Punctuality Is Superb, Thus Said DoDoMerdas.

2017-01-04 16:00:11 | 日記
04/01/2017 (afternoon) It's famous in the world that Japanese are punctual.

It isn't bad, by itself, however, important is, Japanese weighs punctuality excessively and exclusively.
Why? Because it's easy to prove objectively. DoDoMerdas are not good at logical thinking. They can't persuade people with any other objective reasoning.

Thus, for them, punctuality is only one tool for persuasion.
I had a commical but, at the same time, harmful experience at this point.

A female student called Reika TAI, once sent me a message for me from her smartphone.
She wrote, "Professor, you sometimes delay in our class of Constitutional Law. Your remarks aren't persuasive, pecause you are not punctual."
I replied her, as soon as I noticed her e-mail message, "Sorry for delay. However, persuation isn't related with punctuality at all. I hope you understand this logic." She didn't respond any more.

Several weeks after the e-mail, I was astonished that our dean Prof.Masatoshi OKAWA was waiting for me in front of the class and checked if I could arrive there in time. When I appeared, he showed his chagrin on his face and left. I said to his back, "Hey, Mr.Timekeeper!"

Later, in Dean's room, he accused me, saying, "Several students told me that you deley your class." I remembered TAI's messege. However, no other students claimed on my delay. So, I asked him, "How many students accuse me of delay? I know just one claim. Tell me, please!". He said to me, "Several". So I asked again, "Several means two or three in English. Two, or, three?" He said, "I said several. Just sevral. It means plural."

Ummmmm... I wondered. He graduated from mastar course of law at HARVARD UNIVERSITY, so, I imagined that he would have been better at Enclish than me. However, I was confused more after his explanation rather than before it, because "plural" has wider range in number than "several".

He got so rage until to throw me a box to me. It hit my nakid left upper arm. Maybe, some of my beautiful smooth skin cells were hurt and destroyed. I was extremely surprised that I was violated physically in very Dean's room by the dean himself!!! I left the room, accusing him of the violence loud, saying, "You commited a crime. Crime of violence, you know!"

I was so shocked and thought that I should ask help to other collegue. I ran toward the office of Prof.SHINPO, and showed the box, explaining what I was treated by the dean OKAWA. I offered him the box as a proof.

Next morning, I had a class of Constitutional Law. I talked on the case, mentioning to freedom of academism and rule of law. I was really shocked at the wrongdoing that the dean had done to me, however, I thought, as a constitutionalist, that the best way was explaining publically what had happened in the hidden place and estimulating students to think of constitutional rights through my harsh experience.

I went to the police to ask to investigate the crime. However, the policeman told me to suspend it. The reason was explained like that, "For the sake of you." What did it mean? I don't know. All I got to know was that the police were reluctant to start working for it.

I am a victim, while the dean is a criminal. However, the police protected him, instead of me, by way of doing nothing, the easiest choice.

Mr.Timekeeper, the dean was. He resembled the female student who sent me the message, in his way of thinking. Punctuality is only one reliable value for them.

My collegue Professor Michihiro IWAKUMA of Constitutional Law said that TAI was his pupil of his seminar. I asked him to introduce her to me. He agreed. He said, "She is a conservative serious girl, who can't put up with her boy collegues' impolite jokes.", with his total sympathy to her. "Oh, maybe, she is his Prof.'s Pet.", I recognized.

At the moment of the exam of Constitutional Law, I was excited to see her. I was really looking forward to seeing her. I imagined the a young girl, in old fashioned blouse and skirt and a pair of Loyd glasses, would appear in the class. However, she didn't appear. I felt deeply sorry for losing the chance to encounter with a rare living fossil. She would be an idol for old fashioned male professors in our faculty, I presume.
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