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2017-06-30 19:19:41 | 日記
30/06/2017 (Friday, evening) Miyuki came back from her meditational philosophical walking at 19:00, and encountered with one more Alzheimer fenomenum in the office.

In the back entrance of the office, there was a pair of sandals, black and blue ones, it means that one guy was already there.

I entered in, and met Alex was eating some messy dish on the piano. Oh, he! Miyuki thought, however, Alex gazed Miyuki in a bit suspicious mode. Miyuki didn't say anything, and put her bags on the desk, and went to put a leftover of frozen Chikens bought at BENIMARU-Yokomachi into the fredge.

And Miyuki found that YUKARI was in the clothings changing room, standing up!!!! Oh, Alzheimer satan appeared, forgetting put the shoes on the entrance!!! They just pop out yes, however, YUKARI forgot to fake as human fegure, and just came from INFERNO directly, just to steal the conversation among Alex and Miyuki.

Without knowing, feeling strange of the gaze of Alex, Miyuki kept silent, thus, two both were escaped from YUKARI's words stealing job. Too too stupid, the satan is now. The vanishing process is working.

They can chage the fisiolonomy, yes. And Today, YUKARI wore fat black sweater and jeans, despite of high temperature. Wet and warm, cloudy, it was Today. This week, YUKARI was always these black fat clothings, without exception. Temperature was not sensed by them, already. Senseless, Satans are. Including sense of tongue, all, without exception.

Miyuki recognized that HARUMI, the mother, lost sense of tongue, and recommended Miyuki to eat so so salty messy boiled chiken with soy beans, as a superb food. Miyuki wanted to avoid to eat it, however, at that time, Miyuki thought that she were a human being, kind, despite of her stupidity, ate a small piece, and said, "Salty, for me. No thanks, more", in the most politest way.

We hate you, was their both's feeling now on Miyuki's family. Miyuki is loved by others, so many. Oh, thank you!!!

Anyway could deny her, because she is so tolerant, they all agree. No reliance doesn't work, Miyuki learned a lot. And with reliance, they, even not her inclinated type, seemed interesting for her, they deeply thought.

She disliked frogs, because of the skin's sticky water image. Snails type, Miyuki can't touch type. Thus, frogs were thought that she would not admire their beauty. However, she said, "I liked small frogs of 1.5 cm at hight, read and green, both, when I encountered in my infancy, and in the infancy of my kids.

And today, Miyuki encountered several grass green frogs, so tiny as 1.5cm at hight, and slender type, and one guy has orange stripe on the side. They jumped in front of her. At first, she thought that they were grass hoppers, and soon found the fact. Oh, frogs!!! Tiny guys!!! Beautiful!!! Green day, today!!!! Oh, longer arms and legs type!! Different from I met before, however, KEROYONs!!!!

He, KEROYON, was a character of Kids' program of her infancy, and she remembered that he was a kind of idol of kids. Her red bag only for the kinder garden was with his design. She cried, when she spilt milk on the bag, hunged on the fuck beside her desk. Spilling milk fenomenum, always happened during her kindergarden's period, on her, incessantly. Only she, always spilt milk, was IZUMI-san's impression.

Miyuki had the same impression. Why only I???? So so nasty smell, even after drying up, continued. Oh, my KEROYON bag!! I like it so much, however, it smells milk...So sad...

And KEROYON's record, she enjoyed. The record included Date with KEROYON (A phase), and KEROYON ONDO, or Japanese dancing song (B phase). She liked Sunday Date with KEROYON, and her image of KEROYON's red sports car was Ferrali. Frog car, Miyuki really thinks so.

Celica was called Cockroach car, her ex-colleague Midori ARAKI said so. This satan was married with some rich boy of KOORIYAMA, whose father was a famous painter, and worked for several private universities in variety of prefectures, from the residence in KOORIYAMA, by way of bullet train, according to train.

And she said that her ex-husband was ex-yankii, who graduated from NICHIDAI, or Japan University, and from high school attached to the versity. And he and his mate in high school age liked Celica. YANKII car?, Miyuki was shocked at her remark.

For Miyuki, Celica was an Italian type beautiful curved car, with an oriental taste with cocoon image, thus, it was called Celica, or silk. And Miyuki has no yankii friends, as far as she knows, thus, this good design car was called like that, and liked by yankii was new knowledge.

Anyway, according to ARAKI, yankii likes it type car, in short. I am not yankii, however, I liked the model, was Miyuki's reply.

And ARAKI said, in KOORIYAMA, SUKIYAKI, a sliced beef's pan boiled easy cooking served in a pan on the table type, was called, "GOMI-NABE", and it was another new knowledge for Miyuki. ARAKI said, "KOORIYAMA's dialect is really dirty, and I couldn't put up with the language!"

