YUKARI's End (48)

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 U TANTO was killed? Ulisess Guimaraes? Sarney killed Goulard? Idiots killed the rival easily, like Narui killed Imai in Shirakwa.

  KITAMURA killed Saito and Noda. Easy work. Just call to the medical doctors and he arrange the squad for the dirty job.

  Jiro TAMIYA was killed also? Hand some and quick type artists were killed almost with age of 50. Shintaro KATSU also? Michael Jackson, Jorge Michael, Queen's vocalist, Ramo NAKAJIMA was killed by his dull OPPABU-BABAA WAKAGUIEF???

  Erasers Printing Artist also? She was promisseve and good at harsh talking. More powerful than MATSUKO. She came from AOMORI prefecture, the most north part of the mail land of Japan.

  Probably, some power holders define the age to kill them. For artists, 50 years old are enough.

  Shijaku KATSURA was killed also. He dislied TOYOTA's way of life. Too dull and idol, unnecessary to use the brain. Inhuman job.

  Shozo OHTA was working for NAGOYA university. Probably, he decided to sell the secret of Toyota and got the position at Tokyo University. He graduated from Faculty of Technology and in the course of Graduate School, only one theme is to check up the intentional wrongdoings in Japan. However, he didn't do the easiest job. Mass approach was useful at that time, however, he spent vast amount of money to his own pleasure to make a secret trip with his idols.

  He provided money to the girls, so called promissive one, and bought thier sexual amusement. Thus, he got to approach me. Oh, I thought that he thought me as a-sexual. Oh, he wanted to attack a-sexual! Oh, absolute raping behaviour!!!

  Oh, I thought that it were just like a trial to be a tissie to wipe my nose by him. My running nose was robbed by him. The value is tremendously expensive. I hope that 1 nano gram of my running nose costed US$1 million at that time. I wanted to wipe my running nose, however, I was forced to be wiped it by his tongue and his salive stained my precious upper lip. I need to wash my face in the toilet with luke warm water. OK, he didn't transmit his syphilis to me, nor Alzheimer.

  Probably, he by impulse, wanted to transmit his sexual transmitting disease by the licking of my precious running nose!!

  Oh, I found it! He was accustomed to licking the body liquid of others. for them, nector like divine drink, better than delicious Rio Grande do Sul produced wine. Oh, the transparent one was better for him. Oh, human milk was the second preference, and the most favotite was more running nose like "it", a sweaty one, a bit of salt. Oh, you, too!!! Shit lovers, he was!!! Or, sperm drinkers???

  The same part called penis produces both of them. Oh, he made a mistake of my nose with penis. OK, might be!

  Among Alzheimer DDMs, the projected things were equally the injected object. They have no recognition ability the upper part and the bottom part. They moved just by instinct, at that period. Thus, they love to drink the running nose. Autofagy maybe. They were already prohibitted to eat normal foods and ordered to take special foods. They called it "Diet by Hunger".

  At that night, only I drank the delicious wine. Red wines paid by OHTA. I paid for the snacks. Thus I thought that we were even at the table. I drank 3 bottles full and several snacks, while they didn't eat anything.

  Oh, they can't eat especially outside. Thus, eating inside is their manner. Thus, I was refused to eat some test foods in the supermarket??? I like to try the foods. Always I am looking for new taste.

  OHTA paid, thus, he thought that he could get my running nose ? They only can think some communication on the base of money. Thus, he thought that only 3 bottles of wine were enough for buying me???

  Mutual communication was disliked by DDMs. They prefered declaring without reason. Idiots like preference. Thus, in Japan, debating didn't get any success.

  For debate, skill is not so important, my colleague CHIHARA dared to say me. Just machinegun talk is useful, ecplained me. I was in doubt. A bluff. Oh, Ninomiya, you too!!! Mr.Flabby type used this bluff like declaration. His style was unpopular among the pupils in Sao Paulo university. I have never heard his International Law in Brazil. And when I got to know some students there, who said that he took his International Law. I asked them, "How about his lesson? Nice?" and they replied, "Dull. That's it."

