN Versity, Mirai YAMAMOTO is a kind of OPPABU assistents. She herself said directly to me, "We take care of old professors. For them the versity is a kindergarden, and they are infants like existance."

  I described the situaion of our faculty a kind of North Korea, and she said "We all in the same situation. Nasty North Korea like world here and there. And my is the worst. Care taker for old ones. Alzheimers combined with infants. INFERNO at all!"

  And she left the versity and worked for a versity in NAGOYA. And then, she returned to the MEIJI GAKUIN again as an associate professor. "Why?" I was in wonder. No explanation by her. She intentionally chose to work in INFERNO again, I felt.

A news on JR realway's decadance. Even OMANKO Journalists inform it:

 There is no necessity of using railway now, because so small amount of people live in Japan.

 Thus, JR railway should be solved at once. However, they chose the wrongway. Just started the evil unnessesary related jobs, under the name of JR. The other companies can do the same business with more skillful way type.

 JR took advantage of railway monopoly in Japan. National railway, they were, and turned to be 4 big separated ones, and as a result, they lost all. They combined when they did wrongdoing. And they offered special privilege to the power holders related. They could use the bullet train for free. Special treatment for only rich people. Thus, they could make a trip as they liked, taking advantage of the situaion.

  Today, the railway line had no guardrail at all. too dangerous, in case of populous place. Only in the etremely less populous zone could be type setting. Thus, they themselves proved that KARAME area is really no man's land.

  Railway first. And the road. As every scholars with interest in environment, insist that road creating is the starting point of civilization = decadance of human beings. AMAZON is an extreme example of this kind of devastation.

  I translated some articles on this matter in Latin America. And recognized the principle. First, forest cutting, then, road, then figures came to occupy the sacred place, expulsed the legitimate residents from the sacred place, and failure in the end.

  They call it urbanization. However, for us, degradation. Civilization without coexistance with nature would be just a degradation. They already passed the limit, it means.

  I didn't imagine that this process was perfomed in Shirakawa also. Shirakawa figures were also greedy, I recognized.

  Railway is a kind of road. More stable facility we could say. And Miyuki heard some strange train sound in the middle of night. At 2:30 oclock in the night. The train is already closed at that time. Why the trains pass through on the railway?

  Ghost train, it is called. Only some special figures could know the time table. JR did for their benefit. Someone asked them to do so, for the cost of the others. Spooky train, it was called.

  And ...Miyuki is sleepy now. Thus, we must go to bed now.


  Miyuki and Adachi will go marching Go-Go-GO! in a mach speed. thus, now, ZZZZZ....


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