And he, the ex-husband, was jobless, after his attempt to be a painter, and turned to be a guardman of some facilities.

His famous father was a painter of the cover of kids homework book especially for summer vacation, so called, 夏休みの友, or Friends during summer vacation. Miyuki could remembered his painting. As far as she knows, the cover was painted by some kids' painting. "I can't remember, sorry." I confessed her.

ARAKAWA said that she fell in love with this guy, when she was in Tokyo Versity, and her major was Japanese language, and she stayed in Romania for one year, and their she bought so many falklore dresses, and her waste size was 57cm at that time.

Oh, my size. Give me your dresses! I like to wear! Miyuki said to her, in her cheerful way. She was a short and plump old lady with gray hair, at that time, thus, these only lean guys could wear type dresses would be useless, Miyuki thought. And she replied, "Many of them were given to my niece."

Romania, why? was Miyuki's question. However, she didn't give any information on that point. She said, "I taught Japanese, in English, there".

Strange experiences holder, Miyuki categorized her. She said, "My teacher responsible at HOKKAIDO versity failed when it skied there, and lost one arm. And laughted at the disaster. Tough guy type."

And she herself was a graduate of public girls school called MITA girls high school, and their rival was private girls high school attached to KEIO versity. Not so playgirl as those of KEIO's related counterpart, however, MITA girls were also naughty, and went to cafe and restaurant often.

And in MITA girls high school, there was a biology club, which made a 玉虫厨子 or Chest decolated by insects, in the case, by cockroachs.

Strange experience holders, and talkative. Thus, Miyuki relied on her talk, up to a certain point. However, after asking on the suicide in the campus done in july, 2008, Miyuki started to doubt her. "Do you know the case?" Miyuki asked her, and her reply was, "I was new at that time. Thus, I don't remember of the cases at that year. Probably, KINDAICHI would know it better than I. I would ask on the matter to him, OK?"

In Miyuki's experience, the first year of being hired was most impressive. And the suicide was done by a pupil of ARAKI's faculty, or that of Language, and the site was the campus. Why she didn't remember the case?

She said, "As far as I know, the case was not heard during monthly meeting at all"

Exists?, Miyuki got upset. The case happened in the campus. No report on the matter even in the exact faculty, to which facutly the victim belonged. Too too cold-hearted, the response of the faculty was. Incredible!!!

And, according to her, KINDAICHI responded like that:

"I don't know. However, regarding to the case, I have heard that some pupils said a rumour that in the gymnastic, sometimes, ghost called 野武士 or Wild Solder in feudal area, runnying sometimes. Something related with this rumour, probably."

???, anyway, some pupils at that period, would know the case, presumably. Miyuki thought, and started to ask to her ex-pupils, on the matter.

first, she wrote to OYAKE an e-mail, "I would like to investigate on some cases, and I would like to ask some questions on you and your mates. If you could, I want to see you and your mate. Can you meet me?"

And at the same time, I thought of search the documents in the campus, as much as possible. Also, she asked on the case of the guardman, whom Miyuku had met on the exact day of the suicide.

And she tried to collect the imformation among the actual pupils. And she thought of search on the pamphlets published every year for Versity Festival called 杏園祭.

And found a pamphlet, made in 2008, had a strange description on a girl, in the last page. "We don't forget you", the comment on the festival said. Just like for the guy, who deceiced, Miyuki felt. And the girl's photo was put on. A boyish robust type girl. Probably, she was killed and raped by the staff of Kyorin, Miyuki thought.

Good guy type. And Miyuki remembered that some guy wanted to establish female JUDO club in the campus.

Probably, the staff and the versity betrayed her. first, "we provide you some financial assistance." and then, "you dare to require so? Are you crazy? You, stupid!" and she objected, and then, they, probably, 6 figures, attacked her, and killed her finally.

Probably, they yelled to her, "Oh, ugly girl, we are kindly raping you! You should thank us all, because, despite of ugliness, we provide our sperm for your vagina! Ha-Ha-Ha-Harman!!!"

She wanted to sue them all. However, they all started to pursue her, and killed her, finally.

They same, Miyuki suffered from Kyorin Versitly Hospital. Comtempted, at first, and then, delivered assasin squad, and erased all proofs related with the target, and did the forgery on the case.

Inducing at first, and then trap, and kill, and provided faked witnesses. Patternalized way on this matter. If someone behaves different from our predict, just kill it. Conseal the fact. Total killer squad system, complete version, it was called.