  NINOMIYA sold or bought his internal organs. 10 years ago or so, he suffered from some cancer and did surgery every year, consecutively. He was hospitalized in Tokyo University Hospital and I visited him to see. I gave him a bunch of yellow flowers at the cost of US$30.    

  In Brazil, flowers were given only for females. It is a manner. Female gives to male???!!! Absurd.

  Then, I did. Mr.Flabby, here are your flowers. Who is more macho, you or I?

  He said, every hear he lost one more internal organ. His selling or buying continued at least until 2015. SHIONO praised him only for his brave activity to struggle agaist the disease.

  He said that he suffered from Alzheimer disease and the condition is the level 1 as a classified with a figure necessary to be taken care of. On 13 of June, 2015, he revealed his disease. Oh, I see. I kept silent and waited until the time came.

  For him, Alzheimer professor was common. For us, not at all.

  He represented the way of thinking of DDMic world. Alzheimer patients can teach at the versities. Or, there would be some priviliged system in favour of Alzheimer patients, thus, he could continue to belong to Tokyo Univ, as a visiting professor.

 For them, Alzheimer disease was a kind of trifle disease like coldness or so.

 Thus, he easily confessed the fact of the suffering, in front of several figures, in public and others didn't respond anything at the remark. Casual illiness for them. Not should be ashamed of.

  Anyway turning to the matter related on the scene of the north side of JR Shirakawa station.

  There are several buildings of central and local Government. A complex of Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Labour, Meteriology Monitoring place dosn't function in material meaning.

 The public anouncements on the job seeking list is there. According to the list, the wages per hour, per day and per month are the exual. For us, job seekers, wage is the most inmortant information, however, for the public servant who made the list, it is not relevant at all. Half of the jobs are cooking for elders' house. Poisoning specialists, they want???

  The nurses and the assistents are also wanted. Or, constuction related jobs. Now, there are lots of vacant houses here and there. Why the companies, many of them are related with public agencies, want to establish some needless facilities???

  No job, practically even in the public information center for job seeking.

  And in the public prosecutors' announcements are kaos itself. They says, "We can't return your object caught by us. Thus, you should write a requiring paper for the returning." Double papers anounce the same way. The public servants would be alzheimer Patients.

  And outside the building, a mount of the advertizements of private job seeking company called Nano Criation on the poles here and there.

  A big house of Retirement Benefits' and Only Custody use Big building. Beside, there is Judicial court. A vast parking place in front of the building. Then comparatively small court building. I found a anouncement paper made by some Alzheimer patient. The paper is used only on the right side and the left side is just a white space. Lack of the balancing recognition. The fatal lack for the judiciary, ironically.

  In front of the jusical court, there is a Foresty Department. Pratically doesn't function. Only there are anouncements of deligated services to the private groups.

  then, why the public department of forestry is needed? Nothing. The idol public servants put their job on the shoulders of the private groups. The servants don't their job, despite of their good reward. Petit KASUMIGASEKI, here in Shirakawa.

  Some vehicles passed beside me. It was Sunday and the public agencies were totally closed. After I entered into the zone, they came near me. Why??? 

07/03/2017 (morning) It's Tuesday, today. AKI is absent from school as usual. Why he doesn't go to school on this day every week? Some nasty teachers of a certain subject. Once a week type. Domestic subject? Music? Art?

  Anyway, he decided not to go, of his own responsibility. His choice. YUKARI entered into his bed room and spoke her instruction for more than 30 munutes. Alzheimer Patient with BLA-BLA-BLA is the worst existance in the world.

  Last night, in the office, my key common left on the windowsill was taken and I couldn't lock the door. I searched presumable place that the someone left the key, however, I couldn't. I didn't awake others, thus, I left the door unlocked.

  In the morning, HARUSAN found the door was open. I found the sliding glass door inside the office was open. Who did leave it? Terribly unsafe. The locking system didn't work at all. Why my parents put the keys to lock the doors?

