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29/07/2017 (Saturday, evening) Miyuki came back from her daily trip arround Shirakawa, the rural village of the south part of FUKUSHIMA prefecture. Slightly rainny day, it is today. The clouds were stable, and in the afternoon, it turned to be sticky.

Today, Miyuki awoke almost at 9:00, astonishingly late, compared with ordinal days. However, it's Saturday, weekend, thus, OK, she said to herself.

Even now, innner muscles of her tighes feel pain. Why?

She checked her orchard, and confirmed that lemmon trees were all OK, and some guys regained despite of being attacked by DDMic rain. Miyuki yelled to all of them!

A bit silenter day, however, so many vehicles started to appear near her. Unnusual, in Shirkawa. Just like the center of Tokyo, Miyuki thought, and laught at the satanic attempt. Shirakawa is less populous than Tokyo. This simples fact, they couldn't recognize!

Anyway, she was so hungry, thus, went to feed herself to BENIMARU-Yokomachi, and ate a big slice of pork ham, and a bottle of caffe latte.

Muffine, Camanbert Cheese, BUSU-silinder, Ham Face, etc. Miyuki looked for lots of expressions to indicate Pyong-yang tribe. And found that their world is just the contrary of our world. The values are totally squeezed, and Topsy Turvey world, ADACHI laught at!

Prrety is ugly, short is big, dark is bright, delicious is not tasty, good is bad, right is wrong, kill is be killed, superior is inferior, young is old, chicken is brave, black is white, fat is lean, and so on, and so on. Thus, no way to coexist us. Thus, all indifferent from satanic activities, we should erradicate them, as much as possible. No previous information is not done now. Just sudden death. Russian Roullette, Adachi expressed.

Just like using Miyuki as the bullet. As you like, Miyuki! And all of her encountered guy, should be killed, without exception.

Thus, she behaves as she likes. And understood that she is just like Carlito, in the song, "Bebado e Equilibrista" by Joao Gilbert.

Miyuki coincidently watched his performance in TOM, a Sao Paulo music scene. She didn't know the system at all, thus, made a reservation of "a table" for the night, and failed. "Oh, table on the second floor, far from the performer, and the worse, for 4 guys..." she recognized, and regretted. For 4 guys, only she sat, and in the first floor, without any table, young and old, started to dance, in front of the alter...I paied more, and could enjoy less. I learned a lot. I would never repeat the error...In a so so empty table, Miyuki watched his performance, in
a melancholic tone. If I had known the system, I would invited others for the show...Total error, I committed...

for her, reservation table is only for her, and the price of 4 guys table was cheaper than Japanese concert ticket for 1 figure, thus, she passed a lonely night, in the enthusiastic night club in Sao Paulo.

Japanese lady, who sat in front of me, on the second floor, in her total regretful face...Oh, that is Dr.Miyuki SATOW! TOHOHO, in her music Brazil...

Joan Gilbert is the composer of this famous music. This fact, Miyuki later recognized. And felt, at least, I could heard the music of somebody. Not promissive in appearance, plain guy with achorstic guiter came, and sang, and the less paid cousumers gained a lot more than Miyuki...

Thus, I should have been thrifty in this case. Miyuki thought that she would have been treated like "A seat, very in front of the performer, watching so near the stage", and..."Oh, big dance hall...two stories gymnastic hall, like Palmeiras Club...

The system is totally different from Japanese concert. And thus, no pay, eating and drinking, enjoying the night system. Latin system needs counterparts...

Thus, couple system was created, at first. However, for her, it would not be fine. Only one single system. Individualist only seat???? No no, individuals have chance to get along with others, including couples. Thus, isolated in a big table from the cheerful dancing less paid guys was big damage for Miyuki. However, No More this error. Paid, thus, learned...

Joao Gilberto did the story well. In each so called civilization, the same process happens. Thus, Miyuki's Japanese version has Brazilian counterpart, which was recognized by Joao...

Carlito watched the scene, and this is the story of Jack the ripper, of Samuel Beckett. The girls of the brodels were killed, after doing it, by Jasons, as they liked, and Jason's protectors, Military Government, concealed the fact, and failed. Shirakawa, Tokyo, Kooriyama, all the same. Satanic cruelity only world, now.

Satans have no limit, from the begining, however, existed satanic taboos, before. However, in the last stage, they forgot even these taboos, and they behave as they liked. Too too ugly, to see satanic laughing.

"Name of Rose" by Umberto Eco, was written in 1990s, and at that moment, satans did know well that smiling was taboo for satans. Innner tabboo existed.