Probably, this girl was popular among the mates, because of her power and character. For the killer staff, that caused jealousy. "Why this ugly fellow is so popular among the pupils? We are superior to her. We should make her who is the real power holder. She should learn, as soon as possible."

Rapists pattern, they all thought. IKKYO believers are oppressed in sexual behaviour, thus, they always search sex friends every time. Now, with Alzheimer disease, they are in the mood of doing it in every second. Thus, they easily find the mates in everywhere, like in the supermatkets, on the road, in the park, and so on.

Always, their talking starts, complement with some vague conversation, BLA-BLA-BLA. When Miyuki paid some attention on the conversation, total illogical gags only world. Today, in BENIMARU-Yokomachi, Miyuki heard several shocking remarks from an old figure, male type. He totally got confused between KARAOKE and KANOKE, or coffin!!! Exists? Exist!!! Wow!!! I got it! I got it!!!!

Their way of approach is too easy. Anyway, going to close to the target, and saying compliment. If the target responded, it would go together to do it, into some vehicles, into some vacant houses, into the toilets, into some chambers of big facilities like schools or super markets, and so on.

If it were refused, no chance any more. TAKAHARA refused Miyuki, Miyuki thought, and Takahara thought that she refused him. Mutual refusal, after one week of attmpt. Exists? Exist.

He calculated Miyuki, the same species. This is his big error. For her, his, "I have a mate in HIROSHIMA" was total refusal already. And "We meet eath other once per month" was, for Miyuki, "Oh, I didn't believe that you are such a type. Out of mind type. Thus, I refrain from you, totally." Thus, "Bye for now!"

For satans' interpretaion, his refer was allowance. He accepted her his mate. And her reluctance on his strange sexual behaviour syntonized him. Oh, I fail, in both the same time, "You are not suitable for my mate. Sorry!"

And killer word for Takahara from Miyuki, "Anyway, I need to go to the library. Look, I have lots of books to be proceeded there. Thus, bye for now! "

Don't say bye, at that time! Was TAKAHARA's crying. I almost did it. I almost could gain all her money. I almost could kill her and gain the succession. I almost...

And Miyuki suffered from the shock so much. Oh, exists? Young boy, with 21 years old, has a mate to do it only once per month??? Incredible!!! Is he a human? Does he have enthusiasm???? Crazy! yes, a-sexual, I was. Thus, I understand Zero per month type. However, non-a-sexual, he is, and only once per month??? He puts up with such a strange monthly meeting type sexual behaviour? Spooky, he is, yes. However, so strange? Out of my imagination...I failed, yes. However, I am lucky to have failed. Good grief!!!

Miyuki thought that TAKAHARA was at least, once per day type. And failed. So often? They all yelled????

She really didn't know the reality. Once per month is in case of steady couple. And once per year was normal for almost all of them????

Thus, TSUKIYOMI or 月読 was done once per month.Wild party? Not at all! Only with the counterparts, they did it????

Miyuki imaged "Believers of Buccus." Mad and crazy, in extacy, they did with anyone near, and Orpheus was killed during the wild party.

IKKYO believers adore your imagination. Thus, they chased Miyuki. Why do you think others sex so wrongly? Only per month, with certain mate, they claimed????

For their understanding, they continue this habit, even now. However, even subjectively so, accoridng to our understanding, Miyuki is totally right. Anywhere, anytime. for the first time, they should be able to find a mate. And then, no chance. If failed, only one chance to do it, or namely, killing and raping.

Thus, they are called 鉄砲玉 or Bullet, 命知らずの野郎ども or Fellows who don't care their own lives, 命かけます or I sell my life, and so on.

They are split into two types. No choice type, which was called, Already done type. TAKAHARA stuck after Miyuki's refusal. And died immediately, and his skin bug was sold soon.

And another is not yet, however, soon would be killed type. This is called 間もなくさん or "soon you are killed!" or the story performed by Toshihiko TAHARA, in the 世にも不思議な物語 or Strangest stories in the world, narrated by TAMORI.

They were treated as the majesty for one month, and then were killed. Quickest way to reduce the population in Japan.

At the moment, Japanese Government was in the danger of life or dead. Polulation reduction was already declared by the other countries, because Japan has no Japanese country, aleady.

Satans invided Japan, from the begining. Miyuki imaged the couple of apes, who were killed in the middle of doing it, and hunged from the sacred tree. However, all of their species yelled them, and they turned to be Siva and Crishna. Erotic scenes were included in the legend, because it were so normal for them all.

for Miyuki's pose was so so nasty to think for others???? Crishna liked it. Oh U2!!!