  My mother said to me, "We now adopted the other system. Semi-open. In a certain hour, we don't lock the office, because many of us use the place. "

 OK, toilet use. I understood. Then why the glass door was open? She was so strange today. She looked so flamboyant this morning. She is going to somewhere.

  She said, "I don't like fermented beans. I eat a package once every 10 days, you know?" She said to me. So, I replied, "I am not sure, however, your matter. As you insists. That's OK for me."

  System change, unknown. Fermented beans eating habit unkown. I thought that she ate them every morning. However, I don't care of your preference.

  However, secutiry is another thing. The common office. I accepted the system, however, the system should be admitted by my father. Did he allowed the change already? He was there coincidently. Maybe, he did know. Why HARUSAN declared it now?

  I just wanted to inform the unlocked dangerous situation caused by someone's forgetfulness. And YUKARI was there also. She dashed into her chamber for some excuse, probably. I left her chamber, because I didn't want to waste my time because of her idiocratic evasion. You would manage the situation, Mother. Thus, I went downstairs.

 Then, in the kitchen, I put a spoonful of salt and several spoonful of sugar in a pan filled with sweet little red beans, according to HARUSAN's instruction. And the result got success. She came down from her chamber to the kitchen and coincidently, thus, I asked her to check the taste again, and she did and qualified "approved". For her, a bit weak at sugar, however, as least, good taste, acceptable for the others.

  She orderd YUKARI to use the brush in case of sweaping instead of vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaners YUKARI uses are all messy just faking use type and the ability of inhaling is too too weak. I know it. And YUKARI yourself asked me to buy another for her house clean working. Thus, I bought the one. It costed more than US$100. But, it soon got broken. Or, because the lack of disposable material, she didn't use it. Claims and claims for not using it and not working at all. All evacuation from the real domestic world. She didn't work at all, however, in her imagination or illusion, she was a good householder.

  DDMs are alway like that. They exist only in their illusion as the perfect domestic workers. however, in reality, they were only miserably anti-productive dirty worms. Without exception.

  Probably, HARUSAN didn't like eating fermented beans at all, however, YUKARI liked them and forced to eat them as her own way. It's better for your health, probably she said. YUKARI liked such kind of things, for eating lots of rice. The salty foods. YUKARI's tongue was different from us, MIYUKI felt. HASEBYO DDMs were the same of her. Insensitive tongue, she has. They drank worcestor sauce as a water. Too too salty taste, HARUSAN put in her food accoding to YUKARI's instruction. We versity graduates like salty foods, because we need to work in mind. My brain is always in working, thus, I need a lot of salty foods, you know.

  Foods for living means salty food for her. And recently she got lean than before. Maybe she suffers from diabetes already. A nasty smell of the body. Smelly fish body, she has. YUKARI expressed like that. She took advantage of her BLA-BLA-BLA to trap her own respectul father. "Oh, father, are you a Alzheimer patient? Probably yes, thus, we need to check the grade. I am now the 3rd class, and you, kids? Do you want to go with me? Great. A good parade for the medical institutes. Everyone, except Miyuki. Because she was already categorized as the forced hospitalizathion level and did her job already.

  She is now so obedient to her mother. It worked. A respectful short answer, she took as a strategy. Something strange, and if I need, I would say the fact type. Indifferent things, almost trifle private preferance things, are not her interest. Thus, if the fact were not true, it wouldn't so important. The most important is, safety, at all. Our life is in danger and someone or someones are indifferent from the change. We should protect ourselves. Miyuki did understand the situation. No police society. Only faked ones for steal our precious money. Money value jumped up already, so, the 1 bitcoin is equivalent US$1.3 thousand. And she put the fact on the blog, appointing the URL. It was fixed. Earlier than the exchange.

  ALEX was so clever to do so, and he is now safe with his cleverer mother-father existance. My parent is at least working. Once a while, however, important information she gave me. She is a cool guy type with the head nest!!!

  She knows why her head nest is so sticky. Appearance weighs a lot society, she lived. She disliked the nest, however, didn't cut her hair. She would take it using her time. Clare cut and turned to be Allie MIZUSAWA, with extremely nasty expression. Oh, UV killer of Kim Jon Nam.

