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Miyuki didn't know how to be a scholar of literature. Just criticism would be OK, Miyuki thought. And for her OK, however, to be a professional, it would be difficult, because she is non MICCHIKU.

Thus, MICCHIKU culture was in decline. Inducing point here and there. And they like to take advantage of Miyuki's memory. and it caused a lot of confusion among satanic world.

Sadist, they categorized Miyuki. And they thought thus she were their team mate?????

Only sadists world, they thought. Sadist is another factor. Exist non satan namely rightous sadists. Thus, they should now have known their stupidity. Sadist is not equal to satan. Different category.

Sadist means who can gain sexual pleasure from attaking enemy so harshly. Thus, both sides, exist. Satanic sadists and rightous sadists.

rightous sadists don't attack their mates. They don't feel any sexual satisfaction with their being unkind to team mates, namely, rightous brothers. Miyuki doesn't want to attack any rightous brothers, at all.

In case of attaking on evil satans, Miyuki feels the real satisfaction, with sexual feeling. So so amusing, and feels in the bottom part of her body. Addictive, yes. Exists? Exists!!!!

We feel so good to dispose satans, as cockroaches. And satanic ants, exists. They bit Miyuki, and Miyuki counterattacked immediately. So many? Only ten or so. Beau Derek.

She was thought a kind of model of heatly robust body holders. Like Lissa Lion, more feminine line. Why she died so early?

Cockroaches' work was so rough. And Nagaru HAGUIWRA died with 60 years old, with a motor cycle accident. They kill them so easily, when the age 50-55-60 and so on. Miyuki's three size? No! 50 is not sufficient. Probably, 70 or so. Hip, probably the same.

Miyuki remembered that she said to TOBE-SACHI, "my sister is almost 60-60-60 in size" and TOBE said, "Almost?" and Miyuki replied, "61 in hip" Thus, "one centimeter is different" TOBE replied.

Miyuki remembered the place? Probably, Music Class Room. Miyuki could remember the scene? Almost.

and African Snail? Yes. On the leave of AOKI or SHAKUYAKU, in the middle of the courtyard between the main house and the office. Oh, big, cream beige with a fat black like swirl one. African, the newspaper explained and warned.

However, not so different as form. Big, and for Miyuki, "Oh, new type appeared. In this cold area? African?"

Strange, however, anyway, not so harmful, as the discription said. Thus...leave it alone.

Sometimes, OMANKO journalism attack certain creatures as if they were so harmful. They were used to expulse human beings from some certain area. West Nile Mosquitos in YOYOGUI park. Possible, yes. However, why so long time?

Wiping away some targetted guys. Homeless & Jobless. Parks are mainly for them, yes. They are so evil, and cold-hearted.

Who can't feel such a "strange" would vanish, probably. Why they are so cruel? was Clare's impression. For them, nothing at all. However, others, rightous guys, can't put up with the episodes. Miyuki is writing in vain, they want to suggest. OK, they, all illegible, thus, for them, the remark would be suitable.

for evil satans, non reading ability, they were already declared. And they were illegible, yes.

Today, Miyuki experienced that DDMic satans controle the sense of tongue from outside. Probably, some brain factor was used. And Miyuki ate American Dark Cherries all, and in the last, only three cherries were suitable as sweet qualified ones. Until the last three ones, all not sweet, rather a bit bitter.

And earlier, Miyuki took a cup of green tea in front of Tea Shop SHIBUKI, and tried to drink and found the taste was a bit strange. Thus, Miyuki spilt it, immediately, and a boy with check strange trousers came just in time. If Miyuki did it a bit slower, he would have caught the water, and claimed probably.

They took advantage of the moment, and exactly in the moment they did it, and failed. As always. One of the reason of their failure is slowness. Cockroach with slowness should not exist. Thus, Miyuki take care tomorrow so much. they try to be quick, as much as possible. And probably will fail with their BEFORE-AFTER confusion...

