Flourishing Food Suppliment Business

2017-01-04 13:51:48 | 日記
04/01/2017 (afternoon) As I've written earlier, TV commercials on paramedical foods are on air everyday milions of times repeatedly.
Food Suppliment Companies do the easiest job. They just cheat audicence, who are conscious of the weekness of their body. There are so many elders who are worry about their health. They are easy target of this kind of TV commercials.

My mother is simple minded, however, at least, she is not so stupid to believe the cheap trick, fortunately.
On the contrary, various DoDoMerdic inletectuals in Japan are likely to be tricked by this gimmick.

Once I've seen a physician, who looks 30 years or so, in Univ. of Tokyo Hospital, he asked me, "What suppliment do you take every day?", without asking if I were a suppliment taker or not. I was astonished and said immediately, "I'm not a user of food suppliment. I hate it."

Maybe, for him, supplement is indispensable like air and water. I am favor for the doctorine that supplement taking harms our internal organs, contrary to his position.

In May, 2016, I visited the main campus of Univ. of Tokyo and entered in the shop, looking for some imported sweets. When I was a under-graduate student, there were many cheap imported foods from unusual countries like Russia or Israel. It was a fun to find some packeges of uncommon sweets with reasonable price.

However, what made me surprised in the shop last year was tremendous number of suppliments on the several shelves. Most of them were advertised like that, "Eat it!, and you would be brighter"", "This supplement makes your mind work quick." "You will be clever with this suppliment choco late bar." etc.

Wow, our joniors prefered taking supplements to reading books or observing society for the sake of being inteligent!

Another example is my collegue in Kyorin Univ. Associate Professor Takeshi WATANABE was a supplements lover. Once he confessed me, "I hope that I just live with supplements, without eating food. Eating is time consuming."
He is just the opposit of me, i.e., the lover of eating various delicious foods and the refuser of suppliment.

Supplement users work efficiently? I wonder. They just have enough sense of recognizing taste, or, pleasure of tongue. They are so awkward until to eat foods. Why they can work without basic humane desire?

Probably, they really want to be androids or humanoids. However, they are not so well made as androids. They could not be more that broken androids, even they eagerly desire to be.

Opposed to their ideal, we people continue to be human beings, who enjoy life entirely, eating tasty variety of foods as much as possible. If Suppliment Business is flourishing in effect, it means that in Japan, the number of cranky androids and that of potentials are increasing amazingly.

Thus, Japanese society is anti-humanistic in this sense.

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