  Miyuki liked the joke, oh, she looked like the macho-like killer. Assasin!!!

  Clare is the cleverest at all. Direct action type. She did it all her task. And know, just a team work. She wants to play the game. And failed. When she entered, the team weakened. Why? I don't know. Ask to Clare. She knows.

  Pride and prejudice. YUKARI liked this work. Aristcratic socity and ironies and romance. Trifle things on parade. However, DDMs liked the world. OK, if you don't damage us. Only their own problem type. Concealed world is good for them.

  Now, some strange habit began. Eating sweets only age. Oh! MIYUKI didn't put up with the situation. Meals for refreshment, no! Meals for satisfaction and sweets for refreshment. YUKARI did the opposite and effected wrong.

  Bad eaters, we call them. In HASEBHO, their habit was too wrong and MIYUKI couldn't eat the rice. They ate and several times asked more. Plump body is good for them, however, they wanted slim. Sugar putted ones were prohibittion for them.

 Alex noticed that YUKARI prohibetted to eat sweets for them???? I thought that they did eat a lot of industrial sweets for them and I allowed them to eat, because soon they got to know that the price is considerably high and not tasty like as self made ones. Culinary starts the failure experience. Thus, as you like, buy. I left a certain money for them to manage all by themselves. And I thought they did it anyway.

  Clare learned a lot from ipad quick article and Alex did cooking also. The big kitchen combined with living room. Ideal for us. However, I had no time to do it repeatedly. At least, I did together severaltimes. Easy cooking, enjoying with his friends.

  Miyuki was welcome friends appearance and YUKARI didn't. they explained that YUKARI would like to protect the family, thus she locked the house.

  Now, YUKARI appeared as the betrayer. She opened the office for the sake of her own use. She is in the stage of "As you like, mother," mode. She does if the mother orders. And did her sweeping job. She was arrogant to accuse the mother's trifle mistake and exhibit the tiny error in public, as if saying, "This old lady makes mistakes again and again. I can't put up with her wrongdoing. Sighs." with a threatening expression as a superior.

 In public, like a superior, in the family, obedient, was her rule to keep her pride as a degree holder.

  Then, no degree holder world, except Miyuki like common people, who can't live without it type.

  Miyuki should know better to inform it. Your quick apperance in Sunday in KASUMIGASEKI in SHIRAKAWA was effective. Why they followed me???? Miyuki didn't believe they were assasins???? Too dull to do the job. Old, slow, just a smarphone in hand type. They believe that they can do it. Only one phone call kill the object.

  Oh, the killer squad's dashing start type call. Emergency call. Oh, that's joke! I laughed at the idiotic situation and Clare did so. Miyuki's favorite joke;

  A man, wounded heavily, called the ambulance. however, he made a fatal mistake. He called to the information center of time.

 Thus, he was dying, listening to his death time.

 Too too funny. Alex was indifferent from the joke and prefered ugliness attacking and laughed at the joke.

 He liked to say "BUSU!" in front of the real BUSU! They responded so strongly. Miyuki was indifferent from the remark. OK, my face is not your type. And your hip is not my type. We agreed at this point.

  Just a difference of their preference, we call. Miyuki is difficult to manage it. Thus, she shout for it. Oh, I want to have lovers!!!! Come to my future house!!! Dance! Do the job with me!!!!

  She likes to do so as usual. And everytime, she failed. Where are they! Where are my future lovers??? I am so alone here in Shirakwa!!!!

  She knows that even in FUNABASHI, the situation is not so different. Probably GYOUTOKU was already.

  Miyuki was looking for GYOUTOKU to live. She thought it sould be cheap to live and I could find a big place. However, only one room type, in a rural area, too far from the station. Only empty apartments, however, too too expensive like Tokyo 1 room mansion or chamber or kitchnette. Almost the same price, everywhere near Tokyo, And far from Tokyo University.