Adachi is now regret to be fallen angel...Anyway better than TOHOHO virgin, Miyuki envies him, and yelled him. Anyway, a bit more than zero. Zero is Me, Dr.Miyuki SATOW, and a bit, Adachi, you! And in your case, for the first, you enjoyed total satisfaction, anyway!!! It's would be rare, considering situation. You did it, anyway. After, you split, as we all know well. Thus, total satisfaction. In Miyuki's case, no no no nothing....Even now....

Miyuki's frustration would change the world, they yelled. how audacious. Today, Miyuki recognized that almost all of species, with some imagination, probably she would do it, if they and Miyuki were rightous. Too easy theory. However, it is called Only Virgin could do theory....Miyuki wants to oppose it, with proving. Thus...I want to try to do it.

Anyway, Miyuki got a lot of kids, yes. And they love you. Yes. And no taboo with them all. Thus, a variety of doing it, Miyuki imagined. Each species has its own character. Thus, similarity is a chance to approach. And Miyuki likes to imitate their ways. And frogs? Slender type! For the first time, in front of me. Lean like me!!!! Too too small, however, beautiful green guys, Miyuki recognized it.

yet Miyuki has some nasty trauma on spots type. Aisophos image, and the story of Wind in the willow by Kenneth Greham.

In the story, the frog, the protagonist, got a traffic disaster, driving on the road, and after the failure, he started to drive. And found that Aristair, Graham's son, was deceaced like that...Traffic accident...

KEROYON car, Miyuki thought. And Masato SEKINE's episode. Miyuki heard that he was bought a red sports car after he was qualified by the versity with faculty of medicine. SEKINE has big frog like eyes.

Frogs were split two type. Fumie INOUE type spots ones. Miyuki even now feels not good to see them. And more brilliant smooth type. It would be SEKINE's present, they yelled. He wanted to be a frog, rather than doing experiment of animals. And failed. Oh, the leghons???

Miyuki remembered now the Tokyo Agriculture Versity asked the examinees to draw chicken and one examinee draw a chiken with four legs!!!!

A good joke, Miyuki thought. And the newspaper put the drowing on the paper. Oh, Kentucky chiken, mini-version!!!

And Miyuki found some あめんぼう  or candy insect on the surfice of water, has only 4legs!!!! Exist 6 legs type, yes. However, 4 legs also. They could shorten two middle legs!!!!

Miyuki thought that SEKINE was a rich boy. yes, so similar, in fisiolonomy. And character? At that time, only common pupil. Rather more kind and rightous, as far as Miyuki knows.

Miyuki liked to be pretend to be a cute guy. And he was liked to be thought of being Mark Lester. Oh, yes. Some mates said so. Fisiolonomy was different, however, curled hair gave such an impression. And Moto HAGUIO's school comedy was resembling the situation.

Kikuko SOEDA, was his team mate. A thin cat like eyes, white transparent skin with brown flaffy hair girl, came from some city. They were good pair, everyone thought so.

Miyuki was a naughty type, and no physical ability type. and she remembered that Oh, Forest Gump!!! I found me, in the film.

A common guy. Why he is categorized as challenged mentally, in the film? At Miyuki's view, like me! Miyuki was not good at jogging or marathon at all. However, sometimes, Miyuki could put up with the nasty marathon experience, and gained 11th in Chuo junior high. Anyway, rather than averege. Incredible!!!

For her, incredible. However, probably, persistency is concealed in back yard. Miyuki liked to play with Clare in tennis. And for her wonder, no one wanted to participate in the game, except already participating guys. And Emy & Ken participated in the middle. Too too common, for Miyuki and the kids' experience. Someone, who encountered with them, got intrested in the sports, and said "May I play with you?" and started playing together.

In SHIRAKAWA, too too common, when the kids were infants, as far as Miyuki knew.

They chaged their mind, Clare cried. When she was called into the courtyard, after the big disaster of Earth Quake. They were only beautiful ladies type, and were said, "You would be killed here, OK?"?????

 They wanted to kill some pupils, Clare felt, and cried. ?????

Miyuki didn't know the system. They were killed because they were beautiful. ?????

They were killed to be Shiro KOMINE????

Miyuki didn't know London Bridge song? Knows well. Thus, I wrote here. And Miyuki liked the song? As playing song, yes. However, the back ground not at all. 人柱 or HITO-BASHIRA, or secrifice for the satans.

They said that "We are satans, all. Thus, you are killed by us all"????

Miyuki did know their own system at all. All of them were wanting to do it. Every day, sexual abusing, without exception. Quit it!

Miyuki likes to play the role of rightous guys. And says, "We will save you" In case of necessity, within the limit.