However, now in Shirakawa, satans laugh in a loud voice, without any reason to laugh. Taboo No.1!!! Don't feel to laugh, was.

And Miyuki remembered that TAKAHARA didn't laugh at all, thus Miyuki felt spooky at him. Prohibitted, at least.

And Miyuki did so sorry for that she did not know the killer word for this type. "You are so cute!" And this was also for Miyuki, killer word. Thus, if they did say the same frase each other, they vomitted at the same time, each other...

For them both, "You are so cool!" is the best praise...Thus, they failed. TAKAHARA did not that Miyuki was so male...Ricognition error No.1, for both side. Miyuki also didn't know that TAKAHARA was so female...

And Miyuki today, at first, recognize that she did "sudden change" in front of him, including sexual change. Miyuki thought that only he did it in front of me. However, soon earlier than his satanic change, Miyuki herself did the same, very in front of him, thus, as counter attacking, he did it...

Miyuki remembers his so so astonished face, after her darest confession, "Oh, TAKAHARA, you know, I am a kind of male, and I have two kids. Thus, in short, I am a father of these kids!"

It was so unusual for him to show his astonished face. Thus, "Oh, TAKAHARA! Are you OK?", Miyuki asked, with recognizing his so appolled facial expression.

Then, he changed, suddenly, from male of 23 years to famale of 12 years. Miyuki, as a father of two kids, with a surprise, gazed his change. His offer was like that, "OK, prof, you are OYAJI, anyway, thus, how about financially supported love affair as OYAJI and girl?"

Miyuki caught his untold voice and offer, thus responded like that, "You forgot that I had already refused any relationship in the field of sexuality, in front of you and other pupils, twice? Forgetful! Of course, I refuse your kindest offer, TAKAHARA, OK?"

Miyuki didn't reason of his sudden change. Miyuki herself did, already, just for her, didn't have any recognition at this point. And TAKAHARA was so so confused after her darest confession as OYAJI. He was as if saying, "No, prof! No, at all! Incredible! It should not be! No, prof! No, please!"

Ummmm...both, so so strangely, contrary against their supposition on each other. Mutual Crying Game like situation, psychologically...

For both of them, "Coolish!" is killer word. Thus, they, should have said, "Oh, you are so cute!!!" each other. Both vomitted, and the end. The shortest course, for the attmpt.

However, for them, "being cute!" was out of mind...Thus, confusion, and...the big disaster for satanic world. "Just say cute! It would have saved our existance. Only this tiny word, we are vanishing entirely...Stupid!!!"

TAKAHARA was accused by satans themselves. Stupid! You should say so to her!!! Thus, you should have been killed by her, as soon as possible from delivering the word!!!

If he said so to me, I would have killed him, Miyuki affermed. And if she said so to him, he would have killed her, as soon as possible. Mission completed. So so easiest. Why they didn't do so both? Because they didn't think at all that the counterparts were cute...

Cute is killer word. Thus, the most nasty avoidable word. At this point, both are the same. Just it. Thus, they fell in falling love with eath other. Extreme TOHOHO story. Love is ended before it began...

GUTS and ADACHI yelled that for MIYUKI, cute is too too difficult to say and to bee said, also. For the two kids, Miyuki is difficult to manage. And for TAKAHARA, without death, any choice existed....Impossible. Target was different from the begining. Error and error. No trial. Why you chose Miyuki,instead of OOYAMA? He was an easy guy to be targetted. And it happened because of Miyuki's denial of teaching Tax Law...OOYAMA accused Miyuki, so many times, because of her denial. You should have accept the offer, instead of me. You didn't, thus, I was obliged to split from TAKAHARA. You should pay, you should pay, you should pay....

For Miyuki, OOYAMA's acceptance of teaching TAX LAW instead of Miyuki, was total mistery. His major was criminal law, and he paid and enetered into OOHARA cramschool to study tax law, at the cost of US$2.5 thousand and participated in the meeting of studying this subject with the bosses, who ordered him to teach the subject, namely, CHIBA, AKUZAWA, HASHIMOTO and sometimes, MATSUBOKO.

OOYAMA loved them all, at the same time, hated them all, was Miyuki's interpretation. DDMs are out of imagination.

Probably, for satans, love is hatred. Thus, the relationship among OOYAMA and TAKAHARA was the same.

OOYAMA left Kyorin versity, one year after he started to teach tax law, and gained the same position in Shikoku Low School. Thus, TAKAHARA, ex-pupil of OOYAMA, came to Miyuki's team.