  She remembered the comic, written by Fusako KURAMOCHI, which FU-SAN, my alumna loved so lot. A girl, came from the rural area to be "Somebody" in the field of fashion and she thought URAYASU were one of the wonderful city in Tokyo, because there is Disneyland. Thus, she found a small apartment, which costs high, and found also, NEKOZANE or URAYASU belongs to Chiba prefecture, not Tokyo. She got upset for the fact. However, she found some friends there and understood that even living in Chiba prefecture, can be a good designer or so.

  Miyuki should know the fact. You are too too right to insist that if the situation would be the real, we Shirogane would die for the shame. However, Miyuki thought, even though, I am right and the others were the enemy. Thus, they should die for it. Vanishment. OK, I agree. Miyuki did her best and should leave others to go. Only one world for her. OK, I am prepared for the situation. Miyuki liked her family. And Miyuki thought that they protected Miyuki so much, as far as they could. They deserved the reward. Alex was a bit kinky like Miyuki's taste. Miyuki does well how Alex bahaved. A continuous attacking on him. Every morning, even she can't cook anymore. Alartm substitute, she called. Then, call from outside. HARUSAN did it. And Miyuki accepted. Kind call for late rizers. YUKARI refused it because she were ashamed to do so.??? Then why she called loud in the air, at night. Kinky shouting!!!

  She pretended to be MIYUKI! They wanted to replace MIYUKI with YUKARI. Oh, kinkiest idea. Only one game, they said. YUKARI, the broken robot called Air Alex at night. Didn't check if he were there or not. Shameful disturbing voice at silent night. She was caught several times at the police by her kinkiest walking, they said. Her lean legs. Man or Weman type. Not only your tiny bust, also your skilly hipborn is liked by ADACHI! Oh, you, TAKAHARA, you are leaner than me at this point, however, I would win at the point also!!!

  Too too slender than her pupils, including baseball players. I failed at this point. Everyone admitted at the participation. They said equally, "We believe that TAKAHAWA were her type, so we tried..."  OK, you have no right to say so. Objectively, nothing at all. Private mails should not be revealed by any body except rare rare occasion.Emagency type.

  YUKARI was the betrayer and soon she revealed the content to her dearest friend at that time. Miyuki was sold by her at that time already.

 No excuse for them. Just DDMs. Peeping Toms. No no no, at all!!! Miyuki likes to three times refusion. because ”-✖-✖-✖=- ”Formula is easy. Odd number trick. Par is bad. Odd is good!!!

  Thus, YUKARI wanted to have three family with two half blooded beauriful kids, working outside, and she would be a householder. Her plan. We can love each other, everytime as we like. A love and affection republic just for her. Insect world.

  She has no brain, however, she moves by instinct and by inpulse. She dashes when she feels. Spring dashing time, they were afraind. A good to know. They did it. The sigh of doing nothing is moratorium. Miyuki didn't know the fact of her wrongdoing. She was scolded always, thus, she wanted to treat them like others treated her. Scolding like her mother. Accusing like her mother. Your mother was great and is great also. Only several times of endurance, she explained. Harsh for her to know the fact that she was already dead in brain. By impulse, she could commit the crime. Just a passion caught by strong love affection should be allowed for the honour case. However, she has no honour. She said my degree was my honour, usually. OK, and where is your degree???

  Thus, she started to search her father's room. MIYUKI's shelves also. Paddington was saved but...She began to throw away the things. They wanted to stop however, Miyuki said, you should do as you like????? She explained.

  Miyuki thought that she were not so evil to do so. My things, She took pictures and did them????

  Miyuki was too too right. Just nasty feeling. I had no time to confrim her wrongdoing or her situation. She was too bad in health condition and did it by her own evil idolness. Easy is the best for her, and hell for the others. IDIOCRAY itself. Now she is leaving. I don't know. I wanted to separate from her. She was too too nasty. I put up with it, because she was an example of the "worst possible me" like KUBONORITOHYIUMO", in Moomin, ANIME version by TEZUKA production.

  Non Moomin like him took his advantage of the apperance of similarity and everyone thought that non Moomin were he himself and the original Moomin was expulsed from the society. However, only his mother finally got to recognize that the original Moomin is the real one.