And you can say that you should quit Clare not to go to school????

Clare wants to go to school. ?????

Miyuki is coufused in some point. Clare wants to go to school in the morning. To Chuo junior high? Is this better than the house?

Miyuki is not understand her situation. Both, terrible. I know. Which is which situation. Clare is going to other school called free school. OK. Go.

And they said, "You are chuo junior high school mate. Thus not!" They has no right to say so. Ignore.

Or, more skilful way is, go to free school after faking going to chuo high school in uniform or, go to free school in uniform of chuo. And ignore all of their words. They are just pooh. No power at all Alzheimer satans.

They threaten, yes. However, without any legitimacy. Just go out the house almost at the same hour, and come back from free school almost at the same hour. Pretend as if you are the chuo junior high's pupil. For them, enough. Only appearance weighs type. Just pretending is enough.

They want me to speak with them. Thus, I avoid to speak with any of them. They want to change my words in their interpretation as they like. I want to avoid the nasty confusion anymore. Thus, I decide not to speak with them as much as possible.

For satans, any rightous explanation doesn't work. Only one complement would be taken as forgiveness. So ego-centric. We know that their interpretation doesn't have any value at all. However, they are persistent to say so. This process delays their total vanishing. Thus, I, as much as possible, prefer avoiding to communicate with both of them. No way. Erotic satanic world, they reside, both.

They are no chance to gain. They themselves recognized the day before yesterday. However, one night after, already they forget. The last stage, they stay in. For them, only accusation to others because of their own wrongdoing against the others. Incredible!! In common sense, they should appology sincerely. However, they think that they were semi-gods, and don't commit any error at all. Always they think that they were always right, and for being it, no proof is needed. Just declaring only, wighout any explanation.

Thus, we should treat them at our standard. They don't deserve to our communication with them. Thus, discommunication, we should accomplish. As much as possible.

Satanis world already. however, we are already in new age. Plants age has come. Just satans are faking non changing world. Thus, we should not communicate with satans as much as possible, and avoid the nasty result as much as possible, and live as we like, as much as possible. Education system was totally rotten. Going or not going, as you like, Clare!!!

Adachi said the same. And he lost his love...Now trying some other guys. Don't worry. he is now training at this field. As you like, within the limit.

They are all muck, from the begining. Satans, in short. Thus, ignore. They should vanish now. Probably soon they move to INFERNO, which is only place for them both.

Thus, discommunication. Only refusal. Don't be kind to them at all. I failed because of it. I calculated your grand mother as an ugly, messy, stupid however kind old bug, and found that she is only Alzheimer satan, like as your Auntie YUKARI.

Thus, as you like. Take care, anyway. Miyuki is so chicken, and continues not to talk with them both, anyway.

Anyway, survival. We are yelling for you two. Our real life is near. Plants, and birdies, and some insects like dragon flies and butter flies and so one, and frogs. Our rightous brothers.

The planet called the earth was stolen by satans. This is the fact. Anyway, survive!!!

Miyuki is so cute, they yells. Miyuki is small, however, can do it. yes, I can!!!! We can...OBAMA...

Miyuki likes to think positively. And she cut almost all of the faked Gods of Justice. Now, only few...Exist?

Oh, Gods...Gods...The faked Gods were too too stupid. Their intellectuality is just the same as that of Kyorin staff or Todai related. Messy. Less than Zero. IQ.

Miyuki really got to know it, and got appaled at the fact. 👀

Miyuki found that Bullet Train without body. Only sound type. Exists? Exist.

On 飯沢 or IIZAWA, the north area of Shirakawa, the moutain called 金勝寺 or KINSHOUJI has tunnel. From it, a spooky transparent train popped out. Only some skelton like lines appeared. Miyuki took a picture.

As a comparison, Miyuki took a picture of another, with appearence and sound.

Now they are two types. Only sound types, and sound with appearance type. YUKARI and HARUMI are combined into one, and they make sound in turn, and sometimes they appeared. Miyuki watched only back of YUKARI, no front YUKARI. And these two are Alzheimer satans, thus, even in case of only sound, they make some fatal mistakes so much. Like the bullet train above.

Satans should be quick. rough, however quick, was their catch copy. However, now, slow and rough, satans are. Thus, we should take care of ourselves so much. Jasons, in short. Cruel serial killers, they are.

Peeping Toms, they are. For them, only INFERNO is their place.

Now, Jasons easily combine the squad. And they abruptly start attacking on us all. Thus, we should take caution in every life. Nasty, however, as some kind of training, we put up with the situaion. Survival game.;jsessionid=0EE223653212D92A4C5153636710320B?ajid=yXAg8
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