Today, they tried to threaten with handcaff sound. Even now, Miyuki remembers how their handcuffs were cruel. Miyuki was used XS, the smallest type. Alminium made one. Just only so slender hands holders' use. Practically saying, only for kids type. With metalic blue light one. Light, however, Miyuki's wrist was wounded by the cuffs.

It was used for torturing kids, and used for lean females. Cockroaches used them as always, as their own kids' custoday.

Cockroaches' conversation is so strange. first, they played the role of relatives, and then, they turned to be the guys, who encountered with each other in this park for the first time. Thus, ocasionally, "What is his name? ""How old is she?" like conversation started.

RYUUKI, his name was. And in the middle, "From where are you? America?" "No. From Colombia" like remarks were inserted. "In which primary school you do study?" "The third."

Oh, International, the school is now. And "Thus, your fisiolonomy is different from us" like expression from faked Japanese side.

And the faked mother changed her age from old one to young mother, beside Miyuki. Immediate change was their character.

TAKAHARA, KOGA the penis worm, changed immediately in front of Miyuki. In NISHIZAWA's case, he changed each time.

Miyuki's tunic, blue one, was stolen by YUKARI and HARUMI yesterday, and today, Miyuki found white tank top with blasier in the box for clothings. Not mine. Probably Clare's. Used one, and size was different. Always they stole and made several mistakes. they always put other's socks in Miyuki's box. And Alex's trousers. How stupid!!! Alzheimer Cockroach like way.

They got confused and made a mistake. Doing nothing when they were necessity, and doing wrong when they were unnecessity.

Useless and harmful. Satans world is like that. Muck, Kaos. Platinum Tribe all thought that Miyuki would be hired by Tokyo Versity, because she lost her spirit????

Miyuki didn't lose spirit. Just astonished by Penis Worm KOGA's immediate chage. 魂消た or TAMA-GUETA, or "Almost my spirit got out from mouth into outside because of being astonished so much" in Japanese.

Miyuki was thought like that, because some guy said so. Non reliable, and fatal for her activities. They thought that it would be some satanic cockroach.

Miyuki didn't know who did so. Even such a roumor Miyuki didn't hear.

Just for rumour is enough world, it lived. DDMic satan, it is. Rumour oriented society beliver like NINOMIYA.

Miyuki remembered that on 31 of January, 20 years ago almost, snow fell so much in Bunkyo Ward, and NINOMIYA invited Miyuki to the cheapy Japanese BBQ restaurant. Miyuki had a foldable umbrella given from Akemi SATO, Platinum Tribe. China made, however, Akemi bought it in New York.

Miyuki liked its strange skewed handle. never seen such a strange curved bill like black plastic handle.

Miyuki didn't want to lose it thus, Miyuki wanted to bring it into the restaurant inside. However, NINOMIYA said to Miyuki, "No one would steal the umbrella, especially, such a cheap type" with big laugh.

However, after eating, Miyuki found that it were stolen. Oh, He lied, Miyuki thought. "Thus, we will take a taxi" he said, and assured to pay the taxi. "OK, you lost my precious umbrella. Thus, you should compensate it. You said you pay, thus, OK, I will take the taxi with you."

Thus, they took a taxi. And he got off near AKASAKA, and Miyuki needed to go back to Platinum Dormitory. Thus, Ninomiya said, "OK, driver, you will take her to her residence. I pay by the ticket here. Thus bye for now!"
He vanished, and Miyuki alone in the taxi.

However, Miyuki disliked to take the taxi. Thus, as soon as possible, she wanted to get off, when she approached to the dormitory. In the slope called 三光坂 or SANKOU-ZAKA, a slope with 11 degree, the driver asked Miyuki, "Are you Keiko MASUDA?" And Miyuki denied of course. Probably for him, Miyuki looked a BUSU marathon runner. Thus, more nasty, Miyuki decided to get off in the middle of the slope.

And now, Miyuki remembered that the Cockroach mother above in the sportive park said a strange thing. "In our house, the guy who first takes a bath should clean up the bathroom." and her team mate praised the system, "How clever!"