  Miyuki was terrified by the situation and impressed at the story, to remember the spell in the mirror. He just played with the mirror and the another evil Moomin appeared and Moomin got in the danger of the existance.

  Miyuki did know that you are totally right to be an independent and responsible one. Just a call enough. Now, here and there, the evil police faked DDMs. Thus, reliable police like peoples' system is good. Oh, that. Oh, not so bad. The place for it. Vanish, probably. Protectionists should do it.

  Alex is too good to manage it. YUKARI was so so bad and they were excused her wrongdoing, said, she was our product. Don't worry, she came from another galaxy. DDMs took advantage of it.Just it. She should do it and didn't. Or, they. DDMs.

  She was too too problematic and she should right to dos so???? She should vanish before she appeared.

  She was the last one in the world. Less than zero type. Even the last day, she wanted to ask Alex to do good things for her. She asked some excuses to him. He replied. I just want to sleep more. You know, it's Tuesday today, and I am not good at Tuesday, because Miyuki was born in this day.Ohhhh... individual cerebrarion each week! Like DDMs! Dull and idol boy you are!!!!

  Too too idol and quick in move. Alex did know why he is so quick. She should be quick if he is in quick. And he would be the last one to take advantage of his family. Two years old son???? ??? Alex, who is good at math???? YUKARI, she liked to be said like that. The last resort should drastic. And they thought it was a fate for the family. Miyuki was surprised by the wrongdoings that YUKARI did for you. Too much presents for Miyuki. Damages and damages, lies and lies. Everyday, tremendous numbers of damages. She was too too nasty. Not the difference of habil. Just arrogant. I thought that she were unhappy with her situation. However, she was too too indulged and too too idol. Until turned to be a good DDMs. DDMic life ended and she failed. She wanted to be helped, however, she didn't. She should vanish. Betrayer. She left and found guilty in every means. A harsh experience for everyone. Only kids were joking for her kinky habit and services. She was thought too kinky and too arrogant. Why she didn't work? Miyuki didn't, thus, I didn't. Miyuki passed harsh time in her forced hospitalization. However, she thought it "happy life". Miyuki is in a good condition and not in a good mood. Miyuki is too too lean. She did dietary program there. She thought and said to her friends. Even now, she could transmit with them, using the special power she has. Writing is good for her exercise, the mother thought. And ordered to write the reply to Miyuki and did her job in front of him. Gee! You did it! Your characters were so similar to mine!!!Aelx praised.

  And now, she was in custody again. She was ill. Everyone knows. IZUMI-san said raight, the problem. Miyuki's way is too too easy and quick. She got to know and do it. She would do it, why we not???

  The minimum understanding works. Why not? Thus, she started to talk like a MAchinegun. It works. Too much excuses and believed that it would better to use the expression to avoid the attacking by Kyorin conventional staff. I am only an associate professor of the kinky versity. I always want to move to the other study oriented versities. However, I couldn't. I tried, however, I couldn't.

  Miyuki was too too right to say so. Miyuki, only one to express the claim in the use of ipad, bought by the kyorin's money. She believed that her expression should be independent from the financial contributors.

  Thus, she wrote and they laughed at her. Why? Nothing. She believed that she could return to work for Tokyo Versity. Why not?

  Then some confusion. They wanted to trap Miyuki to go to Sophia, however, after 10, april, no letter came to Miyuki. Good sign to know the result. You were trapped already, when you were in Kyorin. The world was done for the sake of your sincere attitude to others. Just claims and unsatisfactions and honest way of saying.

  You did???? She did!!! Oh, in the middle of it???? She didn't and said so. The role should be everyone, however, it was too tough to do so. Oh, she is TOHOHO!!! 52 years old and two kids. And TOHOHO!!!! And she was male also!!!!

  Super kinkiest existance anyway. Monkies!!! Oh, you, everyone felt strange with her!!!

  Oh, I know. I asked help to others. That's it. A bit of amusing situation needed.


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