Thus, for TAKAHARA, OOYAMA should be set as target. However, by the sudden change, Miyuki was targetted, and they both could not do tuning correctly. Not flexible at all. Thus, happened a strange mutual Crying Game fenomenum. Just laughing story, however...without tears, we can't put up with the situation. Universally, ironical skewed love, they pursued, and both failed. Exist? Exist. Reality is stranger than novels. Non fiction rupowriter Nobuko KYO cried so many times. "You should learn the society! The sistem is totally skewed, and why you could pursue for your so so kinkiest dream, sexual one, especially? Why you can't change your mind at all? Why you forgave to find some suitable human beings for 20 years? Why you so easily start to dream Maple Tree Lover's story, instead of human love? Why you dream of animal sex in the near future? Why? Why?

No man's land. And the male P holders are so so conventional. And female H holders also. For Miyuki, all of them are so so conservative, and rapists and lovers of being raped...

Miyuki is totally the same as male, and only one difference is she has H, instead of P. Thus, for her way of the saying, the difference between convect shape and concavo one. The rest, all the same. Thus, 1:5, 3:3, or 5:1, as ideal type of sexual behaviours. And for Miyuki, exercise, rather than so called "LOVE". No affection. Just a gymnastic, done by two, at the exact moment.

Thus, except the moment, both, are independent, in any sphare of life. Thus, as a result, singles. Thus, just mates world. No couple is needed. No marrige is necessary. The marrige system is rotten. Only stupid guys choose it type conception.

All cried for her so so rightous understanding. And cried...we can't think like that...????

For her, logically right, then, we should do so according the rightous instruction. Most effective. Thus, Miyuki is Super-Uncle...Dry and Dry. Double. Tear of Bachelors...Singles????

Miyuki would be a bartender in KABUKI-CHO, in SHINJUKU, in case of being fired from Kyorin versity, in december, 2015. She would sue after being fired, Miyuki planned it. However, KABUKI-CHO itself, no man's land, Miyuki already had watched in May, 2016.

Tokyo would be fine to be so. However, for Miyuki's understanding, Tokyo is not fine for plants. Too too nasty to caltivate because of dirty poisoneous earth???

Too too inpure. Shirakawa also. However, we should purify the place. Mitsubishi paper mills company is the resemblance of it.

Today, Miyuki got astonished, at finding "sacrifice killing forum" near Shin-Shirakawa station. Infanticides' Mecca, presumably. Miyuki passed already the same park, however, "just a nasty place for us all, the reason unknown" and found today, that the motiv was each block's old name and logo, and in the center, the symbol of sacrifice, North, South, East, West, and big DARMA stone statutes with the face of "sorry", and a stole, with the discription of the song, げんこつ山の狸さん or Wild Dogs of Mountain of Fist.

Wild Dog of Mountain of Fist,
Drink milk of mother, sleep well,
Being Hugged, On the back,
Then say, "see you tomorrow!"

 Kids song with gestures, however, so nasty because of their sexually skewed expressions.
Broadcasted by NHK, in 1980s after. When Miyuki was a kid, it was not sung so much.

For DDMic mothers, good song, probably. And for them, keeping boys under the control of BUST is the most important matter, to maintain their sadistic non-working society. Satanic song, in short.

Horstein inclination was satanic world's main character. Thus, tiny bust belief is so so praisable for plants. Kabucky asked, "Where is your bust?" Probably, under my head. Similar to insects.

Brest, it is called. Thus, the same. If MAZINGER Z had fired with his ejected BUST, the ANIME would turn to be disaster. Brest's image is flat. Thus, standard is flat. Thus, our world.

For insects, BUST is what? Only mummal animals have it type strange shaped tool to be used only for immune system trigger function.

However, for milk producing agliculture, in short, dairy farm owner, Horstein class bust is really working. Milk providers, who counted the size of the bust. Thus, Japanese 巨乳信仰 or Belief of Big Bust, is so so rare in the universe. Even in USA, which loves "Big is Better, anyway" type world, Japanese Watermelon size two Big Ball holding BUST loving society is fanatic, and dangerous, all of them responded rightouslly.

Dirty, nasty, non-beautiful Big BUST is praised in Japan. How about you? was the enquite. And all of them responded, "Alzheimer's illusion was realized in Japan".

yes, for Alzhimer patients, the most important part of body is bottom and bust. Japanese society is in the last stage, they all believed.

Decadant. yes, downward big watermelons. Can't put up with the weight of the object. Thus, just downward.