Almost 18:30 oclock, these kinkiest ladies were just watching and chatting, standing, without cooking their dinner. And they also don't clean the bathroom either. What is the domestic wife's task???

Now, Windows 10 ,namely Microsoft did its dirty wrond doing. Miyuki did ignore the existance, however, they disturbed Miyuki's divine job, obliging her to push the botton to renew the setting. No choice at all! She wanted to continue the writing job, however, it was impossible without pushing botton.

Cockroach Company No.1 was Microsoft. Stealing Jobs they did. Also Apple company did the same job. Windows and Apple, pen and Apple. Always twins, and did it. Oh, insest!!! Thus degraded they both, so easitly.

No choice , however, they said, "By your will" like Japanese Civl Code. Terrible. Non will world was established by them like that. Idiocratic companies, they are. They earned a lot, and we lost a lot. Pay all of the indemnization right now, Cockroaches!!!!

And they were confirmed that they did monitoring job, in the remote way. Wifi was created for it. Inducing point. Any wave would OK as sound wave. Thus, no antena was needed. They did like that. Even without wifi, they could do it. Only lined Internet Miyuki uses, and even though, they did. It was confirmed. Miyuki took the picture of it, and counter attacked immediately. Miyuki refused their system all, even though, "If you don't push the bottom, you can't continue your writing job, they threatened like that. Already more than 25000 letters were done. Miyuki didn't want to lose any proof more. Thus, they refused their inducing points all, and got obliged to say "renewal OK" and pushed the bottom just for continuing to write her blog.

and, nothing happened. Restart the renewal system? Terrible!!! Death for Microsoft, immediately. Bill Gate's spooky ghost, who was in rage because of being revealed his early Alzheimer, did it. Just stupid nard turned to be more stupid. BUSU, he was.

Then, see you tomorrow! On our blog, of course!!!
IT companies should vanish, immediately, except rightous ones!!! Whole total DEATH for them!!!!

VANISH! DDMs!!! You are so ugly satans!!! Cockroaches!!!! Thus, BUSUs!!! The same!!!!

Good night for rightous brothers. If Chinkoro were grown up...Miyuki is dreaming to see him. Not so strange conotation. Just think a beauriful rightous quick reliable wild hare would be our special team leader, and will fall in love with...might be...probably...Fiction.

Chinkoro likes to drow Miyuki, when she fainted. ZURUZURUZURUZURU.....She is always one leg upward, straightly. Why? She likes to show her straight leg, even in her worst time in the theater. It works. Miyuki, you escaped from several disasters also today. Everyday, same technics were used. And tomorrow? Another monotonous attackings would come. Oh, dirty work?

Smells. Pooh...Oh, recently, these smelly poohs increased. Winnie the Pooh...Christopher Millen.

Why pooh? Because it smelled. Oh staffy bear? Yes. Smelled like pooh. This is the reality. He explained so many times, however, they didn't believe. Ummmm...more likely. You did on him, and smelled after, didn't it?

Sometimes, yes. However, not so many times. Sometimes kids do it. Miyuki did it more direct way. In the bath, she took it by the basin, and then, smelled. Every kid should do it, probably. And thought of lit, however, in the bathroom, it was difficult to do it.

Thus, she did in front of the stove, and confirmed that it didn't work. Butan is included, they said, however, anything happened. So diluted, probably. Thus, the experiment failed.

Anyway, DDMic satans didn't want to believe the facts, because they were not welcome to thier world. Totology. Thus, they should vanish in a body.

See you, for us all, Rightous Brothers!!! We are alive even now!!! Forest. Gump? Marshark.

With Big Love, from Wild 7!

何かありそうな ワイルドセブン ♬
 Something would happen, Wild 7♫

 Between Chinkoro and Miyuki, it would happen?????? Miyuki fainted by Chinkoro's upper cut, and again, Chinkoro drows her to the back of the stage....

Take a rest, anyway. Cockroach like life would make us feeble minded. Thus, sleep well, everybody!!!!!

See you all, in our blog!!!

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