Junior high pupil did it? Yes, my daughter's ex-mate, and Miyuki watched her, and so so got shocked. At that moment, only 13 years old. Her name was MEI, and slender type. However, when Miyuki met her, after her graduation from primary school, for the first time, she had two downward silicon put mountains in her brest. Miyuki disliked her, and didn't talk any word, ever!

For Kyo, too too schocking also. Shirakawa adopted raping system, probably. One guy could rape, at least one boy or girl, as they liked, and it would be concealed by the police. Kids' sacrifice is so so common in Shirakawa.

Yesterday, Miyuki watched that an old bug, who is the frequenter of the Gymnastic park, approached to infants, and asked their private information. And they, the old male and the kids, both are acustomed to use, rolling スケベ椅子 or Turkish bath type sexual pleasure assisting chair, as their palying tool.

According to the expression of the infants, the equipment is "diet, namely, reduction of weight". And the kids were brought here by their faked mother, who were just standing and watching without doing on the bench, and she was able to sell them to the old guy.

Crying infants and laughing adults fenomena, now Miyuki observes in every corner of the village called Shirakawa. Probably, kids type would be sacrificed for BBQ called MEGA-TOMBE, while adults type, are expecting eating them all, in a good mood.

Thus, Saturday Night Fever! John Travolta. Miyuki likes to imitate the pose, and sometimes, Miku HATSUNE mode put.

XUXO, Alex is. Alex was shocked at the expression. Alexandra, is XUXA's real name. Thus, Alex, XUXO.

It is pronounced SHUUSHA, not KUSO-KUSO. Alex got upset at Miyuki's so so nasty expressions. Understandable, however, Miku HATSUNE is better than XUXA...Oh?

According to his measuring, XUXA is only 10 times of her head hight. Miku HATSUNE is 11 heads. Thus...XUXA. 3D, the real verson is more reliable. Not a fiction.

Probably, XUXA is the original model of Miku. Already, twin tail, and marching band uniform with hot pants, in 1980s. And Deformation was put on her image, with Japanese ANIME change. Thus, not so different with XUXA.

Exist? Exist. NUVA like black girl has so so long legs. At first, Miyuki got astonished at her legs!!! Exist? Exist. Long slender legs like twigs.

And for Miyuki's so so rightous understanding, head is more similar to roots rather than twigs, in case of plants. Thus, legs are twigs. Thus, mouth is more under the earth, while, maple suger providing part is a kind of trank or belly or so. Leg included yes. Thus, sometimes, bottom part, which ejects the liquid. Thus, sweat or shit or muck of nose???

Miyuki, you are so so rightous to say so. KYO cried for her too too objective expression. Why you are OK, even though? Because maple syrop is expensive and precious and delicious. Almost at US$6, per small bottle.

Miyuki, are you all right? Canadian guys are so so nasty to be said so? Praise!!! Why???

Miyuki's expression is nasty to Maple Trees...Delicous is OK, and the rest, human beings decided. Yes, however, it means valuable. Many guys want. Demand side. And few are provided. Supply side. Thus, precious and expensive. The golden rule of economy. Easy.

However, in North Korea, monopoly works, thus, this Demand and Supply Golden Rule doesn't work at all. Even forgiveness begging attitude is monopolized in Sato family now.

When Miyuki came back home, and put on to the main house to pick up the keys for opening the office door, HARUMI was near the keys, and put on the light, unnecessarily, and yelled to Miyuki, "Are you comming to pick up the keys?", with her "kind mother faking mode." Miyuki disliked her attitude so much, thus, she shut the sliding door, she opened, in front of HARUMI, then, away from HARUMI, she opened the door, western style, and entered into the main house, from this door and picked the keys up, and went to the office.

Miyuki felt nasty with her soft mood voice. Why she changed her strategy suddenly?

Recently, in the morning, she was always "I am superior and you should be obedient to me, HARUMI" mode, she took, and Miyuki ignored her totally. And now, more flattering mode HARUMI. Vomitting!

And 1 hour after, suddenly, HARUMI entered into the office, and yelled to Miyuki, who was writing this repport with her team mates, especially, with the great correction job provided by Chinkoro and Yakult, saying, "Today, we have no bath. Thus, it would be better for you to take a shower, instead of bath taking."

Unnnecessarily, HARUMI said so, and MIYUKI ignored her entirely. And YUKARI was taking shower at bath room at that moment, and spit, hearing HARUMI's remarks.

Probably, they split, and HARUMI tried to gain some affection from others, thus, in a soft mode. And HARUMI's technic is already used so many times wrongly, thus, no effect happened. We take a shower everyday, and it is Saturday, and recently, only on wednesday and sunday, we have a bath in common. Without saying type declaration, HARUMI said to MIYUKI, despite of MIYUKI's everyday's disliking. HARUMI wants to approach MIYUKI, instead of YUKARI, and YUKARI disliked her attitude, yes.

They both are disliked by others, yes. And MIYUKI is neutral, thus, HARUMI tried to gain some affection from her. And MIYUKI ignored her saying completely. For both, MIYUKI is hatred No.1, while, HARUMI approached to her, thus, YUKARI spit.

Affection world they live, and MIYUKI is different. Affection is for reliable guys. For liars, not at all. Sympathy sensor doesn't function at all for MIYUKI. Flattering voice causes nasty feeling rather, for Miyuki's type.

Micchiku voice, Miyuki remembers. When some guy does it, Miyuki contempts him. Spontaneously Miyuki's hatred triggers. Just for begging forgiveness or financial benefit or so, satans do it.

Outside the world, they do know well. Thus, they should prepare for it. They both did too much for others, and now, affection is only their tool, and failed again. Thus, YUKARI's spetting.

Today, sometimes, collectively, satans came to Miyuki collectively. At the eat-in corner at BENIMARU-YOKOMACHI, at first, only males came to MIYUKI. 6 or so. Miyuki told them to go to HASEGAWA hospital in MITAKA, to propose to the father of Julia HATORI, who is the beautiful young Alzheimr patient, and easy to do it type, as soon as possible. And they all vanished soon.

Then, old ladies came to MIYUKI, and MIYUKI was surrounded by them, after yelling, "Pyon-yang tribe! Camanbert cheese face! Cruel up to eat their own kids! Alzheimer patients!" and MIYUKI felt dangerous and left the corner.

And she went to Shirakawa station, and sat on a bench at the bus rotary. There, only two bus stops are, and each bus appear only several times a day. So rare passing the bus in Shirakawa.

Miyuki was no intention to take the bus, jast took a rest, talking on the theme, "Freaky Show in the campus of Kyorin Versity", and targetted Yuri KIMURA, an ex-OPPABU babaa of The genuine real Alzheimer Osamu TAKENOUCHI.

An old bug came to Miyuki, and Miyuki shifted from there to another bench. She sat on the bench, after Miyuki's leaving there.

Then, the bus came. Too too rare to come, Miyuki really thought. And, astonishingly, the old bug, didn't get on the bus!!! She remined to sit the bench, and the bus left there.

Why she remained sitting on the bench? So few times appears the bus, and she inentionally didn't got on it. Why she came? Only one reason: Just to disturb Miyuki.

And Miyuki watched that so many vehicles passing through the main road of the village, from west to east, vice versa, incessantly. Just like busy Tokyo!, Miyuki got astonished. This less populous town turned to be Tokyo, sometimes. Satans are so so simple and rough. They hav enever think that it would be strange as fanomemum. Lack of presumption.

Miyuki thus wants to watch "Google Bardie View", and probably, it would make Miyuki amuse so much. They are so busy much more than Tokyo 23 wards. Just faking world is so so crazy, and probably, Pyong-yang tribe, driving a car would be a symbol of richness, and they want to showup with the usage of car, without any necessity. Driving itself is their object. Thus, Miyuki chasing is a kind of amusement for them.

If they could kill Miyuki, they would be praised with financial benefit. They want to earn of it. Just a suggestion is enough to stop them. No any money for the minicipality. However, some guys don't believe it, and they do it, without any expectation for sure. "Better than no expectation at all" they thought, and with their cost, they drive the car, chasing Miyuki.

To chase Miyuki, no mark is necessary. Just say to her, "Oh, I am chacing you, OK?" and if she refuses, stop. This is the rule. And Miyuki always dislikes all of them, thus, they are obliged to stop. And they can't do it, thus, stuck, instead of stopping. This is the rule.

With will, OK. However, with will, they can't, thus, obligation is needed. In this case, no runaway. Thus, sticking is no problem type is used for the chase. Finally, they would melt, like a distrillization process. They themselves can't stop the movement. Just a car leads to INFERNO. Some guy targetted to go to INFERNO, because Miyuki yelled to do so. And they also failed. They should not go to INFERNO, directly. They should go on way of the many torturing spots. Their tortures are triangle mode.

・BUS Rotary


・JR-Shin-Shirakawa Station : Bebado e Equilibrista


BUSU-Ugliest Hip contest!
Nasty Amphetamine was provided in the air.

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